Posted on December 29, 2011

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Great Videos - Iowa Caucus Media 2008 v. 2012 LOL Let's go viral 21:23:02
NH RISE: Romney 36%, Paul 21%, Gingrich 13% (Public Policy Polling) 17:03:35
Breaking Video: Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson on CNN discussing his swtich from Bachmann to Paul 15:14:31
Ron Paul Reacts to Ad Defending him Against Racist Charges 14:32:49
▶ ▶ Ron Paul Is Already Beating Obama 13:33:16
Video: Full Ron Paul Interview on Jan Mickelson WHO Radio 18:17:13
Ron Paul's Lonely Breakfast of Champions 15:04:57
Ron Paul Super Brochure Showcased on MSNBC's The Ed Show; Praised by Politico 16:23:44
New York Times Shocked and Awed by "Christmas with Ron Paul" turnout 00:19:41
Full Video: Ron Paul's Salute to Veterans Iowa Campaign Rally - 12/28/11 01:38:34
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Texans pay $1.4 million for Perry's campaign 23:59:36
Jason Lewis Show 1110 AM WBT Charlotte 9-12 PM ET-Balanced Coverage, Mucho Paul Phone-ins 23:54:22
Is Ron Paul running any ads directly attacking Romney's record in Iowa? 23:43:09
Newt Gingrich, Marianne and the Arms Dealer: A Buried FBI Investigation 23:35:51
Awesome Ron Paul cspan video from 1999 23:33:58
Obama got punked by Ron Paul supporter 23:30:08
The Liberty Movement as I Experience It 23:28:21
Politico: Who won the day? Ron Paul 23:25:10
We have it within our power ... 23:18:28
Chris Hayes, are you serious? 23:18:05
Police state to enforce zero tolerance in Sacramento tomorrow 23:17:31
TWELVE front-page Paul links on (plus poll)! 23:13:19
Anybody out there in Iowa? 23:11:59
IBTimes: Hand Paul the Economy 23:08:53
Stand Up And Be Who You Really Are! 23:04:23
Rachel Maddow - Just watched a laughable hit piece on RP & Gold investors 23:02:57
Bob Barr shills for Newt on gunowner rights 23:01:54
Gingrich Let Own Kids Become Charity Cases 22:58:22
Hundreds Cheer On Ron Paul at Council Bluffs 22:55:17
GOP Establishment wrong to ‘disenfranchise’ Ron Paul supporters 22:55:15
USA Today: To those who say Paul cannot go to the distance even if he shows well in Iowa, Paul said, "Time will tell." 22:52:44
Scumbag Hannity! 22:48:34
The United States is a Corporation. America Is Still A British Colony - Video 22:48:29
Over 800 Cheer Ron Paul in Standing-Room-Only Stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa 22:47:16
What Blacks are saying about Ron Paul 22:46:01
Airlines, Holidays, and Ron Paul 22:44:18
Online poll: Would you vote for Ron Paul if he's the GOP nominee? 22:42:23
Look what the secret service did to my car today! 22:40:52
Need Commenters: Jezebel Titles Ron Paul Piece: "DirtBag" 22:35:42
Good news in New Hampshire, but in Iowa... what happened? 22:27:53
Post predictions on who you think will be next celebrity or political figure to endorse Ron Paul! 22:14:09
Ron Paul To Be On Hannity / Fox News Next Following Grinch 22:11:40
Ron Paul gets Kelly Clarkson endorsement-she gets haters, but love by 22:09:07
Kent Sorenson for Iowa Governor - Throw Terry "Iowa's vote doesn't count" Branstad out 22:01:19
Radley Balko disses RP on Facebook 21:57:22
Is The GOP Race Over? Intrade Has Romney At 76.3% 21:48:20
HA! Rick Santorum is advertising on the Daily Paul! 21:44:43
Abandoning Iowa: Romney Gives Up, Ducks Out and Heads Back to Try to Save New Hampshire 21:43:28
Yahoo front page says North Korea altered a funeral procession picture 21:42:36
Will Virginia Be A Microcosm of The GOP Race? Paul Vs. Romney 21:41:23
Occupy Iowa vs Ron Paul: Many Occupy protesters sympathetic to Ron Paul 21:40:49
Combating the Distortions Over NDAA Military Detentions, Does This Mean You? You'd Better Believe It. 21:31:58
