Posted on December 23, 2011

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Operation Stump for Paul — Winners Announced! 18:35:02
Sick of bad news? Here's some good news! 15:58:17
New ARG Iowa Poll: RON PAUL Still in Lead! 21:17:02
New York Times: Ron Paul, The Soldier's Choice 10:01:55
TSA Screenings - Not Just for Airports Anymore! 09:59:06
Motivated by the Media, 25 Young Supporters Made 8,074 Calls for Ron Paul into NH Yesterday! 10:20:37
Iowa Caucus Goers- DO NOT leave after voting 10:24:28
NEW VIDEO! Ron Paul - Preserve, Protect, and Defend 14:21:05
Thanks Zimbabwe! Now who in New Hamphire wants some Super Brochures!? 00:01:15
"Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory!" 10:19:37
Out-of-State Volunteers Needed for Iowa. Make it Happen! Goal: 200 14:38:10 - Do you really trust AP and the MSM to report the election results? 13:54:39
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12/23 Poll: Ron Paul bests Romney, Gingrich in Iowa for 4th time 23:58:01
Electing RP as president is not enough... 23:57:29
Ron Paul 99% right? -The Charlotte Conservative, Fabulous! 23:44:58
Ray Stevens The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore 23:44:38
Stop making newsletter posts! 23:43:56
My new Ron Paul slogan, "Let's go until Gitmo" 23:43:49
Paul Supporter Breaks Down The Science on the Attacks on Ron Paul - VIDEO 23:38:54
Priest Threatened by police for defending the constitution! 23:25:46
Should I donate to the campaign or the super brochure project? 23:25:38
Excellent G. Edward Griffin Interview (Ron Paul discussed at length.) 23:08:59
I got your weekend viewing right here 22:54:07
South Florida does it Again: Holiday Fundraising Event Success [VIDEO] 22:50:13
Mitt and Newts security advisors are tied to 40 billion in Govt Contracts 22:48:39
Justice Dept: S.C. voter ID laws UNCONSTITUTIONAL 22:48:09
Who's Extreme? 22:47:56
Shhhhh ..... 22:46:34
WA Post - Ron Paul’s investment strategy: Prepare for doomsday 22:46:33
Stop saying Ron Paul is not a racist! 22:43:44
Rick "Brokeback" Perry Fails to Qualify for Virginia Ballot 22:35:10
Our Time Has Come! 22:27:19
Merry Christmas - the Newsletter Gift 22:24:40
Martin Luther King Day - Ron Paul's vote 22:22:58
I'm With The Government & I'm Here To Help: Police Restrain Daughter While She's Providing CPR, Father Dies, In Their Own Home 22:22:36
Well he accepted responsibility now it's up to people to get over it 22:18:53
Mitt and Newts security advisors have ties to 40 billion in Gov't contracts 22:16:06
Creepy... 22:06:56
Mitt and Newt's Advisors have ties to 40 billion in contracts 22:04:25
Dynamic "Google Insights" Into The GOP Race 21:50:41
RP Christmas "card" or spontaneous MONEYBOMB? :) 21:46:12
Army Ranger Captain Endorses Ron Paul - This is pure Gold! 21:46:00
Dick Morris Made Me Cry 21:40:02
ever wonder why other GOP Candidates support more war around the world 21:36:40
Anyone who knows Ron Paul knows the racist charges are not true. 21:35:14
Brood of VIPRs 21:35:02
Anyone who knows Ron Paul knows the racist charges are not true. 21:33:40
Possible Ron Paul Iowa Win Drives NeoCons to Apoplexy 21:08:52
Ron Paul Is The Second Most Popular Republican Candidate On Facebook -And He’s Gaining 21:04:46
BREAKING: Rick Perry fails to land spot on Virgina's GOP ballot; Ron Paul Wins Texas 21:03:22
CNN.COM "Gloria Borgia" Interview: Full Video. 20:58:17
Post Your TWITTER handle ... let's tweet arm in arm 20:52:26
All right - let's use the media against them 20:44:05
New Polls... Exactly Four Years Ago Today - Ron Paul Right Where Huckster Was In Iowa, Where McCain Was In New Hampshire 20:33:21
Ron Paul Is The Second Most Popular Republican Candidate On Facebook (And He’s Gaining) 20:30:01
