Posted on December 22, 2011

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Adam Kokesh: Speaking for Ron Paul in Iowa (or anywhere else) 21:43:31
Paul Draws Hundreds to Event in Bettendorf 21:47:22
WOW! New Hampshire: Ron Paul 21% Pulls Ahead Of Gingrich 16%! 17:32:01
BREAKING: Even More Racially Charged Writings by Ron Paul Uncovered! 15:27:02
CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites 11:46:42
Video Update: Ron Paul Interview on Jerry Doyle 12/22/11 18:37:58
The Nation: Why Do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul? via NPR 10:04:18
Iranians for Ron Paul - why his foreign policy will help the Iranian people, not government 17:01:43
RevolutionPAC's New Ad 00:28:56
TIME: Ron Paul Is Not a Politician 06:20:41
3 Steps to Win. 3 EASY Steps, You have the tools in front of you, will you use them ? 03:45:21
Everyone Take A Deep Breath 01:48:57
Video: Jerry Doyle Thanked Daily Paul Today on His Show! 11:15:14
Ron Paul Newsletters, Fact From Fiction 01:17:09
Introducing - A new web tool to improve organization of the Ron Paul grassroots 20:41:17
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Foreign Policy 23:58:04
George H.W. Bush calls Mitt Romney ‘the best choice’ 23:56:17
YES This is a stretch, but I couldn't resist (Ron Paul & Tim Tebow) 23:53:02
"Mitt Romney Poised for Iowa-New Hampshire Sweep" 12-22 23:50:08
My (unpublished) Letter to the Media et al. Hope you Enjoy! 23:49:57
Ron Paul’s Supporters ‘Love’ Him While He Talks ‘Revolutionary Change’ 23:40:23
Another Gun running scheme? 23:39:08
Iowa Backup Precinct Captains 23:37:16
Must Share: Cronyism in America [VIDEO] 23:36:48
Tweet of the Day - Comic Doug Stanhope, 12-22-11 23:34:17
Dr. Paul's Excellent Response to the Newsletters Circa 2008 23:33:35
Everytime the MSM treats Dr. Paul in a biased way, I will - 23:32:26
Ron Paul 2012: the Beginning of a New American Era? 23:29:56
Drudge Report Link: Paul's Positions Play Well in Iowa 23:24:30
Washington State GOP ALERT: Danger to Paul delegates 23:20:47
Frank Zappa and Ron Paul, the differnece between the times, its the NEO CONS 23:16:36
FDA Escalates War Against Amish Dairy Farmers 23:04:22
Your Attention to this Matter is Needed 23:02:24
Help STOP War With Iran...Please Watch This Video America! 23:02:14
I just had a great idea 23:01:29
Here's what's required in SC as of 12/20 22:57:51
The Minority Majority 22:56:46
Solid Article: The beginning of a new era. 22:49:41
Politico: Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers; steady message 22:49:01
Solid Article: The beginning of a new era. 22:46:54
I feel sleazy 22:45:57
Ron Paul Girl 2012 – YouTube Playlist 22:45:37
GOP and the Dems= Corporate Media Fascist against the Individual (WE THE PEOPLE) 22:40:25
Iowan Steve Deace's latest caucus forecast 22:40:16
M Gummy Bears Corzine, the Innocent Bernie Madoff 22:36:50
"If you register republican I'll bake you a cake!" - Ron Paul girl 22:36:29
Newt Gingrich vs Ron Paul on Predicting the Economic Collapse embed 22:35:01
Ron Paul and Social Media: Spread the message on Reddit, G+, Facebook 22:29:20
The Ron Paul Portfolio 22:27:45
New Ron Paul Video: The System Is Biased Against the Middle Class and the Poor 22:17:02
NY Times: Soldiers’ Choice - Ron Paul 22:16:01
Minn Post- Contender or Spoiler- Nice Article! 22:14:26
