Posted on December 21, 2011

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Neil Cavuto defends Paul AGAIN! He posted my email too! 23:22:32
Examiner: Grassroots Video on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Converts Many 15:50:31
The Hill: Ron Paul's Brilliant Iowa Campaign 13:42:51
Intrade Iowa: Paul Pulling Away! 12:56:16
Putting the Super Brochures to Good Use 19:58:38
Yahoo! Front Page: Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending & Social Security 10:37:46
Funniest Headline So Far: "Ron Paul’s ceiling rises, but it’s still a ceiling" 10:29:54
New Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path 10:09:54
The Cherokee Nation, or There are reasons for the separation of powers. Newt Gingrich is one of them. 09:56:46
Washington Post Photo Gallery: Ron Paul’s path in politics 08:38:42
NEW Iowa Poll has Ron Paul with 27.5% 02:23:21
Video: Neil Cavuto Defends Ron Paul 13:03:37
Ron Paul Endorsed by Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle 09:34:53
Vanity Fair: One Nation, Under Arms - The Military Industrial Complex in the USA 12:29:08
The Long Road to a Brokered Convention 13:32:04
South Carolina - TODAY is deadline to register to vote (12/21) 12:26:49
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VERY Postive RP Article from The Nation: Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul? 23:58:53
Could this be the establishment's plan? 23:56:42
What to say to neocons 23:56:19
Video: Aimee Allen shows how easy it is to phone for Ron Paul while making dinner 23:53:08
At this point 4 years ago John McCain was polling nationally at 12%. Ron Paul is at 15%. 23:52:08
The 2 links that will turn ANYONE around on RP's foreign policy... 23:44:17
How Ron Paul should answer about the Newsletters 23:42:58
Norquist: Ron Paul is the most 23:40:46
Solution To bogus newsletters I am spartacus youtube video= I wrote the newsletters 23:39:33
Ben Bernanke Christmas Parody 23:35:14
This would shut the media up about the newsletters... 23:29:16
The New Republic vs The Ron Paul Newsletters (Wake up Daily Paul- You're Next!) 23:19:41
The real interview. Why RP REALLY walked out. 23:18:54
How Dr. Paul Can Shut Down the "Newsletter" Issue 23:18:50
Buchanan: Ron Paul won’t go third party, it would destroy son’s political future 23:18:29
Alert: Iowa Hacked! 23:14:06
Ron Paul walks out on CNN interview 23:12:21
Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs Disaster 23:08:15
Lew Rockwell and the newsletters 23:04:46
Great Forbes article on the death of the paper dollar 23:02:11
My boss told me, "I like RP, except on foreign policy." Verbatim. I sent him this... 23:01:44
Bill White hangs the Texas Board of Education around Perry 23:00:11
ATTENTION: International Ron Paul Supporters! 22:59:50
Why These MSM Attacks Help Us 22:59:08
Reverend Wright vs. Newsletters 22:50:58
British Official Prepare Evacuation Plans Ahead of Possible Spanish and Portuguese Banking Collapse 22:41:40
Early Focus on Newsletters a Blessing in Disguise 22:40:22
Who are the REAL "racists" here...?! 22:39:36 - Is Ron Paul a bigot? 22:38:00
New Super PAC?! 22:36:09
Why aren't we supporting the iTunes Bomb? 22:34:28
Cenk from TYT cuts off and kicks Peter Schiff off his show! 22:29:38
Campaign Should Run "Who is Ron Paul?" Series Online. 22:27:55
Resignation Letter to the GOP 2011 22:22:02
If you want to invest in Super Brochures in Florida and specificially in the Miami-Dade area 22:21:32
BIG Celebrity Endorsement of RON PAUL! 22:15:05
