Posted on December 19, 2011

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Rally outside of Tonight Show for Ron Paul featuring Golden State 22:59:39
Ron Paul Jay Leno Backstage & Dana Carvey Impression 22:46:51
AP: Iowa GOP Worried by Hacker Threat to Caucus Vote 23:53:53
The Hill: Ron Paul is the front-runner in Iowa 18:12:00
Ron Paul surpassing all expectations, making a joke of the media 18:18:19
Yahoo: Ron Paul's Time Has Come 16:24:43
Department of Defense Report - more evidence Ron Paul is right about Iran! 11:20:30
Top of Drudge: Paul Pulls Ahead 09:51:15
Paul Wolfowitz Agrees with Ron Paul - Spread this to neocons 10:56:48
Momentum: Passes Top Neoconservative Blog 03:35:24
Breaking: Paul Passes Gingrich in New Hampshire at 21% ! 00:21:04
Public Policy Polling: Paul 23% Romney 20% Gingrich 14%! 00:29:05
Ron Paul Tea Party Moneybomb Raises over $4 Million! 09:15:20
Grassroots Ron Paul Campaign Opens Coralville, IA Headquarters 23:28:05
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OMG! The Attack Begins 23:58:49
Fervent tea-party supporter never heard of Ron Paul 23:58:47
Iowan asking for Help: Why Ron Paul is better for Israel 23:58:41
Replay of Ron Paul Townhall Meeting C-Span 10:09pm PT / 1:09am ET Tuesday 12-20-11 23:58:08
Rachel Maddow has great segment about Fox and Ron Paul 23:54:13
Who's your presidential match? 23:47:50
Industry Hemp For Victory tell Ron Paul 23:47:26
National Guard in New Orleans? - WWL 870 23:45:21
People are noticing: NDAA Catalyzes Support for Paul (Video) 23:42:36
. 23:37:20
Ron Paul Candy Bar? 23:36:18
I thought CBS and FOX were bad before I saw NBC nightly news. 23:33:33
Dick Morris is a disgrace 23:33:00
January 4th party bomb? 23:29:19
The Gift That Keeps on Giving 23:25:36
Fox is back to ignoring Ron Paul 23:24:24
RT Headline: Ron Paul Leads Iowa 23:18:40
"Ron Paul is Not 'Presidential' Material" 23:15:28
Corruption Begins with Obama's Inauguration 23:13:40
C-SPAN | Washington Journal Jonathan Turley - issues of surveillance and privacy - mentions Dr. Paul 23:10:23
Tomorrow Ron Paul Interview on "America's Newsroom" CNN 8-8:30am ET 23:09:41
Iowa GOP worried by hacker threat to caucus vote 23:04:42
Ron Paul has a ceiling?- I rewrote Lionel Richie's song to "When Ron Paul Goes Thru the Ceiling 22:56:27
CSPAN 12/19/2011: Not surprising that Ron Paul is leading... 22:49:18
You are AWESOME! 22:46:18
Protest the MSM blackout 22:42:21
Hannity, Levin and Fox all would have backed Ford over Reagan, Reagan was too radical 22:41:12 Web Traffic Goes Vertical Approaches "Top 1,000" Site In US; Competing Campaign Sites On The Decline 22:39:33
When Dr.Paul Wins, The Headlines Will Read: Obama Comes In Close Second For POTUS 22:36:55
ALERT: Tuesday is 'CNN Day' for Ron Paul 22:35:33
GOP Will Take Off the Gloves if Ron Paul Wins Iowa 22:34:55
Show Love to Joe Rogan: Here's How! 22:34:16
Well Fred Thompson hosting Hannity 22:29:54
New Ron Paul Song 22:23:34
Adam Kokesh - TSA Troubles 22:13:55
Tonight on Hannity : Dicky Morris Says Something Wrong With Iowans If They Vote For Ron Paul 22:11:18
The WMD ignored by all but Ron Paul 22:10:03
I was on Insanity today... 22:09:53
Let's Break A World Record! 22:06:05
Time out for a Test 21:57:32
Open Primary state 21:56:12
Where's the link?! 21:55:07
bring them all home: a song for Ron Paul 21:47:48
Obama Should Listen to Jefferson: NDAA 21:44:13
Ron Paul And The Republican Future 21:42:22
