Posted on December 26, 2011

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Iowa Homestretch! Campaign Requests for IA + Volunteers 19:01:22
China and Japan Agree to Sidestep US Dollar 20:30:14
New High for Ron Paul, Gets 17.3% in National Poll! 17:23:21
Ron Paul: Has his time come? 16:34:08
Daily Caller Reporter Michelle Fields Talks of Supporting Ron Paul 14:08:01
Watch The Vote 2012 - Important! 20:19:19
Boston Globe: Paul Rises in N.H. poll 10:04:08
Greenville News: Ron Paul Picking Up Herman Cain and Tea Party Supporters in South Carolina 09:48:07
Ron Paul Is The 2nd Most Popular GOP Candidate On Facebook (And He’s Gaining) 09:32:16
Ron Paul Super Brochure, Iowa Precinct Mailing - Video! 12:05:55
Thank You Everyone! 279,901 Super Brochures on the way to South Carolina Republicans & Independents 20:16:14
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Watch! Bachmann in Iowa at Hambug Inn meets OWS get's unwelcome surprise! 23:52:26
My interview with cnn. 23:37:48
Christmas memories from the Birthplace of Jesus 23:35:21
"GOP leaders want Ron Paul to lose" 23:33:43
Iranians are for Ron Paul 23:21:22
Poll 23:14:25
Yahoo! Paul builds campaign on doomsday scenarios 23:12:43
Why No Senators Or Congressmen For DC? 23:08:55
Ron Paul Trending # 7 on yahoo right now 23:07:37
Can someone explain to me why "BlowBack" isn't the title of 23:07:34
Public Policy Poll Twitter: Romney, Paul 1st Place 23:04:53
m 23:04:07
Ron Paul vs Libertarians 22:58:17
Ron Paul: Stop Defending A Racist 22:55:52
Christmas gift cards for Liberty! 22:53:41
Paul Less Polarising Than Gingrich or Obama-Gallup Poll-12/22/11 22:51:19
CFR Media Anti-RP Pundit Connection 22:44:08
WSJ: Many Iowan voters aren't buying that Ron Paul is a bigot 22:30:49
Shouldn't we be spreading good news and the message? 22:26:19
Drudge Report Top Link: 7 Days To Vote With Ron Paul Silhouette Picture 22:18:11
Make sure big brother Google doesn't follow you USE 22:17:52
Lugar : Paul Not In Sync With Mainstream GOP (Video) 22:15:24
Merry Christmas to Me! 22:13:25
The Tea Party did not form to help the GOP, they formed because the GOP was just another wing of the Democrat Party 22:13:06
Whenever Someone Seeks To Marginilize Dr. Paul As A Radical, On Any Issue 22:02:19
Ron Paul Portrait on Drudge -Need a moderator fast to capture 21:50:49
idea for a new campaign ad - save the children 21:50:44
Drudge: Silhouette of Ron Paul 21:46:32
I hope its Sunny & 80 degrees Next Tuesday 21:34:34
Ron Paul's Inauguration Speech 21:31:06
Can Ron Paul Win The Iowa Caucuses? 21:26:36
Are we allowed to e-mail the troops? 21:23:32
SOPA Blocks Individual YouTube Facebook Twitter Accounts 21:20:17
Enough playing Chess, let's GO! 21:09:32
1993 NY times article proves RP is right on US/Israel relations, Israel has lost their sovereignty to the US 21:08:33
If A State Whose Motto Is "Live Free Or Die" Does Not Elect Ron Paul 21:01:29
NEW VIDEO: A Message FOR ALL OF Humanity 20:57:29
New Hampshire: Google Trends. Proves Bias? 20:54:40
MD Rep Roscoe Bartlett may support Ron Paul 20:46:28
Ron Paul’s Salute to Veterans Rally - Dec 28 Des Moines 20:41:09
RP vs. Obama issue (Iraq: Break Apart?) 20:39:38
Republican Sen. Lugar (R-Ind.): GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is out of touch with mainstream America 20:36:35
