Posted on December 16, 2011

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The MOST Unlikely Ron Paul Supporters Yet! 18:26:10
Ron Paul Sees Big Fan Growth After Last Debate 17:29:02
Newt Romney: Big Government Keynesian Dinosaurs; Ron Paul is the Future (HuffPo) 17:24:10
Public Policy Polling: "Ron Paul Performs The Best Against Obama" 15:29:37
This is priceless considering where it's coming from 16:53:07
Folks, we're on the brink! 08:32:49
MSNBC Fact Checks Bachmann/Paul Exchange on Iran Nukes 05:47:49
Ron Paul Wins Again! Bachmann lied (again!) about Iran in debate. 05:19:45
Video Update: Ron Paul Highlights from Final GOP Debate before Iowa - Sioux City, Thursday 12/15/11 19:56:17
Countdown to the Iowa Caucus - 1 Day ! 12:04:16
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Ron Paul Tonight Show Preview - Ron Paul Talks Legalization 23:48:58
handling the 'racism' nonsense 23:33:45
South Carolina Governor Nikii Haley's Endorsement Will Likely Hurt Mitt Romney 23:31:53
Ron Paul...BUSTED! 23:25:39
psalm 120 23:21:39
Ron Paul Endorsed by Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson 23:14:24
Special Invitation Poll Results 23:11:50
Tides are shifting 23:11:04
All Ron Paul Is Saying Is Give Peace A Chance 23:09:14
Israel: Can We Take Out Iranian Nuclear Facilities? Bush Administration: "Hell no" Imagine the Blowback! 23:07:32
Promote the Ron Paul Moneybomb on Craigslist! 23:04:47
Double Down! How bad do we want to prove it to the large media, we shall not be denied promoting the message of liberty. 23:03:57
Here is what I emailed O'Reilly after his "dumb" remarks about Dr. Paul/Iran/Nukes 23:03:33
Awesome Article: Why a Tea Party conservative now supports Ron Paul...including his foreign policy. 22:53:56
International RP Fans: Buy a book and I'll donate 100% of the profits! 22:51:22
RP donations/election cycle. 22:48:55
Snowmen for Paul 22:46:29
2 birds, 1 stone 22:40:26
Make sure to become a fan of Ron Paul on his Facebook page! 22:34:20
MSNBC: Maddow. "If Paul Wins Iowa It means GOP reps nothing 22:33:39
Hannity crosses the Rubicon 22:29:48
Ron Paul's Arsenal against MSM 22:21:46
Michael Smerconish thought Ron Paul hit it out of the park last night 22:19:33
Video: Jerry Doyle Interviews Bruce Fein On Ron Paul's Foreign Policy After The Iowa Debate 22:16:34
Ron Paul Rebellion Breaks Out On Reddit 22:16:16
Need Hotel for New Years thru Jan 4 in DesMoines 22:09:28
Mass Text Your Contacts 22:01:36
*Photo*Ron Paul in green room with Joe Rogan at The Tonight Show minutes ago 22:00:02
GoogleTrends: Ron Paul #18 'Most Searched' Today! As of 7:00cpm 21:52:53 Criticizes Ron Paul Supporters and does an O'rielly! Ron Get's 4th! 21:49:14
'Tis the season: Ron Paul wrapping paper. 21:38:22
Earmarks are good! More earmarks! 21:35:30
The Truth About the Ron Paul Newsletters 21:33:39
A Response to Hannity's Attacks on Ron Paul 21:30:02
MSNBC? Am I hearing what I'm hearing? 21:28:02
important POLL! 21:26:02
A MATRIX youtube a must SEE for MoneyBomb night Ron Crushed Hannity 21:23:01
If you don't donate at least $100 to the money bomb, you're going to hell. 21:21:32
I want political leaders who will lead us toward peace not WAR 21:18:52
any1 driving from Cali to Iowa or NH? 21:02:29
Paul in Top 20 Google Trends Today 20:59:31
National Review poll: Do you believe Ron Paul supporters spam National Review polls? 20:58:15
Gave $500 at 7am and now $250 at 5pm 20:56:55
why are so many people hung up on iran when 20:55:42
Merry Christmas message - The Reason For the Season VIDEO 20:54:42
People are waking up 20:49:20
Calling Out Bachmann and Perry 20:48:53
4 More Former Neo-Cons Now Supporting Ron Paul 20:44:53
Alternative ideas to Neocon Talk Radio 20:43:46
How To Respond To Absurd, Untrue Allegations of Racism 20:42:18