Alaska's HAARP project blamed for Russian space probe's failure 21:37:02
U.S. Abandons Toxic Burn Pits as it Withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan American troops are among the victims of the Pentagon’s 21:34:17
Automated Electric Tram Charges As It Picks Up Passengers 21:30:14
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe 21:27:25
Gingrich-Linked Propagandist Recycles Debunked “Racist” Ron Paul Smear 21:20:51
FOX NEWS Running Scared! 21:07:05
"Ron Paul doesn't understand modern economics at all" 21:04:12
SEC sues ex-Fannie, Freddie execs for fraud 21:00:07
Lupe Fiasco does it again! 20:59:58
History of American Assassinations 20:54:56
It's time to fight back! 20:50:45
new RP foreign policy video - know of any converts because of it? 20:49:30
Ron Paul Plans Most Expensive Military... 20:49:09
NIA Supports Ron Paul for GOP Nomination 20:49:04
Michael Medved, Facebook, and Israel 20:48:52
Andrew Sullivan: Ron Paul and the Republican Future 20:48:01
Fox Bews Front Page: Newt - Romney in pre Iowa tie? 20:46:45
Obama "CONCERNED" about rights in Venezuela 20:44:45
Ron Paul speaks to NH on C-SPAN - (link inside) - Event over, need a YTube! 20:37:22
Court Pastor of the Neocon Church, Bob Vander Plaats, is disappointed in Ron Paul 20:34:24
Jonathan Turley on c-span's Washington Journal 20:31:24
If you could ask a former CIA Agent one question, what would it be? - Here's your chance 20:31:12
Forget Posse Comitatus; just make 'em the State Police; *BREAKING* Illinois 20:28:28
Adulterers endorse Gingrich. 20:25:03
Huffington Post: Pro-Israel Republicans and Ron Paul: Lip Service Only 20:16:46
HuffPo Hit Piece: Pro-Israel Republicans and Ron Paul: Lip Service Only 20:12:33
DC: Why conservatives must adopt Ron Paul’s foreign policy: Jack Hunter 20:10:45
...and then u Win. The next Boogyman North Korea 20:05:14
Ron Paul to be on CNN's John King Tomorrow @ 6PM EST 20:02:16
We are making a mistake, we need to go back on offense 20:00:18
Ron Paul Town Hall - Live Stream on C-Span 7:30 PM EST 19:58:44
Video Tribute to Dr. Ron Paul 19:47:57
Video, Poll and Article. Please vote. 19:41:44
Daily Paul Radio 19:37:52
Article: RP Iowa win a "nightmare" 19:34:11
Google News Front Page- What if Ron Paul wins Iowa? Two new polls show that Ron Paul is the leading Republican candidate in Iowa 19:32:39
The power of 19:29:36
Where's Negative Ads Against Romney? 19:29:32
Sick of the Duopoly? Department 19:27:50
The right aims low again 19:26:26
SCARED YET? Ron Paul's Surge Triggers Anger Toward Supporters! - Washington Times 19:25:48
A Black Man and a Latino say Dr. Paul is not Racist! (Video) 19:20:27
NEW VIDEO: Awaken - The Change Starts With You (Remastered) 19:15:54
Putting "Pulling Ahead" In Perspective with Jack Hunter 19:13:25
Ron Paul: Our Last Hope : Martin Armstrong 19:12:26
Let's all sound like idiots. 19:07:30
New Campaign Ad Idea. 19:07:06
Foreign Aid equals Socialism. This is a bullet you can use to defend Dr. Paul 19:06:44
Is it not Money that decides the next American President in 2012? Ron Paul? 19:04:51
Poll 19:02:59
Somebody went off the reservation there. 19:01:29
Fox Five Bolling. "Ron Paul Hates Jews" 18:58:35
Tea Party Nation posts hit piece on Ron Paul 18:55:28
Rush, Hannity, O'reilly, please help me stop being ashamed. 18:54:05
A letter from my senator, Al Franken about NDAA 18:54:03
Fox Five Beckel: "Paul Goes on Leno & Take a Cheap Shot" 18:53:25