Bev Harris: Vote Fraud In America. You Be The Judge 20:22:08
Update: Newsletter Scandal Points to Gingrich 20:17:42
Great Idea to Dispel the Newsletter Issue 20:11:56
Ron Paul Search Engine Optimization 20:04:11
CNN covers Ron Paul Newsletters - quite fairly 20:03:31
But at least we don't live in a police state... 19:58:08
Just watched Freedom to Fascism, Tax day 2011 will be a good day 19:46:37
MSM Used Newsletters Last Time 19:45:18
Caucus States: Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming 19:40:48
Electoral College 19:38:46
Unofficial Ron Paul Ad for N.D.D.A. and S.O.P.A 19:35:33
A problem in Southwest Iowa. 19:30:45
How to Disregard the Newsletters 19:28:53
2002 Ron Paul in His Own Words on Racism "What Really Divides Us" 19:28:04
Great Rant by a Supporter: "Ron Paul: Damn It, Don't Ask Bout My Racist Writings" 19:26:21
Why Ron Paul Can Win 19:26:02
How to better work your leads from an ex call center employee 19:24:00
Gingrich Labels Ron Paul's Entire Support Base As 'People Who Want To Legalize Drugs' 19:22:21
Don't be Defensive - the Ultimate Solution to Newsletter Issue 19:19:31
Mark Steyn : Ron Paul's Support of Constitution is "Stunted Parochialism" (Audio) 19:18:37
Would you like to play a game? 19:17:27
Pundit : "If Ron Paul Wins Iowa We Just Take It Out" (Video) 19:10:58
Alabama NEEDS delegates! 19:10:45
Money Contribution Question 19:04:37
Houston: Texas Saddle Up Straw Poll event 19:04:35
Talk of "Race War" post Rodney King riots 19:03:22
URGENT! Video Message to Prevent Iowa GOP from Rigging the Vote 19:02:20
Tipping Point is happening: The Ron Paul Revolution will soon explode: Ron Paul can expect a lot of attention both good and bad! 18:46:15
Houston: Texas Saddle Up Straw Poll event 18:40:46
Ron Paul's Sound Judgement? 18:40:28
"Damn it. Don't ask 'bout my racist writings!" 18:39:24
Epic Ron Paul Newsletters Rant 18:37:15
Now it's getting interesting. Was curious when Grinch would bring it up 18:25:03
Mitt and Newt! Done. Period. And it is Easy! 18:21:13
Ron was on Cavuto around 4:30 today. 17:59:08
Never Heard Ron Paul Say A Single Racist Word 17:58:46
Ron Paul 52% Chance of Winning Iowa on CNN via NYT 17:56:48
Roger Simon: "If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we'll just 'take it out.'" 17:52:05
Man Exposes Al Sharpton /Rush Overt Racist Remarks 17:51:08
The simple, bold commercial the campaign needs 17:49:44
NAACP President: Ron Paul Is No Racist 17:42:10
Newsletter solicitation letter is true & predictive - In defense of Ad RP didn't write 17:41:50
Going from Judaism to Christianity for Christmas 17:35:22
Ron Paul is Popular with the Pre-School Crowd 17:33:26
Ron Paul The Ultimate Anti-Racist Candidate 17:32:35
The Campaign has a chance 17:22:18
Gallup national poll: Gingrich 26%, Romney 22%, Paul 13% 17:16:57
Must Watch: Edward Griffin The Collectivist Conspiracy 17:14:30
Paul on Cavuto TODAY 17:12:36
Ron Paul Sign Introduced To The Manhattanittes (PHOTO) 17:12:24
If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Anti War Democrats and Independents Likely to Provide Margin of Victory 17:12:16
VIDEO: Ron Paul on Your World/Neil Cavuto! 17:11:58
Can someone offer some advice on Advertisers 17:10:16
My letter to Tom Woods 17:09:31
Putting the Super Brochures to Use Part II: University of North Florida 17:07:57
Just Get On The Phone 17:04:34
Need help defending RP on FB... 17:02:56
Atlantic: "Smart, nuanced" article on Ron Paul and the newsletters 17:00:36
Let's hear Ron Paul's True Views on Racism in America 16:46:14
Sea Steads 16:41:34
Dr Paul DOES care - AND needs a better Townhall answer 16:32:05
Found These Links With CNN and Fox Sponsors 16:30:33