Fox News says Wes Enos, Bachmann's Iowa political director was fired. 21:30:35
Nolan Chart On Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 21:28:08
Great new grassroots video: They're Afraid Of Ron Paul 2012 21:27:57
Over 750+ people showed-up to Ron Paul campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa 12/29/11 21:25:18
Lots of love for Ron Paul in Atlantic Iowa this afternoon! 21:25:02
"Team Obama" lays out their strategy to win 2012 21:24:55
Ron Paul is Against Building a Wall: And for good reason, it can keep us in. 21:24:14
Twitter-bomb Kelly Clarkson! 21:20:16
Tales Of Bureaucracy: Dog Catcher 21:20:03
Politico Poll: Will Ron Paul's foreign policy stances hurt his chances in the early states? 21:17:47
Photo of Ron 21:17:01
PBS NewsHour calling Romney "the lead or tied for lead" in Iowa 21:10:31
Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul as the Only Anti-war Candidate 21:08:31
Romney and Perry Cite Lies About Iran in Effort to Discredit Ron Paul 21:02:30
Chris Matthews on the attack 20:51:25
Attack On Paul As 'More Left Wing Than Obama' is laughable 20:50:49
Hit Piece on RP from NH Union Leader 20:48:12
The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus - "the entire election process i 20:45:05
Politico up to old tricks again 20:40:34
Can anyone help? 20:39:05
It seems that someone else was treated like Paul even back in 1726 20:37:57
Mitt Flip Flop Romney - in his own words 20:37:50
MSM blackout-what do you all think? 20:35:16
Virginia ballot dispute Updated 20:28:23
Real Americans Vote Ron Paul 20:19:55
Quote from the Internet 20:16:57
On the importance of Iowa 20:10:55
The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur gives props to Ron Paul 20:08:49
Pledge To Vote Down All Lower-Tier Candidate Posts.. Please No More Mention of Bachmann, Santorum, Huntsman, Perry or Gingrich 20:07:51
Now the courts can try us in secret too! 19:59:58
Prominent RS Google Ad on DP 19:57:38
Latest Public Policy Poll New Hampshire: Paul 27%, Romney 24% (Voter Age 18-44) 19:53:03
Unsubscribe from Newsmax! 19:53:03
From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go! 19:51:42
Mother With No Prior Offenses Sentenced to Twelve Years in Prison for $31 Marijuana Offense VIDEO 19:49:08
Walter Williams is Hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show 12/30/11 19:48:44
Town Hall = Newt Gingrich 19:46:58
Can the MSM Pull the Plug on Ron Paul? Positive media debate VIDEO 19:43:45
Is it POSSIBLE that Sorenson is a plant to create doubt NOW? 19:43:04
Ladies and Gentlemen, Ron Paul! 19:42:16
Ron Paul: Join the rebellion against the American empire (Video the govt doesn't want you to see) 19:34:30
MLK and Ron Paul 19:33:38
Today on Mark Levin Show : "Ron Paul Has Been Hanging Around The Likes of Rev. Wright" 19:32:10
Hilarious robo-call smear attempt 19:25:57
Ron Paul Defector to Train Grass Roots Activists 19:15:18
Top of Drudge: Romney 45%, Obama 39% 19:03:08
Hardball Jumping the Shark:" Is Ron Paul a Truther?" 19:02:54
They're Afraid Of Ron Paul 2012 19:01:54
Our Air Getting Sprayed IS a Current Event- Not Off Topic 18:55:31
Headline! New Unnamed Fictional Source Confirms; RON paul IS A BAD person! (SARCASM) 18:51:29
Bachmann on CNN saying Ron will never get 18:49:24
OWS@Veterans Rally: We Like Ron Paul, but We want to ruin Him, for our own Publicity! 18:47:08
The Latest Attack: Ron Paul Is A More Of A Left Liberal Than Obama 18:42:11
!Ben Swann is asking for help! 18:41:35
MSNBC Hardball: "Romney on path to nomination, who is Ron Paul really?" 18:38:12
How's the Sky Look Where You Are- Halos and Chemtrails Here in California Today.. 18:35:38
