Posted on December 20, 2011

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Rally for Ron Paul outside the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in LA, Feat. the band Golden State. 22:09:37
Davenport, Iowa newspaper: Ron Paul Soundly Defeats Obama 20:10:23
I deserve a big THANK YOU! 20:01:41
CNN / Cafferty: People in Iowa are rallying around someone who, for the first time in a long time, represents real change. 16:20:30
The Daily Show's Top 10 Videos of 2011 - And the #1 video is... 13:00:33
Ron Paul: The One You Can Trust! 11:41:21
Ron Paul on CNN 12-20-11 08:58:13
Why is Ron Paul so appealing to Younger Voters? 07:19:13
Ron Paul on National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): 'Biggest Story' Nobody's Talking About 08:45:50
New: Ron Paul Interview with John King / CNN 12/20/11 20:07:39
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 12/19/11: European Bailout Will Make Crisis Far Worse 00:09:00
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Ignore the article 23:57:23
The 50,000 Pound Elephant In America's Revolutionary Room Is Not Ron Paul 23:56:01
I got a democrat to donate 5 bucks to the Ron Paul campaign 23:54:55
Will the Dollar Fall, or Will It Be Pushed? 23:50:40
Ron Paul shames Santorum & Bachmann with Biblical argument of a Just War 23:46:17
Ed Rollins - "Ron Paul will win Iowa caucuses" 23:44:45
CBS Evening News ignores Ron Paul (10%) at third place in their own poll (margin of error: 6 points) 23:42:48
Mr. Nystrom We Plead You... 23:42:07
Some stories from old Europe 23:28:56
Cenk Uyghur of The Young Turks in defense of Ron Paul on Iran 23:24:43
Newt Gingrich the Best Man to Kill off a Dieing Empire 23:22:37
FOX NEWS DEC 20... Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Explained 23:22:06
Ed Rollins says Ron Paul wins Iowa 23:16:32
Gary Johnson Switches to Libertarian 23:08:15
Surging Ron Paul suddenly in contention to win upcoming Iowa caucuses 23:01:42
The Globalist POTUS's Oath of Office 23:01:17
Stupendous Article: Ron Paul 2012: Scared by One of His "Crazy" Ideas? Consider this... 22:55:26
Jerry Doyle & Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer Talk RP Foreign Policy 22:52:36
"Ron Paul is Kicking ASS!"-Cenk Uygur 22:48:13
Martin Armstrong Endorses Ron Paul 22:46:38
Ron Paul Becoming Serious Contender in Republican Presidential Race - Washington Post 22:40:59
You know what? 22:40:38
The Anti - Racist 22:35:50
Despite money and support, Ron Paul still not in lead 22:28:33
Ron Paul - Quotes on Marijuana 22:25:51
TSA Chorus sings holiday songs at LAX 22:24:46
Ron Paul getting some serious love on Piers Morgan! 22:22:57
"If Ron Paul were Grand Wizard of the K 22:18:59
Going After Romney 22:17:18
The importance of New Hampshire 22:16:15
Ron Paul is gaining money and momentum 22:16:10
Gary Johnson not waiting, will reportedly announce Libertarian Party bid Dec. 28 22:07:30
Washington Post: Bye bye, Keynes? 22:07:24
Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (A Very TSA Christmas) 22:03:46
Merry Christmas DP... my latest 21:55:22
For GOP, It's Paul or Obama 21:53:14
As Ron Paul Rises, Gingrich and Romney try some jingoism 21:31:19
*HELP! *Ron paul is as healthy as an ox! 21:25:39
Mainstream Controlled Media Propaganda: Current Tactic - Ignore Ron Paul Almost Entirely 21:19:52
Merry Christmas from the TSA ! 21:19:24
4 Star General slips up and confirms Ron Paul's foreign policy. 21:09:19
My response to newsletter attacks 21:09:18
My Message For The Status Quo 21:04:18
Ron Paul takes lead In Iowa, Newt Gingrich falls off cliff 21:02:34
WHY ARE The Iowans NOT Up In Arms? 20:57:09