Iowa, Are You Ready for the Caucus? 16:27:12
HAHAHA! Bachmann claims to be tied for first place! 16:21:16
Best answer to the Newsletter controversy 16:19:03
Live! Jerry Doyle on Ron Paul 16:14:25
Obama: ‘There’s a laziness in me’ 16:14:07
More ignoring 15:43:21
Clown hosting Rush lied said Dr Paul for Open Borders 15:43:08
US Federal Govt is infamously rascist- Tuskegee Experiment, Lincoln, Liberia and other stooges 15:41:04
Former Soviet citizen sees what's coming for America 15:39:33
Ron Paul Dec. 28 rally for veterans in Des Moines 15:34:54
Newsmax; Godfather Politics; Conservative Byte 15:25:52
I'm Shocked at all of the Ron Paul Supporters at the Market Ticker 15:22:48
To Consolidate Information Please Post Information Regarding Old Newsletters here. 15:14:29
The Democrats' beloved Republican, Lincoln, was a horrible white supremacist 15:09:06
Military to Designate Americans as Enemies During Collapse (full version) 15:08:59
BLACK Man uneasy About RP Reaction to Newsletter on CNN Rd 3 Video 15:05:52
Ron Paul didn't deliver 4000 babies...(joke) 15:01:47
Advice for Ron Paul on Entitlements 12-23-2011 15:01:16
Rand Paul and Jesse Benton on Steve Deace's radio show 14:56:58
Mike Church’s Christmas with the Founding Fathers Radio Stream 14:56:25
5- 10 Thousand Iowans will be there Dec 30th. 14:55:28 - How did I miss this?! 14:53:07
Quotes Of The Day - Ron Paul Edition 14:50:53
The Free Man 14:45:29
Gary North: Ron Paul's Inaugural Address 14:44:00
Military Letters responding to Dick Morris' "patriot" comment - this is AWESOME! 14:41:52
President Paul ? examiner article 14:39:22
Ron Paul Social Network just like facebook, anyone else seen it yet? 14:33:19
Call in to Rush-Mark Stien 14:27:00
N.D.A.A. and S.O.P.A. (Great vid!) 14:26:12
Old folks coming out in droves for Dr. Paul. 14:21:53
RP support needed in Daily Beast comments 14:18:51
Chapman: How Do We Fix What Ails Us? elect RON paul 14:16:33
Dr. Paul must immediately embrace Race in his campaign! 14:14:07
Dr. Paul must immediately embrace Race in his campaign! 14:13:00
I Will Thumbs Down Any Negative posts 14:07:28
Council on Foreign Relations 14:04:31
Who are These "Journalists" ? What are their Motives ? We feature Judith Miller today. 13:56:52
Ron Paul Xian Minister Ashamed at how other Xians distort Ron Paul's Record 13:52:55
Ron Paul 2012: Six comments he needs to explain 13:51:34
A Big Thank You to All Iowa Voters 13:42:54
Journalistic Integrity: What can we do? 13:42:54
: Headline on Huff Post: Ron Paul warned 'Race War Coming' 13:40:48
Poll About MSM Smear Campaign 13:36:40
A thought on ending the newsletter issue 13:31:11
[VIDEO] Ron Paul exposed: talking about racist newsletters in 1995 13:25:03
Upcoming on Fox's "Happening Now" 13:24:26
MSM = "If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out." 13:18:14
Rush Fill-in invites Ron Pauls supporters to call an hijack the show 13:14:43
Tactics re: Media Character Assassination 13:11:07
Morning Joe: "Ron Paul Discussion" 13:08:41
CNN and Fox both gunning for Ron Paul: Conspiracy or Reality? 13:06:00
Why Do People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems? 12:56:17
Caucus Conveners/Attendees Please Read This. 12:56:04
"Irony Man" — WHO... IS... HE...? 12:54:04
Ron Paul's Iowa Edge: A Rock-Solid Caucus Campaign 12:52:36
Mr. Medved, resorting to character assassination shows lost argument 12:50:35
Newt's Giant Sucking Sound 12:48:33
Mean Gluttonous Sloth Says He's Open To Vice Presidential Run With Mitt Romney‎ 12:47:45
Ron Paul's People Have Passion: If Only More Americans Did 12:40:19
Good video interview with Bruce Fein on Power Play 12:37:56
Nice Huffington Post article: "Ron Paul Brings Out Older Voters In Iowa" 12:25:53
