Posted on December 15, 2011

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Daily Paul Radio Interviews - Robin Koerner 'Blue Republicans Buck the Establishment' 19:05:54
I just defended Ron Paul on Hannity! 16:03:07
Video Update: Ron Paul on Hannity (12/15/11) Post Debate Interview 09:55:42
Ron Paul Interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News 12-15-11 16:54:35
Salon: How Ron Paul Could Give the GOP a Heart Attack 14:44:55
Ron Paul has the CORRUPT lapdog media shaking in their boots! 06:11:34
Ron Paul Supporters Slay More Than 1,000 Dragons With Game Dungeoneers for Super Brochure 15:01:26
One reporter's Mea Culpa About RP: "Yes, Ron Paul, the Media Has Dismissed You Prematurely" 13:11:35
Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Ron Paul really anti-Israel? 02:29:31
Video Updated: Four NH Reps Discuss Ron Paul 00:39:26
Ron Paul Woke Me from My Neoconservative Coma 00:41:08
Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN Blitzer & Fox News Cavuto - 12/14/11 03:34:44
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I had my own debate tonight 23:59:16
Ron Paul Iowa Team Names New ‘Veterans For Ron Paul’ Coalition Members 23:55:28
Gingrich and Romney's unconventional debate preparation 23:52:45
Insane and Immoral 23:40:11
Alert! $20 million dollar check to pro-Newt Gingrich 23:33:55
Obama’s Watergate 22:35:08
Wanna See A Neoconservative Dance in Circles? Ask Them This Question 22:29:30
National Defense Authorization Bill - What Does It Really Do? 22:28:39
What is the Daily Paul record 22:25:14
Ron Paul: Holder should be ‘fired,’ criminally charged for Fast and Furious 22:21:48
The Smear Memo Has Gone Out 22:21:05
Ron Paul Poll ( Who will win tonight's debate?) 22:17:46
Indefinite detention bill passes in Senate On Bill of Rights Day 22:16:05
Ron Paul Endorsed by Mayor-Elect Shawn Dietz of Hampton 22:09:43
Fox News Debate: Watch & Vote for RP! 22:04:44
God, I hope they all - moderators AND candidates - gang up on Ron tonight 21:54:58
December 15, 2011 In Iowa, Paul closes to within one point of front-runner Gingrich 21:52:39
Rothbard & Hans-Hermann Hoppe on Ron Paul [video] 21:47:02
How do you embed videos on this site? 21:40:42
Urgent for Tonight's Debate: Twitter Lets You Share Whether You Think GOP Debaters #Dodge Or #Answer Their Questions 21:27:02
It's Coming, Ron Paul is a Racist! 21:23:54
VIDEO : A New Kind of Army - RP 2012 - Foreign Policy 21:21:37
Ron Paul and Bible Prophecy 21:17:08
Ron Paul Support Video Testimonials 21:16:07
Poll: Rep. Paul strong in Iowa 21:12:28
Fox election site almost never mentions Ron Paul 21:08:02
Laura Ingraham on O'Reilly NOW - Positive towards Ron Paul... Glenn Beck coming up 21:07:57
Ron Paul "racist newsletters" smear: Compendium of Responses 21:03:46
Will the media let Ron Paul to question foreign policy? 20:50:20
Hey Ron 20:48:47
Ron Paul's Big Moment 20:46:45
Occupy Hannity 20:46:11
Ron Paul Billboard 20:45:42
Pretending That Ron Paul Doesn't Matter Won't Make Him Go Away 20:36:47
Rockwell on Freedom Watch 20:35:36
Slashdot: Simple GPS Spoofing Caused Lockheed Martin Drone To Land Safely In Iran.. So Much For That Kabillion Dollar Project. 20:32:20
World Net Daily Opinion Article on 3 types of Canidates 20:28:05
HotAir Smears Ron Paul and Develops Amnesia 20:17:07
Ron Paul the next Gop frontrunner? Video on RT 20:13:40
Are The Kingmakers aka the MSM Losing Their Power to Sway the American Voter to Vote for Their Chosen Candidate? 20:10:51
Ron Paul blog 20:09:03
FREE Custom Ron Paul T-Shirts (For Anyone Going to Leno Tomorrow) 20:03:30