Killing People - Sin Against God Creator 22:11:23
Our Mission: MSM Deflection, Touche Tactics 22:10:44
Ron Paul 2012: The Beginning of a New American Era? 22:05:45
Ron Paul's Message to Obama! 22:05:34
Corporate Media Fascism wages war against "We The People" and Ron Paul 22:02:37
Paul Craig Roberts: Ron Paul is the Only Candidate Qualified to be President 22:00:19
Santorum, Bachmann, Huntsman miss Va. ballot deadline 21:59:37
Giving it back to main stream media 21:55:52
Fascism against Ron Paul 21:50:06
Ron Paul 2012: the Beginning of a New American Era? 21:49:06
You can see why the Media and the Fed is at war with Dr. Paul 21:47:13
Say Goodbye to The Mainstream Media - The NIM Is Taking Over 21:40:04
This was posted on a local Ron Paul activist Facebook page... 21:37:50
Republican John Hutson for Obama...Now Paul? 21:31:41
Another Reason Why the Media seems to be At war with Ron Paul 21:31:38
Best Pro-Paul Pieces Concerning Newsletter Demagoguery 21:29:50
This is good for a laugh :- ) 21:19:54
This is good for a laugh ) 21:18:27
We are in the, "Then you win", stage 21:13:55
Ron Paul must be a racist! 21:09:01
Merry Christmas Carol Paul 20:57:30
Guess Who We Met Today! 20:55:58
Politico: "It's not Ron Paul; it's the GOP" 20:50:45
Minnpost - Ron Paul: Contender or Spoiler 20:49:29
Old music video 20:41:13
The Christian Case for Ron Paul 20:36:52
How Ron Paul Would Defend America 20:34:10
The March For Life 20:32:48
What would you say is the last war that the U.S. won? 20:29:31
Have there been any polls since the media has increased attack mode? 20:29:27
Prose for Paul 20:27:32
Patriot Update- Win, lose or draw Ron Paul should quit after Iowa 20:27:27
Scathing Smackdown Of Paul Fed Policy Hit Piece By Salon's Commenters 20:25:59
Nice Politico Ad: "Ron Paul in Iowa: Surging numbers; steady message" 20:25:40
2012 GOP Lawmaker Endorsements for President 20:25:29
Make sure you are properly registered to vote! 20:15:41
Have something to say to CNN? in regards to that Gloria Borger then read this 20:12:28
"For Black Voters, Why Not Ron Paul?" By Johan Thomas 20:11:31
Ron Paul trashed by Al Sharpton and guests on MSNBC 20:09:58
Military to Designate Americans as the Enemy During Collapse 20:05:49
Tough Day for Bachmann 19:59:21
Never mind 19:57:39
Do you have a Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker? 19:54:46
Video: Black voters speak out and support Ron Paul! 19:50:49
Paul Rising, an observation 19:47:23
When Paul is president, they'll say that presidential elections are now invalidated and meaningless 19:44:58
Tom Woods: The Ron Paul Newsletters 19:43:47
Definitive Anti-Racist Youtube Video – Must go Viral 19:39:09
Overcoming Money In Politics: Lessons Learned from Paul, Ventura, Perot and Stewart 19:38:53
Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum will not be on Virginia primary ballot 19:35:30
Constitutional Sheriff Organization needs your help 19:29:59
A Peace Platform would advance capitalism 19:29:58
[video] Congressman Davy Crockett: It's NOT YOURS to Give 19:28:36
RON paul hater converted! 19:23:25
Bloomberg: Trashed Ron Paul "Hateful, Dangerous & a Zealot" 19:21:46
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy in under 3 minutes. 19:01:39
Mitt Romney Declines To Release Tax Returns, Cementing Posture Of Secrecy 18:53:02