"must read" Fantastic Article: Why Ron Paul CAN win! 12:24:55
So Let Me Get This Straight.. Obama Wants To Run Against Ron Paul Because Paul Is Beatable So He And Biden Are Attacking Romney? 12:18:16
Bachmann Campaign Lies About Iowa Poll Numbers 12:08:44
Just Thought I'd Share Something 12:05:52
Norway Experiencing Butter Shortage 12:02:17
Significant news about to break for RP camp in Iowa? 11:59:49
Mitt Romney Promises To Give Every College Graduate A Job; And A War With Iran (Possible Translation: WW3 Will Require A Draft?) 11:59:32
"If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out." - Chief Political Columnist at Politico 11:59:12
"KCALB" (lol) Man Requests to See Tally of top negative stories 11:53:10
I AM RON PAUL 11:47:11
New Gingrich's over the top walk off (after 10 seconds) 11:47:06
Easy: Combating the Media with google +1 11:45:22
Rudolph, Ron Paul Style! 11:35:22
So what other states will Paul not be on the primary ballot 11:04:42
Romney Won't Release Tax Returns 11:04:18
The Racist Statements Need to be Addressed in a Major Speech ASAP 11:02:54
Who will oversee the votes and look for corruption? 10:58:37
I'd like to apologize 10:52:43
NY Times: Paul "WILL NOT be the nominee; powerful republicans have pledged to destroy him" 10:51:22
We shall overcome. Ron Paul and Martin Luther King 10:46:44
NY Times editorial valdiates Ron Paul's anti-war position. Still slams him on domestic issues 10:33:33
Poll: Ron Paul would fare best against Obama among non-white voters 10:32:17
Neocons: Paul's foreign policy sucks! Reagan's should be the model! 10:25:16
Why are so many Ron Paul supporters so quick to attack their own supporters? 10:14:52
Reach Out and Touch Someone! 10:13:32
New Iowa Poll Has Bachmann Up To 15%, Paul Still Out In Front 10:10:10
AJ : Ron Paul is in The Fight of His Life, We Must Stand With Him! 10:08:41
Greenville South Carolina on Ron Paul 10:07:15
Ron Paul Stares Down Racism - in the words of the trodden 09:49:13
Matt Damon "One-Term President with Balls" would be better! 09:44:52
Let the GOP know they don't have to be afraid of Ron Paul. 09:34:43
In Desperation Gingrich Blabs... "I think the key to his (Ron Paul's) volunteer base is people who want to legalize drugs." 09:31:39
Ron Paul Rockfest January 21st 2012 09:14:55
Daily Paul Members Fall Prey to Mainstream Media 08:59:29
Christmas present from Ron Paul 08:41:08
ABC:Ron Paul Talks 9/11, Iran, and Cookbooks On His Last Tour Stop Before Christmas 08:36:07
AP: NY judge has implicated Iran, Taliban, al-Qaida liable for 9/11 08:34:02
Facebook: Ron Paul defensive over past newsletters 08:29:55
Is Rick Santorum the next non-Romney to emerge from the pack? 08:25:02
Twitter Wars 08:22:07
China needs a "Ron Paul," man jailed 9 years for democracy [video] 08:13:46
Active military member with questions 08:12:00
More Nonsense 08:09:47
Mitt Romney Says He "Just Finished" The Same Book In Interviews Six Months Apart 07:34:25
Mitt Romney Says He "Just Finished" The Same Book In 5/11 And Again In 12/11 07:24:48
Interactive - Security Spending 2002-11 07:18:56
New Mindset Everyone. 07:08:00
D.M.C. "Hey Mr. President, What The Hell You Doin'" 06:57:14
Keep your Friends Close, Enemies Closer 06:54:20
Tucker Carlson on Ron Paul: GOP Should Ask Themselves Why Does This 70-ish Weird Guy Have All This Support 06:36:40
$10,000, “That’s way too expensive for my taste,” Romney Responded After He Offered To Buy A Collectable Car In New Hampshire 06:17:26
Americans to Obama: Veto NDAA, White House phones jammed 06:07:57
My response to a WSJ hit piece 06:02:28
Hit job and the tactics 06:01:15
Article - Ron Paul Could Revolutionize Country 05:58:01
