Posted on December 27, 2011

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Iowa GOP Moving Vote-Count to Secret Location 22:55:45
Call for Ron Paul from Home 19:42:42
TIME: Ron Paul’s Novel Coalition Faces Its Major Moment in Iowa 15:39:18
Locals Say Ron Paul is a Front-runner for a Reason 11:05:02
Great Interview With Two Ron Paul Supporters From Iowa! 09:03:53
Boston Herald: Ron Paul Among Top Choices for Undecided N.H. Family 05:33:38
Why the establishment really fears Ron Paul - Article by Jack Hunter 02:13:31
Rick Steves on Iran: Americans NEED to see this video 02:07:01
SFGate: Ron Paul Rides Grassroots Zeal to Surge in Polls 01:47:32
Refocus People... Mitt Romney Is The Only Serious Credible Threat To Ron Paul. 00:09:49
My Journey to Ron Paul, from a former Neocon. 10:12:06
To the GOP Establishment: Insult Ron Paul Supporters at Your Own Risk 01:08:47
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Federal contracts tied to Gingrich and Romney advisers 23:48:29
Today was one of the roughest days the campaign has ever had 23:45:49
Converted a Green Party voter today with the Peace Message 23:45:34
I Wish Everyone Would Read This. 23:43:45
Please email George Noorey of Coast to Coast and get Ron on the show 23:39:38
Rick Perry vs. Ron Paul - Great new AD 23:37:40
Biden: Obama Administration Asked Jon Corzine for Advice on Economy 23:32:40
Video Link for "Do Black Americans Believe RP is Racist" 23:29:38
Newt nod and wink to Wolf. It was a setup! 23:25:34
In 1998 John Birch Society Video, Ron Paul Warns Of UN Takeover 23:24:13
Frontrunners Ron Paul and Mitt Romney Offer Voters a Clear Choice 23:20:42
Will the Media Attacks Backfire? 23:07:00
Drudge: Newt! BAM! Smack! Paul 'No Better Than Obama' 23:06:43
If Santorum gets ANY traction in iowa 23:06:37
"You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich" - Grinch Parody of Newt Gingrich 23:02:01
Kennedy of KFI-AM640 Los Angeles Rooting for Ron Paul Win in Iowa 23:01:55
Has anyone ever read what Newt wrote back in the 80s? You have to read this! no words to describe 23:00:22
Cenk Young Turks now DEFENDS Ron Paul - Video 22:46:43
Cenk Young Turks Tries to Paint Ron Paul as a Racist Backfires - Video 22:39:08
Great site to honor our troops 22:39:04
Virginia Primary Open? 22:38:19
Choke on this Gov. Perry - Video of the Absurd Texas Ballot Access Requirements - Virginia is a Cakewalk 22:37:44
Rope a dope! 22:37:03
The Bible & Ron Paul video series! Helpful resource for Christians on the fence about Paul. 22:34:45
The next time I read a blog and I hear Ron Paul supporters defend against people by calling them a liberal I will throw up 22:28:38
New poll featured front page on! 22:27:09
Well GEE Perry, do you not read yor own states Ballot Access law in Texas, far worse than in Virginia 22:26:07
Now Ron's on the Daily Beast every day! 22:25:47
Iowa Results to Be Tabulated at an "Undisclosed Location" 22:21:50
The Final Step: They Attack You - Newt Goes All Out On Paul Saying That He's Worse Than Obama 22:21:43
►Perry Campaign Sues to Get on Virginia Ballot 22:17:37
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Again Top Most Admired List 22:10:34
Getting to Know Junk Silver (by 22:09:19
Oath Keepers urges Recall for all Congress Critters over SB 1031 NDAA 22:07:47
This is bad. important article. 22:07:24
Black America and America Is Starting To Wake Up! 22:02:34
Is the Global Monetary System Intentionally Designed to Destroy 'True Love'? 22:02:14
Moderator Please! 22:00:39
The One Topic That Seems To Bring Even Neocons and Paulites together 21:54:23
Question: Do you know why most Americans do not know of the economic train wreck coming down the track? 21:54:16
Jan 4th Headline Predictions 21:51:42
A Very Ron Paul InfoWars Christmas Special! 21:49:30
The Speaker of the House does not have to be an elected official of Congress. 21:48:29
We got Shaq! 21:48:08
Rapid Response Team Needed! 21:45:47