How I Became A Ron Paul Supporter 22:12:23
Anyone see this crapola piece? Unbelievably awful & the comments are worse. Terrible video of Ron. 22:11:45
HILARIOUS article - "Iowa: Where winning isn't as important as losing" 22:11:41
Must-see video interview with law professor Jonathan Turley on NDAA and more 22:09:55
Fox News may play the 'Trump' card on Ron Paul tonight 22:01:26
Ron Paul at 28%,Newt at 25% 22:00:20
Chicago Tribune: GOP in Ron Paul denial in Iowa 21:59:57
Cops ready for war 21:56:05
The answer to the racism question should be something like this: 21:56:05
Racist Newsletters: Dealing with Negative Coverage 21:54:46
Embrace the Newsletters 21:52:46
Anyone else having debate withdrawal? 21:51:04
Racist newsletters - Counter Attack 21:48:12
Young Ron Paul Supporters Interview Adam Kokesh 21:48:03
"Iowa Republican Establishment Fears Paul Victory" 21:45:11
USA Today: Ron Paul "Isolationist" 21:44:16
USA Today: Paul's story changes on racial comments 21:42:59
K N O W - T H Y - E N E M Y 21:41:23
Look what Treason is Pushing 21:38:51
My outrageous Iowa dream.. 21:25:12
Ron Paul Needs A No-Fly List of Dis-Info Agents 21:21:47
One of the best editorials about Ron yet - you will love it & the comments! 21:15:28
Is Ron Paul REALLY A Racist?: Everything You Need To Combat The Rumors! 21:07:19
Who Saw Young Turks 12/21? Panel Discussion "Is Ron Paul Racist." 21:05:24
Matt Damon Unloads On The Prez 21:04:05
Branstad as Romney's VP? 21:03:14
Ron answers the racist question fine. Stop getting distracted! 20:57:35
2012 Republican Primary in Texas Moved to April 3, 2012 20:54:53
No clicks for you! 20:46:01
It's not THAT hard CNN... 20:41:55
Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul Iran Policy = BS embed 20:30:46
Black Supporter Gets Uneasy Feeling about RP After CNN interview with Gloria 20:17:12
WCW's former President Eric Bischoff does not like Rand and Ron Paul 20:10:24
Ron Paul Scaring the GOP to death 20:04:34
CARTOON Ron Paul - Walk Softly and Carry a Big AXE! 19:57:41
They should make a Romney attack ad and run it in Iowa and New Hampshire! 19:55:56
AWESOME: “Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul?” 19:53:28
If you're at a Christmas Party, sing this Ron Paul carol - FUN! 19:46:18
Tom Woods: 2 Minute Case For Ron Paul 19:42:02
A new website for us: 19:41:04
Ron Paul gets testy in interview with Gloria Borger in CNN interview. 19:35:06
Tom Woods- The Two Minute Case for Ron Paul (12-21-2011) - Video 19:29:57
We Can't Let THIS Stand! 19:29:24
Another Ron Paul song by a new band 19:29:00
*Urgent!* Virginians from District 9 WE NEED 400 SIGNATURES - SEE link 19:24:24
My Eblast gets long time NeoCons on board. Wow! 19:21:48
Ron Paul Surge IS NOT a Fluke! - US NEWS 19:20:18
Fox touting false rasmussen poll. 19:19:17
Rasmussen Lies Again: Iowa: Romney 25% Paul 20% Gingrich 17% 19:16:05
Gloria Borger tries her hardest to discredit Ron on CNN 19:13:55
I can see winning Iowa & even New Hampshire: Would that be enough to produce a chance of winning South Carolina? 3 in a row?! 19:09:26
Does Bill O'Reilly secretly agree with Ron Paul on Iran? 19:08:26
Why Does The Establishment Hate Ron Paul? 19:08:19
Let this blog entry help! 19:05:14
Problem in Iowa 19:02:03
Pat Buchanan explains 9/11 terrorist attacks, supports non-intervention like Ron Paul 18:51:44
fox business now 5:50 EST 18:49:11
How Ron Paul Can Save The Country 18:47:29
FOX News unitented confession? 18:47:15
RON paul strong VS obama - strongER than ANY other GOP candidate! 18:45:15