Dr. Ron Paul became a front-runner because of us who believed in him 18:51:15
Ron Paul - Bettendorf, Iowa Dec 22, 2011 18:47:49
Video: Ron Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show 12/22/11 18:44:55
Save Your Sanity - Take BREAKS! 18:43:46
Setting The Record Straight 18:41:22
Staying on the right path ad is awesome 18:35:09
Some happy news. Converted a Democrat... 18:32:36
U.S. Jets Enter Iranian Airspace 18:32:07
Martin Armstrong of Princeton Economics International, Ltd., Endorsement 18:32:01
Ron Paul needs to address the racist newsletter with a commercial. 18:22:33
"Leave Us Alone and Bring the Troops Home!" 18:22:32
Jerry Doyle Talks About Ron Paul Walking Off The Set On CNN 18:20:05
Check out this Crazy Video-Ron Paul as Neo 18:16:58
Two New Super PACs ! 18:13:58
Here is Ron Paul: The Movie... 18:09:44
I'm With the Government and I'm Here to Help You 18:06:31
Official Ron Paul candidates 18:06:15
Walter E Williams on Rush Dec 30th 17:58:27
Huffpo Ron Paul touted his controversial newsletter 17:53:11
Poll: Ron Paul would fare best against Obama among non-white voters 17:51:57
ALERT: watch newsletter interview again/ it was spliced to look BAD 17:49:22
Can Ron Paul Defend America? - The Judge & Jack Hunter 17:47:48
WSJ Hit Piece on RP 17:43:31
Video: Merry N.D.A.A. Christmas, Charlie Brown! A Call to Recall the Traitors. 17:33:42
The Empire Strikes First: US Missiles 'Hit Iranian Village' Claims Iranian State Media 17:33:38
Conservatives Embracing Paul's Foreign Policy Views 17:31:51
Are there videos of Ron's recent Town Halls/Speeches? 17:31:43
AmericansElect 17:25:45
Iowa DOES Count - Obama WON the Iowa Caucus and he is President 17:21:31
Newt Confesses He Thinks WWII Ended the Great Depression 17:15:09
When is Paul going to challenge Gingrich to a Lincoln-Douglass? 17:14:38
Who’s afraid of Ron Paul? Apparently, Auburn University 17:12:43
Understanding Geo-Politics: The Oil & Gas Wars of Central Asia 17:08:18
I thought you all might want to see this; in response to the 'Newsletters." 17:06:19
Who’s afraid of Ron Paul? Apparently, Auburn University 17:05:16
Paul voted in favor of MLK day, Gingrich didn't 17:01:20
TheAtlantic: The Attempt to Pin Ron Paul's Shortcomings on Libertarianism 16:58:34
Michael Medved 16:56:08
Want to hear about another Neocon convert? 16:53:32
Arthur Levitt on Bloomberg this morning with one of the worst attacks on Paul I have heard yet ! this will make your blood boil 16:53:31
Why I support Ron Paul 16:50:49
Urgent! - Medved really slamming Dr. Paul right NOW! 16:48:59
GOP in Ron Paul denial in Iowa - Anyone but Paul they say! 16:39:24
Erik Erikson?! 16:35:28
Ron Paul segment on Morning Joe 16:32:31
A walking oxymoron 16:32:25
Civil War Upon Us? 16:23:42
Newsletter POLL - Does the newsletter issue still matter? 16:23:26
Is the MSM taking over the DP? 16:22:45
A Sign That Ron Paul Will Cut A Trillion Dollars And Balance The Budget 16:16:56
A young cashier's devotion in an Obama loving society. 16:14:06
Opposed to Ron Paul's Foreign Policy? Pick Up a Gun 16:11:37
CNN Gloria Borger is married to 16:09:14
Dr. Paul on Boortz today, then Bachmann 16:01:03
Scarborough: 'There is always a strain of anti-Semitism' at Ron Paul events [VIDEO] 15:58:08