Statement fmr Ron Paul staffer.. must read 20:31:33
Wonder what Ron Paul Would Say About This? 20:21:52
Did Huckabee Pay-To-Play Family Values Hypocrite Bob Vander Plaats ~$1 Million In Iowa 4 Years Ago? You Be The Judge. 20:18:42
How to handle Police Encounters in a police state 20:14:51
RP Supporters donate 6 tons of Food for Charity 20:12:17
Huckabee: Paul unelectable, Obama "decent...patriotic American" 19:56:25
Ten Thousand Iowans at Yankee Stadium, December 30th - Pinstripe Bowl 11:59:13
Ron Paul- What Some Black People Think 19:44:13
Can I get some Twitter responding help against an Anti-President Ron Paul Poster? 19:42:12
Ron Paul's Policies Have Appeal in Iowa 19:34:33
making a Ron Paul optical illusion 19:32:15
+ A Targeted 2-minute Speech for the Iowa Caucuses + 19:29:30
Let's Win Over the Black Vote! 19:26:15
In Defense of Posting Negative Articles 19:25:32
Ron Paul's racism in action 19:22:03
Good breakdown of yahoo "Ron Paul Is a Dangerous Tin Man Who Has No Heart" hit piece 19:20:27
NEW: VA A.G. Ken Cuccinelli's Thoughts from Dr. Paul re Medicare, Social Security 19:19:43
End of Quarter Push: Ron Paul needs $2M this week 19:10:59
Santa Battles TSA & Drones to reach kids before Christmas 19:03:09
Does Ron Paul have ballot access in your state? 18:53:27
Ron Paul Occupy Social Media Days Jan 3-4, 2012 18:51:27
is Newt involved in voter fraud in VA? 18:46:07
Fox talking about Paul vs. Obama 18:37:10
Paul's weak on balancing the budget? 18:35:11
CNN- HILARIOUS! 18:31:33
The Ron Paul newsletter controversy is a textbook liberal smear campaign 18:28:07
Iowa Weather Forecasts, Jan 3 18:27:46
What items do you use cash for? 18:22:45
My Best Christmas Present 18:16:31
JIBJAB: Merry Christmas from Ron Paul and The Founding Fathers 18:10:23
Some Canadian neocon hate, eh? 18:04:51
Boycott HuffPO 18:04:25
Ron Paul Under Fire for Praising Accused Traitor 17:53:37
Ron Paul camp fires back at ex-aide over column on Israel, gays 17:46:48
Stop Voting A Certain Party - VOTE Dr Ron Paul - New video? 17:46:34
Smears show the very last place where bigotry is accepted: the elderly. 17:36:15
Confused on Ron Paul's Pro-Life and Marriage Stances 17:32:23
Ron Paul on AIDS, Environment etc - Video Interview 1988 17:15:07
Ron Paul, Racism & The Uneducated Masses 17:08:36
Movie Time - 'War is always by Deception' 16:56:13
Ron Paul: The NDAA Codifies Obama's Power Grab 16:53:52
Dr. Paul: Time for EDUCATION mode. 16:48:32
Now is the Time for Ron Paul by Adam Kokesh 16:48:24
(+ article) Ron Paul Wins Despite Mainstream Smear 16:47:40
Just havin some fun on christmas.. 16:31:37
Can someone explain to me these libertarian rifts? 16:18:37
Wannabe dictator Gingrich sides with Clinton on 1995 Mexican bailout 16:16:16
BREAKING: Race and Medals? Ron Paul Wouldn't Even Vote to Give You a Congressional Gold Medal ! 16:10:18
Did Ron Paul ever give his endorsement to Cynthia McKinney? 16:03:29
Did Rick Santorum get a 2nd $500,000 mortgage from a campaign donor? 15:53:34
The Failure of America's Foreign Wars - Fantastic reading for Patriots. 15:53:06
Montanans submit Recall of Senators voting for NDAA Detention Bill 15:45:29
Anyone else think Rick Santorum looks like... 15:33:04
. 15:31:59
Did the Bob Vander Platts who endorsed Rick Santorum ask for money in exchange? 15:30:45
