Posted on December 17, 2011

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New TV Ad: Rand Paul on Ron Paul's principled leadership. 21:54:37
Examiner: Ron Paul's Tonight Show appearance may become a turning point in the 2012 campaign 18:24:53
First Post 15:02:53
Ron Paul's Public Sector Donations: WOW! 14:32:07
AI among us? The Paulbots seem to have developed legs! 16:33:13
NY Times: Ron Paul’s ‘Ground Game,’ in Place Since ’08, Gives Him an Edge 09:16:56
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Can't be true: Ron Paul at 10%- Gallup poll 23:57:08
Alexa ratings for Ron vs. other candidates 23:47:44
Iran/ The Federal Reserve- what are we dealing with? 23:39:08
RP wins Polk County HS Mock Election 23:34:41
Funniest Michele Bachmann video EVER 23:33:08
Are Fox News and the GOP Establishment Willing to Start WW3 Just to Discredit Ron Paul? 23:31:43
Des Moines Register endorses Romney! Write a Letter to the Editor-here's the link! 23:29:57
Iowa Ground Campaign 23:28:03
Rigged election with voting mashines 23:26:27
Dick Morris calls Ron Paul a misguided missile. 23:14:04
Gingrich: "I would defy Supreme Court Rulings I Oppose" 23:09:39
How Much Life are You Wasting Listening To BS? 23:09:17
Newt Gingrich donated to his own campaign 23:05:45
Let's not forget, we have a mission $4,000,000 23:04:37
Push the Money Bomb 23:02:30
Rand Paul Merry Christmas Video 23:01:10
Ron Paul Tea Party Bomb 23:01:06
Ron Paul’s Nostalgic Appeal Shakes Up the 2012 Primaries 22:55:19
New ! Ron Paul a Heroes Exit from Tonight Show Dec 16, 2011 22:48:31
I don't give a sheat about what anyone thinks 22:44:24
Why I don't like it when Ron Paul says Iran doesn't have a nuke 22:28:23
Infojam The Dating Scene (Ron Paul 2012) 22:28:21
"Dr. Seuss Endorses Dr. Paul" 22:27:04
Could RP really get rid of the Department of Energy...Reagan couldn't. 22:26:12
Enemy Attacks On The Daily Paul: Real-Time Stuff 22:25:51
U.S. Federal Judge Rules Iran, Hezbollah Also Responsible for 9/11 22:25:23
The Revolution will take over iTunes This Christmas 22:23:51
Kent Snyder clarification request via a reddit thread. 22:04:00
Check out Hannity Forums : Do we really need to start another war with Iran 22:03:31
NY Daily News calls Paul eccentric while acknowledging Gingrich has a problem 22:03:31
A little Saturday Night Humor 22:02:13
Jack Hunter: Have Trouble With Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy? 21:59:58
The coal in Newt and Mitt's stocking: Ron Paul 21:58:41
Article in Austin (Texas) American Statesman newspaper 21:55:51
Paul Krugman Hit piece on Ron Paul 21:52:27
Where Would Our Country Be Today If Ron Paul Was Elected President in 2008? 21:50:51
Smog Check in Temecula 21:48:10
Ron Paul Meetup holds Dec 16th Tea Party rally 21:47:17
Ron Paul Radio 2.0 21:46:54
A Mexican for Ron Paul 21:40:03
RON paul JAY leno video ON A popular hip hop site 21:38:03
Romney On The Military 21:26:02
Huckebee Tonight : "Michelle Do You Hate Muslims.." 21:21:59
Ron Paul Heroes exit from Tonight Show Dec 16, 2011 21:21:34
I finally get it now. 21:18:17
Where is Aimee Allen? 21:09:14
Des Moines Register endorses Romney 21:09:09
Sometimes I think you guys are as bad as Hannity.. 21:06:25
Karen Kwiatkowski Wins Straw Poll for U.S. House! Ron Paul Ties for Fourth w/ Perry in Presidential. 21:05:17
Similarities between Great Depression and current Economic issues 21:04:50
Game Show Host Puts Super-Illegal Congress to Shame 21:02:42
need help spreading the truth on a neocon site 20:52:52
Bew Ron Paul Video 20:51:30
Question/Help to the Tech Savvy 20:45:27
Ron Paul 14th biggest news story of 2011 ... In Flanders (Belgium)! 20:33:04
We need boots on the ground now! 20:31:23
What to respond to misconceptions of Ron Paul's Stances on "Hot Button" Issues 20:16:27
anonymous for RON paul (The Plan) 2012 Today 20:15:11
ron paul was right 20:13:57
The truth about Iran's statement on Israel 20:12:48
How One Activist Effects Change In America 20:09:13