Evidence of "Gotcha" journalism 18:41:53
Has your spouse been resistant to Ron Paul? Mine was, not anymore. 18:33:45
This Video Commentary is Fantastic 18:33:21
war on terror fraud 18:26:20
. 18:23:59
Paul Supporters in Sheep's Clothing 18:23:49
Video From KCCI Des Moines 18:23:36
Aimee Allen Phone from Home 18:16:53
Ron Paul in 08 Primaries - 'I am the anti-racist' 18:15:39
'Why Ron Paul Will Never Be President in 12 Quotes' Debunked 18:08:59
Romney Flip Flops on Iraq 18:05:48
Front page of Drudge now shows RP in second in Iowa behind Romney... 17:59:05
Big Article in USA Today Citing a 21 day old Poll! 17:58:22
Poll. U.S.NEWS Pick your republican presidential choice 17:55:22
Get the federal government out of policing crime 17:53:20
James Kirchick is back! 17:44:27
Tea Party Nation a Front Group for the Gingrich Campaign? 17:43:28
Any Paul supporters in New Orleans? What's the word there? 17:38:51
CONSISTENT: Video shows animated Ron Paul bashing War on Drugs, foreign policy in 1988 17:37:33
"Ron Paul for President" song on ukelele 17:37:29
URGENT! Signatures needed for Virginia! 17:35:05
Iowa Voters video and a video for the media 17:31:28
These are the people we are dealing with... 17:30:08
Paulian Language 17:27:59
Dr Paul is doing Q&A Townhall on CSPAN 17:25:29
ron paul on c-span right now 17:23:20
Romney Reverses Position on Iraq 17:22:44
Spoke to 700,000 people about Slaying Dragons for Ron Paul 17:22:38
I bet the Neo-Cons help the %99ers disrupt the Iowa caucus 17:08:54
FOX News Website Today - Blatant Ron Paul Blackout. Perfect for The Daily Show 17:08:36
Jerry Doyle, national radio syndicated host, endorses Ron Paul! 16:53:39
Urgent! Contact Ron Paul Supporters In Virginia! 16:52:28
A small step for a Newt supporter - perhaps a model for more 16:47:05
NDAA 2012, Citizenship and Treason 16:40:39
NDAA - Don't Let Them Get Away With It Easily 16:37:59
Liberty Lost 16:37:49
Middle GA RP Iowa Celebration 16:36:03
Ron Paul, Harry Reid, and the real racism of Mainstream Policy in America 16:35:27
This is not about the BIG picture. It's a about an ELECTION! 16:31:26
Ron Paul APP 16:30:09
Blowback Backfire and The Preponderance Of Evidence - 16:28:14
NY Times: Paul Clear Favorite to Win Iowa 16:23:10
Public school history remedial: Never forget the legacy of communism (Video) 16:20:23
New Website aiming to gather North East Paul Supporters as well as all 16:19:55
Ron Paul: Caucuses a referendum on nation’s economic policy 16:18:29
The Republican Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul - From Conservative HQ 16:18:09
Top 10 Facts Every American Needs to Know about Israel and Iran: 16:18:05
Ron Paul APP 16:11:46
Ron Paul is accused of hating Republicans 16:08:58
Washington Post: Who is a Ron Paul supporter? 16:07:57
Let's Get Matt Damon! 16:07:10
What Will Jerry Doyle Say Today? We showed him we were listening! 15:57:06
For Bruce Fein (Paul's foreign policy advisor) haters 15:43:56
CNN: "Ron Paul Leading The Pack" VIDEO 15:39:29
TOP OF DRUDGE - Rasmussen Poll : Has Ron Paul Behind Romney? 15:33:24
Fitness Models for Ron Paul 15:31:47
Intellectual Ammo we can use! Great quotes about paper money and Central Banking! 15:29:49
Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons 15:27:10
SENSATIONAL! : Indiana Sheriff Stands Up To FDA In 'Raw Milk' Case 15:25:26
Why is the Media Lying About New NDAA Power for Indefinite Military Detention of Americans? 15:23:23
Great simple graphic contrasts policies of Obama & Paul 15:21:34