for anyone who questions the foreign policy 20:37:08
Why now is the time for Newt 20:25:11
Ron Paul Road Warrior - South Carolina Complete Report 20:14:18
Ron Paul: "I Have a Plan to Fight Back" 19:55:57
Ron Paul Just Asked Us For More Money Warning of Smears 19:53:06
Proceeds go to the Money Bomb *RP Revo Banners* 19:50:02
Does Anyone ever Find It Exhausting Defending Ron Paul? 19:48:44
Remember, Folks, This Is a Friday ... 19:43:07
The possible author of the "racist newsletters" 19:42:47
This is from last year 19:39:09
One-Up Donation Game! 19:38:53
Quick! New article! Need comments defending Paul 19:33:52
Europe Bank Run Underway, Why You Should be Worried 19:33:00
Freedom Drive! Chicago to Dubuque this Thursday 19:30:50
FLASH! Ron Paul Money Bomb Extended from Dec. 16 - 18 19:28:17
called into the Schnitt show today 19:27:01
Is Ron Paul a Huge Racist? (Major hit piece on Conservative byte) 19:23:51
Rush decided to create "New Ron Paul Campaign Ad" mocking him today. uTube 19:21:29
Jon Stewart Hits Newt on, "Allowing Terrorist Attacks Occasionally" 19:19:13
9pm - Midnight $5 Money Bomb 19:17:23
Ron Paul Raises 99K in only 32 Minutes 19:16:49
"Get them Ron!" video. 19:11:17
Jeffrey Lord's Personal Crusade against Ron Paul 19:09:51
My family on the debate. We are winning. 19:06:41
Fun Super Brochure Activity 19:01:38
MSNBC HardBall on the Attack: "Paul Winning Iowa Discredits State" 18:57:02
Jerry Doyle is Rockin it Today! 18:47:38
Fox Pundit : "If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, It Doesn't Count" 18:44:28
Ron Paul Gaining Credibility By the Day 18:44:02
Please share these videos with anyone that doesn't understand Paul's Position on Iran 18:41:10
US News : Joe Rogan of 'Fear Factor' Endorses Ron Paul 18:38:40
Ron Paul Gets $98,000 in Last 37 Minutes 18:36:59
Ron Paul on The Morning Joe (with the link this time) 18:36:43
JOE ROGAN endorses Ron Paul 18:36:27
On Drudge: 'Fear Factor' Host Endorses Ron Paul! 18:31:55
WOW! Ron Paul Facebook LIKES Surge After Fox News Debate! 18:28:34
IF S.O.P.A. passes the unregulated bastion of man that is, the internets (courtesy of Al Gore) will be stolen! 18:24:39
Ron Paul on The Morning Joe 18:23:58
Calling All Political Cartoonists! 18:03:35
Watching the 5 Propaganda on Fox.."Paul is Kooky Isolationist" 18:02:46
Paul polls best against Obama in New Mexico! Most popular Republican! 18:02:44
Ron Paul on Tonight Show 12/17/11 23:29:25
Think before you link (or post) 17:49:27
MORE power scotty! Time to double down! 17:46:53
The best argument when debating Iran 17:42:28
Loyalist Wacky Mind Dr. Charles Krauthammer Worked For Carter, Mondale; Now Trumpeted By Fox News As Leading Conservative Voice 17:41:17
Ron Paul Sees Big Fan Growth After Last Debate This Week on Inside Facebook’s Elections Tracker 17:39:50
[VIDEO] Jerry Doyle interviews Bruce Fein - Foreign Policy Explained 17:38:19
Ron Paul nailed Gingrich on Freddie Mac; Gingrich should donate the money to homeless vets 17:36:08 Ron Paul Rocks the Debates, Draws Fire 17:33:47
Where are the Polls? 17:31:03
Excellent Constitutionalist Expose of Newt Gingrich! 17:25:50
Ron Paul Sees Big Fan Growth After Last Debate This Week on Inside Facebook’s Elections Tracker 17:22:53
Rick Perry "Retires" to Boost Pension Pay 17:22:05
Order of Magnitude: Destroying the myth that war helps America 17:17:30
A new application to introduce Paul to others with 17:14:58
Iowa SuperVoter SuperBrochure 17:10:26
What if you invited 500,000 people over to your house? 17:07:18
Me vs. Propagandist Erick Erickson on the Radio 17:07:15
Contact Iranian/Arab/Islamic Associations about Money Bomb Contributions 17:06:53
Gods Of War 17:01:51
Rise of Empire by Justin Raimondo 17:00:29
