Posted on December 18, 2011

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Drudge Report Links To Daily Paul! "Money Pours In For Paul" 14:28:05
Why a Tea Party conservative now supports Ron Paul...including his foreign policy. 12:06:08
A friend converted due to RP on Leno 06:15:29
NY Daily News: Surging Ron Paul cuts into Newt Gingrich’s dream 03:06:56
Ron Paul Hero's Exit from Tonight Show Dec 16, 2011 00:47:26
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: The Complete Ron Paul And Joe Rogan Interview 13:18:11
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International Business Times - Ron Paul 2012: Why he Inspires Undying Loyalty 23:51:28
Ron Paul 2012: Why he Inspires Undying Loyalty 23:48:25
Presidential Frontrunner Warns Martial Law Being Established in America 23:40:25
GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa 23:37:18
CNN is reporting Kim Jong of N Korea dead 23:16:45
Interesting French Poll for Ron Paul and other various finds about RP from France. 23:16:41
ROFL MItt Romney 23:08:04
Pre-emptive action 23:03:45
Uri Avnery: “With Friends Like These…” (Gush Shalom) 23:02:49
ron paul webstore 2 day shipping? 23:01:36
Priest Kicked Out of City Council for Free Speech 23:01:22
Match the Gingrich postion on judges 22:48:05
If Only Ben Bernanke Were Gay, Steve Deace Would Support Ron Paul 22:47:34
"GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa" 22:46:08
Breaking - Fat Libertarian endorses Paul! 22:42:11
Match Gingrich on Judges and Paul's my man 22:41:52
Match Gingrich's comment about judges and Paul's my man.. 22:38:35
Drudge: GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa 22:31:52
Ron Paul trending #6 on yahoo right now 22:31:15
Why Ron Paul Will Win Iowa 22:22:21
Now to Recall the Senators and Congressmen Who Voted for NDAA Military Detention of Americans. 22:22:01
Right Now Ron Paul Is Scaring The Republican Establishment In A Very Profound Way! 22:19:53
Current South Carolina super brochure list (7% complete) 22:19:05
Stick A Fork In Newt Gingrich! He's DONE! 22:17:12
If Iran wants to kill all Jews, why don't they start with the 25,000 Iranian Jews? 22:15:25
Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation. 22:11:46
Young Turks: $1000 Bet and Ron Paul Endorsement 22:11:20
Interested in donating to a Ron Paul billboard 22:05:55
Daily Kos: If Paul wins Iowa, "start looking at him as a potential threat..." 22:05:55
Just $100K left before midnight! - come ON people! 22:02:10
I was just on Beyond The Beltway 21:59:27
Occupy Psychopaths 1 (OWS vs. the Pathology of the 1%) 21:55:47
Does virtue matter in POTUS? - Article praising Paul 21:51:32
Have You Heard About The 16 Trillion Dollar Bailout The Federal Reserve Handed To The Too Big To Fail Banks? 21:46:08
Child Poverty In America Is Absolutely EXPLODING - 16 Shocking Statistics That Will Break Your Heart 21:34:56
Greater Chicagoland for Ron Paul meetup; *VIDEO* 21:34:08
Internet applications, liberty and a solution 21:30:16
Buy Some Ron Paul Shirts In The Style and Color That Joe Rogan Wore on the Jay Leno Show? Link Found 21:27:40
Constantly defending RP's foreign policy 21:27:14
Look at what Robert Fellner did in Vegas - And it's not gonna stay in Vegas! Front Page Material! 21:07:55
United States - CIA and National Media 21:06:34
How Neo-Conservatism Ruins Families 21:06:03
Proof Newt Gingrich is Being Propped Up by Media 21:05:59
Whose Hands Have Your Freedom? 21:02:23
Sign wave on Wed 4th of January in Morning 21:00:30
Bringing over Ron Paul sympathizers 20:56:09
Newt Gingrich Full Of Errors (The Judge) 20:55:20
On Iraq, the GOP Is Out of Touch with Its Own Voters 20:48:39
Ron Paul: Phone From Home Our Secret Weapon 20:48:28
*NEW money bomb DAY* 20:46:52
Ron Paul hits the Tipping Point on January 3, 2012, winning Iowa solidly, then momentum to New Hampshire results in another win! 20:46:34
Newt Gingrich Is Corrupt ,America Is Not Stupid 20:41:02
[NEW] Website: 20:28:58
$4 Million in Airfare for White House Gangsters 20:26:40