Fast And Furious Scandal, "Could bring down the entire Obama administration" 15:28:42
Ron Paul for 2012 GOP by a Military Member 15:25:31
Kentucky: MUST register Republican by 12/30 15:21:01
Otherwise disgruntled ex-staffer says Ron Paul is not a homophobe or anti-Semite 15:18:44
Any DP'ers who live near Lawrence, Kansas OR Madison, Wisconsin? (locations of Newsletter archives) 15:12:29
Newt Gingrich Is not a conservative and Never has been he will sell us out 15:10:16
Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Dick Morris, Mike Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, GOP Establishment ALL Anti-US Military. 15:10:08
Textbook Liberal Smear Campaign 15:07:04
Ron Paul's MLK Day Money Bomb Jan 16th 15:06:16
A Black Man's Brilliant, Impassioned Defence of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement 15:03:57
Answer this: Why are all the negative articles posted here? 14:57:57
Ron Paul Veterans Rally December 28th In Des Moines Iowa! Promote this FB event please! 14:56:46
Auburn Univ. Orders Student to Take Down Ron Paul Poster 14:56:29
Super Brochure BOMB! 14:55:55
Ron Paul- The Ultra Liberal To the left of Obama! Dick Morris TV 14:49:03
Boston Globe: Paul sparks passion in Granite State 14:45:10
attn ALL video creators: editing suggestion 14:36:12
CNN Finds Newt's Divorce Papers Hidden In Drawer: Apparently He Fibbed About Divorce Being His Wife's Idea 14:23:57
Scary thoughts on Republican Primary Rules 14:21:46
Ron Paul: Stop Defending Racists 14:17:20
Free!-Ron Paul Bumper Sticker-Free! 14:16:25
Mike Huckabee: Ron Paul Can’t Win, Obama Is Decent Patriotic American 14:12:17
Just saw a very nice piece on Paul's lead (22.3%) in Iowa by none other than Carl Cameron 14:11:53
The establishment opens fire 14:11:41
My daughter and I make 40 second video...Sharky the Shark on Paul, Obama, Gingrich and Romney 14:06:37
Watch all precients in all iowa caucuses 14:03:26
Newt is just a noise maker now. He's done. 13:59:27
Corporatists, Cabalists & Chroniclers 13:59:03
Journalist Michelle Fields Is a Ron Paulian! 13:54:23
#1 Neocon Argument? 13:48:58
Funny Reply to Smear Article 13:44:23
Why isn't this a Moneybomb (again)? 13:36:47
Boston Globe: Paul Sparks Passion in the Granite State 13:35:19
Ron Paul and the Newsletters: The New American's Take 13:34:24
defamation of character 13:29:10
Newly released court documents cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce 13:23:19
Ron Paul's Book Makes Girl Cry for Christmas 13:16:27
The candy Man says, "The government can" 13:14:49
Montana Citizens recall Senators and Congressmen. 13:10:49
Daily Tweet 13:08:44
Stop clicking on these articles! 13:08:34
Article: State Lawmakers Could Change Ballot Rules To Let Gingrich In 13:04:22
Perry's campaign cost TX taxpayers $400,000 a month for Security 13:04:01
Interesting hit piece from the Blaze update: Hurray! We caused them to make the video private 13:00:06
Phone from home 12:59:59
Dick Morris will support Republican Nominee 12:57:14
PAC internet ad. for draft dodgers Romney and Gingrich please 12:56:52
CNN Iowa Poll 12/26 Ron Paul 21% 1st Place (Romney at 20%) 12:55:10
Merry Christmas-From Ron Paul & The Founding Fathers 12:49:50
Can Ron Paul win the Iowa caucuses? 12:46:30