Every million $ mark mini money maker UPDATE #2 17:00:24
How to Educate Opponents of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 16:57:58
Let it Not Be Said That We did Nothing 16:50:25
A black man's view on unfounded statements of Ron Paul being "racist" 16:46:08
New Republican Presidential Polls Here! 16:45:57
Ron Paul - still sound crazy? [Art] 16:43:22
American Spectator Jeffery Lord says he may have Proof about Ron and Newsletters 16:43:07
Why Iran will not nuke Israel 16:41:11
finally turned some family 16:40:52
For all you CFR-haters, a good point from CFR ) 16:38:32
Medved "Ron Paul does not belong on the stage" 16:35:12
Ron Paul Rocks the Debates, Draws Fire, and if He Wins Iowa? Never Mind! 16:26:55
Reality Check: Are Ron Paul's views on Israel "misguided and extreme?" (By Fox affiliated) 16:24:42
US Exit from Iraq: 'This is Not a Withdrawal, This is an Act on a Stage' 16:17:01
how about an ad with everyday people who donated to the cause? 16:15:31
Alex Jones Mentioned Ron Paul Money Bomb 16:12:49
Frustrating Things At Last Night's Debate 16:10:18
Huff Post : "Did Rudy Giuliani Just Sign Mitt Romney's Death Warrant?" 16:10:08
Putin vs McCain 16:01:36
Ammo for defending Paul's lack of fear of Iran 15:59:06
Bachmann & Gingrich Go At It 15:58:42
Ron Paul's Position on Iran - Change the Rhetoric, but not Positions 15:48:29
Let's get the donations up! Get Ron over the hump. Please Bump 15:47:50
Bob Chapman pushing money bomb on AJ 15:47:33
It's So Obvious 15:42:07
Texas GOP writer Tom Donelson hits it out of the park! 15:40:37
How Powerful Is The MSM? 15:39:52
Everyone, get your game face on and do the phone from home for Dr. Paul 15:39:44
2 TIX TO leno TO give away NOW BE there BY 2:45p 15:27:07
Article: Iran Fears Peace! (In Light Of Last Night's Debate, This Deserves A Re-Post) 15:20:44
Ron losing Poll to the Newter! 15:20:15
Alert the media...Money bomb going on! 15:08:27
Chris Wallace: If Ron Paul Wins In Iowa, It Will Discredit The Iowa Caucuses [video] 15:04:46
Online poll: Who won Thursday’s GOP debate in Sioux City? 15:01:09
VIDEO : Judge Napolitano and Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul: Freedom Watch 12/14/11 15:01:08
Judge Napolitano asks Lew Rockwell ‘Can Ron Paul Survive the Attacks?’ 14:56:08
Sheriff Mack for Congress 14:49:25
Ron Paul Poised to Win Iowa Caucus! 14:48:53
Life is Precious 14:45:37
Ron Paul and Joe Rogan are on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 14:42:55
Paul Krugman Bashed Ron Paul's Theory of Economics Yesterday 14:42:02
Rush Limbaugh Slams/Makes Fun of Ron Paul this Tea Party Day 14:35:44
Awesome comments to this Christian Science Monitor garbage about Paul and Iran! 14:34:07
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory 14:29:15
How to convince everyone to vote for Ron...for at least the next 8 months...and then forever! 14:28:33
CNN article on 8 changed lives after the Iraq war is worth sharing 14:27:56
Why I am confused that "Christians" love war 14:24:52
Ron Paul Draws Fire from Sioux City Debate 14:24:35
Tea Time: Infowars (Alex Jones) Strikes Again! 14:14:02
Stop media bias now 14:06:30
FLASH! - Ron Paul Wins! Results of The GOP Presidential Poll 13:55:41
Are People From Other Countries Allowed To Donate To Ron Paul's Campaign? 13:42:08
Romney lived in a mansion as a missionary? 13:41:45
fact check: Bachmann Lied About Iran 13:40:59
My letter to Sean Hannity 13:39:07
Will Ron Paul Win Iowa? 13:35:42
MSNBC hammering Ron Paul 13:34:43
CHALLENGE: Help Ron Construct the best Foreign Policy Response 13:29:28
BACHAMANN Buzz-O-Meter on Facts Blazes "Liar-Red" New Point 13:17:02
A NOBLE LIE: Oklahoma City 1995 13:12:52
Ron Paul banners on overpasses slow traffic across Denver 13:12:10
WAR IMMINENT - Clocks in Motion 60-180 days till we Collapse their Bank 13:09:18