Another hit piece from James Kirchick 15:53:03
How Sick and Twisted is Mainstream Media? 15:49:13
News Media - Welfare recipients of War Machine 15:48:23
Ron Paul and the second coming of Buchananism 15:47:59
Romney winning in IOWA (recent Poll) 15:46:28
Craigslist Ron Paul Template Bomb insert ideas here! 15:45:12
rope a dope Paul! 15:43:26
H.W. Bush Endorses Romney 15:42:06
What Would Ron Paul Own? 15:41:41
National Review ... a racist newsletter? 15:35:31
Tell National Review we take Paul seriously 15:32:31
Weekend Watching: John Huston vs. The Army (Documentary Banned for 30 years) 15:31:01
The New Republican Primary Rules.. 15:28:54
This is a must read!We are winning! 15:27:28
Ron Paul and MLK 15:27:01
Ron Paul and MLK 15:26:31
Ron Paul Super Rare Interview With CSPAN 1995 VIDEO 15:26:12
One of the best pro-RP tweets I've seen in a while 15:23:08
Surprise!Ron Paul Winning 15:20:30
Rich Lowry (National Review) lies about endorsement 15:19:56
Tucker Carlson: GOP Should Ask Themselves Why Does This 70-ish Weird Guy Have All This Support 15:17:50
Marine Copter pilots need not apply? 15:17:34
when is gloria borger planning on asking obama about church and rezko? 15:05:34
Pre-Emptive War = Hitler 15:03:52
Merry Christmas Dr Paul & Family 15:02:34
Paul DOMINATING with new Facebook fans 15:02:12
I started a Super PAC. Here's Why. 14:59:01
Ron Paul should welcome...the attacks...and use them as a HOOK ! 14:58:56
LOL...Newt has highest Google Washington DC alone. 14:55:40
The corporate media is illegitimate, thanks to us! WE are the media now, and Ron Paul is winning! 14:53:11
Former Airborne Army Ranger: Misplaced Angst Over Ron's Foreign Policy 14:51:41 grassroots chipin efforts 14:48:39
the best leaders are simply uncomfortable with anything that embraces the status quo 14:41:40
New site for Republican voters vowing to leave GOP if 'conservative' media continues bias against Dr Paul 14:41:32
Christmas LOVE! 14:33:49
They would have better results beating down Santa Claus 14:32:38
Best Reason 4 RP's Foreign Policy 14:32:11
Ahmos Thanks Those Who Participated in the CNN Newsletter thread w/Video 14:31:51
Google Trends Update: Ron Paul is absolutely KILLIN IT! 14:31:46
Need help converting neocon Father 14:31:31
Ron Paul, Minorities, and The Greatest Political Coup in History 14:30:51
Take the Pledge!: I will leave the GOP if the "conservative" media continues its bias against Ron Paul 14:30:19
Debate Gingrich Now! 14:30:11
The Troops Support Ron Paul 14:26:42
Ahmos Thanks Those Who Participated in the CNN Newsletter thread 14:26:11
Third-grade Prof. Gingrich lectures on Paul's foreign pol: "He doesn't want to blame the bad guys." 14:20:51
Introducing The Ron Paul Chocolate Bar! Great Idea! 14:15:10
We need the troops! 14:14:43
Hello? We Still Have a HUGE Problem! - Video 14:14:42
Fox's Most Over-The-Top Attacks Yet? (Carlson, Gutfeld, Levy, Tantaros, Schutlz) 14:14:12
Who is cnn's gloria borger? 14:13:02
Thank you to those that participated in the CNN newsletter interview discussion VIDEO 14:02:21
Ron Paul – Our Last Hope/ Martin Armstrong 13:52:28
Twilight Zone : USA Today Story About Ron Paul Leading in Iowa Headlined 'Ron Paul Still Not In Lead' 13:50:11
Save some cash and stop mailing me RP stuff! 13:49:45
In Loving Memory of Vernon Dalton 13:49:31