Here Comes The Attacks : 'Tea Party Nation' Scamster Disses Ron Paul, Calling Him A Liberal 15:19:15
Miami Super Pac Group to get behind Ron Paul in Florida! 15:18:50
NEW POLL : Ron Paul Betters Other GOP Candidates vs. Barack Obama 47% - 46% 15:14:50
FLASH! NYTimes Projects Ron Paul As Clear Favorite To Win Iowa 15:04:55
Audio clip: "Sofia" of RP Forums fame infiltrates the Mark Levin national radio show! 15:01:19
Old World Disorder Ends - Jan 1 2012 14:59:28
Richard Branson: Time to End the War on Drugs 14:45:25
Drudge: Paul Tops Latest Iowa Poll 14:42:50
Banners on bridges 14:41:36
Ron Paul makes the Republican Calendar 14:32:24
Newt Heckled In Iowa (Again) 14:32:05
Iowa Rasmussen Poll: Romney 25%, PAUL 20%, Gingrich 17% 14:23:03
Mobile Ron Paul Billboard 14:19:04
Anoymous and OWS Declare War on Congress! 14:18:39
National CNN/ORC Poll: Minuscule 18-49 Demographic Sampling! 14:17:25
Check out 14:17:07
Market Watch Editorial Hit Piece "Last hurrah for Fed nemesis Ron Paul" 14:15:29
Rasmussen demotes Paul to second place in Iowa 14:13:13
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul is Making the GOP Conservative Again 14:11:07
New Poll: Ron Paul Betters Other GOP Candidates Vs Obama 14:10:36
Bill O'Reilly: Bombing Iran starts WW3 14:08:24
How will Ron Paul win Iowa? THIS is how! 14:08:05
Protestors heckle Newt Gingrich. 14:00:04
We Shall Overcome by Justin Raimondo 13:46:13
Free Market responds to TSA violations of 4th Amendment! 13:43:01
States rights 13:42:42
Open Letter To The Republican Establishment 13:40:14
Alert! Des Moines Register Falsely Claims Ron Paul Voted for Iraq War! 12/21/11 13:35:37
CNN video - Ron Paul The man to beat! 13:34:38
Poll - forget it - they pulled the poll. 13:34:28
Patriot Act, NDAA, Assassinations, Fast & Furious, endless war, militarized police, "Homeland" Security - do you get it now? 13:33:23
Real Democrat Racist Quotes vs Imaginary Ron Paul Quotes 13:32:22
Video: RON paul Vindicated on israel 13:30:25
Iowa is not the peak, it is just the start 13:28:16
Drones: Born in California & Washington, Die in Iran 13:27:17
MSM: Ron Paul's Iowa Lead Downplayed YouTube 13:26:37
New CFR Article says Time to Attack Iran 13:18:33
Louisiana Rep Moves To Violate Posse Comitatus and Put Troops on New Orleans Streets Echos Ron Paul Warning (Update from Drudge) 13:14:00
Delegate Questions 13:13:48
LOL! Yes, Ron Paul is the Betty White of GOP! 13:13:41
Ron Paul's Greatest Leverage: The Unspoken Third Party Threat 13:04:45
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas 13:04:29
Recent Des Moines Register article on Dr Paul. 13:03:11
Ron Paul and the night before Christmas 12:58:32
Young Ron Paul supporters speak out against Obama 12:51:23
Excellent "reality check" on Paul vs. Bachmann (FOX19) 12:49:28
The Mitt Mistake 12:49:16
What to say when confronted on Ron Paul's foreign policy stance 12:49:14
Anti War Article "What Did The Iranian President Really Say"? 12:49:10
Thankyou Email to Neil Cavuto from a Recent Ron Paul Convert 12:42:16
Nice article on the "isolationist" smear! 12:41:06
I believe our song helped bring Newt down - keep sharing! 12:37:24
Don’t for a moment believe they are panicking. 12:36:45
NH Speaker O'Brien Endorses Gingrich 12:36:21
I always Win-Ron Paul 12:35:56
Doug Wead: The night before Christmas (featuring Ron Paul) 12:29:46
ESTABLISHMENT Bomb! Time to fire away... 12:26:58
New Poll on Fox 12:21:05
12/21/11 Ron Leads New Iowa Poll 12:18:19
Hit The Fox News Poll Now! 12/21 11AM 12:17:38
