Posted on December 30, 2011

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Senator Rand Paul to Campaign for Dad in Iowa 22:54:49
What happens if Ron Paul wins Iowa? 21:39:20
Santorum: "Imposing" our values on eachother is what "America's about" 23:05:07
New Super Brochure Video: Printing, Boxing & Mailing 21:37:06
CATO: Ron Paul "is the only candidate to put together an actual budget proposal” 13:05:29
Ron Paul's McCain-like path to GOP Nomination 12:58:32
Doug Wead To FNC In Regards To Foreign Policy: "The Constitution Is Not Dangerous" 14:42:04
Iowa Veterans For Paul Explain The Attraction 09:53:26
Nat'l Journal: Will Ron Paul Supporters Get Behind a Republican Nominee Not Named Paul? 09:01:56
Romney relied on corporate welfare 01:35:11
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UFC Fighter Jon Fitch who supports Ron Paul is fighting live now! 23:58:16
"Adjusted" CNN Poll: Paul 26% Romney 22% 23:58:07
Commissars Demand We Shun Ron Paul | Tom Woods 23:58:00
I had no idea Carol had a Facebook! 23:57:51
Ron Paul Gear-pledge to wear it on New Year's Eve! 23:56:37
If Ron Paul wins Iowa & New Hampshire does that take out Romney? Is there anyway Ron Paul can come in first in South Carolina? 23:52:40
Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday and ABC's "This Week" January 01, 2012 (Check Local Listings) 23:48:19
Kelly Clarkson Now NUMBER 1 23:46:02
RP Theme Song - it's perfect 23:45:24
Just what Ron Paul needs - Latest Polls 23:45:21
What? Obama Launches 'Vote Ron Paul' Scheme 23:40:45
LA Times: Rep. Ron Paul is the candidate most likely to benefit from crossover voters 23:26:08
Tribute Video: To Those who fight for Liberty! 23:25:36
How Do We Prevent The Networks and The Iowa State GOP From Defrauding Ron Paul Out Of The Iowa Caucuses? 23:13:45
alert! alert! breaking news 23:13:27
Cry Baby In Chief? 23:08:43
CNN Hit Piece: Cover Story 22:53:53
Bachmann speaks 22:50:23
Is a vote for Ron Paul a vote against George W. Bush? 22:48:25
Michelle Branch Song Bomb 22:43:19
Sioux City Iowa - Politically Speaking Ron Paul could Crush the Caucuses 22:43:14
Why is RP taking this weekend off? I'm nervous! 22:42:02
Ron Paul on 'This Week' on New Year's Day 22:34:24
Make sure your vote counts! ... permanently archive your local caucus. 22:29:43
We need a big money bomb! 22:20:15
LA Times: Ron Paul may benefit from Democrat crossover votes in Iowa 22:16:31
Afraid of Muslims? (Written by a 24 year old Iraq war vet who's against the war) 22:14:17
RP Blowing away the Competition on Google Trends 22:13:10
Iraq - 11 Billion dollar arms deal 22:10:46
Iran, Yesterday and Today : Rick Steves - The TV broadcast of the Rick Steves Iran Special 22:06:47
Ron Paul Google Numbers Escalating and Trending Higher All Day 22:06:31
The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been two hundred years. 22:05:53
The Power of Cannabis 22:03:50
Nice dispatch by Judy Woodruff 22:02:33
My No War with Iran Facebook Post 21:59:31
What is up with Steve Deace? 21:50:21
the *REAL* RLC endorses Ron Paul! 21:49:25
2, not 1, RP supporters brutalise a M. Levin substitute host 21:46:21
Wasn't this election about the Economy and Gov't Spending? 21:44:42
Ron Paul Supporters - Start Running For Office! 21:42:18
WSJ Article: Ron Paul libertarian campaign has traction because so many Americans respond to his messages 21:40:13
Telemarketer Fund Raising for Republican Candidates... By 21:35:46