$10 Money Bomb Blast 8pm - Midnight ET 20:20:18
Need New Ron Paul Ad On Being a True Friend to Israel 20:13:46
Just had an idea about spreading the word via Christmas Gifts! 20:13:37
I really like Michelle Bachmann... 19:59:30
The Headline after the Iowa Caucus... 19:59:26
Dr.'s Ron and Rand Paul: Can they heal America? 19:55:56
THE TELEGRAPH (UK) - US election 2012: Ron Paul joins the frontrunners in Iowa 19:54:54
Rand Paul Merry Christmas TV Ad... What do you think and will it air? 19:54:38
US election 2012: Ron Paul joins the frontrunners in Iowa -US Front Page 19:54:09
Michelle Bachmann channels Rudy Giuliani 19:49:45
Col. Kwiatkowski Discusses Ron Paul's Foreign Policy & Bill of Rights on Antiwar Radio 19:49:43
Regarding vaccines, we were told these things with a straight-face by experts and officials 19:48:45
Media blackout of Ron Paul continues; ZERO stories about him on Huffpo 19:21:01
character read albeit legnthy 19:16:14
Ron Paul replay on with Alex Jones TODAY, Sunday 12/18 19:14:35
Political polls to hit millions (a trojan horse for the campaign). 19:11:06
Ron Paul Runningback killin' it today 19:04:09
Please vote in this poll: Is Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Dangerous for America? 18:58:36
Michele Bachmann - More Fact-Checking from the GOP Debate 18:50:36
Rick Perry offers to cut 5 tr. from Obama's 3.7 tr. budget! 18:33:42
Progressive? Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries! 18:29:11
The Campaign Just Linked My Blog! 18:29:00
The Fight to End Corporate Personhood Heats Up 18:24:40
Another Iowa Endorsement for Ron Paul 18:20:27
Looking for a Ron Paul interview from 2007 18:19:29
Tea Party Patriots Tele-Town Hall and Straw Poll is happening at 5:30pm ET today! 18:18:14
Looking for stocking stuffers for the liberty minded? Ron Paul 2012 chocolate bars! 18:14:34
Can any Texans here tell me... 18:14:11
Daily Beast finally has a decent article about Ron 18:00:02
Hypocrisy 17:57:28
Had Fun Putting This Together 17:46:30
Bachmann - Iran - Koch 17:46:27
I Hate Ron Paul 17:43:54
States' Rights: Gay Marriage, Abortion and Slavery 17:38:29
Comments needed - tea party needs to come home! 17:32:44
Digital Journal: Why Ron Paul is Right on Iran, why Michele Bachmann is Wrong 17:28:11
"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Gingrich" 17:22:05
Another article trying to scare seniors 17:17:42
Are you confused about the IAEA report and Iran? 17:14:11
Did anyone watch the McLaughlin Group this morning? UNf-ing believable! 17:10:31
Next Public Policy poll will show 17:06:52
Same yahoo bloggers from yesterday smearing Paul on Bachmann article help! 16:59:44
Elites, More Elites and Yet More Elites... 16:53:33
PAULNET has become Self Aware 16:48:42
washington times: Would it be ethical for Ron Paul to run as a third party candidate? 16:39:18
Weekend Watching - "The Blowback Syndrome" : Why Do They hate Us? 16:36:45
Ron/Clint Eastwood Meme (share!) 16:31:55
I feel like the Grinch. 16:28:55
Newt Gingrich advocates for dictatorship... 16:27:24
PRESS TV, Newt Gingrich's 'Invented' remarks discussed. [Video] 16:27:22
POLL: Which candidate transfers the most votes to Ron Paul when they drop out of the race or go down in the polls? 16:25:56
The Trial of Bradley Manning 16:21:22
Ron Paul Statement Concerning Becket Fund for Religious Liberties Lawsuit 16:18:18
[Polling Techniques] Used by all major polling sites. 16:11:14 Libertarianism is Crony Capitalism's Nightmare 16:06:58
The Only GOP Candidate that Jay Leno Follows on Twitter... 16:05:17
GUN SHOWS 15:52:31
The Ron Paul Newsletters: A Ghost Writer's Perspective and Open Letter to James Kirchick 15:45:47
Ron Paul and MLK explain bad US foreign policy 2.0 15:43:12
Bachmann VERY excited for Ron Paul run (video) 15:38:29
HermanCainForums.Com officially announces support for Ron Paul 15:36:01
New Strategy: Togo Food! 15:30:30
Bachmann LIES on Meet the Press today... 15:27:24
"One Hundred Million Dollar Penny" Video Why We Should Vote For Ron Paul and... 15:24:23