Post Super Brochure - Super E-Newsletters? 18:31:43
Jack Hunter on Fox News 12/29/11 Video 18:29:21
Chris Matthews: Ron Paul is a Conspiracy Theorist! 18:28:57
If it comes down to Romney vs Paul... 18:28:47
Something to Put a Smile on your face 18:27:50
ChipIn a little to help buy expensive SC precincts! 18:24:56
A converstation with A neocon IM exhausted 18:20:42
Ron Paul and Israel: Respect, Commerce and Honest Friendship 18:20:05
VA GOP attempting to require a GOP "loyalty oath" at their primary 18:19:03
Wes Enos has been fired from the Bachman Campaign for sticking up for Kent Sorenson endorsing Ron Paul. 18:15:07
The Five DISGUSTINGLY bashing Ron Paul Now 18:13:25
Thomas Woods of the Mises Institute interviews Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint 18:11:50
Hit Piece Central at Real Clear Politics (attacking Ron Paul) 18:10:13
The Only Anti War Candidate, Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul 18:06:41
CNN reporter Gloria Borger's husband's work ties with Newt Gingrich 18:03:42
Paul's Position on Gay Marriage 18:03:04
Welcome to all the former Bachman supporters. 17:59:04
Romney "Ron Paul's Not Going to Be Our Nominee" Niether Will YOU 17:58:07
Bruce Fein - trustworthy? 17:57:38
Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul 17:51:58
I'm a RACIST ..... 17:48:10
"Ron Paul is Not a Racist" Hilarious video ! 17:46:27
Paul Supporters run the internet 17:45:48
According to, latest Rasmussen poll didn't survey democrats 17:42:51
In response the 5 professional protesters arrested at Iowa RP HQ. 17:41:48
Paul's Abortion Position 17:41:16
TODAY - Romney defends Romneycare: "I'm not going to change my a presidential run." 17:37:55
Bachmann Iowa Chair defects to Ron Paul, Romney still avoiding polls. 17:30:56
US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft and Secrets - video 17:27:41
New Poll Needs Your Help 17:26:47
Huntsman (DaddyPAC) uses edited CNN video in NH Attack Ad. 17:24:28
Urgent News Please see! Critical! 17:18:10
Swann has decided to do a two-part "Reality Check" on the Ron Paul! January 4th and 5th. 17:13:41
Eric Bolling in Cavuto's place kissing up to Bachmann 17:12:47
Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon 17:10:10
Is Mitt Romney Running for President of Wall Street? Instead of President of Main Street 17:09:01
Huntsman's Iranian Missile Problem 17:04:59
No WAY! Santorum is Surging in New Hampshire too - He is the New Top Tier 17:00:47
Huntsman Money "Made in China? " 16:57:00
(NEW) New Hampshire Publc Policy Poll 12/29: Romney 36%, Paul 21%-We're gaining! 16:51:12
Ron Paul on WHO Iowa Radio 12/29/11 16:44:58
We want your opinion for the world to see. 16:37:38
UK Telegraph: Ron Paul gaining support of Iowan Democrats and independents 16:35:18
RevPAC Interview with Iowa Veteran, John Feller 16:34:52
Ron Paul Talks About Race in America 16:33:26
House flipping just got a extension, Wow! 16:32:52
UFC Fighter John Fitch supports Ron Paul 16:27:39
FOX insists "facts" are Paul "wooed" Iowa chair; rudely interrupts Sorenson's reply 16:25:46
Ron Paul overcomes another smear campaign by the MSM 16:25:31
Female Veteran for Ron Paul 16:22:50
Ron Paul Talks About Race in America 16:19:13
US weapons-grade uranium diverted to Israel 16:15:32
NEW Truthdig article about the media marginalizing Ron Paul... 15:51:57
Walter Williams on Rush radio show tomorrow!? 15:47:31
U.S. Government Plans to Sell F-15 Fighter Jets to Terrorist-Friendly Saudi Arabia 15:44:42
Need Help with this Poll 15:40:44
John Huntsman sour grapes? "Iowa picks corn, not presidents." 15:40:00
Powerful New Ad: The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 15:28:04