Latest VERY interesting prediction from Iowa maven Steve Deace (RP 28%) 21:38:14
Another Hit Piece - from the National Review by way of Yahoo 21:33:23
Ron Paul brings the real world to the political debates whether or not he has the right answers 21:32:21
Sanctions of Death 21:28:39
Des Moines Television station now talking about Newt Memo praising RomneyCare 21:27:35
Israel 21:18:52
Newt Hypocrisy 21:16:14
For those with concerns about Ron Paul's position on Israel... 21:13:58
Where's Our Pundits!? 21:13:33
There's a NEW Top Tier... 21:11:22
More evidence RP is racist 21:09:49
Need a job? Internment / Resettlement Specialist 21:07:01
Google search Ron Paul (racist quote at top of page) 21:06:22
Foxnews bows to royal racist 21:05:24
Wow Newt would VOTE for Obama, by default 21:03:41
Newt Gingrich Unloades.. says, "Ron Paul Worse Than Obama" 20:57:38
Rigged Poll (SodaHead) 20:57:38
Ron Paul surges in New Hampshire Poll 20:54:56
Gingrich Unloads on Paul: Worse Than Obama 20:47:45
We're at 84% now, but what the heck, keep voting! 20:45:05
Voter Fraud Concerns 20:42:47
"This indecent American just sent in 20 bucks in honor of you Newt! 20:42:38
Ron Paul's "Disgruntled" Staffer and the Press Smear of Ron Paul 20:41:00
Gingrich: Couldn't vote for Ron Paul for president 20:34:29
Reverse Quiz! A: 1.8 billion 20:32:36
Glenn Greenwald: Vote Obama – if you want a centrist Republican for US president 20:27:05
Wow...I Will Never Watch The Young Turks Again 20:12:42
Iowa Local News Station Poll 20:11:36
Newt working on Illinois Petition Drive 20:07:13
Nick gillespie on c-span stumping for paul in his own ways 20:03:00
Ron Paul Senior Adviser will be on live CNBC 7:15Pm ET 19:58:48
Paul Smears Ineffective 19:56:58
Going to Iowa headcount..Bueller? Bueller? 19:50:34
Boston Herald official endorsement goes to ... 19:45:59
Whats it like being Republican? 19:43:48
Auction your Christmas gift cards to fellow DailyPaulers for super brochures! 19:39:46
Ron Paul in position to capitalize on a Romney collapse in New Hampshire 19:38:19
County Sheriffs Push Back Against The Feds 19:35:50
SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers! 19:27:23
Uprising Within Us! (poem) 19:26:17
Operation Low Radar 19:25:08
Want a huge laugh? US Treasury says China NOT manipulating their currency 19:21:56
What Happened To The Economy? 19:21:41
Mitt Romney is bought and paid for by Wall Street 19:12:50
Paint the Town with Ron Paul 19:09:41
Favorite Reagan Quote and its about Ron Paul 19:09:38
Santorum taking the lowball road 19:08:54
New Hampshire: Ron Paul up five points in poll, Romney down three 19:04:10
There Is still time To Retract NDAA! We Need 8,000 Sigs! We Have Until the 30TH! 19:03:29
Is Ron Paul Electable? By 18:55:58
Can it NOT snow in Iowa come january 3rd? 18:53:46
Ron Paul 2012- Principles Over Party Video 18:40:45
New Paul Ads need to focus on Vets & MSM Choosing Candidates 18:40:36
Meeting a lawyer who deals with some shady business for big corporations. 18:39:47
Gingrich wouldn't vote for Ron Paul 18:32:12
I defened Ron Paul in studio on a local radio panel!(VIDEO-HD) 18:31:32
Iowa Caucuses - Will the threat from Anonymous serve as an excuse for hanky-panky in Iowa next week 18:30:26
Real Clear Politics Woman on Hardball, "Paul Doesn't Want to Be President" 18:29:51
Principles over party 18:29:39
Newt Gingrich Just Accused Ron Paul Of Anti-Semitism 18:28:55
Gingrich Wouldn't Vote for Ron Paul 18:26:57
blitzer's blog: Who’s dropping out after Iowa? 18:26:45
Has anyone ever thought ... 18:22:45
For your Christian friends: Three minute persuasion piece to vote RP! 18:20:20
Frank Luntz, meet 'Drive Time' 18:18:22
Was on the phone w/GCN Rob Redding News Review 18:18:05
Hardball: Ron Paul Hit Piece in 5 minutes 18:14:13
Gingrich on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 18:08:40
Ballot Bailout? 18:01:22
Everyone, Please Bring a Friend to Caucus with you in Iowa 17:57:57