Ron Paul in 1995 12:46:02
Doc Thompson on Glenn Beck 12:45:25
Commission a FP poll 12:41:41
Montanans Launch 'Recall of Senators' Who Approved NDAA Military Detention 12:41:28
Rep. Paul says defense bill assures ‘descent into totalitarianism’ at The Hill 12:41:19
Excellent Article - The Homeland Battlefield- Congress just invalidated the Constitution 12:40:33
Time To End the War On Drugs 12:32:27
Jim Rogers 2012 Outlook, Likes Paul's Policies 12:28:17
The banks own Mitt Romney 12:26:21
An American Rages about CNN's smear of Ron Paul! 12:22:39
Is Christmas An American Holiday 12:22:05
Disgusting CNN "Opinion" hit piece by David Frum 12:19:23
We MUST Act NOW! 12:18:19
Voters Leaving Democrat & Republican Parties in Droves - 12:11:49
Newt you have some splainin to do - Why the love for anti-Catholic and Gay Hater Hagee? 12:05:08
Does marching with Black Panther's in 2007 make Obama A racist, No! 12:02:23
Debunking The Anti-Paul Messages 11:59:37
Is putting "(my name) for Ron Paul" in my email account name being too corny? 11:59:27
Have We Elevated Ron Paul To Candidate Perfect? 11:57:45
Your Social Media Will Be Monitored 11:55:58
Recall of Montana Senators, Recalling those who voted for NDAA 11:54:45
ABC: Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to Step up Offensive Ahead of Iowa Caucus 11:53:44
Investment 11:52:10
Huckabee: Paul wins if the weather is bad 11:51:25
Paul Supported MLK Day, Gingrich Opposed 11:48:19
Elron - Voxeo: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus 11:47:31
Looking for input to help me finish a Ron Paul education site. 11:44:16
John Mccain, Huckabee, GW Bush all attended and support racists like Rev. John Hagee and Bob Jones Univ.- where was the uproar? 11:38:24
Mitt Romney's Secret Money Washington Post 11:35:32
Representing Ron Paul at Disneyland in front of 1000s 11:25:24
Jaw-Dropping comments from Dick Morris 11:16:34
The painful naiveté of Ron Paul 11:00:13
Ron Paul on Drudge: Raw footage shows Ron Paul didn't storm out of CNN Interview 10:54:43
The Right to Be Racist? 10:42:53
Hillarious Reader Comments On A Story About How Paul Won't Be Elected 10:42:13
Iowa and NH on Google Trends 10:40:14
Weather forecast for Jan 3rd in Iowa: 10:39:23
Ron Paul and the War on Christmas 10:33:55
President Ron Paul - Bringin' 'Em Home 10:27:06
Dearborn, MI...1st amendment applies to everyone 10:26:05
Reason: The Right Way For Ron Paul to Respond to the Newsletter Controversy 10:21:04
Merry Christmas only Paul and Romney will be on the primary ballot in VA 10:14:08
UNCUT Ron Paul CNN Interview #7 Most Viewed Today on YouTube 10:05:22
"If He Wins Iowa MoneyBomb" 09:56:10
Gingrich plans aggressive Virginia write-in campaign - but there's a problem 09:45:42
Expanded Article Re: Seized Missles 09:44:35
DMR: Can Ron Paul win the Iowa caucuses? 09:41:33
In Arkansas 09:27:55
Newsletter Scandal 09:17:14
NYT Front Page: Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support 09:16:19
Ron Paul is no Huckabee 09:15:44
Poll graphic shows Ron Paul consistent & steady gains vs GOP opponents 09:11:03
New York Times - Front Page - Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views... 09:10:18
SFGate: Rick Perry, Ron Paul on opposite trajectories 09:09:17
Twas the day after Christmas and all through Ron Paul land 09:08:10