daily paul Money Bomb posted on drudge Report 15:23:44
Ron Paul explains the just war theory of Christianity. 15:18:56
30 Second Ads: National Defense Act S1867 15:13:59
I learned a key aspect about blowback today - and the one key component I was missing 15:08:30
DesMoines Register: Sound the claxons! Code red! Battle stations! 15:07:56
Ron Paul Speech: Who's Really In Charge? 15:07:27
Wild new fundraising gimmick: Slay a dragon for Ron Paul 15:00:19
I could listen to 14:59:19
show the following videos to those who criticize Dr. Paul's foreign policy 14:51:13
Digital Journal promoting Ron Paul non-intervention video 14:48:57
show the following videos to those who want to wage new wars on iran and other countries 14:44:55
Des Moines Register endorsement actually TERRIBLE for Romney 14:43:02
Michele Bark-mann "worst record of accuracy " 14:40:08
Anonymous Call to New Animal Abuse Hotline Leads to Raid on Colorado Woman’s Rabbit Farm 14:39:35
Drudge: Money Pours in for Paul. Daily Paul linked! 14:35:58
Paul is expected to finish in the top tier in Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire. 14:33:45
Florida: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 14:31:39
$295,000 to go. - we can get this done TODAY! 14:27:49
Christian Voters and Israel 14:25:55
Forbes blogger: I admit to liking him more and more the further down this GOP primary rabbit-hole we travel 14:18:35
E.D. Kain - of Forbes - Almost an endorses Ron Paul . Article about J. Lenon show. 14:14:53
How to guarantee Ron Paul won't run third party 14:03:34
NEW prez poll on national term limits blog 14:02:41
A write up on "Our Billboard" in Nevada! 13:56:09
What do you know about Michelle 13:49:42
Tea Party Money Bomb: We Need 25k/hour for the next 12 hours to reach $4 MIL! Currently 16k/hour. Please Help. 13:45:43
Accountable Votes 13:44:24
How to guarantee Ron Paul won't run third party (Examiner) 13:41:47
SAY WHAT? Ron Paul is the Woodchuck of the GOP! - Yahoo News 13:36:57
Wow here is what you get with foreign interventionism in Egypt 13:33:19
Jack Hunter posts the great grassroots veterans' video at RonPaul2012 13:26:00
War In Iraq Is Over - Should Ron Paul Suggest A Ticker Tape Parade For Our Troops? 13:23:07
How to ensure Paul doesn't run 3rd party-Excellent! 13:20:27
►Bachmann to Huckabee: I don't hate Muslims but Iran hates Jews & Americans 13:14:58
Drudge links to Daily Paul! 13:14:47
Grassroots Activism: Ron Paul Sidewalk Chalk 13:13:37
anonymous declares WAR ON congress FOR passage OF ndaa 13:09:06
Racist is as Racist Does 13:06:06
Naacp Leader Defends Ron Paul Against Smears 12:48:10
were the ron paul newsletters akin to a ron paul blog? 12:45:32
Ron Paul Super Brochure, South Carolina mailing now... 12:42:21
Best answer to 3rd party question? 12:29:20
New Poll for Mon or Tues from Pub Policy Polling - Newt down to 3rd. 12:26:23
Breaking-Look at what Romney is hiding 12:24:55
Mitt Romney’s Biggest Donors Are Wall Street Bankers 12:14:04
Michelle Bachmann just lied about Ron Paul on Meet the Press! 12:13:34
PROOF that Neocons are wrong about Iran wanting to wipe Israel "off the face of the map"... 12:00:48
Concrete proof to fight the "Ron Paul is a racist" argument 11:58:00
RON PAUL the the tune of Frosty the Snowman 11:56:27
,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11:55:39
Steve Deace attacks Ron Paul, us and Iowa 11:53:02
Meet The Press: Bachmann coming up in a few minutes 11:49:47
Large group of U.S. Troops wearing their uniform, publicly supporting Ron Paul 11:45:44
Ron Paul Grass-root supporters release video on US foreign policy 11:44:00
FBI considered a sting operation against Newt Gingrich for taking bribe 11:41:55
Newspaper Chaired By Private Equity Head Shockingly Endorses Mitt Romney For President 11:41:31
Pay it forward for the money bombs - for our maxed out wealthy friends 11:39:35
3.7 million about to happen, 4 million today! 11:15:40
Rick Sanetelli Started The Tea Party? Santelli Supports Ron Paul! 11:09:22
Prayer Bomb Christmas Present 11:08:36