Newt is on Blitzer right now discussing Paul 17:55:13
GM and bailouts 17:50:17
Guess who's back, back again 17:49:27
Just another SLAM Ron Paul day on the Michael Medved show 17:32:47
A question for those more experienced with elections. 17:28:52
Gallup National Poll: Gingrich 25%, Romney 24%, Paul 11%, Perry 8% 17:16:09
Ben Swann Reality Check Tonight at 10:00 17:16:05
Do individual campaign donation maximums reset at the new year? 17:14:10
PRWeb: RP signs Personhood Pledge 17:13:21
Floor Space in Manchester, NH for HARDCORE Activists 17:13:12
Students in Iowa on break from college and at home? 17:08:57
The GOP Is Scared Stupid 17:01:49
Absolutely inspired perspective from one Black American (Must Watch) 17:00:50
TYT Video: More RP Problems for Progressives - pretty lame 16:59:39
I better not pout. Perry and Bachmann and Gingrich are coming to town*Updated* 16:56:31
Ex-aide calls Rep. Ron Paul's foreign policy views 'pure lunacy' 16:50:05
Israeli paper: Ron Paul is not anti-Israel - Interviews former foreign policy advicer & Israeli Dr. Leon Hadar 16:42:09
Former Aide of Ron Paul on CNN: Paul is NOT a racist! - Video 16:34:29
Was just on the Sean Hannity Show 16:30:56
Nick Gillespie talking RP on C span 16:22:10
Dear Ron, please create an ad quickly about Mitt Romney 16:18:24
Chemtrails - Make a New Years Resolution to Join Those Fighting for What's Right 16:16:20
* Listen to this... here's a little inspiration. * 16:11:10
It is ALL about Israel. Christians, please read. 16:06:40
Paul had more GOP delegates in 2008 than Romney 16:05:00
Explaining "rude" supporters 16:01:15
Gold/SIlver MLM (Affiliate Marketing): Anyone interested in promoting Sound Money? 16:00:44
CBS Video: Paul surge in Iowa 16:00:38
Davenport anyone?Bueller?Bueller? 15:52:08
America's farmlands to be carpet-bombed with Agent Orange chemical? 15:52:08
New Poll? 15:51:31
Paul should release attack ad against Obama the over-promiser 15:43:21
Limbaugh host calling Ron Paul "nuts" today 15:39:17
Ron Paul Resonating! 15:37:43
Stars and Stripes updated for 2012 15:32:11
Ron Paul's message of truth speaks for itself 15:31:30
An Appeal To Reason: Re-establishing and Preserving Our Republic 15:27:17
Ex-Aide to Paul ran against him in 2008. 15:22:27
Iowa the new 13th floor 15:17:25
What Have We Let Ourselves Become? 15:11:07
Keeping Students From the Polls 15:04:13
Huffington Post: Paul "US Drug War Has Racist Origins" 15:01:38
Did Ron Paul sign a pledge to support a Ban on Abortion at the Federal Level? (article) 14:59:25
Our Most Powerful Weapon Against The Attacks 14:57:22
Obama Nominates Two More To The Fed 14:51:54
The U.S. Government is Run by Liars, Like Their Drones Federal Employees Will Crash 14:50:53
I got on Rush 12/27/11 (guest host Mark B?) UPDATE audio link 14:45:56
How can we get every person in America to watch Adam Curtis' "The Power of Nightmares" 14:43:09
Ron Paul vs Barack Obama Dec, 27th 2011 14:41:25
Philadelphia Was Subjected to Anti-Paul Rant On It's Largest 50K Watt Radio Station 14:41:18
Ron Paul WILL be vindicated and we will win! 14:39:59
Luntz: Paul will win IA, has greatest organization "in politics today!" 14:32:00
Ron Paul Marches ON, Iowa, New Hampshire, Better & Better in National Polls 14:28:13
Tea Party Supports 'Loser' Michelle Bachmann 14:27:39
Dondero Just Sidestepped a CNN Question About his Working for Another Candidate 14:22:12
Education Minute: Obama did NOT want to leave Iraq 14:15:15
Fear in their eyes; former gov. Ed Rendell 14:10:38
Paul dropping $10 Million worth of ads on IA and NH over the next 2 weeks! 14:09:27
If you cannot answer a man's argument, all it not lost; you can still call him vile names. ~Elbert Hubbard 14:08:42
*Gasp* Rick Santorum on the rise!? 13:58:49
If a candidate drops out can they give their delegates away? 13:53:05
Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring GOP, HAL.9000: RP will be the Republican nominee in 2012 13:50:24