USA Today Article Title: Ron Paul Not In Lead In Iowa; However, Inside The Article It Says He's In The Lead In Iowa 13:47:43
How to Make a SuperTool - Handout DVD from "You Like Ron Paul Except on Foreign Policy" 13:46:56
Occupy Phoenix Visit (Video) 13:41:12
Gingrich Skulking Behind Ron Paul Attacks 13:31:56
Make Phone Calls - Stop feeding and reading into the hate 13:27:52
Hannity and Limbaugh: A distraction? 13:26:08
Rand Paul TV Ad will Air in Iowa & New Hampshire During Christmas & New Years! 13:24:43
The predicted hysteria "Ron Paul: The new teflon candidate?" By James Kirchick 13:23:39
"Ron Paul is the Most Incorruptible Man I Have Ever Worked For" 13:22:00
Honest Interview: Newt , Romney and Ron Paul. What questions do you want? 13:21:04
RON paul comic book coming soon 13:20:35
Why the establishment hates Ron Paul 13:20:34
Why I support Ron Paul 13:18:21
The Corruption of America 13:17:00
Weekly Standard Neocon Says Ron Paul Would 'Appease Hitler and The Nazis' 13:15:38
Ron walks off set because of a few questions? 13:10:58
Ron Paul Polling In 'Top Tier' In Nevada 13:10:45
This came up on my search of "why does the establishment hate ron paul" 13:06:48
The attacks against Dr. Paul are getting stronger! 13:05:23
Powerful Speech from a Marine 13:04:11
DISGUSTING! Discredited Mainstream Media Pays Their Employees to Tell Lies About Ron Paul 13:00:02
Need to fight back againts Newsletter allegations 12:58:20
Let's put to rest this notion that CNN wants Dr Paul to clear his name 12:58:03
My contribution (Music + Video) RP & ndaa/sopa 12:52:56
Protesters interrupt Gingrich press conference 12:41:51
Turn the tables on the racist, pro-war GOP & the pro-war media 12:39:49
Re-Posting For Newcomers: Billions for Defense, But Not One Cent For Empire 12:39:07
Major Ron Paul book coming in May! 12:37:40
Ron Paul on CNN right now! 12:30:30
Today Ron Paul Interview W / Jerry Doyle 5:15pm - 5:30pm (Check local listing) 12:17:39
Use Newsletter Issue To Teach 12:09:17
How to deal with the racism smear 12:08:42
Wall Street Journal hit piece - What Ron Paul Thinks of America 12:02:20
Gingrich: RP's base "is people who want to legalize drugs" 11:59:29
Kirchick on Ron Paul and Mises Institute (from 2008) 11:55:20
About the Newsletters 11:52:21
Stanford can't remember if Mitt Romney was part his ponzi scheme 11:44:04
Can we do a video with our International Supporters ? 11:38:00
CNN Gloria Borger Unintended Honesty Body Language Apologetic To Ron Paul 11:34:07
Buchanan: Ron Paul won’t go third party, it would damage Rand’s Political Future 11:31:50
Gloria Borger 11:30:38
Cartoon on the BANK! America, needs to stop looking for Christ to come from thePublic 11:28:32
Gloria Berger Info 11:25:19
Ron Paul-Taps Former Patience for Pro-Life Ad (Drudge link to LA Times) 11:18:03
Kim Jong Il was an isolationist. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist. 11:15:29
Picture Preview - The Ron Paul comicbook! 11:01:24
CNN Insider (Gingrich) Hit Job on Ron Paul 11:01:03
Fair and balanced...again! 10:57:42
Excellent Article- Why do GOP Bosses Fear Ron Paul? 10:56:50
RON CAN'T duck newsletters -deal with IT head ON! 10:53:03
Republican Party w/ Ron Paul is True Pro-Choice Party Now 10:51:34
Smartest, coolest explanation of RP's foreign policy (on FoxNews!) - USE IT 10:47:41