Daily Caller - National Review To Newt : "Drop Dead!" 20:02:08
what to expect tonight? 19:57:12
Cavuto: Rand Paul 12/15/11 19:49:27
Now it depends on how well RP can handle the attacks 19:47:47
Tonight Ron Paul Interview W / Hannity on Fox News (After Debate) 11:30pm - 11:45pm ET 19:46:53
Ron Paul Losing Poll! 19:43:39
"It's In Our Hands Now": Tonight's Moneybomb 19:42:29
USA Today-Ron Paul's Boost From Social Media 19:40:20
If Santorum attacks Paul during debate, Paul must ask Santorum "did you and Hannity collude to attack me?" 19:40:17
Washington Post fact-checker gives his opinion on Ron Paul 19:39:17
Hannity gets angry when Rick Santelli says Ron Paul is "the most conservative candidate" 19:35:51
Current Top 5 frontunners (Look who's #1!) 19:35:34
Will Pledges Reach a Million Before Moneybomb Begins at Midnight? 19:31:49
Republican Presidential Nominee: Who Should Win? (Poll) 19:30:21
Ask your local radio stations to replace Hannity or Levin with Jerry Doyle! 19:30:00
Iowa "Oath" Ad Campaign - Chip-In! 19:28:21
Ron Paul's Big Moment: Final Pre-Iowa GOP Debate Tonight 19:21:04
Who is leading in Iowa? A picture worth a million words! 19:20:15
Ron Paul didn't vote on the defense authorization bill yesterday? 19:18:47
Santelli On Hannity! Listen! 19:14:51
I think Newt and Mitt are not the establishment choice - we are being fooled UPDATE: warning it's Santorum - Now in 3rd @16% 19:11:05
Hannity's best friend, Hal Turner - the neo nazi 19:10:53
Hannity calls for attacks on Ron Paul 19:08:30
Are Gingrich and Mitt really frontrunners? Or do we have a slight of hand working here to trick us 19:07:53
Wow Now they're flat out lying ... Santorum on Hanntiy's show said ... 19:04:07
Ron Paul trounces Newt Gingrich in latest American Research Group NH poll 18:59:42
Something extraordinary has happened in the Chinese village of Wukan. 18:57:09
Guardian: What If Ron Paul wins Iowa? 18:56:30
Ron Paul should plug the money bomb tonite ! 18:55:38
The real polls 18:53:22
Uh Oh. CNN reporting judge determined that Iran was cause of 911 18:51:57
Ron Paul with Jan Mickelson - 12/15 18:50:30
Canadian Texas Keystone Pipeline and Canadian news Bashing Ron Paul 18:49:54
Tonight Show (Jay Leno) Meet Up - Camp Out in Burbank? 18:46:57
Race Card Coming Out Tonight 18:43:23
Paul & Gingrich:Bad Blood Dates Back Two Decades - ABC NEWS 18:42:26
Gingrich the draft dodger 18:31:27
Gary could help the cause so much more from here! 18:28:31
Ron Paul vs. Israel 18:24:50
A Personal Thank You to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the Rest 18:23:09
NRO POLL Have you grown more positive toward Ron Paul? 18:18:26
inforwars: FEMA has a directive for internment camp startup with 72 hours of martial law. 18:15:48
MSNBC: Chris Matthews Calls Ron Paul Isolationist 18:15:02
Rick Santelli! 18:11:24
Ron Paul Second place New Hampshire 18:09:02
VIDEO - Now Learn the Three Reasons Why Obama is Failing Education 18:03:39
Rand Paul says NO to 1200 page Omnibus Spending Bill. - Say something about it at debate Ron 18:00:28
Ron Must Explain The Newsletters Soon - And Come Out Swinging! 17:56:23
Why a Constitutional Law Professor Cannot Sign NDAA, Allowing Military Detention of Americans 17:54:13
New Poll at Hannity's Facebook Page 17:52:13 is down 12/15/2011 17:47:36
Ron Paul Poll Statistics Being Blacked Out By MSM Use As An Activism Tool 17:41:01
Ron Paul Joins Bluewater's "Political Power" 17:37:42
Momentum 17:32:13
Anti-War Progr3ssiv3s show [lov3] for Dr. Paul 17:25:26
Supporter takes on Bryan Fischer 17:24:54
I just heard Neil Cavuto ask Huntsman: "Will you run as a 3'rd party candidate?" 17:22:56