How are Americans reacting to the attacks and smears against Dr. Paul? 05:50:04
Dr Paul's Winning Scenario! 05:49:17
Union Leader calls for Mitt-Newt (Who's The Biggest Liar) Debate - Says "Romney is Playing it Safe" 05:44:33
Mitt Romney Refuses To Release His Tax Returns 05:28:54
EPIC rebuttal, Definite help( regarding newsletters) 05:24:38
Want to make a HUGE Ron Paul Sign? 04:30:19
new graphic - the revolution continues 04:26:52
Excellent Interview of Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Backing up What Ron Paul is Saying 04:23:15
Mark Levin guest host "maybe I'm wrong" on Ron Paul support from troops 04:17:58
ABC News Blog: Ron Paul’s Supporters ‘Love’ Him While He Talks ‘Revolutionary Change’ 04:06:27
Ron Paul Talks 9/11, Iran, and Cookbooks On His Last Tour Stop Before Christmas 04:02:11
Best campaign idea ever. Less 60 second commercials more 15 second commercials 04:01:00
after iowa 03:55:53
South Carolina: The Atlantic Magazine helps Ron Paul. Thanks Molly Ball! 03:36:10
Ben Franklin quote: Prime cause of the Revolutionary War 03:34:33
New Poll Online 03:22:46
Article: Mainstream media starts smear campaign against Ron Paul - (It's positive!) 03:14:46
In defense of Ron Paul's Newsletter claim that AIDS could be transmitted by Saliva 03:11:28
NH Rep: Paul supporters aren't stupid 03:07:52
Did you miss this one? 03:04:46
My Big Question Re: Borger Interview 03:01:49
New Article: Paul Supporters Aren't Stupid. 03:00:09
"Paul Supporters Aren't Stupid" - New Hampshire Rep. Steve Vaillancourt Pounces On Concord Monitor's Political Strategist 02:58:22
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney May be Only Candidates on Virginia Presidential Primary Ballot 02:53:16
Brilliant! Ron Paul as Neo.. kicking Fox News Neocon's 02:50:56
The missing link - SOPA video that links the 99% & tea party message 02:50:13
The Hill | The Establishment vs. Ron Paul 02:35:40
Why Do THEY Keep Talking About Romney And Gingrich...We Want to Hear from Ron Paul! 02:29:56
Ron Paul addresses charges of racism on CNN (2008) 02:18:35
what about Obama's racist connections with reverend White? 02:07:00
Newsletters 02:04:51
Why do GOP bosses fear Ron Paul? 02:00:44
Aimee Allen 01:55:58
Reason Magazine Defends Ron Paul on CNN 01:52:45
Ron Paul win in Iowa will create free-for-all in New Hampshire 01:52:45
Dirty Tricks from 2007/08 State GOP Conventions. How not to lose. Very important! 01:51:18
Follow-up by Justin Raimondo 01:40:30
The Libertarian Hammer (facebook users) 01:37:39
Daily Caller: Messy NH Free-For-All Awaits If Ron Paul Wins Iowa 01:36:34
Walter Williams for VP? 01:32:03
Attack Iran? Russia, China, N. Korea, India, & Pakistan developed nuclear weapons w/o U.S. attack 01:29:44
Ron Paul - The Downtown Song! 01:19:53
The RP Campaign Needs to Go on the Offensive! 01:13:27
Free Ron Paul T-Shirt! 01:11:06
My Email to Newt Gingrich about His Claim of Being the "Longest-Serving Teacher in the Senior Military” 01:03:22
Ron Paul Portfolio - Courage of his Convictions 00:55:56
Who Controls the News? You'll Be Surprised 00:55:32
My Email to Dick Morris about His “No True Patriot Could Be for Ron Paul” Comment 00:53:32
Ron Paul Quotes on Hemp 00:53:16
Ticker for Phone from Home? 00:51:57
"Four of Seven GOP hopefuls meet deadline for Virginia Ballot" 00:50:07
The video that should end Romney's campaign. 00:48:22
Chicago Tribune: GOP in Ron Paul Denial in Iowa 00:46:29
MSNBC Gangs Up On Ron Paul Thursday Night 00:37:39
stop sopa - The secret to HOW! 00:29:21
Ron Paul Legacy! 00:18:41
Do mine eyes decive me? 00:11:53
Star Trek for the win! 00:09:31
Ron Paul Payday Friday Starting Friday 12 23 00:09:03
Ron Paul Supporter since 2007 00:07:06
Pay it Forward... Get one voter 00:00:48