Drunk Kelly Clarkson and Steel Panther 15:26:13
What Ron can do as President, without Congress. 15:13:43
Rasmussen: Dr. Paul closes to 1 point of Romney in Iowa 15:08:44
Would it even matter if Ron Paul really wrote those newsletters? 15:07:08
Mossad chief: Nuclear Iran not necessarily existential threat to Israel 15:04:13
Ron Paul: "Boy, what you have to do in this business!" 14:59:11
Jon Huntsman's False Attack Ad on Ron Paul (comments and thumbs down enabled) 14:58:14
E-MAIL "Compassion" ad to! RP vids on Blaze get a lot of comments/hits... 14:53:12
Philip Klein : "Why I'd back Obama over Ron Paul" 14:48:39
Rasmussen 12/29: Iowa Caucus: Romney 23%, Paul 22%, Santorum 16% 14:46:44
Twitter Users Needed: People Smearing Dr. Paul to Clarkson 14:36:22
Chuck Baldwin: Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate Who Gets It 14:36:13
Need help! Local Presidential Poll-South Bend/Notre Dame, IN 14:34:26
Iranian U.S. citizen never heard of Ron Paul - any Iranians out there? 14:34:05
New Iowa Polls 14:32:48
Gingrich Linked Kirchick Attacks Ron Paul, Again, For False Claims In The NY TImes 14:30:09
Important strategy for Ron Paul regarding Occupy Wall Street 14:23:49
5 Arrested at Ron Paul’s Office in Ankeny (Photos, Video) 14:23:10
Funny Video! Independence Rap 14:17:22
New Gallup Poll: Paul, Romney closest to mainstream - Obama furthest 14:14:06
Good source for Ron Paul on minority issues. 14:13:02
Drudge: CNN Ratings Worst in 15 Years 14:10:16
Hit Piece on Ron Paul in the German "Die Welt" (plus a funny fact) 14:09:53
The Ron Paul Revolution In Iowa: Four Years in the Making 14:08:41
Change Newsletter Strategy PLEASE 14:05:02
I met a genius today 14:03:37
Ron Paul on WHO Radio & CSPAN - 12/29/11 14:01:03
Ron Paul: Drug War In U.S. Has Racist Origins - Video 13:58:48
Remember: Lindsay Graham said he'd be in the NBA before Dr Paul got the nomination 13:55:15
Matt Stoller: Why Ron Paul Challenges Liberals 13:50:19
NYT Newspaper, Front Page article on RP's volunteer ground support 13:49:18
1988: Ron Paul Explains Racist Origins of "Drug War" (VIDEO) 13:42:23
Urgent action required 13:41:29
Top of Drudge: "Miss Independent: 'American Idol' Winner Endorses Ron Paul... " 13:41:10
Using logic to dispel the "Kent-was-paid-off" rumors 13:37:09
Why getting rid of Dept of Education is a good thing 13:35:58
Daily Caller Ron Paul Poll/Go vote 13:30:01
Los Angeles Ron Paul Activist Videos from Iowa... check them out! 13:28:49
Today Jack Hunter on 'Happening Now' Fox News 12:20pm ET 13:16:28
AMAZING grassroots idea: promote PR Gov as VP! (he IS eligble) 13:10:21
Bachmann Lied...Again 13:07:30
Michelle Plan: Scare Iowans? 13:05:47
Rothschilds Back Jon Huntsman 13:00:23
New Information Discredits “Racist” Media Smear Campaign Against Ron Paul 12:54:50
From the NY Post: How the feds are tracking your kids. More reason to eliminate the Dept of Education 12:44:10
WaPo: Ron Paul "sticks to his beliefs and rarely contradicts himself." 12:43:50
Another Way Dr. Paul Will Get Us Out Of This Mess 12:30:20
The only thing scarier than Newt Romney getting nominated is 12:23:44
Defending Ron Paul against common but silly assumptions 12:22:30
Huntsman has a new ad about the newsletters called "Unelectable" 12:21:54
Dr. Paul - Read what works from your grassroots and bring it to the forefront of the ad campaign. 12:12:17
Ron Paul Live at 11:00 am ET C Span w/Jan Mickelson 12:11:23
On Drudge Now! American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson : "I Love Ron Paul" 12:05:05
Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate Who Gets It 11:59:18
Ron Paul Poll 11:58:17
A great Ron Paul site with a great VP recommendation 11:54:59