Aaron Lewis of Staind, a RP fan 16:57:21
Neocon no more! 16:49:03
Not super relevant, but entertaining :) 16:38:21
Hannity on Facebook. HILARIOUS! 16:36:24
Boycott companies that have ads on conservative radio shows - give EM hell! 16:35:43
Ron Paul the FAVORITE in Iowa 16:34:04
The Hill - Ron Paul Attacks Gingrich on Military Deferments, Defends 'Serial Hypocrisy' Ads 16:32:37
Attention Neocons! 16:25:50
2012 National GOP Primary Townhall/HotAir 16:25:18
Is Ron Paul anti Israel 16:22:48
Paul to be on Hannity's TV show tonight, Thursday, Dec. 15th 16:15:07
FOX News shows Ron Paul in second in New Hampshire at 21%. Newt 3rd 16:06:24
NPR: "Google's Brin Says Piracy Bills Puts U.S. Censorship On Par With China" 15:59:00
InTrade: Ron Paul Overtakes Gingrich & Romney in Iowa Caucus 15:45:48
Repeat after me... Ron Paul is NOT a racist 15:45:18
Democrats for Ron Paul! 15:43:48
The...BIG LIE...that ANYONE..BUT..Ron Paul...can beat Obama. 15:41:06
My Farewell to the Libertarian party 15:40:29
Ron Paul trounces Newt Gingrich in latest American Research Group NH poll 15:38:41
New Hampshire Marketing Idea.. What do you think and can someone take the lead? 15:33:12
Easy way to get more donations for Ron Paul tomorrow. 15:24:21
How I beat a $700 ticket in 30 seconds in court 15:23:39
Ron Paul with women's perfume 15:18:08
Donald Trump preparing to be a "spoiler" should RP get the nomination? 15:17:48
Focus on a Win in New Hampshire! 15:14:14
Ron Paul Racist - IT'S COMING! 15:13:15
NRO marginalizes Ron Paul as a "conspiracy theorist" 15:10:27
NY Magazine: "Ron Paul Is a Huge Racist" 15:04:01
David Frum - National Post: Another NeoCon hit piece on Ron Paul 14:57:05
To the Students at Drake: 14:54:23
websites advertising THE money bomb - DEC16TH 14:54:05
Ron Paul on Jon Stewart :parody animation. 14:42:54
MILESTONE: Intrade gamblers predict Ron Paul to win in Iowa! 14:37:43
MSM goes negative... Let's counter. 14:32:33
We need to reach NEW donors if want to exceed our past moneybombs 14:30:25
Explosive Interview Jim Willie "JP Morgan Crashed MF Global 14:29:52
Midnight! 14:27:48
Ron Paul on Fox News Coming Up 14:24:39
A little Levin 14:20:26
Intrade: Ron Paul now the favorite in Iowa! 14:07:56
Are We All Doing What We Can? 14:04:46
new daily gallup national poll just out... Paul in double digits. 14:03:25
Rush attacks Dr Paul 13:57:06
Rush Limbaugh hammering Ron Paul just now 13:50:38
Now Rush is talking mad crap. When will it end?! 13:48:08
IRAN: Life of Jews Living in Iran 13:44:20
Fox News Ticker: Ron Paul not able to stand up to long campaign fight 13:37:55
Why These Are Romney's Final Six Weeks In the 2012 Presidential Race 13:33:50
Pretty funny Newt Gingrich Spoof.. [video] 13:32:51
"Ron Paul" — A BLR Soundbite 13:24:56
Funny Cartoon about Ron Paul supporters 13:17:48
Paul's serious challenge in Iowa could rock the GOP race 13:17:18
video: A Ron Paul Christmas Present for your Favorite Ron Paul Supporter! 13:16:59
True colors of conservative radio hosts 13:12:14
The Corruption Epidemic: Why Good People Defend Bad Systems 13:08:48
Andrew Sullivan: Imagining a Ron Paul Presidency 13:08:19
Fox News Hannity Fox news does it again Ron Paul new poll shows Ron Paul 1st place headline : Ron Paul surges to 2nd in Iowa 13:03:58
Hope and Change - Time to tell the media what this Ron Paul Revolution is ALL about! 13:02:20
Mike Gallagher: Chris Wallace crossed the line with his "elitist" statement on Iowa and Ron Paul 12:56:45
ARG Poll - New Hampshire: Romney 35%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 16% 12:52:55