Holy COW! Ron Paul's Key to Victory, MILK? - Business Week 18:46:00
Ron Paul Facts Speech 18:44:58
Examiner: How to guarantee Ron Paul won't run third party 18:36:21
One Day After "War Ends," Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant for Vice President! 18:31:36
Words From Carol Paul to Keep In Mind as Ron Pulls Ahead 18:31:15
What if Ron Paul wins Iowa? - Christian Ciende Monitor 18:29:06
The Five On Fox: " Palin Has to Jump In Here!" 18:23:41
I have seen a lot of talk of who is the republican candidate of choice, guess... 18:23:29
Red Alert, Huntsman is a Global Elite Pick for Third Party 18:23:20
Does anybody know if the Ron Paul campaign has plans to prevent voter fraud? 18:22:28
Listen to Mrs. Paul - Putting "pulling ahead" in perspective 18:19:04
Fox Five Lies on NYT Poll Says Romney Leading In Iowa 18:18:36
Live Coverage of Ron Paul in NH on C-SPAN tonight - 7:30pm ET 18:18:28
The Five On Fox: "Could Jeb Jump in And Save The GOP?" 18:12:29
Sad neocon hit piece - The Company Ron Paul Keeps 18:09:48
TSA Agent Finds Rappers Weed, Then Writes Him A Note Lol! 18:09:00
Ron Paul Needs To Personally Kick Off The Next Money Bomb 18:04:51
What happens when other candidates start dropping out? 18:03:03
Vote for Dr. Paul in this Online Poll! 17:59:49
MSM Actually Calls Paul Electable 17:58:18
NY Times gives Ron Paul 52% chance of winning in Iowa! 17:50:27
Powerful Endorsement - Ron Paul - Our Last Hope: Martin Armstrong 17:49:35
OF THE people FOR THE people 17:43:49
Today's Sean Hannity Show - Kudos to the Pro-Paul Calls You Did a Great Job 17:43:03
Rush Limbaugh used the term, "blowback" today! 17:41:07
Feel like doing some comment posting? 17:39:58
Do you think this guy is upset or passionate? (video) 17:39:18
Surging with 10% in South Carolina! 17:34:26
Gentle persons, pathology and suicide 17:32:17
Beware the coming Bailout of Europe, Ron Paul's Straight talk 17:28:56
Red State Guy On Cavuto: DPers are meanies! 17:27:56
Superbrochures to New Hampshire 17:22:54
NY Times gives Ron Paul 52% chance of winning in Iowa! 17:21:27
The Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives On! 17:20:09
Great foreign policy video 17:17:50
THE guns ARE blazing: PMSnbc paints RON paul AS racist! 17:17:16
The Case Against Ron Paul - Conservative New Jersey 17:11:19
Watchout - here comes RON paul Great article 17:09:58
1776: Sit Down, RON! 17:07:53
Our best outreach tool last time is even better this time. NoTaxOnTips! 17:07:33
Author lumps "Kill Obama," into Ron Paul racism. New article debunks false deducing 17:07:18
Ron Paul 2012- Why He Inspires Undying Loyalty 17:05:15
Ron Paul Endorsed by Pastor of Nora Springs Christian Church 17:05:06
1st, 2nd, best to date, on the rise everywhere. 17:02:59
Who is the consistent conservative? Politico offers a convincing graph 17:00:41
Tomorrow IS THE Deadline to register in SC! 16:59:54
Yahoo poll on Iraq War 16:57:19
ZeroHedge article wants all to register RP so Ron Paul gets to debate Obama on 3 issues! 16:53:37
RP goes Matrix on Fox News 16:51:49
Fair and reasonable article about racist newsletters in ibtimes 16:41:05
Matt Taibbi : A Sign Occupy Wall Street Is Having Political Impact 16:38:52
Funny Video: Hitler reacts to Ron Paul's rise in Polls v2 16:37:08
Angela Keaton, Michael Scheuer, Adam Kokesh & Michael Badnarik Q&A Tonight - 16:33:56
Why conservatives must adopt Ron Paul’s foreign policy 16:30:12