Explaining "Bachmann hates Muslims" 19:58:26
Ron Paul's anti-interventionist approach to war could help Paul in Iowa - PBS ~ Mark Shields 19:56:56
Chirp Chirp 19:54:05
Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: ‘She Hates Muslims 19:45:00
Absolute Proof Ron Paul is a Racist 19:37:19
I spoke to HS Senior Gov't classes friday about the Nevada caucus 19:37:09
"Ronald Paul is a Man" (Daniel Boone song) 19:37:03
MASSIVE Facebook Friend Bomb day! 19:32:52
The Duke would love Ron Paul 19:21:48
Bachman confirms our suspicions 19:17:31
Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: ‘She Hates Muslims’ ( Yahoo and The Blaze) 19:04:51
Libya’s Civilian Toll, Denied by NATO 19:02:32
Next Moneybomb! 12/18/11... 19:01:48
Freepers Proudly Hate Muslims (and Ron Paul) 18:59:39
Friday late-night ratings winner 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - This explains the 3 segments for RP! 18:55:32
Why People Are Wrong About Ron Paul Being Unelectable 18:43:26
Video: Massive Banner Reveals Ron Paul to Thousands of Drivers Daily! 18:20:37
Iran: Bachmann vs. Paul 18:18:51
Joe Rogan talking about his Appearance on Jay Leno with Ron Paul 18:15:10
SHOCKING! Ron Paul: The Voice of Reason? 18:14:58
Hilarious Article on Paul Beating Bachmann in Foreign Policy Debate 18:14:18
Ron Paul Hammers Bachmann on Iran 18:12:55
Interesting Letter of Resignation 18:10:53
I-5 Sign Bomb 18:00:10
Ron Paul's answer to war in Iran... 17:59:16
Civil Liberties Eroding NDAA Video 17:57:13
YouTube Ron Paul Troll "mizzoulibertarian" 17:55:48
Rockwell on Iran, Ron Paul, and Rural Maseratis - Good Stuff 17:17:45
I think Ron maybe made a mistake 17:16:44
If Ron Paul wins Iowa & New Hampshire, he is indeed flavor of the decade! RP is surging right now in both states & nationally. 17:14:47
I was talking with a friend on FB about Ron Paul and he said... 17:10:53
Chris Wallace : "A Ron Paul Win In Iowa Will Cause Front Runner Gingrich a Missed Opportunity" 17:08:20
Ron Farage 17:04:04
Defending Paul's Foreign Policy Stance 16:54:16
Weekend Watching - Why Christian's Support Murderous Wars 16:44:01
Tonight 8 EST Des Moines Register Endorsement 16:42:14
Ron Paul Hammers Bachmann on Iran 16:38:08
Des Moines Register endorsement announced today (Poll included) 16:29:30
Hugo Weaving in new commercial for Ron Paul? 16:16:33
Newt Has a little angel on his shoulder, a whole flurry of them 16:12:25
Ron Paul’s ‘Tea Party’ money bomb approaches $4 million goal 16:04:12
Ron Paul hater - Top Contender For Minn. GOP Boss Arrested Over Car Tax and sexual harrassment 16:01:31
Suggestion for Money Bombs and Donations! 15:59:40
If Ron Paul Wins Iowa It Doesn't Count - Fox News 15:57:44
FINALLY - Fannie and Freddie being sued by the SEC for subprime loans 15:44:55
Ron Paul: Bachmann "hates Muslims" 15:42:51
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe 15:41:07
When Ron Paul TROUNCES the second place finisher in Iowa 15:37:22
I was talking about Ron Paul with an old friend on FB the other day and... 15:37:15
Walking the Talk 15:31:18
SoCal Ron Paul Meetup Activism Team's tips for Success 15:23:50
DesMoinesRegister: Bachmann replies to Paul's comments about hating Muslims, Asks Santa Claus for win in Iowa 15:20:42
I'm exhausted: Defending Paul is a lot of work! 15:18:40
how many individual donors 15:10:45
Christmas Vacation..only a day short. 15:02:40
The Best Way To Beat The Media Is To Avoid Making Any Comments...Starve Them Out! 14:43:36
Ron Paul goes mainstream Reuters add comments 14:41:05
My current Facebook status 14:25:56
This is what Ron Paul can do for your Ratings! 14:22:34
Bruce Fein verse Nute 14:20:09
Policeman Of The World 14:15:24
Let's double the Money Bomb amount with just forgotten coins... 14:14:27
Top reasons to be optimistic! 14:13:53
Does anyone have video of FU Frank after the Dec 15 debate? 13:57:13
Stop This War! itunesbomb now underway! 13:50:46
Ron Paul and his supporters versus the Establishment wanting Ron Paul to run Third Party 13:45:38