Goodbye, Money Bombs. Hello, Victory! WE Need To Be "ALL IN", Right Now! 20:50:37
Incredible! CNN : Ron Paul Projected Winner In Iowa with 52% 12-20-11 20:49:31
NDAA: First Shoe ... Shoe #2 Internet Control 20:36:55
Americans Elect 20:27:16
Someone edited my topic 20:25:28
Outsider Ron Paul suddenly in contention in Iowa, a sign of fluidity in GOP race 20:24:15
Address the newsletters head-on, please. 20:23:56
Golden Gate - Bombs (The Ron Paul Song) 20:17:37
We Are Winning! 20:16:33
Does Gingrich own NewsMax? 20:08:48
Merry Christmas from Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers 20:07:24
John Lennon: "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" 20:05:15
Gingrich: let terrorist attack happen to "remind us" 20:02:45
Commander in WarChief spends 12% of his time on reelection fund raising. 19:59:41
Lt Dan Choi Thrown Out Of Bradley Manning's courtroom 19:56:59
Headline in Drudge report does not match the actual article says personal email I received from the Iowa Governors Office 19:55:02
Rick Perry Joke: How Many Big Spending NeoCon Governors Does It Take To Remember What Is In One NeoCon Governor's Tax Plan? 19:54:45
Ron Paul Ahead in Iowa, But Forget About It 19:54:12
Did you see Romboid do the Top Ten on Letterman? 19:49:20
Why Are Establishment Republicans & Democrats SO AFRAID Of Doctor Ron Paul? 19:42:59
Liberty Tool: We need an answer to "10 Reasons Not to Vote for Paul" 19:42:47
NEW CNN VIDEO! Ron Paul Interview with John King 12/20 19:37:07
I Just Saw Dana Bash on CNN 19:28:46
Hardball MSNBC: "Ron Paul Bigoted Newsletters 19:21:08
Ron Paul Coming up on CNN 19:11:37
Manchester, N.H. — Paul Emerges As Outsider Alternative In GOP Race 19:07:28
Proposal to Combat Iowa Election Fraud 18:49:26
Negative and off-topic threads 18:49:10
Tonight (12/20/11) on Ben Swann's Reality Check... 18:46:32
Buffalo News: Ron Paul's Base is Ready 18:44:13
Matt Strawn - You just opened up a can of Good Old Fashion Ron Paul kick AZZ! 18:35:50
Daily Beast: Ron Paul, Polls and Panic 18:31:38
The Call of Duty: MW3 Clan Tag Bomb 18:30:58
CNN's Gloria Borger Interviews Iowa Governor Branstad 12-20-11 5:30pm ET 18:27:31
Lew Rockwell "may have" wrote racist newsletters! research this for yourself! 18:26:08
TO: all liberty movement alternative media with premium content subscriptions 18:25:04
Amazon Book Review Bomb for Jerry Doyle 18:24:37
Who we really should thank for discovering Dr. Paul. 18:22:56
NDAA- My senator's response 18:21:41
Ron Paul Info Bomb 18:19:47
OUCH? Iowa Radio Host Slams Ron Paul Surge! 18:16:16
As a SC voter, I know RP *must* and *can* do well here. 18:14:33
Great Video - All Ron Paul Infowars 18:09:00
Are you aware of this Facebook feature? 18:05:43
Even if Ron Paul Were Racist... 18:03:39
Iowa Governor Responds to My Email | Re: "Ignore Ron Paul Win" 17:58:01
Here Comes Hillary on the Obama Ticket in 2012 17:31:30
Revolution Uprising! Let's get this party started... 17:23:09
Quick Online Poll - Peter Shiff for RP - TDI Podcast 17:16:10
Jerry Doyle Radio Station Guide 17:16:08
Ron Paul's Inaugural Address - Sublime! 17:14:07
Cavuto Calling out Matt Strawn on Iowa GOV 17:11:36
Will SOPA shut down the Daily Paul? 17:10:40
Christmas Poem 17:09:30
Statement from Iowa Governor Branstad on Politico Article & Drudge Headline 17:07:41
Sh...Congress has a secret...and it's Torture! 17:01:58
For GOP, It's Paul or Obama - Yahoo article 16:54:36
I Stand with Iowa. I Stand with the Constitution. I stand with Ron Paul! 16:51:04
Sean Hannity 16:50:59
I want Ron Paul to make a television ad about protecting America and call it "Prepared for Peace" 16:49:22
Dick Morris 16:44:32
Money - What is it? What Does Dr Paul Say? Why Should I Care? 16:43:24