I voted Ron Paul Today! One of the first... 16:30:03
Rush's fake Ron Paul ad. 16:28:35
(Fun Video) RP as Neo ~ Going Matrix on Fox News 16:20:20
Super Tuesday and the Money Bomb to Peace 16:18:33
Real Clear Politics Iowa average Paul in 1ST 16:16:53
Yahoo! Front Page Asks: Why Doesn't the Tea Party Love Ron Paul? 16:12:49
Discrediting Paul and Threats Against NH and Iowa ! 16:01:56
Ron Paul leads in Iowa polls: Will mainstream news black it out? 15:58:48
Good News! Rush is apoplectic! 15:57:33
538 gives Paul a 52% chance of winning iowa 15:52:06
Send donors a bumpersticker in the thank you letter. 15:49:21
Help! Can someone explain to me this information about the newsletters please! 15:45:08
LOL. A guy who voted for Thompson in 08 says voting for Paul could hurt Iowa's credibility 15:40:00
2 more lifelong Dems who will register Rep at the CAUCUS 15:38:34
As Romney's firm profited in SC, jobs disappeared 15:36:48
I'm a Catholic Patriot, just made a new pro-Paul Blog, whatcha think? 15:35:56
A bailout Here, a bailout There - everywhere a bailout 15:35:43
Christian Mayor of Bethlehem Says Boycott Israel for Independent State 15:30:00
Ron Paul thrashes Mitt Romney, wins 2nd Iowa poll 15:28:26
Poll: Do you agree with Ron Paul - End The Drug War Policy? VOTE 15:27:29
Watching msnbc..ALL about newt 15:23:31
Just made a new Blog called "Ron Paul the Lunatic", whatcha think? 15:21:56
‎"Ron Paul" and "martial law" now trending on Google's top trends in the USA 15:21:38
THE smear campaign IS already underway! 15:20:23
I just created a new blog called "Ron Paul the Lunatic", What do ya think? 15:16:31
Ron Paul nabs endorsement from Linn Co. Supervisor Brent Oleson 15:16:06
Romney so rich he pwns himself - w/ video 15:13:09
I Created a New Blog called "Ron Paul the Lunatic", What do ya think? 15:13:03
Paul’s Raw Milk Freedom Pitch Reflects Offbeat Bid on Rise 15:09:53
Newt is Crazy says US Marshalls should arrest judges that don't explain rulings 15:09:41
The campaign must be prepared to "make war" on the "War Party" 15:08:59
Video: David Frum calls Ron Paul an ignoramus 15:08:30
Wow! Look at the work the campaign is doing! 15:04:55
Ron Paul back on top in Iowa, new poll says 15:02:51
Paul now Leads - Doug Wead 15:02:22
Gallup National Poll: Gingrich 26%, Romney 24%, Paul 11%...Were making ground. 15:01:29
My Updated Letter to RNC Chairman Priebus "The Ron Paul Problem" 14:59:51
Public Policy Poll New Hampshire Poll: Romney 35%, Paul 19%, Gingrich 17% 14:56:40
Ron Paul "Tea Party"money bomb meets 4 million goal 14:52:44
Fairfield, Iowa - Transcendental Meditation Center 14:51:38
Hitler RP surge. 14:48:39
My Email to Rush Limbaugh 14:47:35
Why not believe Ron Paul on racism? 14:46:47
Should Ron Paul Request Secret Service If He Wins Iowa? 14:42:31
USA Today-Ron Paul leads in new Iowa poll 14:38:16
NO Excuses, This is how we WIN! 14:36:37
CNN National Poll - Paul rises from 9% to 14% Gingrich falls.. 14:35:13
Ideas for the Paul Campaign 14:27:57
RealClearPolitics: Paul Leads in 3 Most Recent Iowa Polls 14:24:46
MSNBC Ed Schultz on GOP Piling on Ron Paul 14:17:54
Original Reporting - Paul: The Fed Will Shut Itself Down 14:15:25
Super Brochure connection to Iowa poll numbers? 14:12:49
Read up for Ron Paul! 14:06:51
Ron Paul's Iowa Win : Hackers Threaten To Disrupt Caucus Vote 14:04:52
CNN National Poll: Which Republican candidate do you think is least likely to act like a typical politician if elected? Paul 1st 14:02:50