Ann Barnhardt - Gold and Silver 13:39:47
Panetta thinks he's winning the war in Afghanistan. He's wrong. 13:35:43
Ron Paul - We Won't Back Down...RP 2012 GO GO GO! (VIDEO) 13:35:03
Sat Jan 7th New Hampshire Boots On the Ground Weekend and Debate Party! 13:33:03
"Well, It Sure Seems Like Keynes Was Right" Ridiculous article 13:29:41
Bust the Meter Mini-Moneybomb 13:27:49
The Rob Rennie Show: Caller Frantically Tries to Smear Ron Paul while Talking up Newt Gingrich 13:25:58
Ron Paul: the peace candidate for a war-torn nation 13:21:24
Frank Luntz announced winner of his 'Wayin' Post-Sioux City Debate Poll on the Shammity Show. And the winner is: 13:17:13
Medvedev on US: ‘If they continue to push us around, we’ll push back’ 13:15:34
Weekend Feature Road to Independence Series Enjoy! 13:13:37
Ron Paul Endorsed by Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson 13:12:59
Online Poll. Vote now! 13:11:25
Americans are tired of wars 13:10:43
Joe Rogan talks about Ron Paul - recent podcast 13:09:32
Ron Paul Fails To Make The Argument Against War In Iran 13:09:02
Financial Panic Sweeps Europe As The Head Of The IMF Warns Of A “1930s Depression” 13:08:01
Don't know how to vote! Need HELP! 13:07:39
Nightmare neocons join Team Romney 13:07:01
Short video: SC RP Sign Wave in the Rain 13:05:49
Krugman on RP and Austrian economics (NY Times - 12-16-11) 12:44:10
The Rob Rennie Show: Who Makes up Newt's Base? Older, less-informed Americans 12:38:43
Ron Paul not "crazy/kooky" says Army Psychiatrist 12:33:44
Ron Paul names his favorite president, says Michele Bachmann 'hates muslims' 12:32:29
Daily Caller Headline: "She Hates Muslims" 12:26:00
Are Americans Really to be Jailed at Gitmo? 12:24:52
Did Michele Bachmann LIE about being at a Family Reunion? 12:15:15
Theme Song - Bon Jovi ? It's my Life! 12:10:17
ABC's first out with the "Bachman Swipe" 11:57:16
Bush Dealt Nuclear Technology to Iran's Friendly Neighbors and Helped 10 Other Arab Countries Go Nuclear thru the IAEA 18:51:41
Joe Rogan Fear Factor support Day! For his endorsement of Ron Paul? 11:51:11
Property Rights and the pipeline, Detainee bill " America is the new battle Field 11:51:01
Half Truths and Lies 11:43:34
Don't Forget Yesterday Was a Friday 11:30:00
Leno next week. 11:29:58
Bizarre Iowa Poll Finds Tim Tebow Haters Love Ron Paul 10:56:48
NEW VIDEO: Awaken The Change Starts With You 10:46:37
MSM Email BOMB ! 10:39:02
Donald Trump Himself Ron Paul was Good! 10:10:06
Huckabee wasn't negative on Paul 09:55:46
So You Think You Know Ron Paul? 09:51:42
Defense Ads 09:47:02
Make Mine Freedom! (1948) 09:36:23
Huntsman’s economic director calls Ron Paul’s budget plan ‘ludicrous’ 09:24:48
Ladies and Gentlemen: This is a MUST SEE AD! 09:21:36
Rush Limbaugh Blasts Ron Paul for ‘Running to the Left of President Obama’ on Iran 09:19:24
New Ron Paul Ad - BANNED in the USA! 08:40:33
Campaign for Liberty gets its 08:28:39
Gaddafi's killing may be a war crime: International Criminal Court 08:15:41
Protesters Occupy Goldman Sachs 08:11:15
A History Lesson for Newt Gingrich – Peter Schiff 07:50:22
Historian Has Big News For Grover Cleveland Fans 07:27:17
They Want You to Do What You're Told! 07:23:22
Adam Kokesh on the National Defense Authorization Act - and talks about Ron Paul 07:10:34
Fox News' Chris Wallace Has an Anti-Ron Paul Agenda 06:50:49
MTV runs advert opposing Obama’s NDAA bill 06:43:23
Ron Paul 2012 #14 on google trends! December 17 5am EST 06:26:16
From one of my social network friends who lives in Asia 06:23:54
You Still Have No Idea - Listen! 06:21:57
What a great day for the campaign! 06:11:12
American wants to donate... but foreign address 06:01:39
"The Company Ron Paul Keeps" We need to respond to the article ASAP! 06:01:28
repeat after ME ronpaulcan'twin (cartoon) 05:57:07
Scented Ron Paul campaign literature 05:53:53
Did your news cover the Boston Tea Party 12/16? 05:36:26
It was a good day/night, BUT... 05:33:52