Politico: Ron Paul turning the tables and ignoring the mainstream media 21:28:55
Sen. John Thune a No Show at Romney Event today 21:23:43
MSNBC: Ignoring Ron Paul on Late talk all day 21:21:52
Reuters: "In Iowa, Republican candidate Paul campaigns his way" 21:21:42
In 4 Years-Rand Paul 21:15:08
Fox O'Reilly: "Next up We Discuss the GOP Field with Rubio " LOL 21:12:17
Who is behind Ron Paul attacks? 21:11:12 poll, who are they? 21:05:11
In the 1960's Mitt Believed in Deferments - In 2011 He Believes in War. This Has to be His Biggest Flip Flop. 21:02:26
. 20:57:11
FL newspaper article 20:45:27
TWO ALBUMS! Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' hits #1 and 'Break Away' #3 after endorsing Ron Paul-Daily Paul helps out BIG Time! 20:44:33
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV tonight at 9pm eastern 20:43:20
Positive news article about the SF Bay Area Meetup Group 20:42:33
Bank of Canada gets sued on Monetary Reform 20:41:18
IAGOP: Iowa GOP Caucus Procedures 20:35:17
ha ha watching Santorum on CSPAN, has about 30 people there - so much for a big crowd 20:34:37
Mitt Romney Campaign Bought And Paid For By Big Banks, Federal Records Show 20:34:01
Making list of Ron Paul's problems - time to brag about them 20:32:33
Some info on the Iowa Caucus Count 20:32:26
Tom Woods Skewers Steve Deace For Endorsing Gingrich 20:30:18
Is Pauls event televised or on live feed? This is a HUGE venue in Sioux City 20:25:18
It turns out "Keynes was right" 20:23:09
Can you be blocked on Youtube for posting RP videos? 20:22:41
CNN Money: Kelly Clarkson sales spike after Ron Paul endorsement 20:22:35
Election Results / Fraud Defense - The Scoop 20:16:14
what happened to pokerplayers4ronpaul ? 20:11:32
Would Congressman Steve King's Endorsement really matter - check this out nobody showed up to a Bachmann event 20:08:09
Hey guys here's a thought... what if... 20:04:06
Tom Woods: Commissars Demand We Shun Ron Paul 20:03:30
Boston Globe: Gary Johnson’s New Hampshire staff defects, joins up with Texas Representative Ron Paul 19:59:50
BLOOMBERG: Ron Paul Sees Top-Two Iowa Finish 19:59:11
MSNBC: "Who Will Be Romney's VP" 19:52:38
Radio Ad 19:51:57
BusinessInsider VIRAL: The Ballsy Ron Paul Ad Everyone Should See 19:50:09
Why Ron Paul Matters - (It's his policies, not his personality) - CATO President Ed Crane in the WSJ 19:48:14
Stefan Molyneux: Ron Paul is NOT a _! 19:47:50
Remember Something About New Hampshire Primary 19:47:22
Homeschool Parents: Don't Forget This Lesson 19:47:04
How Warmongers Took Over the GOP 19:46:18
Mitt Speaks Fluent French Because of This... 19:45:40
Gingrich is desperate touts Sarah Palin as vice president! 19:39:34
Sign up for Frank Luntz's Focus Groups! December 2011 [ Iowa ] 19:38:41
NRO omits Ron Paul from their poll 19:35:40
If You Are Making Phone Calls For Dr. Ron Paul Today - Bump This 19:30:37
lol You want to know why the FED, the Corporate Media, the Neo Cons and GOP 19:28:27
TRAILER: Barack Obama's 'WAR: A Love Story' - Now On DVD 19:27:50
Ron Paul is not a racist - VIDEO 19:23:49
Fight Charges of Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Gay 19:23:09
Christine O'Donnell: I Support Mitt Because "He's Been Consistent Since He Changed His Mind" 19:22:02
Why is the campaign attacking down?! 19:21:28
Gingrich to show 30 minute special - from "newsmax" 19:21:06
The Media Is Baghdad Bob And Ron Paul Is The American Tank In The Background. N/T. 19:20:55
Effective Strategy: Hit the Train Systems! 19:18:03