Donald Trump's 3rd party run? 10:47:00
"Network" 1976 - Turn off your TV! [combined with today's news] 10:44:35
Open Letter to 'The Republican Establishment' – What the Military and Mainstream Knows About Ron Paul that You Should Learn 10:33:28
Ron Paul A very Very Brave Man, To address the FED, the way he does. 10:30:56
New Primary Rules Make It Possible For The Republican Establishment To Steal The Nomination From A Candidate They Don't Like 10:30:14
Ron Paul Modern Day Savior? 10:29:44
12 Days Till Iowa: Ron Paul Is Not a Politician 10:27:06
the Movie Inside Job! you can understand What Ron Paul is up against (FED) 10:02:15
Ron Pauls foreign policy explained more clearly. 09:58:48
Ron Paul Ignored by the Media? Not So Much 09:33:11
I think I did something awesome!...accidentally! 09:32:38
DP ACTIVISM: State Registration Slow Scroll Atop Front Page 09:29:19
Lulz at Judson Phillips 09:28:35
[VIDEO] Des Moines Register Mistake - 1st RP Video! 09:19:49
Morning Joe: "There Is NO WAY Ron Paul Wins New Hampshire!" 09:11:24
The Libertarian Examiner: How to Become a Paulbot 09:09:52
Fox News: Paulapalooza in Iowa 09:06:53
Votes needed for War & marquee and reprisal/military actions 08:49:36
One of the "racist" newsletters 08:47:21
Ron Paul Are You An Honorary Member Of The Congressional Black Caucus? 08:31:25
Senator Casey's response to NDAA 07:58:40
Ron Paul campaign announces more endorsements 07:53:01
Ron Paul is Neo! 07:34:39
January 3rd Iowa Caucuses - Des Moines AccuWeather Forecast 07:14:36
Wounded Veteran voting for Ron Paul - Video 07:13:46
Ron Paul as the Christian candidate 07:10:59
My 'Merry Christmas' to the Daily Paul Crew! 07:07:45
CNN reporter's tactics an example of pathetic TV journalism 07:05:42
CNN Reporter's Tactics in Ron Paul Interview an Example of Pathetic State of TV Journalism 06:50:26
Please stop using your energy on the media attacks, that´s what they want you to do! 06:42:55
Postive News From Iowa.. watch this video! 06:42:23
Unimpressed in Iowa 06:37:00
Website aiming to gather North East Paul Supporters as well as all 06:36:11
Please Help Me Get The Media To Expose Romney As The Candidate Of Goldman Sachs 06:14:36
A New Paulbot 06:14:18
12 Days Till Iowa: Ron Paul Is Not a Politician -TIME 06:13:21
The Libertarian Examiner: Tea Party Nation a Front Group for the Gingrich Campaign? 06:00:35
"We're Duck Soup" if Ron Paul Doesn't win! 05:51:51
"I'm voting for Ron Paul" 05:51:23
New RevPAC Video: Adherence to the Oath 05:34:09
Do you know that feeling 05:28:25
Iowa Caucus "hack" Speculation and Theory (this is my opinion and predicted outcome) 05:13:16
Another "Black" Man Couldn't Care Less About RP Reaction To Newsletter, and you shouldn't either. 05:11:46
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? 05:06:33
Ron Paul is OUR candidate and we will get him elected 04:59:19
Ron Paul Revolution Alive and Well in Iowa 04:45:58
Jack Hunter on The Judge 04:40:29
Newsletter - Daily Paul Hijacked by Obama's Minister of Propaganda 04:23:03
Facebook: "I like RP, ESPECIALLY his foreign policy!" 04:22:28
A Frantic Newt Gingrich Flies To Virginia To Play Catch-Up Trying To Get On Virginia's Primary Ballot 04:21:57
Newt Gingrich attacked by Iowa Protester. 04:09:41
K.U.D.O.S. for Ron Paul Project: "Ron Paul Won Iowa" 03:56:21