Insider Advantage (Iowa): Paul 24, Romney 18, Perry 16, Gingrich 13 13:59:28
Put the "Flip Flop" Ad with Mitt RomneyCare, and Gingrich on Iowan Airwaves! 13:59:13
Washington Post: Can Ron Paul win Iowa? Yup. 13:58:12
January 2012 Money Bomb -> Rally THE Republic Grassroots Nationwide Event 13:56:42
Who Is Your Favorite Villain? 13:54:36
Glenn Beck Owns Ron Paul! Explosive Footage! 13:53:51
Article: Iowa surge triggers anger at RP supporters 13:51:21
RealClearPolitics: Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? 13:48:27
The election system I'd like to see - Trust but verify 13:45:20
Dejavu! Something BIG happened at the last two debates! 13:44:08
And Another! Iowa RCP: Paul 24% Romney 18% Perry 15.5% Gingrich 13% 13:43:56
Senator's Response to NDAA flap 13:35:19
Ron Paul makes huge moves in voter brackets in latest Insider Advantage Iowa Poll. Check the stats here. 13:33:35
Getting out the word, grassroots style. 13:31:11
Woodsy Owl says Give A Hoot Don't Pull Newt. VIDEO. Funny 13:29:45
Paul Camp Beginning to Show Nat'l Momentum? 13:29:15
Front Page of MTV 13:25:51
NDAA Awareness - what are we going to do? 13:25:28
Tea Party Patriots Straw Poll- Gingrich 31%, Bachmann 28%, Paul 3% 13:22:59
Ron Paul speaking at Congressional Health Care Caucus 13:22:45
National CNN/ORC Poll: Gingrich 28%, Romney 28%, PAUL 14% 13:22:29
Concede Florida: Focus on South Carolina, Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado 13:20:42
Public Policy Polling: New Hampshire - Romney 35, Paul 19, Gingrich 17, Huntsman 13 13:20:18
Ron Paul : 3 reasons to take his campaign seriously 13:19:44
I was blocked from posting comments on Steave Deace's website 13:18:36
Bachmann goes from 22% to 0% amoung 18-29 age comparing last two Insider Iowa Polls, Paul 40% to 48%! 13:14:47
True Liberty 13:07:43
The Rise Of Ron Paul Proves That The Establishment Media Is Not All Powerful 13:03:54
Insider Advantage Iowa Poll: Paul 24%, Romney 18%, Perry 16%, Gingrich 13%. Paul up 7-Points in one week! 13:00:10
Insider Advantage Iowa Poll (12/18) - Paul 24, Romney 18, Perry 16 12:59:59
New NY Times Poll: 1st Paul 24, Gingrich 16 12:53:28
LGBT Coming Out for Ron Paul, the Anti-Bullying Candidate, 12:50:48
WATCH OUT! GOP Will Take Gloves Off If Ron Paul Wins Iowa 12:46:23
Jacob Hornberger: Why Ron Paul’s Surge Is Making Them Nervous 12:39:00
Now I've Heard It All: Intelligent, Informed Voters Are Bad for Democracy 12:36:22
O'Reilly BLASTS Paul: foreign policy "disqualifies" him 12:30:45
not to defend Bachmann or santorum... 12:29:53
One of these things is not like the other 12:29:12
Hacking thought to be a problem now that Ron Paul leads in the polls? 12:24:35
Preparing for the Smear Campaign (Racism) 12:22:09
Ron Paul Food Drive - Money Bomb - Today through December 22nd! 12:16:49
Bloomberg: Paul’s Raw Milk Freedom Pitch Reflects Offbeat Campaign on Rise 12:09:08
Also on this morning: Ron Paul Warns Martial Law Being Established in USA... 12:08:52
Advertise Robin Koerner's on liberal/progressive websites? Good idea? 11:56:54
VIDEO Varney & Co Egyptian women being Beaten. We stick our noses over there and never works. They compare to Ron Paul 11:52:58
Debunking Latest Poll in Iowa 11:51:51
Interesting Article on Iran's Military Strategy from Pentagon 11:50:50
so let me get this right? 11:50:16
Ron Paul on Water Fluoridation 11:48:57
Debunking the Public Policy Polling in Iowa (Don't get cocky) 11:47:49