Nukes, Iran issue... 13:07:11
FACT: Ron Paul Receives More Military Donations Than All The Other Republican Candidates Combined and More Than President Obama 13:04:24
2012 GOP Nomination Elimination Match: Round 1 13:03:51
Stats for Fox News Sioux City Debate 12/15/11 13:01:51
Fox News Chris Wallace Has An Anti Ron Paul Agenda 13:01:38
Greenwald on 3 myths about the indefinite detention bill 13:00:54
American Thinker Why a Tea Party Conservative Supports Ron Paul including his foreign policy 12:56:00
Judge Rules Iran Connected To 9/11 12:40:13
$1,000,000 HIT ! - Keep it going! 12:39:30
President's letter to Santa Claus 12:33:47
Tonight Show Updates & Money Bomb! 12:32:52
"We're Leaning Forward With A Comprehensive Plan To Collapse The Central Bank Of Iran" Senator Kirk 12:31:15
Ron Paul, Bachmann, Santorum Espouse Conservatism 12:29:23
In the other guy's shoes: Ron Paul's foreign policy of Peace 12:23:13
Is Ron Paul's Policy towards Iran off the rail or is Bachman's 12:22:40
The Campaign really needs to put out at least one ad that ... 12:20:18
peace. GOLD. liberty? 12:18:07
Does no one remember the "thought crime" bill? ndaa&sopa is now it 12:16:00
Turns given during Sioux City debate 12:14:39
Bachmann's Claims About the Iranian Constitution 12:12:26
My reply to Iran 12:10:20
"Ron Paul steals the show" 12:07:17
Ron Paul’s Constitutionalist, Anti-War Stance Supported By U.S. Troops 12:07:02
Netanyahu apparently hates Israel 12:06:05
How did Michelle Bachmann not know that the IAEA was part of the UN? Look at their Logos! 12:03:08
Ron Paul 2012 Money Bomb energizer video! 11:48:30
Opinion: The Next Phase of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Message 11:47:57
Bradley Manning deserves a medal - Glenn Greenwald 11:46:52
Time for HEAVY Artillery: Permanently Disabled Veterans for Ron Paul 11:46:33
Newt Gingrich: The best President of the 20th Century is FDR 11:44:52
Helped By The TEA Party To Get Elected..Gov.Nikki Haley Supports Mitt Romney 11:39:54
Ron Paul: Holder should be ‘fired,’ criminally charged for Fast and Furious 11:35:55
Debate stats? 11:34:52
Limbaugh insults Iowans 11:24:44
Scholar blasts 'Holocaust-abuse' by politicians lambasts pandering Republicans 11:24:42
OATHKEEPERS; get to the returning troops! 11:23:06
I need help with my fundraising money bomb donation plan! 11:05:19
Ron Paul Trending #1 on Yahoo 10:59:22
Why Ron Paul Can't Win - Wall Street Journal 10:50:22
Watch: John Stewart Rips Republicans for Potentially Nominating Gingrich! 10:50:10
The Next Ad 10:37:03
Will Michele Endorse Ron Paul Before She drops out? 10:35:05
RP Gear makes great stocking stuffers for Christmas 10:35:00
Paul’s Landslide won’t be the first thing the MSM has missed 10:31:54
Ron Paul Leads in South Dakota with 22% Gingrich at 19% 10:23:40
Rand Will Be On The Laura Ingraham Show This Morning 10:22:03
Debate fact check: Bachmann caught out on Iran 10:20:12
Iowa Student Voters - Attention RP Campaign 10:17:56
Bachmann (Santorum, et al.) are delusional 10:15:55
I will become pro war when... 10:13:19
Here is an inside look at the IT department at Ronpaul2012 10:03:17
Daily Temperature Poll 09:51:37
Germany Battling Right-Wing Nazis & Other Fairy Tale Creatures 09:50:24
Get Ron Paul to number 1 on the itunes chart. 2500 sales to get in the top 100 today. 09:33:21
WSJ 12/16: Why RP Can't Win - let her have it 09:31:08
Ron Paul Slams Gingrich Military Record 09:26:49
Get 2 To Donate With You OR Donate For Them 09:19:24
First State to Poll Paul at the Top! South Dakota! 09:12:21
Newt =Bush Sr boy 08:52:02
WSJ Opinion: Why Ron Paul Can't Win 08:45:42
Ron Paul Steals the Show! 08:31:42
Will the Media Let Ron Paul Question U.S. Foreign Policy? 08:25:04