Luntz yesterday: Paul will win Iowa! Has greatest organization "in American politics today!" 13:47:55
attn: ALL tampa BAY Ron Paul supporters - Critical primary meeting tomorrow (wed)! 13:33:54
Ron Paul: Drug War In U.S. Has Racist Origins 13:28:46
Kickstart Crowd Text Messaging. 13:26:05
Ron Paul needs to have a press conference with ethnic supporters pledging support. 13:23:56
Tell us... who are the NeoCons running for US Senate in your State? 13:18:41
Washington consultant to GOP establishment: Paul can't be "ALLOWED" to win Iowa 13:17:33
ALERT! Has the campaign been infiltrated by Romney agents? 13:12:18
The Ron Paul Revolution: Freedom Fighters 13:11:26
The Grinch That Stole America (Video) 13:10:29
Eric Dondero Quotes 13:10:07
MSNBC NOW: UP next-breaking down The Ron paul campaign 13:10:04
Why Noeocons Hate Ron Paul's Honest Foreign Policy 13:05:44
This Topic is for Those in Other Countries to Voice Their Support for Ron Paul 13:04:24
REMINDER: Ron Paul to Campaign in Central and Western Iowa 12:57:41
Ron Paul: Possible Investments.. 12:57:07
Electile Dysfunction 12:54:18
Why the Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul 12:51:48
The 'You like Ron Paul, except on foreign policy" video 12:50:38
There is no rest. 12:47:53
Interesting Article on Hannity and /North 12:40:19
FOX Begins With the Santorum Push... How Did We Know? 12:36:24
How to Best Respond to the Attacks on Ron Paul... 12:32:17
Newt Gingrich, Marianne and the Arms Dealer: A Buried FBI Investigation 12:24:46
Why MLK Jr. & Ron Paul Are My Heroes 12:08:23
Iowa Victory Song 11:58:47
UK News: Media insanity over newsletters "won't kill" Paul's lead 11:58:07
Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney for President? Ron Paul Shows True Colors 11:54:12
A Comic Book Exposing the Federal Reserve Bank 11:51:20
Ron Paul: Party Wrecker - The GOP's History of Non-Interventionism Finds a Champion 11:48:05
Stupid article at Salon: How the Media Made Ron Paul 11:36:36
Ron Paul has the strongest emotional connection with Iowa voters of all the GOP candidates: Politico 11:30:36
Montanans Launch Recall of Senators Who Approved NDAA 11:29:54
The New Republican Primary Rules Make It Possible for the Republican Establishment To Steal the Nomination From a Candidate They 11:26:04
10th Amendment question 11:24:57
Because three is always a good number, I propose a three step platform for Ron Paul when he is elected President: 11:24:56
Why not more effort winning Florida? 11:12:16
MoneyBomb? Why now? My hypothesis. 10:54:09
Hosting company GoDaddy losses 70.000 sites after support anti piracy plan. 10:51:24
Gingrich and Former Democratic Party Leader challenging the Virginia ballot. 10:49:32
"Something big coming?" *and* When's REVPac running ad defending Paul against racism? 10:44:21
Huge Silhouette of Ron Paul on the top of Drudge 10:38:43
Mish: Attack Dogs Unleashed on Ron Paul; No Need to Rethink Endorsement; Plus Side of Attack Dogs 10:29:03
Bashing Paul right now on Sirius Mike Church Show 10:27:04 Poll results have they been released yet? 10:23:05
Perry, Paul, Newt, or Romney? YOU DECIDE! 10:22:22
URGENT Read the Watch the Vote 2012 Web Page 10:16:18
So, what time is the Trump debate on tonight? 10:14:14
CNN: Gingrich self-destructing; Romney and Paul durable 10:12:14
Perry Ads Seem To Be Sticking To Romney / Gingrich In Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina; But Also Not Helping Perry. 10:10:20
Gingrich is officially finished 09:48:43
Bill Bennett Morning in America Asking for Military Paul Supporters to Call In. Will Take Calls at Least Into Wednesday's Show. 09:36:34
Charity ~ rEVOLution Style 09:35:32
How Sad: Gingrich Supported Romney Care in 2006 (get this) NEWSLETTER 09:26:06
How to Steal the Nomination from Ron Paul 09:21:06
How Ron Paul Will Change the GOP in 2012 09:14:02
Do black Americans believe Ron Paul is racist? 09:13:20