Ron Paul should give a speech on race 03:39:57
"Ron Paul's gonna tell the truth!" 03:28:12
We're making progress-keep up the hard work! 03:27:28
REMINDER: We're fighting radicals (Video: "The founders would've wanted more debt...") 03:18:20
lt looks like they really are going to take off with this. 03:17:41
New Ron Paul Ad (Pro Life): Staying on the Right Path 03:14:22
Ron Paul and 'Third' Party Run 03:12:14
Best Federal Reserve Video and Book to show to science minded person 03:08:11
Plea to Moderators 03:05:28
New Ron Paul Ad Idea (MSM Media attack) 03:02:33
Where and how to get started in buying gold and silver? 03:00:44
Why are we fighting? The root of the problem and answer! 02:57:13
Who is the Real Racist 02:49:02
I've got a GREAT idea! A game-changer for sure! 02:46:42
I Wrote the Newsletters. 02:40:11
...Rick Perry, Herman Cain...Why the media attacking Paul as a "Racist" will INCREASE Ron Pauls poll numbers ! 02:36:42
Can we Find something racist on CNN/MSM Hosts? 02:27:02
Free healthcare for 'black people'. 02:22:29
CNN now outright lying 02:22:15
Letter Bomb 02:21:00
Awesome C-Span video of Ron at the '91 libertarian convention. 02:12:34 02:11:04
Thanks to all the consistent die-hard Ron Paul supporters over the years. 02:01:16
[Parody] Ron Paul does not want to answer questions on wife beating... storms out of interview ! 01:55:04
The internet does not forget CNN. 01:54:45
Ron Paul's Personal Financial Portfolio 01:52:55
Why is Iowa so important? the answer is SC 01:44:51
Just An Idea... 01:43:36
Share your ground game experience: What works and what doesnt? 01:43:08
Time to put this power to good use 01:39:53
Article: 5 Reasons Ron Paul Can Win 01:32:56
FYI - Newt Kicks Off "Phone From Home" to Iowa and SC 01:30:54 A website I made! 01:22:08
Ron Paul Facebook Profile Bomb 01:19:22
Ron Paul is not even listed as a choice in the US News poll. 01:19:11
Economics question involving the fed and recessions 01:15:29
TYT Cenk "Power Panel" discusses Ron Paul newsletters 01:13:17
Tom Woods: The Two Minute Case for Ron Paul (make this go VIRAL!) 01:03:21
A Semi critical analysis of the "Perot" effect. 00:59:00
Reason's Brian Doherty defends Ron Paul on CNN 00:47:30
Campaign/Grassroots Project Idea: Mail List Of Ppl Who Support Ron Paul! 00:45:28
A big tree attracts the wind 00:45:17
This guy is crazy for Ron Paul! 00:28:56
Ron Paul supported H Res 365? 00:28:52
Ron should beat them to the punch and make them look like idiots 00:27:18
Newsletters 00:23:53
SC - Keep the light on, people. We're comin' home to Ron. 00:23:44
Yahoo Frontpage: Ron Paul walks out on CNN interview 00:20:13
Could we get Ron Paul in a stadium with 20,000+ supporters? 00:16:28
"Black" Man Uneasy About RP Reaction To Newsletter Questioning on CNN Round 2 00:15:02
TOP PICK! Hey CNN? You Gotta Little 'Thing' for Ron Paul? - Article 00:14:33
Wow! Article: Paul exposes Neocon/Teaparty unholy alliance 00:13:41
Are we distracted? 00:12:51
Longer version of walk-off interview (Still looking for full and unspliced version) 00:10:20
Austin, Texas NAACP branch President Nelson Linder on the Newsletters 00:06:32
Craigslist There is some Ron Paul bashing there in the politics section - need to crush 00:02:51
MSM is racist, not Ron Paul 00:00:46
It's not THAT hard Ron... 00:21:32