BUYcotts, not boycotts 19:15:03
Proof that Ron Paul can beat Obama 19:14:17
Ron Paul Campaign Announces South Carolina TV Ad Buy 19:12:54
Aaron Freeman's perspective on Ron Paul and the newsletters. 19:11:49
Ron Paul's Book Freedom under siege 19:07:46
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Ron Paul for President 19:06:12
The Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Ron Paul for President 2012 19:05:22
HuffPo - Irresponsible Foreign Policy: The Republican Establishment, Not Ron Paul 19:02:46
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Ron Paul for President ! 18:57:57
Kelly Clarkson’s album sales surge 200 percent after endorsing Ron Paul 18:51:52
"Don't Send Marines, Send Libertarians," 18:48:08
Remember to stay to the end of the caucus in Iowa for the delegate sections. 18:45:45
A veteran's letter to Rush, Hannity, and the rest of talk radio and Fox News... 18:44:52
Anyone else's productivity been pretty much brought to 0 over the past few days? 18:44:09
URGENT: Hand Out Super Brochures At Supermarkets and Malls 18:42:13
GOP has Ron Paul problems 18:34:12
Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Slams Rick Santorum, Supports Ron Paul - Video 18:34:05
Gary Johnson staffers back Ron Paul in NH 18:29:52
When is Ron Paul Going to Stand Up on Stage? 18:29:29
Former SC Treasurer Ravenel endorses Ron Paul‎ 18:26:31
Ron Paul Is Not a Racist (Video) 18:25:18
A video I made regarding these stupid Ron Paul racist allegations 18:19:36
Feedback: Do you use a landline home phone? 18:17:04
Ron Paul Surpasses Obama in Google Searches! (See Chart Below) 18:15:24
Ron Paul Campaign Still Retreating from Iran War Debate 18:06:37
Ron Paul "Running with scissors" + article 18:04:53
What A Ron Paul Presidency Would Look Like - Excellent Letter to the Editor in Florida 17:49:51
A Tale of Two Cities: Weimar and Washington 17:49:37
Daily Caller-"If Ron Paul Wins the Nomination, Would You Vote for Him?" VOTE NOW! 17:46:03
Ad Featuring Ron Paul Delivering Biracial Couple's Infant Without Charge Shows His Commitment to Free Market Charity 17:45:54
Doug Wead 17:43:36
Be proActive I have all the info to become a delegate and to recall 17:42:49
Desperate Main Stream Media 17:41:53
YouTube of Walter Williams Defending Ron Paul on Rush 17:33:54
Paul Supporters Reward Kelly Clarkson #1 on 17:30:03
Walter E. Williams, Notable African-American Economist, At Least Defends Paul Against Racism Charge 17:28:16
How we fight back against the MSM - Boycott 17:25:25
Can We Get This on TV? 17:23:48
Irresponsible Foreign Policy: The Republican Establishment, Not Ron Paul 17:21:50
Ron Paul is defended on MSNBC - Video 17:21:46
DJ Qbert agrees with Ron Paul 17:13:25
RP - Love, curiosity, and anger in Iowa 17:11:42
MSNBC: "Last Night Voters Said We Don't Want Iowa To Go Down In History As Having Voted Ron Paul!" 17:04:13
The real result of the attacks 17:02:33
We have a BIG Problem 17:01:30
FLASH! Kelly Clarkson Sees 192% Increase in Album Sales After Tweeting Support of Ron Paul 17:00:34
Best way to support Celebs who support Ron. 16:56:07
Young People More Likely To Favor Socialism Than Capitalism: Pew 16:49:14
Dr. Jack Kerwick: "Paul-o-phobia" is Irrational! Its Ludicrousness has gone Terminal! 16:48:55
The other thing Chris Matthews said last night that made me want to _ him! 16:46:14
Ron Paul Xmas Gift Makes Girl Cry 16:45:03
I just got Robo-polled. 16:42:28
Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul