Posted on December 2, 2011

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Ron Paul Interview W / Neil Cavuto on Fox News Today, 12-02-11, 4pm ET 16:42:22
Jon Stewart Exposing the FED 15:39:07
Wow! Newt v. Ron on housing and GSEs 11:30:10
TIME: Can Ron Paul Win the Anti-Romney Primary? 06:05:51
Be careful * Why Ron was not invited to the Jewish Coalition debate.* And what his campaign can do about it! 07:52:46
100 Reasons to End the Fed 06:31:50
New Campaign Video! Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy 16:01:01
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EconStats Poll & Poll results 23:51:41
Bad Newt's Coming Back 23:25:49
Carl Rove on Greta Van Susteren : "Newt Gingrich's Lack of Ground Game and Organization Doesn't Matter." 23:20:24
Iowa is a MUST win and will setup a New Hampshire win that leads to a Nevada win and big showings in South Carolina and Florida! 23:17:09
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks praises Ron Paul's anti-Newt ad! 23:12:51
Israeli ad campaign is anti-American Jew ? ! 23:07:22
Show Some Love! Iowans For Christian Leaders, Great Follow Up Video! 23:06:55
Archie Bunker on Gun Control..Don't laugh! 23:01:50
Small business owner supporting Ron Paul! 22:46:33
Alert: Rand Paul on FOX (Hannity, w/guest host) in 9pm hour (EST) 22:20:26
What makes something unconstitutional (if it's already recognized as constitutional)? 22:15:14
Arizona Tea Party and Conservatives to Protest McCain's Military Detention on Home Turf. 22:14:35
Economics Lesson 22:13:50
Why Aid to Israel Hurts . . . Israelis 22:10:11
Ron Paul Can Flip Flop The 3rd Party Question at Hand Flat on The Table as an Ace of Hearts 22:10:10
Jerry Doyle Talks About Ron Paul Being Banned From The Upcoming RJC Debate 21:58:31
ChipIn: Unofficial Ron Paul photographer going to IA, (possibly NH) 21:56:40
Sum of All Fears 21:49:47
Why Jews should Support Ron Paul 21:44:49
Gingrich's Baggage: The Phony Right Wing 21:32:42
What is Fiat Money? 21:30:47
THE grinch WHO stole conservatism 21:27:36
Iowa or Bust! 21:20:09
Washington Times: Curb the Fed 21:09:59
Mark Levin shows his cards! 21:08:28
ChipIn: Unofficial Ron Paul photographer going to IA, (possibly NH) 20:54:05
Money Bomb iPhone app? 20:38:32
NEW - Jan Helfeld Interrogates Rick Perry Propagandist 20:36:08
Twitter Activism 20:32:03
US Senate Declares The Entire US to be a "Battleground" (Goodbye Bill of Rights) 20:31:52
Few presidents have dashed so many illusions... 20:31:10
Michigan and New Hampshire *need* attention. Please Read. 20:27:48
Republican Jewish Coalition have decide to EXCLUDE Ron Paul for Traditional Republican Views 20:22:17
Would you offer prize money to the first debate moderator to ask Gingrich a specific question during a live televised debate? 20:20:52
I found the video of the full clip of the guy that says you are an embarrassment to our party. 20:14:13
Mike Church Talks Cain Big Announcement to End his Campaign? on Lou Dobbs 7:15 Eastern Fox Business 20:09:33
Campiagn Newt Ad has over 461,000 views already. 20:09:33
John King USA - Roland Martin : "Ron Paul Ad was Devastating to Newt Gingrich" Do You Agree? 20:05:37
I have to say it, I wish Ron would be more firm about the 3rd party questions. 19:56:21
Moneybomb for the Newt 19:47:24
Herman Cain’s team today launched a “ Women for Cain” campaign 19:41:56
Mitt vs Mitt (Video) 19:30:58
deleting 19:19:04
Sanctity of Marriage? GOP hypoccrisy in full display 19:18:18
CNN - 'Huntsman and Gingrich Agree to Debate One-on-One Dec. 12th.' We Need Ron Paul to Challange Gingrich & Romney One-on-One! 19:17:19
CNN - Paul: Gingrich's Rise is 'Bewildering' 19:05:50
We Are All Really Bradley Manning Now: Senate Passes Military Detention for American Citizens. 19:05:21
"Exclude This!" Money Bomb on Dec. 7th? 18:59:17
Serbian Ecology Minister Pleads for Air Force/ Military to Destroy Chemtrail Airplanes 18:57:27
Flyer Idea 18:41:19
Weekly "Ron Paul" piece promised and on the way! 18:40:18
Who will be the master debater when Trump is moderator? 18:21:53
NPR Wouldn't even Mention Ron Paul on the air, - I called in and 18:21:41
The Newt KO blow: delivered by Ron Paul in the next debate 17:36:42
Analysis: "The Unemployment Numbers Mean Nothing" 17:35:55
Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored The Fairness Doctrine Bill? You Have To See This 17:35:51
How to get media coverage for Ron Paul 17:30:59
Beautiful Original Ron Paul Song by Brent Brown 17:28:00
Cleveland Browns running back, Peyton Hillis showing his support for RP 17:19:23
Cain to say Saturday if still in race...Do you think he will be dropping out? 17:18:40
Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll 17:17:58
Ben Swann thanks us on his 10k facebook likes "some very exciting things are on their way over the coming weeks" 16:46:19
Great Succinct Comment I saw today Arguing case for Ron Paul 16:41:22
Laughable Smear attempt of Ron Paul 16:33:18
Ron Paul In Viral Video Over 600K Views 16:23:33
Ron Paul and Company Vindicated on Fed Audit 16:23:16
Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Ron Paul vs Newt Gingrich: I don't think Newt Gingrich has it in him to accept a Paul debate challenge! 16:22:52
Romney Declines Lincoln-Douglas Debate Against Gingrich - Opening for Paul? 16:20:02
Looking for investors for post-economy business model 16:18:38
Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time After a Life in a Laboratory 16:16:57
Three Fundamental Questions for Ron Paul Discussions 16:15:04
Remy: Missing You - The Incandescent Light Bulb Song 16:09:32
Senate Goes Ahead with Indefinite Military Detention...But Does It Matter? 16:03:29
Jack Hunter: "The Terrorists Have Won" 16:00:05
It just keeps getting better and better... "Women For Herman Cain"... LMAO! 15:59:17
FLASH! Ron Paul Wins 'Tea Party' Straw Poll in Iowa 15:56:17
Another reason Paul is right on foreign policy - Saudi report: Allowing women to drive would mean ‘no more virgins’ 15:35:08
The U.S. Supreme Court has Ruled On Obamas Eligibility 15:32:12
Letter Bomb To The Jewish Coalition, Ref; Ron Paul being bared from debate 15:25:44
Stump for Paul in Iowa YouTube Video Speech Contest 15:16:34
Karen Kwiatkowski interview with Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio 15:15:18
American Spectator: Ron Paul and Company Vindicated on Fed Audit 15:05:26
Freak Show 15:03:58
Calling all DP VETS... 14:59:01
Ben Swann Reality Check: Did the US Senate just give away your right to due process? 14:58:52
Zimbabwe Bashes Bernanke—On Inflation! 14:54:26
Ron Paul places first in Dubuque Iowa Tea Party straw poll 14:44:55
Florida must be Won: Grassroots supporters launch massive initiative in South Florida [video included] 14:25:41
Was the Titanic sunk to create the Federal Reserve? 14:14:02
Bizarre idea: a Ron Paul ringtone! 14:08:40
Infomercial Fundraiser: I pledge $250 14:04:44
Paul Craig Roberts : "Congress Is Repealing The Constitution" (Video) 14:02:19
Bill Burr talks Ron Paul 13:59:37
Articles to Keep Posted at the Top of the Homepage 13:56:48
Stop Thief! iPhone App Vote Ron Paul 2012? 13:51:06
Guys PLEASE help get this message to the campaign staff ... 13:46:26
MF Global Epic Rant from Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital urgent must listen 13:37:03
Ron Paul Campaign Bashes Michele Bachmann in Press Release 13:26:18
The New American: An Honest Look at Ron Paul 13:24:38
Romney's only principle:Political profit 13:22:39
Limbaugh open line friday starts NOW! 13:08:38
Newt in 2007: The Private Sector Needs Corporate Welfare 12:54:05
Who disagrees with the statements made in this video? 12:53:43
Cain takes a Nose Dive due to Infidelity - Newt GAINS despite Infidelity 12:51:27
'Indefinite Detention' Bill Passes Senate 93-7 12:40:03
Politico - Terry Branstad : "Ron Paul has Top Iowa Operation 12:32:46
The Origins of the Fed by Ron Paul 12:29:20
Ron Paul on the Google News Homepage 12:22:54
Jon Stewart - 7.7 Trillion Bailouts 12:16:07
newt gatt and world government 12:00:42
Ron paul - Roxanne Song LMAO 11:59:09
Does Ron Paul accept Congressional healthcare plan? 11:54:24