Fox Poll on Iowa - Help needed. 12:16:49
Ron Paul knows violence is seldom best way to go 12:13:24
Attention Campaign: This Is What We Need to Do NOW. 12:07:17
Unofficial Military Poll 12:07:05
Alex Jones - We must stand with Ron Paul 12:07:05
Clinton: Gingrich Doesn't Deserve All The Credit For Balancing Budget 12:06:23
RP owns reporter on "spoiler" question again...good NH footage 12:03:05
America’s Silent Collapse 12:02:42
Ron Paul knows violence is seldom best way to go 12:00:41
ROUND 1! Ron Paul vs.The Establishment - The Hill 11:59:21
Article: Calling Paul "isolationist" is like saying only recluses avoid fistfights 11:56:25
The Hill: In 2012, Paul vs. Romney = Obama vs. Hillary 11:53:21
Ron Paul anti war = not racist 11:50:11
NPR: The Final GOP ground game (RP's is best) 11:49:04
Poll: Can RP win the nomination? 11:48:50
New Video - Ron Paul: I'm the ANTI-Racist! 11:48:30
10 Economic Myths That Need to be Corrected - a debating tool 11:46:25
Why winning NH is the real tipping point 11:45:25
Fundraising : One Ounce Silver NORFED Liberty Dollar w/ Silver Certificate! 11:33:37
Expose the PNAC War Machine controlling Fox & the MSM 11:27:24
The False Monolith of Political Islam 11:20:19
Gary Johnson: Friend or Foe? 11:18:23
Yahoo News 12-21-2011: Paulonomics: Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending and Social Security 11:15:54
Ron Paul on Gary Johnson's Libertarian Run 11:14:36
Eric Holder and OKC? 11:14:30
CNN Poll: Ron Paul performs as well as Mitt Romney against Obama 11:04:55
True Conservatism 11:02:05
More trouble for Newt, 10:47:10
Yahoo Front Page - Positive Article - "Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending and Social Security" 10:46:29
Iraq War veteran slams chickenhawk Dick Morris for denigrating patriotism of troops 10:46:10
Cenk Uygur on GOP hate for RP - (Great Video) 10:45:26
"Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland-Security Funded Military Weapons" 10:44:57
We should stop negative ads this week and this week only. 10:43:27
This week: Last chance to register republican in Iowa! 10:40:33
Hey New Hampshire, we're sorry. Love, Minnesota 10:36:04
Peter Schiff "What About Money Causes Economic Crises" 10:27:49
NEW RP AD:Staying on the Right Path 10:24:06
Iowa Campaign County Chairs and Co-Chairs: Independent Vote Record 10:10:09
Did anyone see what I think I just saw on Fox News this morning at around 8am CST... 10:05:38
Larry Sabato On Fox and Friends 10:01:16
(Video) My Christmas Card to Michele Bachmann 09:49:20
Cenk Uygur nearing possible endorsement: "Maybe it's time to take our chances with Dr. Ron Paul" 09:46:03
Cenk Uygur Exposes The Corrupt Bias Towards Ron Paul 09:34:08
Michele Bachmann: I'm Winning, Not Quitting 09:29:08
Ex-CIA Agent, Mike Cann, Gives his solutions S. 1867 and Tyranny 09:26:23
Reality Check - Paul vs. Bachman 09:22:07
Ron Paul Has Already Won! 09:18:07
Newt won a straw poll? 08:59:11
Does anyone else have "Ron Paul Moments"? 08:55:55
Cenk of the Young Turks defends Ron Paul with passion! 08:49:05
Jack Hunter on Jerry Doyle 'Being Dismissive at This Point is Absurd' 08:44:04
WaPo: With rise, Ron Paul could be spoiler in GOP presidential race — or kingmaker 08:34:37
Sick and tired of Libertarian Party armchairs 08:32:38
AP: Ron Paul Emerges as Outsider Alternative in GOP race 08:25:02
Great piece on Townhall: Ron Paul Challenges His Party's Mindless Militarism 08:12:33
Spambots smear on Twitter 07:43:40
EU attempts to impose global carbon emissions tax unilaterally 07:35:49