Searching for Video, Help please if possible 12:45:51
Joe Rogan to endorse Ron Paul—on The Tonight Show 12:43:31
Tom Woods Video: Mark Levin, Ron Paul Hater, Put in His Place 12:42:29
WE CAN WIN THIS! 12:41:06
When Gingrich Embraced Arafat 12:27:10
Meetup Groups? 12:26:10
Drinking with Bob: Ron Paul Rant 12:20:33
Ron Paul aims to challenge frontrunners in New Hampshire primary 12:17:46
Washington Post - Ron Paul: A Force to be Reckoned With 12:17:15
Ron Paul: Please say something true & nice about Bachman, Santorum, Cain & Huntsman 12:10:24
Jon Huntsman Upsets Ron Paul for 3rd Place in New Hampshire Poll 12:05:29
Hannity: Would a Ron Paul Win in Iowa Hand the Election to Obama? 11:59:08
Today is my 4 year birthday on the DP ! This is the post that someone wrote that prompted me to join in 07 11:52:19
House Passes S1867 Obama Won’t VETO the Bill 11:46:19
What's the Best online place to shop for handguns? 11:43:28
Way to Thank Jay Leno and Alternative to a MoneyBomb 11:38:56
Hit piece:Ron Paul’s inaccurate definition of ‘bankruptcy’ 11:31:22
Article suggests that Youth only vote for Ron Paul for prostitutes and drugs. 11:29:45
Congressman Allen West voted for the indefinite detention bill 11:15:26
A Look at the Year Ahead in the Television Media 11:14:00
Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income 11:11:32
What was it? Did you Google him? See him in the first debate of 2007? 10:57:54
CNN Video Segment: Is Ron Paul Peaking at Right Time (12/14) 10:57:45
Hitler reacts to Ron Paul's recent rise in polls 13:57:22
Bradley Manning is going to court tomorrow 10:55:56
If We Don't WIN Iowa, It's OVER 10:54:53
Ron Paul meets Jay Z and Kanye 10:49:13
A voters' guide to republicans - Bill Whittle video 10:41:56
Greenwald: Obama to Sign Indefinite Detention Bill into Law 10:40:34
Gingrich voted for NAFTA job destroyer bill! 10:37:33
Visualizing Data - Us Aid at Open Day Data 10:33:30
Huge MN phonebanking night! 10:32:10
RON paul remains consistent 10:32:01
Former Reagan Advisor Milton Friedman Schools Michael Moore 10:24:05
Breaking: Rasmussen Poll Numbers 10:07:18
Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin: Handing Obama 4 More Years 10:02:22
Ron Paul: Intro to Liberty 09:57:45
Ron Paul Needs to Mention the 'Dec.16th Money Bomb' at the Fox Debate Tonight 09:57:16
Ron Paul can't win... Iowa means nothing... (video) 09:55:29
Ron Paul - A Message to You 09:50:05
Morning Joe Negates Iowa 09:36:47
Breaking: SOPA Being Voted on Today! Payback sopa's Author by Donating to His Primary Opponent's Money Bomb! 09:33:45
Important Dec 16th is judged by East Coast time 09:22:21
FOX lies about Iowa Polling Numbers 09:20:02
Ron Paul Reality check 09:12:47
As Disenchantment With Idiocy Surges, Ron Paul Support Soars 09:11:52
Ron Paul: I Believe I Can Win Iowa 08:56:25
Rachel Maddow, though maddening, may be technically and historically right about an Iowa win for Paul meaning nothing... 08:43:34
Am I a Terrorist? Are you? 08:18:18
Rush Lies on Fox News 08:15:04
U.S.-Iraq War over as of TODAY. 12/15/11 - Coincidence? 07:20:08
Question For Ex-Neocons 07:10:05
Gingrich, the Brady Bill & the Lautenberg Law 07:09:54
Cato Institute: Vice President David Boaz interviewed by Politico. Awesome Review of RP success. 07:00:41
Newsmax Poll Results 06:37:04
Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Occupy Wall Street Movement in March 2011 06:25:14
After Iowa - crush the shills 04:58:54
NIA says - Paul Has Real Chance - and Blasts Gingrich 04:51:58
Will Ron Paul win in Iowa? 04:47:56
Snowmen for Paul. Holiday grassroots 04:46:57