Ron Paul Takes The Lead In Iowa! "So let's Talk About Everyone except RON Paul!" 11:45:42
Americans Are Constitution Stupid 11:42:08
UNBELIEVABLE! N. Korean's Crying Hysterically Over Death of Kim Jong Il 11:38:30
Prepare Yourself For The Coming Glenn Beck Smear 11:32:24
Ron Paul Rock Anthem 11:32:07
Mittens shows he is out of touch, said he didn't know difference between Medicaid and Medicare ! 11:31:56
Breaking - Fox News : Sarah Palin Speaking Well Of Ron Paul 11:26:54
Breaking - Fox News : Paul within 1% of Newt Gingrich, 20.3% to 19.3% 11:23:19
Lethal Warriors '212' Smokes One of Their Own 11:15:32
Google This! -I Dare You 11:15:21
The problem with the MSM vs Ron Paul in today's world is there is NO video or audio 11:08:36
when does SOPA get voted on? 11:01:31
MSNBC Ron Paul ‘Scaring The Republican Establishment In A Very Profound Way’ 11:01:05
I'm no Kelly Clarkson, but 10:59:58
Breaking: New York Times forecast of new Iowa poll: Paul 24%, Romney 21%, Gingrich 16% 10:55:19
Ron's Comments On Leno About Bachmann Probably Saved The Campaign A Million 10:54:32
War and the military- How freedom was lost 10:54:23
RON pauls campaign song! "secret crowds" 10:48:28
Fox News suspicious/timely article 10:48:00
TP / OW Alliance? 10:43:55
Ron Paul ad criticizing NDAA and indefinite detention? 10:37:24
Ron Paul Statement - Religious Liberties Lawsuit 10:33:22
Great news: MSM is going backwards! 10:32:02
The Rise of Ron Paul Proves That The Establishment Media is Not All Powerful 10:28:15
Ron Paul Oasis- Lake Forest, Illinois Wed 12.21.2011 10:27:03
'Paulista? Paulite?' 10:26:50
MoxNews: Ron Paul Takes The Lead In Iowa! "So let's Talk About Everyone except RON paul!" 10:23:44
Can Ron Paul win New Hampshire too ? Redstate article 10:23:12
Our Unnatural "Aristocracy" 10:21:12
Very Important: Please Read 10:06:24
Drudge Top Story-Paul Pulls Ahead 10:03:40
National Organization for Marriage takes aim at Ron Paul 10:00:41
GREAT Video on Ron Paul Foreign Policy that will change minds. 09:58:33
The End of Freedom on Bill of Rights Day 09:55:11
We need 1st time political donors 09:50:21
look who's making drudge headlines again! 09:35:25
Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa Forecast 09:23:43
Real Clear Politics: Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? 09:13:58
A Call to Iowa : Speak For Us 09:13:33
I disagree with Rand Paul on this and so does Ron. 09:06:43
"The Chances of That Are..." Great Tool For Spreading The Word 08:57:26
Pensacola City Priest threatened with arrest over Free Speech! 08:56:39
News host John McCaslin LIES on national radio about Iowa Caucus. Please help me defend Dr. Paul's honor. 08:56:02
Match-O-Matic - Choose your candidate, based on issues - ABC 08:54:58
Fifty facts about US Economy - Yahoo 08:46:40
"Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?" RealClearPolitics Good Article! 08:44:20
Iowa Caucus Polling System Threatened By Hackers 08:20:14
Gallup: Under Obama, Growing Percentage See Big Government as 'Biggest Threat' 08:16:18
Iowa Caucus Polling System Threatened By Anonymous. Wait, I Though The CIA Was Anonymous? 07:59:46
The Neocons are getting desperate 07:35:37
GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa 06:59:41
Havel deceased 06:38:11
ECON101: "The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns".. The Bankster Media Is Playing It Out In Public View On "Google Trends" 06:35:11