Great Resource for Defense of RP-style Foreign Policy 16:42:10
When Narratives Collide 16:38:33
Scary Ad 16:38:17
Branstad's 'Act of'Sabotage' An Outrageous Attempt To Tamper with Election Process 16:31:47
Jerry Doyle endorses! 16:27:54
What if Ron Paul wins Iowa – and New Hampshire, too? 16:22:40
Ron Paul Starts Mainstream Media Tsunami 16:18:04
Iran Nuclear Policy Paper. Negotiations Have Best Chance to Work 16:16:03
Ron Paul disavows racist newsletters under his name 16:13:47
*BREAKING* Jerry Doyle Endorses Ron Paul! 16:11:53
Jerry Doyle just endorsed Ron Paul! 16:11:47
Jerry Doyle just endorsed Ron Paul 16:11:45
Ron Paul: The candidate who will never compromise 16:11:38
Jerry Doyle just said he is full on supporting Ron Paul. 16:10:38
Ron Paul - A Teflon Patriot 16:08:44
Iran Nukes Debunked in 6 mins. 16:04:19
John Gibson is really attacking Ron Paul 16:01:06
United We MUST Stand 15:58:17
My Sound Off to today's Cafferty File Question: 15:47:36
Story on Holder and PATCON 15:40:04
The Oath for the Global Presidency 15:36:13
NH: We Need Exit-Poll Observers 15:27:43
Jerry Hughes' Straight Talk National Radio Show will Focus on Ron Paul Weds., 12/21 15:25:13
I'm Netanyahu and I support this message. 15:19:45
Tom Woods Just Destroyed the Iowa Governor: "Ignore Ron Paul Caucus Win" 15:17:19
Playing with Fire: Obama's threat to China 15:16:49
Why Youth is Attracted to Ron Paul and the Republican Future 15:16:14
Ron Paul Poll on Jerry Doyle's Website. Go and Vote! 15:15:58
Ron Paul Chocolate Bars 15:14:39
Newsletter Exorcist last laugh 15:13:35
Great Book - Current Admin's Economic Acuity 15:10:46
Klein: Ron Paul is surging because he opposes another neocon war for Israel 15:08:27
What if Ron Paul wins Iowa – and New Hampshire, too? 14:59:59
It's not Ron Paul; it's the GOP 14:58:48
My letter to Politico regarding today's headline: Will Ron Paul kill the caucuses? 14:55:39
The Rachel Maddow Show 12-19-11 Ron Paul Embarrasses conservatives with actual government stance. 14:54:34
Iowa Governor's Act Of Sabotage An Outrageous Attempt To Tamper With Election Process 14:53:43
Politico: Ron Paul Victory in Iowa could Irreparably Harm to Caucuses 14:51:15
alex jones fires back AT THE media IN defense OF RON paul! 14:49:51
National Wash. Post/ABC News Poll: Important things to take from the poll 14:49:48
(POEM) The Treasury Rats 14:44:25
Did anyone see Alex Jones' commercial on MNF last night? 14:42:06
bloomberg Gets Smear On RON paul Bandwagon 14:40:21
Ryan Dawson on Ron Paul and Taking This Country Back 14:39:13
Silence Ron Paul: a site to show the bias of the media. 14:31:39
Steady Rise In Gallup Polls 14:29:41
CNN: 52% Favor Ron Paul! (VIDEO) 14:29:08
Injustice anywhere is a threat to everywhere - MLK 14:26:09
Casida for Congress Takes Action on NDAA 14:25:55
Furniture Delivery Guy: "I want to shake your hand" 14:22:35
Feed the Hungry - Ron Paul Style 14:22:21
Judge says 'Sit Down' to Father Nathan Monk 'I am Not Leaving this Podium' 14:22:07
How To Make Iowa Count 14:17:56
A black man's take on the Ron Paul letters (Open letter to the media) 14:16:23
Attention Doug Wead Needs Your Assistance! 14:14:17
URGENT - Article on Drudge is NOT true. 14:09:51
ABC News: Upset Brewing? Ron Paul Hopes to Spring Iowa Surprise 14:07:50
Adam VS The Man : NDAA Act And The Reason Why Your Screwed + Ron Paul 13:55:57
Payday Lenders Compare Themselves to Civil Rights Marchers 13:55:40
►Muslims on DailyPaul: Share your story! 13:50:22
WAIT! What Happen's If Ron Paul Wins Iowa AND New Hampshire? - CSM 13:48:45
What a Ron Paul inaugural address might look like 13:47:02
Village Voice: "Right Wingers Close Ranks Against Ron Paul 13:45:16