Romney's Blind Trusts Maybe Not Blind After All? All Chinese Holdings Shed About The Time Romney Decided To Confront China. 09:08:06
The Night I Felt Jesus Cry 09:02:12
Romney & Gingrich: The Draft Dodgers That Want to Send Your Kids to War 08:53:09
Nick Gillespie on cspan discussing Ron Paul and libertarianism - video 08:43:09
'Primary School' by Joshua Franklin - a nice Ron Paul Piece 08:39:54
WaPo: Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes 08:34:30
Mike Church show hijacked by neocon weasel! 08:21:20
Newt has a VIDEO 07:50:21
So If Mitt Romney Does Not Own A Gun And Is Not Comfortable Handling A Gun How Can We Trust Him To Safely Handle Our Nuk's 07:48:25
I Can’t Renew My Drivers License 07:42:47
Daily Beast: How Ron Paul Will Change the GOP in 2012 06:32:56
Steady men hold the line 06:24:32
The Republican Convention Can Be Hijacked 06:08:29
Occupy Wall St An In Depth Analysis 06:06:51
BREAKING: Ron Paul –Hear Him On Camera and In Writing, Fighting Discrimination 05:54:09
Politico Admits They Will Blackout Ron Paul if he Wins Iowa 05:45:31
Mark Hopp Gives Liberty a Lift in Alamance Co. NC. 05:25:38
Why are Iowans Supporting Ron Paul? 05:17:24
SBS Australia Ron Paul Hit Piece 05:15:29
I Don't Like Racist Ron Paul and His Crazy Supporters;) 04:56:36
Good article in SFGate tonight 04:38:48
Ron Paul Killing The News Media! 04:37:05
Video - Response To Dick Morris! 04:26:26
UPDATED: Who really wrote the objectionable content ? 04:25:04
Ron Paul is not a racist, written by an Asian American 04:21:08
CNN Desperation - Looks Like Youtube Really Did Freeze the Viewcount This Time 04:18:31
another good video busting MSM 04:06:14
Ron Paul building a solid Michigan base - Detroit News 03:55:53
NEW VIDEO: Choose Stigma. Rebel. (Vote Ron Paul) 03:49:09
Mitt Romney's Flip Flops - Serial Hypocrisy! 03:48:34
"and the Paul bashing begins..." 03:42:24
How would the MSM play the Iowa results? 03:32:36
Please donate NOW to the official campaign what you can! 03:27:58
Ron Paul among top choices for undecided N.H. family - Boston Herald 03:00:02
The U.S. Government’s Newest Attack on Industry, the Internet and Digital Marketing 02:58:48
They said THIS in the church bulletins? 02:51:51
Medical Journal: 14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout 02:31:31
The US “Homeland Battlefield” Congress's assault on American civil and political rights 02:28:21
Documents Reveal Israel Stole Uranium from U.S. Stockpiles In 1950s and 1960s 02:25:48
Ha ha - Old Romney Video Debating Ted "Chappy" Kennedy. Who's the Real Liberal? 10:00:22
Get Real, There is NO Health Care Issue 01:59:22
A Real Life Story Against the Regulation and Research of Drugs 01:56:24
Sarah Palin WE know YOU lurk here 01:44:28
Newt and John Kerry - Newt goes Green "As Speaker I always sided with the environment" VIDEO 01:42:32
The Last Candidate Obama Wants To Face Is Ron Paul 01:39:57
Ron Paul among top choices for undecided N.H. family 01:39:03
Incoming! 01:29:53
Mr. Paul's Pro-Nuclear Position is Ill Advised 01:25:08
Dallas Morning News Paul Spoiler article 01:21:21
newt getting nailed with this ad in Iowa on partial birth abortion 01:15:53
Newt on Video - We need to SUBSIDIZE Solar, Wind and BioFuels! 01:08:27
Adam Kokesh: "Ron Paul is Racist"="I Don't Really Like Freedom" 00:56:05
With 1 Week To Go, What Should Ron Paul's Game Plan Be? 00:55:12
+ Dear Jesse Benton + 00:35:06
Exeter NH Town Hall VIDEO 00:31:22
Do you live in Northern MA/Southern NH and want to do your part? 00:24:33
Why doesn't Paul point out he voted for Martin Luther King Day but Gingrich did not? 00:22:09
1.4 Billion Miles of Debt 00:09:05
Neocon Definition of Isolationism 00:09:03
CBS Evening News shows poll w/ Paul in 1st. 2 min. later "Paul may NOT be frontrunner" 00:07:27
Warning to Iowa 00:07:19
*Dope-slap!* Why didn't I realize that the VoteBuddy idea can apply to primary elections as well as general elections? 00:03:44