Just got Xmas Card from Rand Paul...and Joe Biden is in it 11:50:35
Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home from 3 armed Burglars 11:50:17
CNBC Federal Reserve Secretly Bailing Out Europe 11:47:34
CNN: Will his Paulbots torpedo Ron Paul in Iowa? 11:43:04
►Michelle, I want to talk to you as a Paul supporter and Friend of Israel 11:29:49
Drudge Linked Kelly Clarkson Endorsement 11:23:31
Gingrich Says Ron Paul Can’t Win Iowa, Calls Him a 'Protest Candidate' 11:20:03
U.S. Aannounces Mammoth Saudi Arms Sale 11:13:04
Ron Paul voted to award Congressional Medals in 2009? 11:09:01
Huff Post: Ron Paul Ad Defending Candidate Against Racist Charges Released 01:01:48
Some lyrics I thought up 10:56:44
VIDEO about M O N E Y 10:48:45
Celebrity Endorsements are HUGE! Let's get more! 10:40:24
Using Twitter to promote Ron Paul's ads 10:37:29
Bachman's Key Aide’s Statement on Sen. Kent Sorenson - Bachman not being truthful 10:30:45
War drums beat, beat, beat against Iran. 10:22:09
Q&A with Bachmann campaign chair who jumped to Paul 10:20:32
Ron Paul is a disaster for Republicans and Democrats, but not for America's freedoms 10:20:06
Christmas Presents 10:17:37
Support the troops by supporting Ron Paul 10:12:46
A Contest With No Prize- except satisfaction 10:08:33
Vote in the Christian Coalition Survey 10:04:32
How can we make it clear to everyone that Obama / Romney = Same Harvard Keynesian Economic Education 10:03:15
The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 09:56:35
Let it not be said that we did nothing - where it began 09:50:58
Threat To "Coalition that Can Put Karl Rove and Wall Street and the Religious Right at the Same Table to Slice the Pie of Power 09:25:41
Brian Doherty: Why I Don't Think the Ron Paul Newsletters Are Very Important 09:18:09
NY Times turns up the heat against Ron Paul 09:09:03
MIC dissected & explained. VERY informative video. 09:08:45
Huntsman - BIG mistake... 09:05:10
C'mon Michele - SING with us... 08:40:03
ticker finally UP IN official campaign page! LET`S GET IT TO 6 MILLION! 07:31:37
Santorum has become the GOP's biggest attack dog against Ron Paul 07:27:08
Mark my words, we win the primaries IF we get ALL OF YOU to spread THE word NOW! 07:10:09
Marginalizing Ron Paul 07:01:42
Ed talks with a Ron Paul supporter in Iowa ( Video ) 06:47:19
Mike Rivero on potential Iowa vote fraud 06:33:59
Ceausescu's visit to Pyongyang, North Korea in 1971 06:33:07
Haaretz(Israel)- 'The Truth about Ron Paul'(+ve article) 06:27:11
Public Forum Debate Help - General Q and A for you guys! :) 05:41:42
Politico: In Iowa, Ron Paul is on time and on message 05:39:08
Iowa Caucus Voters to Respectfully Record Caucus Voting Results and Report to Internet 05:21:37
The talking point that might have stumped my dad. 05:07:10
Mitt Romney: I'd Vote Ron Paul Over Obama (12-28-11) 05:04:58
A quote from JFK that I feel embodies our mission 04:44:05
Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney for President? 04:18:15
Hey Michael, when is the DailyPaul getting a Facebook like button? 04:14:00
Watching Ed Show live now updated 1AM PST Dec 29 MSNBC about Paul 04:06:13
Alexa Rankings 04:00:14
Hacker Blowback 03:54:16
The GOP (if it nominates anyone other than Ron Paul) 03:52:56
Ron Paul Shakes Hands with Supporters 03:50:44
Eric Bolling spreading misinfo about Paul & Israel on Fox 03:46:38
TPM's Josh Marshall: On Ron Paul "He's The Candidate Who Thinks Gays Should Be Executed" 03:35:43
Kelly Clarkson 03:32:55
The Age Card 03:25:59
Smear Phase 3: NYT contracts Kirchick, RP = Conspiracy Theorist! 03:22:37
RevoPACs version of the Super Brochure! 03:21:47