The attacks are good for us 13:41:47
Ron Paul: People call me racist because my ‘policies are winning’ 13:40:23
Post Iowa Nationwide VICTORY rally 13:39:44
Maddow: Ron Paul calls out uncomfortable truth in GOP politics 13:33:53
Paul moves into tie for 2nd in NH with Gingrich! 13:25:13
RedState founder prefers Obama to Ron Paul! 13:20:03
Article: What if Ron Paul wins Iowa, AND New Hampshire TOO? 13:18:30
The GOP will Lose to Obama if they continue to marginalize Paul voters and lie about Paul. 13:16:59
Will the media let Ron Paul question US foreign policy? 13:15:23
Please Help! Local radio station host brings up newsletters, and says he won't vote for Paul if racist 13:11:51
Klein: Ron Paul is surging because he opposes another neocon war for Israel 13:05:21
Super Bowl Ad Bomb! 13:04:42
Peter Schiff Gives the Ron Paul Monetary Lecture 13:04:12
Casida Supports Health Care Workers Decision to Say No to Mandatory Vaccines 13:02:28
Iowa Governor : "If Ron Paul Wins Ignore It and Look Who Finishes Second" 13:02:07
Rocking the Revolution 13:01:30
Andrew Sullivan: How Responsible Is Paul For His Newsletters? 13:00:09
►New Video: Ron Paul Interview "We are Winning!" 12:59:18
Bogus "Anonymous" hacker threat video prompts Iowa GOP Party Officials to announce results may be "held up" 12:58:53
Guys, guys why have we overlooked this? 12:55:28
Man is this true, I just started on this and its going to explode, pardon the pun 12:52:17
Downsize DC : Talking About Ron Paul and Beyond 12:50:30
Ron Paul losing in Poll... 12:50:26
What Rightly Justifies War 12:38:12
Politico : "Will Ron Paul Kill The Caucuses?" 12:35:32
CRITICAL! What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus: 12:27:49
washington post poll! VOTE! 12:25:56
ABC News/Wash Post National Poll: Romney 30%, Gingrich 30%, Paul 15%. Paul's support increases 50% in one week! 12:15:47
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 12:12:45 Completely Ignoring Ron Paul! 12:10:18
Busted! Ron Paul racist rant caught on tape! OMG! OMG! 02:10:00
Ron Paul Should Start Advertising in Movies Before Trailers 12:10:00
C-SPAN Town Hall in NH 12:08:48
The Age of Ron Paul creates panic in the Republican Establishment 12:06:10
Email Iowa Governor for Insulting Ron Paul 12:04:14
How Ron Paul Could Win Iowa Caucuses - and Screw Up Everything 11:56:28
Fla. Musician Just Posted on my FB Wall: Saw Lots of Ron Paul signs during his travels 11:54:55
Racist Newsletters 11:52:32
Huffpost Hit Piece 11:50:34
Colbert and the Dog Whisperer want to hold a GOP Debate. National Geographic will Sponsor, 11:45:56
Ron Paul Takes The Lead In Iowa! "So let's Talk About Everyone except Ron Paul!" 11:44:41
Occupy Wall St 11:41:15
Politico: What Our Young Folks Need to Know About Ron Paul need comments 11:40:54
Are You Going To Let Bill O'Reilly Tell You Who's Allowed To Be President? 11:37:26
This Unprecedented Attack Makes Me Want a Money Bomb Right Now 11:36:50
Ron Paul, the Anti-Bullying Candidate 11:35:31
Defending Liberty is tiring, but WORTH IT 11:33:03
Ron Paul, the Betty White of GOP politics? 11:30:51
Stop Reading - Start Phone-Banking 11:19:28
Drudge Front Page: Iowa Gov Says "Ignore Ron Paul Win" 09:15:45
The Ron Paul I-tunes Bomb! 11:02:36
Why is the media biased? 11:01:27
Ron Paul Are You An Honorary Member Of The Congressional Black Caucus? 10:50:50
Incoming Attacks! 10:48:10
Romney on O'Reilly, Bomb Iran, you start WW3 10:47:36
UPDATE: Wash Post Poll Closed ...Thanks For the Support 15:46:17
Dr. Thomas Sowell on Legalization of Drugs 10:45:05
Anecdote from 1987: Dr. Paul on Blacks, Principle, Freedom 10:40:27