The Terrorists Have Won | Southern Avenger, Jack Hunter 11:52:20
Casida takes on Congressman Tipton a Neoconservative in Colorado 11:42:42
New video! Resisting the Police State: Ron Paul 2012 (Tea Party Money Bomb) 11:35:42
Let's Help Dr. Ron Paul Win Iowa in a Landslide! 11:34:41
CBS News lies for Gingrich (Big Surprise). 11:11:12
Ron Paul at the Portsmouth NH Rotary Club 12/1/11 11:08:10
Need help with a discussion on fb about Israel and RP Foreign Policy 11:04:17
"Christmas Break With Ron Paul" 11:02:28
Yahoo: "For Herman Cain, the campaign all but over." 11:02:11
Ron Paul w Jack Heath on WTPL NH Radio 12-01-11 10:59:28
Pause for a moment to congratulate yourselves! 10:55:35
Ron Paul Visits Laconia NH, 12/1/11 10:51:19
Congress has got to go. Who are the liberty-minded candidates running in your state? 10:48:11
Sheriff Richard Mack - The County Sheriff Project 10:44:27
Food Drive For Ron Paul 10:21:43
Senate passes S. 1867 BUT with Defeat of Detainee Amendment 1274 by Senator Rand Paul 09:54:05
Bloomberg Buisness week : If Newt Gingrich is the Answer, Tea Party has Failed 09:43:17
Mitt Romney Entwined with Players In Stanford Ponzi Scheme 09:36:24
∞ Your thoughts about federal subsidies? 09:15:28
What if Ron Paul Wins Iowa 09:14:14
Unicyclists For Ron Paul 08:59:27
Possible Way of Raising Money 08:47:56
POLITICO - Terry Branstad: Ron Paul has Top Iowa organization 08:43:17
YES! The largest Ron Paul youtube channel just uploaded THE moneybomb video! 08:08:51
Ron Paul Newt Ad #1 on Youtube´s News & Politics section! How you can help. 08:04:51
Gingrich, Romney Outstrip Paul in Popularity Within the GOP 07:08:44
Colorado Caucus Registration Leaflet / Door Hanger 07:06:08
Where Ron Paul is Right - (Drug Policy article - 07:02:39
TYT: Ron Paul Destroys Newt Gingrich In New Ad (video) 06:30:37
Newt Gettingrich: is this his real name! 06:23:38
Some interesting contradictions people find themselves in 06:11:16
Ademo Charged with Wiretapping 06:06:52
Let's Bomb Iran! 06:05:13
Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Debate, calls him "misguided and extreme" 06:00:57
Republicans On Drugs - Christie & 2012 Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Gingrich, Cain... 06:00:16
Newt Gingrich touted Freddie Mac business model 05:40:33
Making a Loud Statement 05:39:31
The Young Turks "Hear me now quote me later, Ron Paul is coming"! 05:28:54
I wish 05:07:53
Paul: Getting beyond the talking points 04:38:27
Dec 16th Moneybomb update! 03:45:57
Can you win this NH primary? - "Oh yeah, Absolutely", says Ron Paul ~12/1/11 on the Jack Heath show 03:22:25
Where Ron Paul Is Right 03:21:55
Media Bias - A collection of Media Attacks on Ron Paul 03:15:54
Ron Paul discusses he Gingrich ad on the Kudlow Report 03:12:50
GOP Roller Coaster! 03:10:19
Where should international Ron Paul supporters donate money? 03:00:14
Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy Ron Paul Ad #1 on Youtube for News + Politics! 02:49:53
Grassfire Nation Presidential Straw Poll 02:43:59
Help, I'm in an argument about the gold standard! 02:40:54
Vote Poll: Who do you think will emerge as the last man (or woman) standing at the end of the GOP primaries? 02:26:08
Let's talk about evolution 02:17:10
Be Effective - How YOU Can Help (YOUTUBE 101) 02:02:41
A Ron Paul Parable for Misled Republicans 01:57:33
Three Reasons Why Ron Paul Appeals to Young People 01:42:33
Congressman Ron Paul Interview with Larry Kudlow 12/1/2011 01:33:04
Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! Ron Needs To Blow Gingrich Away in This Poll! 01:26:57
Dubuque Tea Party Co-Founder Endorses Ron Paul 01:13:28
Check out this Liberty Candidate in CO 01:11:39
John Stewart, The Daily Show 01:02:23
Gingrich 2007 interview posted on Freddie Mac's website 00:53:14
donating question 00:33:12
Ron Paul puts Gingrich on the ropes 00:31:05
December 01, Ron Paul wins DUBUQUE, IA Tea Party Straw poll! 00:16:27
NFL Cleveland Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis Endorses Ron Paul 06:59:17