Help Ron Paul fight back allegations of Racism: Simple Chain-letter 03:21:31
Support Isreal 03:21:10
Ron Paul said Israel should not exist..."Eric Bolling" The Five on Fox 03:18:04
Rick Santorum: I would vote for Ron Paul if he becomes the GOP nominee 03:17:00
This has been a good day for Ron Paul supporters everywhere 03:10:57
Thy Black Man 'Ron Paul putting the charges against him in their proper context' 03:08:22
Kelly Clarkson is taking heat for her support 03:06:15
Ron Paul "prank video" onThe Last Word Wednesday 03:04:54
Ron Paul speech at Salute to Veterans Campaign Rally 12-28-11 02:57:33
Rachel Maddow "Ron Paul gains Co-Chair from Bachmann's Campaign 02:45:28
San Francisco Ron Paul Supporters Travel to Iowa - Freedom Brings People Together! 02:44:15
Hope Ron gives Kelly a call in the morning and thanks her. Kelly very Patriotic 02:42:19
Anyone still have Bachmann's email? 02:35:49
Spread the The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul - ad everywhere! 02:32:38
Doug Wead: "Ron Paul Will Win Iowa and The Republican Nomination." 09:48:14
New Ron Paul Ad. Best I've Ever Seen! 02:11:03
Time Magazine interviews IA State Senator Sorenson 02:07:56
ALERT! NOM propaganda TV Ad: "Ron Paul wants to abolish Marriage Altogether!" 02:07:07
Hm...looks like Ron Paul wouldn't have a problem using K .Clarkson's music - Take a Risk, Take a Chance, Make a Change Breakaway 02:06:09
Release 'Liberty Defined' as free eBook? 01:55:38
TYT's Cenk: "That ad is awesome!" 01:46:36
Kelly Clarkson just tweeted to about 1 million people 09:52:43
Excellent response to the racism claims 01:30:42
INCREDIBLE new Ron Paul AD by Revolution PAC "The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul" . Must Watch!. We must get this on the air! 00:26:56
Iraq Stability At Serious Risk and Obama is Selling $11 BILLION in Arms to Mr Maliki 01:24:28
NY Times: Marching Orders for Paul’s Volunteers: Do Shave, Don’t Tweet 01:20:51
"Ron Paul supporters would walk barefoot over broken glass to vote for him." 01:11:48
New RevPAC Ad: The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 01:07:17
Judicial Watch names Newt Gingrich Top 10 most corrupt politician 00:59:59
Second Pro-Paul Piece in Israel Paper 00:56:30
No more attacking Paul by MSM...Now they're attacking his supporters! 00:50:05
TPM's Josh Marshall:Paul "He's The Candidate Who Thinks Gays Should Be Executed" 00:50:01
MSNBC sladers Ron Paul >:O 00:49:58
Revolution Pac:The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul Ad 00:46:24
Fun with Ron Paul Supporters let's sing some Songs!! 00:45:04
"The compassion of Dr. Ron Paul" 00:43:03
Need Recommendation: Best Ron Paul 1 hour speech 00:42:58
Poll here! 00:34:19
RP Iowa Campaign Hijacked? 00:32:12
The Ed Show MSNBC Poll 00:23:59
NYT: Marching Orders for Paul’s Volunteers: Do Shave, Don’t Tweet 00:18:16
FED Bailing Out Europe 00:14:30
There Are Only 2 Choices for President in 2012 00:11:39
Volunteers in Tallahassee Florida and surrounding 00:11:06
Ed Shultz Show in IA Talking to Politico Shows Ron Paul Super Brochure! 00:10:38
DMN: Texan Ron Paul surges in Iowa, and Republicans fear he’s a spoiler 00:10:06
Pitchforks and Torches: The First Counter Revolution2012 . 00:09:20
Examiner article on war, profit and Ron Paul 00:07:05
Help Ron fight back, spread this video - Black Americans defending Ron Paul 00:03:14
Converting Southerners on - We need their votes 00:02:13
This is just getting silly: "Death Penalty For Gays: Ron Paul Courts The Religious Fringe In Iowa" 00:01:06
Breaking: Killer Coverage On The ED Show on MSNBC Featuring Super Brochure 01:20:41
Jackie, The Unsung Hero! Thank Jackie on her facebook profile. 05:22:31