We Need To Survive This - It Won't Be Easy! 10:35:40
Behind in this Poll! 10:34:40
MSM Pulling Out All The Stops on Paul 10:32:38
What to do about anti-semitic plants? 10:32:25
Lying, Libelous "Journalists", California "Examiner" Newspaper And A Nut Job 10:31:30
Financial Corruption hit piece on Romney...this info requires further investigation 10:29:56
Washington Post – It’s Official…Ron Paul’s On Top! 10:28:56
Newt and Rick adopting Ron Paul's views.. this could be bad! 10:17:57
Ron Paul's Secret Weapon: Us! Let's Do This! 10:10:14
17 Facts that prove Ron Paul is the best candidate for President 10:01:35
100% Proof They will ignore a Paul win in Iowa - video 09:42:49
Bachmann – ‘Ron Paul Would Wait until American City is Taken Out by Nuclear Weapon’ 09:42:14
Jon Stewart Not Back On Again Till After New Year 09:41:57
Tom & Todd WRKO Boston Invites Ron Paul 09:40:45
New Endorsement Needs Our Support 09:39:25
1st Shoe to Drop: Major MSM Pundit Says Dr. Paul Could Actually Win Nomination 15:34:58
Government is cracking down on "Twitter Terrorism" 09:34:52
Explosive! New Ron Paul Video "Bombs" 09:28:55
Ron Paul Town Hall in Manchester 12/19/11 - C-Span Coverage 09:24:24
RT-MSM: Ron Paul's Iowa Lead Downplayed 09:19:13
G.M. America TOTALLY ignores Ron Paul: 30% Romney/30% Gingrich? 09:17:00
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe 09:15:02
Ron Paul at 15% Nationally 09:14:01
ABC-Upset Brewing? Ron Paul Hopes to Spring Iowa Surprise 09:07:10
Need thoughtful, positive comments on NPR post 08:56:42
NY Times dragging out the Newsletter issue again 08:53:28
Fun interview with "Bombs" James Grundler. AJ promotes James and together they promote Ron Paul. 08:51:02
Last day (12-20) to donate to NH FTW PAC, $1800 needed 08:47:30
A Stiff Fidgety Mitt Fails Another Job Interview Over At The Fox News Studios Yesterday (Factor Video) 08:45:07
Someone took down my Ron Paul 2012 sign. 08:35:21
We have fought long and hard, but be prepared, the worst is yet to come. 08:23:31
Ron Paul Next To Be “Creamed” By GOP 08:21:25
Ron Paul appeals to voters who think for themselves 08:19:23
Ron Paul or Bust. 08:16:42
Ron Paul song on iTunes 08:12:36
Upset Brewing? Ron Paul Hopes to Spring Iowa Surprise 08:09:51
Opinion Piece on Dr Paul's Foreign Policy, from Al-Jazeera 07:42:54
Ron Paul in the Crosshairs -Jim Antle 07:42:16
New Hampshire Paper Rips Ron Paul 07:20:06
Morning Joe Comes out PUMPING Huntsman, Paul win = Asterisk & is a Nightmare 07:06:38
Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? from Real Clear Politics site 06:56:59
Gingrich and the first amendment 06:55:52
Insider Advantage (Iowa): Paul 24, Romney 18, Perry 16, Gingrich 13 06:53:49
A formula for replying to the foreign policy attacks! 06:31:59
Paid Editorial Assassins Sniping Dr. Paul. 06:17:56
I just developed another creative promo idea - Balance 06:09:48
Note to all: People are individuals. Not "sheep," "sheeple," "unwashed masses" or any of those terms. 14:59:09
Did Gingrich back himself in a corner? 05:55:21
Politico Hit Piece Top Of Front Page: Paul Panic Seizes Iowa Establishment 05:48:53
Journal axes Research showing Semetic Jews and Palestinians genetically equal 05:48:19
Orlando Sentinel "Today's Buzz" Front Page w/Video: Predicts Ron Paul Will Win Iowa, Vote In Their Poll 05:36:10
Ron Paul: Hawk on Defense 05:30:11
US Commitments to other Nations RP would have to honor? 05:24:32
Have you ever thought who these media hacks are accountable to? 05:16:56
Letter to AP's Kasie Hunt Re: Blackout of Iowa Frontrunner Ron Paul 05:09:08
Can this be our song? 05:06:47
Our progress is being seen around the world. 05:03:21