Ron Paul Proves to Donald Trump That He Can WIN! 04:32:59
Did I Hear Right? Ann Coulter Prefers Ron Paul Over Newt Gingrich? 04:24:20
Are you near a Catholic church? 04:09:33
Video: The 99% Likes Ron Paul and Occupy Wall Street Has Turn It's Back To Obama 03:57:10
Had it with Fox News, but... 03:46:41
On December 16th, we need every single one of you to... 03:41:03
Ron Paul and Rand Paul: Providing health care to the needy at no charge 13:33:53
Video:Newt Gingrich interrupted by "Occupy" protesters 03:24:56
CNN just gave Ron Paul some love! 03:22:59
Why doesn't Paul cite North Korea as an isolationist nation? 03:22:34
Limbaugh and Morris Are Wrong - ONLY Paul Can Beat Obama! 03:19:02
video: Newt Gingrich Drowned Out By Protesters During Iowa Speech On Brain Science (video) 03:13:19
Cenk ON FIRE Against Obama Over Military Detentions, "Can Not Vote For Him!" 03:02:13
Yes, Ron Paul, the Media Has Dismissed You Prematurely 02:41:46
Paul Hannity Post Debate predictions 02:39:01
[video] JOE rogan. WE will hook YOU UP right NOW 02:33:50
Tableau Public - Free Data Visualization Tool 02:32:02
Ron Paul responds to charges of Racism.. - video 02:23:35
Youtube Promotion for Friday's Moneybomb! 02:10:44
AP Lies Blatantly About Military Detention Bill for Americans, Good Liberals Ready to Desert Obama 02:09:40
Open letter to Iowa 02:02:53
Firearm Sales Way Up During Holiday Season 01:58:07
Reality Check: This brave newscaster speaks the truth. 01:55:32
Ron Paul Wins Erie Times News / Straw Poll ! 01:55:05
Robert Fisk: Bankers are the dictators of the West 01:53:55
Rupert Murdoch Screams at Employees to Tear Down Ron Paul 01:53:45
Reality Check: This brave newscaster speaks the truth. 01:52:37
We have to get Cenk from the Young Turks on Board NOW 01:52:22
How Ron Paul Could Answer "The Newsletters" And End This Right Now... 01:51:45
Do You Believe? 01:51:45
Is there is poll in Ben Swann's (Cinci, OH) area? Let's prove how media attention drives polls. 01:49:30
Occupy 2.0: Persisting In A Police State 01:49:05
Maddow "Ron Paul Winning Iowa Means NOTHING!" 01:47:23
GOP Jump Ball Could Lead to Ron Paul Upset Victory in Iowa 01:45:22
Ron Paul on History Cannel in regards to Gold in Fort Knox - cool. Decoded 01:40:55
Ron Paul: Mr. Iowa 01:21:51
Ha Ha Ha.. Romney Uses Historic Ku Klux Klan Slogan "Keep America America" On Campaign Trail.. But He Didn't Mean It That Way 01:20:45
Concerning the Newsletter 01:12:57
The Rise of Ron Paul. Freedom watch 12-14-11 01:03:35
Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with. Washington post 12-15-11 00:59:36
URGENT! Louisiana Registration Deadline Thursday 12/15! 00:56:01
Hannity Tonight: Ron Paul has 9/11 Conspiracy Theories and no Foreign Policy? 00:55:26
CNN John King: Ron Paul is for real, bank on it 00:52:48
Howard Stern Talking Ron 00:52:02
Manifest Tyranny, new album by Swedish band 00:51:50
Cenk pulling for Dr. Paul! 00:38:30
Ron Paul catches fire 00:32:18
The "For Liberty Re-cut" just updated to v3.0! Now shipping with all new bonus sections. 00:28:02
Ben Swann - Reality Check: Are Ron Paul's Views On Israel "Misguided and Extreme"? 00:23:32
Fox News - They Can't Ignore Ron Paul Anymore 00:16:52
Maddow says a Paul win in Iowa means NOTHING... Video... 00:11:53
Ron Paul song End This War 00:06:43
MSNBC Nightly News- Is Ron Paul the Man to Watch in Iowa? 00:06:33
Dennis Miller on Bill Oreilly "I might go to Planet Paul" this hour. LIVE on Fox now 00:03:18
RT: Ron Paul furious over indefinite detention act 00:02:39
Important - Jerry Doyle Being Attacked Again After Supporting Ron Paul? 14:52:56