Krugman: Ron Paul's Economic Doctrine has, become the Official G.O.P. line 08:22:07
We Should have a Daily Paul Mini Bomb Today 08:02:51
Time for RP to introduce Declaration of War with Iran 07:54:47
The Narrative Has Been Set: Ron Paul "Had a Meltdown" 07:47:09
Praise and Constructive Criticism for the good Doc 07:34:03
Ronald Reagan agrees with Paul: use diplomacy, avoid war at all costs 07:33:27
Ron Paul is Proven Right Again - We Are Less Safe by Meddling in the Affairs of Other Countries 07:10:23
Tea Party inspiration for the Ron Paul Baby Boomers 07:06:19
False Flag Attack to be Blamed on Iran (Video Scenario) 07:02:41
How the Federal Reserve system requires the war with Iran and Syria 06:40:46
my original pro-Paul talking points 06:35:36
Deleted 06:22:06
Attention Upstate SC Ron Paul Supporters 06:09:00
Love Some of the Comments at the End of This Article 05:35:32
Republic has risen restoring our rights! (poem) 05:09:45
Debate: Ron Paul defends positions under fire 04:45:04
Ron Paul and the Rule of Law 04:29:11
Ron Paul strongly defends anti-war policies 04:20:56
Sean Hannity, 90's Newsletters & 9/11 Truth 04:06:06
(Video) CNN: King - "Ron Paul is for Real" 03:51:17
Mark Levin: DUI. It's ok to kill innocents overseas, because you drive a car in the US 03:30:29
Berea College Students Support Ron Paul for President! 03:27:56
It Would Have Been Very Presidential IF 03:27:23
Ron Paul defends positions under fire 03:14:06
Help Money Bomb go Viral: Everyone on the DailyPaul Post the Money Bomb to 25 supporters on Youtube 03:13:48
FULL! Final Republican Presidential Debate Before Iowa Caucus 2012 03:13:26
Students Head to Iowa and NH for Ron Paul 03:06:09
(Forbes) - Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Square off over a nuclear Iran - AWESOME! 03:05:53
Forbes on Paul v Bachman over Iran 02:54:16
Dear Everyone: Ron Paul won. Sincerely, The Internet 02:49:03
VIDEO! My Response To Bachmann On Iran! 02:43:50
Paul and Bachmann Square Off Over a Nuclear Iran 02:43:18
Forbes: RP and Bachman square off over Iran 02:34:48
Nikki Haley to endorse Romney 02:32:58
We broke the Matrix 02:26:10
IOWA: Ron in Virtual 3 way tie for 1st on Intrade 02:23:51
Ron Paul trending in 5th on Yahoo 02:15:00
An American Century - Neocon Pandering by Romney 02:05:24
My open letter to friends & family 02:04:00
Dr. Paul gave Hannity a hint 02:03:33
A suggestion for those who wish they could donate more 01:59:41
New Polls Reveal Volatility of Republican Race 01:51:38
Jim Grant says he will ACCEPT RP's offer! 01:47:03
FB Profile Pic 01:44:20
New Polls Reveal Volatility of Republican Race 01:43:52
Amber Alert just took over my TV? 01:43:42
What people here don't realize 01:38:10
A Vote For Ron Paul Is A Vote Against Fox News 01:28:49
Iran and the nuke question 01:19:02
Message to Ron. Vote up if you agree! 01:17:52
Hannity Live Poll 01:15:47
* National Review Poll * 01:10:29
Hannitus Interruptus 01:02:35
Why is there a Bachmann for president on on 01:00:36
OMG Daily Paul hits 4,000 ONLINE NOW 00:59:43
The Ticker Is up: 00:56:29
Stop Sucking Up To Fox 00:55:31
Polls 12/15 00:52:05
2 more polls 00:50:38
Fox News Poll - Results will be announced tonight on Hannity 00:44:49
Bachmann & Perry are coming to our town. Where's Ron Paul? 00:41:54
Take a pic, Ron Paul in 1st on Hannity with 23% Vote in Iowa Poll 00:39:38
Need votes- Luntz post-debate poll (Fox News) 00:22:11
Paul's Answer To Iran With Nuclear Bomb 00:21:34
Fox News Can Go To Hell 00:17:18
Extremely Urgent: Vote for Ron Paul in Hannity's On Air Poll 00:13:45
How did Ron do? 00:11:13
Jon Stewart is slamming Newt Gingrich on The Daily Show tonight (video)! 00:10:26
Newt will lose big because of his Partial Birth Abortion 00:02:31
NEW Drinking With Bob On Ron Paul! 20:31:53