american thinker article ON RP 07:27:34
Heard This First on the Jerry Dole Show 07:25:11
Gary Johnson to announce Libertarian Party presidential bid : Report 07:07:20
If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Florida Becomes Even More Important 07:03:41
another hit piece on the Thinker 07:03:08
Remain Strong and Steady - Stay the Course. WE are on the side of liberty. 06:45:23
Can Paul win beyond Iowa? Piers Morgan 05:56:15
Ron Paul Movie Trailer 05:47:28
The West, the Arabs & the Persians 05:45:59
Newt Gingrich SCARY Singaporean style drug policy. 05:41:11
Expose an anti-Paul Facebook group 05:37:00
Negative MSM Search results for Ron Paul on GOOGLE 05:25:33
Ron Paul, and why reality is immune to human fantasy 05:22:41
Ron Paul: only pro-life GOP candidate 05:21:39
Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul Iran Policy = BS 05:13:35
If Bachmann Takes Second Place In Iowa, Newt Romney Would Be Virtual Toast Nationally 04:42:04
Cenk Responds to Media Ignoring an Iowa Win 04:32:55
Ron Paul 2008 TV Ads 04:29:10
H.R. 3676 to Amend NDAA - Ask your Congressman to Co-Sponsor 04:02:16
Los Angeles supporter speaks the TRUTH! 03:46:55
Official campaign's view of super brochure? 03:42:49
ISU/Gazette/KCRG Iowa Poll: Paul 28%, Gingrich 25%, Romney 18% Dec 8-18 03:39:57
Ron Paul Ad for ndaa & sopa (Unofficial) 03:31:08
Michelle Bachmann vs Ron Paul on Iran 03:27:54
Ron Paul is in The Fight of His Life, We Must Stand With Him! 03:21:03
Historical Perspective: Operation Chaos 03:12:56
Boston Herald: Great Video Covering Ron's Recent Surge in the Polls 03:02:35
Is Ron Paul the most diplomatic and how can he unite America? 02:59:57
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Tea Party Patriots Poll Claimed Rigged by Jen Stefanos 02:53:38
WOW! The money bomb...that will NOT DIE! 02:53:08
Video: Iowa Man Tells Newt Gingrich: "You’re a F*cking A*hole" 02:35:49
A view from the "inside" 02:32:38
New Hampshire Town Hall Video 02:26:16
Volunteer for Ron Paul Updated Video 02:23:31
Video Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur: “Ron Paul is Kicking Ass!” 02:21:28
Reality Check: Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann on Iran, who has their facts? 02:20:29
The Truth About Ron Paul - Ed Schultz MSNBC! Video 02:09:27
"Ron Paul", Search Term Now Google News TOP 10 "Top Stories" List 02:01:13
Romney Care In Financial Meltdown 01:58:55
"What About Money Causes Economic Crises?" with Peter Schiff - Ron Paul Money Lecture Series 01:38:51
The Next Wave of Attacks on Ron: Wikileaks 01:38:32
ron paul loves nuclear bombs? 01:32:11
Amazingly accurate predictions of Ron Paul 01:31:56
Who Writes the Laws Congress Doesn't Read, But Votes on Anyway? 01:24:47
Updated ! Could Obama be backed by Mexican Drug Cartels 01:19:31
Is Gary Johnson Helping Ron Paul Pick Up Votes 01:18:14
My Dad, My Boss, and my Grandma come around for Ron Paul 01:14:45
The Game Is On 00:48:51
Online Poll (vote for Ron) 00:48:47
Aimee Allen is back! Phoning from home for Dr. Paul 00:46:10
Preston Tucker and Ron Paul 00:40:40
"Cruising with Ron Paul": Ron Paul takes over cruise ship 00:36:54
Perot/Huckabee/Bachmann Advisor says Ron will win 00:36:20
Ron Paul kicking @ss! 00:32:41
Help! I'm flipping a Liberal. Where is the Netanyahu video of him speaking to Congress? 00:32:13
Jonathan Turley on C-SPAN 00:27:31
I deserve a big THANK YOU! (2) 00:16:50
Exploring Rachel Maddow's Mind 00:14:09
Poll - Michigan 00:13:34
Message from the Establishment 00:01:07