Stealing the vote in Iowa. 06:32:33
Joe Rogan on The War Pigs! 06:22:09
Ron Paul is for life, liberty and the American Way 05:48:43
Kokesh: The conduct of your police state is disorderly 05:34:47
Video: Ron Paul: "Freedom is a Package Deal" 04:44:24
Ron Paul is Not a Racist! Video 04:37:31
Dr. Paul.. Please come clean with the newsletters now. 04:26:53
Video: A sobering view on what Obama signing the NDAA means for our civil liberties 04:26:35
Shih-Tzu 3D Animation Commercial? 04:25:11
Latest Iowa Poll - The Gary Johnson 2% 04:10:29
I got a copy of The Revolution: A Manifesto at my family Christmas party! 04:09:06
What to do if (Jumping the gun...) 04:05:57
Ron Paul: The Drumlin Woodchuck of the Republican Party 04:04:40
Stop Posting Negative Stories 03:47:53
Mission accomplished with Newt. RP needs to go after Romney now 03:41:10
Kim Jong Il helps Ron Paul 03:18:29
Fox News - Palin had kind words for Congressman Ron Paul 03:16:08
The Future of Freedom in The United States: The Plain Truth by Judge Napolitano - 12/16/11 Ron Paul Endorsement! 03:11:04
Who started the donation screen shot? 03:10:31
When Ron Paul Wins Iowa Fox News Doesn't Count - DailyPaul Is Where Its At. 03:02:43
Ron Paul campaign raises $4 million 02:41:46
Newsletter strategy 02:40:20
Go Team Iowa! 02:39:38
Send a Message to the Fox "five" slime balls and VOTE in this Poll! 02:37:17
Fighting Voter Fraud? 02:29:42
Ron Paul and Tupac 02:25:47
American Research Group: New Hampshire - Romney 35% Paul 21% Gingrich 16% 02:24:07
I'm in a rEVOLution state of mind! 02:20:27
The Spin Begins:Neo-cons & Jay Leno 02:14:52
New Poll shows Paul has room to grow! 02:04:09
They will ask Dr. Paul about.North Korea and should we keep troops in South Korea 01:54:15
Breaking ! Paul #1 in Iowa, Gingrich #3 01:53:25
Time to Wave Goodbye to Newt Gingrich 01:34:22
Romney attended Planned Parenthood fundraiser in 1994 01:29:15
Great Replies to the "Race Card", the "Anti-Semite Card, and the "Truther Card" 01:18:59
Buy RP "winning" Gear (parody of Charlie Sheen winning shirt) 01:17:55
Op-Ed: Why Ron Paul is right on Iran, why Michele Bachmann is wrong 01:14:13
Police Abuse Their Authority To Beat, Maim Or rape Scores Of Citizens! (and murder!) 01:10:19
Hurray $4,000,000. 01:06:50
flood MSM media with email censoring THE good doctor- IT works 01:06:11
$6,640.00 to go Heck Yes! $4,000,000 01:02:52
Excellent article from Tim Carney on What the GOP will do to Ron Paul when he wins Iowa 01:01:18
New Poll: Ron Paul takes the lead in Iowa! 00:57:09
Ron Paul leads Iowa (Public Policy Polling) 00:51:55
The Washington Examiner: GOP will take off the gloves if Ron Paul wins Iowa 00:42:02
ronpaul leading iowa - NEW Public Policy Poll Just Out 00:36:54
CNN and others announce Kim Jong II is dead and South Korean troops on high alert 00:36:00
General Dempsey agrees with Ron Paul! 00:34:32
Kim Jong Il Dead 12/18/11 00:34:28
How Free is your State 2011 study? 00:33:59
superbrochure youtube links what? 00:32:21
Albert R. Hunt, executive editor of Bloomberg News - Betting Window Is Open for the Republican Trifecta - 00:31:10
Paul Leads in Iowa 00:28:45
pray for bradley manning 00:25:56
This is heart breaking 00:22:13
IS IT A CULT? Why Ron Paul Inspires Undying Loyalty 00:17:57
Come on everyone 00:07:34
On Target for Another...$4,000,000) Money Bomb. 00:06:13
Help kill SOPA! Sign the petition at now! 00:02:44
Jan Helfeld owns Gingrich spokesperson 00:01:20