Campaign strategies for when we "magically" find nukes in Iran? Or foil a terrorist plot? 04:59:17
On Keith Olbermann: Ron Paul has legitimate chance of winning Iowa 04:45:54
ABC's Jason Volack, Exposed lying about Ron Paul 04:45:35
Are you going to get into trouble if you support Ron Paul? 04:42:40
Nelson Linder (NAACP): Ron Paul is not a racist. 04:20:18
3c/ campaign literature 04:18:46
Full Primary/Caucus Calendar 04:12:25
Do not let "winning" Pacify you In Iowa, NH, or any state. 04:11:58
Ron Paul will be on CNN TWICE tomorrow 04:11:14
Iowa voting concerns 04:10:58
Ron Paul CSPAN NH Town Hall 19Dec11 03:46:14
Recycling/passing on Super Brochures and other lit 03:41:52
Nate Silver's Blog on The New York Times! "Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa" 03:41:41
Is the MSM Practicing Yellow Journalism? 03:34:32
Never seen the internet like this before. 03:29:10
Ring the Bell of Liberty ! 03:29:04
New Hampshire Mom On Ron Paul: ‘I Feel Like He’s Talking To Me.’ -Boston Herald 03:28:19
Imagine what it would FEEL like if Ron Paul is elected president! 03:27:03
Ron Strongest Candidate. Twitter and Facebook Campaign. Everyone Participate! 03:25:14
Ron Paul's Misrepresentation By the Mass Media 03:03:15
Please keep the ticker up 00:59:48
Egypt - Woman protestor beaten, top tore off and kicked in chest 02:57:44
I have 4 questions for neocon talk radio, as soon as I get a chance. Need input... 02:54:14
Jay leno comment section and backstage interview... great stuff! 02:54:13
Ron Paul's VP 02:45:31
More Video from the rally for Ron Paul outside the Jay Leno show 00:33:14
Ron Paul 2012: A Remarkable Rise to First Place in Iowa 02:31:59
Media Bashes and Praises Ron Paul (1st in Iowa) 12-19-11 02:14:01
CNN Uses National Poll To Discuss IOWA! LOL 02:08:24
Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul: A Comparison 02:05:18
ABC Turns Ron Paul Town Hall meeting into a hate fest with LIES and distortions 03:01:09
Fox News - "Ron Paul says Iran entitled to nuke" 01:59:00
Message from my Senator Feinstein about NDAA 01:57:37
Anonymous: Night Raid Equipment-Maker Lobbied for NDAA, Singles Out Sen. Rob Portman. 07:48:25
Hill: Ron Paul, Kim Jong Un, and the Iowa GOP caucus 01:47:40
"Your top candidate match is Ron Paul!" 01:38:48
Hannity Commercial - Starving Israel Commercial? 01:34:12
Ron Paul Dissed on Freedom Watch...with a Hayek Quote! 01:30:47
What is happening to this country.. We need you Ron Paul! 01:28:57
MSM: Ron Paul's Iowa Lead is Downplayed (Video) 01:27:28
Project Reverse Blackout 01:19:54
Adam Kokesh on Ron Paul 01:13:29
Mitt Romney - Ted Kennedy 1994 debate - Merry Flipmass II 01:11:05
Up to the minute articles and publications on RP 01:04:35
Our Ron Paul Holiday Card Idea 00:57:41
Free Market solution to my Property Rights problem? 00:43:14
Local news LIES about Iowa poll numbers! 00:39:11
FREAKING OUT! Media Scrambles to Deal With Ron Paul Win! - Video 00:37:52
Ron Paul predicted the Economic crises and Turn off your TV. a great video 00:37:25
Ed Gillespie (Former RNC Chair) -"There is a role for government in delivering healthcare" 00:33:40
MF Global Risk 00:32:55
Tips: How to handle the "Is Ron Paul Presidential?" complaint 00:31:25
We should have a win Iowa money bomb 00:18:56
CSPAN: Ron Paul Town Hall - Manchester, NH 12/19/11 00:17:40
Indefinite Detention Is Coming To Town (carol) 00:17:29
Gingrich Gets Endorsement from Pro-Adultery Website 00:16:20
Let's Make a Pledge! 00:14:43
Check out the Ron Paul Candy Bar 00:09:54
Sarah Palin Not Ruling Out 2012 Presidential Bid..Could She Win? 00:07:08
Paul Plows Ahead in Iowa - Young Voters Sow the Seed 00:00:42
Gingrich Blasts Attack Ads, Vows to Stay Positive 00:00:31