(NY Times) Paul’s ‘Ground Game,’ in Place Since ’08, Gives Him an Edge 05:25:06
Floats like a Ron stings like a Paul 05:23:09
Why Ron Paul's comment about Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum is Brilliant 05:20:02
Ron Paul "I Always Win" 05:19:40
What Would Jesus Do? 05:19:05
Where do we go from here? 05:17:23
*New Amazing video* Awaken - The change starts within you! 05:16:16
Personal Liberty Digest Poll Results 05:10:01
NEW! 05:05:44
So, can you tell that I support Ron Paul? 05:04:58
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy - great video 05:03:30
'Austrian Economics' computer programmers 04:57:00
*NEW*Joe Rogan and the War Pigs *Video* 04:53:34
Ron Paul ignored again! 04:22:14
[NEW video] vote peace IN 2012 04:21:19
Is the campaign more top down this time around? 04:11:33
Ron Paul: The Tonight Show or Campaign Rally? 04:09:19
Argument Solution for Iran having Nukes 04:05:22
"The BIG Mo! Ron Paul's GOT IT!" - The Mclaughlin Group (video) 04:04:12
Weekly Standard attacks Ron Paul 03:46:09
Thanks Joe Rogan! 03:42:03
The smear of racism is being taken to another level.. 03:35:49
Fox News' Chris Wallace Has an Anti-Ron Paul Agenda 03:31:51
Did Iowa's Republican Governor Branstad Allude To An Endorsement Of Ron Paul? Read between the lines. 03:17:46
funny movie showing Muslims are not all radicals 03:15:09
I am noticing a pattern here, maybe 03:10:04
So You Think You Know Ron Paul? Take the quiz 03:09:54
Intrade: Ron Paul 29.8% 03:03:10
Ron Paul's Position on Iran - Change the Rhetoric, but not Positions 02:57:30
Issue 1: The BIG Mo! Ron Paul's GOT IT! (The McLaughlin Group) 02:51:16
Bachman and "Shariah-Compliant Terrorism" - does she hate muslims? 02:47:45
FBI Considered Gingrich Sting 02:46:23
Truely Brave Heroes We Owe So Much To... Come Home Soon! 02:45:55
Ron Paul is the "Hope Diamond" in the trash heap of Washington... 02:40:22
Newsletters Explained (mostly) 02:39:44
Rich Lowry (National Review) Gets SMASHED 02:35:37
Ron Paul's Facebook fan base increased exponentially after debate last night. 02:33:40
Blacks for Ron Paul! 02:30:06
Boston Globe: Gingrich’s Stimulus Support Benefited His Consulting Clients (Big Healthcare Companies) 02:25:16
Ron Paul on Leno amazing success; MUST see tweet reviews! 02:07:54
Video: "It is what it is...Tmot, A Black Man For Ron Paul - FREEDOM!" 02:07:53
Tribute to Ron Paul's favorite president! 02:04:41
Don't let the Hanniity, MSM, Fox etc., get you off your game. Remember how we win! 02:04:19
Anyone Else Support Ron Paul But Not Sure They're A Libertarian? 02:00:59
Ron Paul Bachman Santorum joke on Tonight Show 02:00:53
[VIDEO] A New Kind of Army HQ - Ron Paul 2012 01:58:29
Who else likes Ron Paul's favorite President Grover Cleveland on Facebook? 01:56:17
Even better "he (santorum) hates gays, and muslims" 01:44:39
"Michelle Bachmann Hates Muslims" on Leno 01:38:25
Video for all those NeoCons that love war. Warning - this is heartbreaking! 01:18:39
So You Think You Know Ron Paul? Take this Quiz! 01:09:57
Tea Party Money Bomb hits 3 Million! 01:00:24
Fighting the Smears 01:00:20
Costs and incentives of the labor market 00:53:30
Push over $3 MIL mark during Jay Lenno! 00:46:05
Ron Paul Winning IOWA Being Double Team By Mainstream Media 00:41:09
Can Ron Paul Withstand The Coming Storm? 00:40:55
When the SHTF, I expect the Pundit Class to get the Partisan beat out of them 00:36:49
Ron Paul, Cellphone & Cars:Ron Paul Weighs in on NTSB's Proposed Ban of Cell Phones in Cars [Video] 00:34:25
What Americans wish for Iranians, we bring on ourselves 00:27:05
Joe Klein praises Ron Paul debate performance with 'execrable Michele Bachmann' 00:21:56
Thanks for curing my pessimism, folks! 00:21:43
Gingrich: Government Should Allow Terror Attacks 00:15:43
Liberty education 00:13:46
I am Running in the Rock N Roll AZ Half Marathon Jan 16th.. 00:10:50
Cooperative Grassroots - Liberty Flyer Concept 00:07:14
2nd tonight show clip Ron Paul on other candidates 00:01:06