Voter Fraud 11:04:56
Mutually Assured Destruction. A great policy for a modern middle east. 11:01:19
Ron Paul Could Teach High Economics at Harvard... 10:45:49
Obradovich: What does Ron Paul's rise mean for Iowa caucuses? 10:43:39
Just another reason Gingrich is a slimeball 10:37:10
Attacks have increased = winning? 10:13:36
Dr Paul will be at a food drive Monday December 19 10:09:12
The answer to why there are so few polls 09:50:04
Keep Helping South Carolina 09:46:45
Which stump speech should I use, if any? 09:36:11
Need Help - Was Trying To Convince A Friend About Dr. Paul But Have Questions 09:24:30
Ron Paul - New Phone From Home Video 09:07:32
Des Moines Register backs Mitt Romney for GOP nomination; Slams Ron Paul's Ideas 08:34:10
HUGE Positive reaction from people attending Akron Gun Show 08:20:27
What would happen if there were multiple big name third party candidates? 07:24:04
While Americans Shopped, The Constitution Was Shredded 07:10:10
ALL hands ON deck! Important Florida Info 07:00:12
Ron Paul Goes Vertical 06:54:14
Wait for it... there is a Ron Paul plug in there... 06:32:33
Ron Paul fans in Nevada show support for long shot 06:17:33
Ron Paul raises most Northwest Florida dollars 06:13:45
Are we ready for when Iowa no longer matters? 06:12:42
Romey is Rising in Iowa 06:01:15
Bob Dole Just Endorsed Romney.. Watch For The Bush Clan, McCain and Pat Robertson To Do The Same... This Is Our Final Test! 05:44:14
Ron Paul Needs To Make These Points On Iran 05:39:57
And the results are in: Frank Lutz's wayin 05:20:59
Ben Swann Central aka Ron Paul TV 04:54:26
Bachmann's REAL beliefs on Iran aren't what she says 04:45:08
Rothbard vs. CATO’s Richard Epstein on the Benefits of Violent Looting 04:43:51
Newspaper Chaired By Private Equity Head Shockingly Endorses Mitt Romney For President 04:40:34
We are CRUSHING the compitition on Facebook 04:33:09
When was the last time a President vetoed a bill? 04:29:58
Bachman adjusts her positions 04:10:42
Youth Will Lead the Revolution: Events Turn Out New Supporters and Build Enthusiasm 03:46:37
Ben Swann Reality Check: Obama Administration Demanded Power to Detain US Citizens 03:45:23
Iran will not Nuke Israel ; Absurd thinking by Bachmann and the rest! 03:28:25
Ron Paul raises most Northwest Florida dollars 03:23:29
This guy is the "competition"? 02:58:10
For Iowa’s evangelicals, no clear GOP favorite 02:51:43
The Supreme Court is important, but does Gingrich respect it's decisions? 02:39:45
Foreign Policy Poll 02:37:39
I think we did alright :) We've Raised 4.8 Million already! 02:27:23
Knowledge of Osama bin Laden Back in 07' 02:24:57
A Different Fundraising Idea 02:15:03
A Million Dead Iraqis Worth It 02:13:10
Noon moneybomb 12.18.11 please please please 02:12:48
Ron Paul's Stunning Anti War Performance 02:11:16
Young Turks On Iowa ‘Not Counting’ if Ron Paul Wins 02:06:28
The Anti-Internet Bill has NOT Been Postponed To 2012 01:53:33
Noam Chomsky MIT professor says Ron Paul is right on foreign policy 01:52:33
Paul is the most sensible and realistic Republican 01:47:23
A Statement Only One Candidate Could Make 01:37:28
The war in Iraq ends for an amazing THIRD time! 01:16:39
Just made a new Ron Paul convert in Iowa tonight. 01:13:18
Irony: The Tea Party did not celebrate the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party 01:11:07
Reason for 3rd Party Question Obsession 01:06:54
Tom Woods going Primal! Interview with Mark Sisson 01:06:01
Ron Paul surging, can now win it all 00:47:45
Ron Paul Poised To Win Iowa Caucus! 00:33:18
Now: iTunes SongBomb for "Bombs - The Ron Paul Song" 00:30:07
How Polls Try to make up Public Opinion before the Opinion is Made! Watch This! 00:24:32
The Medias Obsession to Define Ron Paul as a Third Party Candidate [Jon Stewart Type] 00:17:10
War is a racket 00:12:56
Liquidation of Customer Stored Gold and Silver Bullion From MF Global 00:04:28
3.6 million almost here 00:03:48
War is OVER! 00:00:25
Bachmann proves she really does hate Muslims today. She had to open her mouth. 02:12:55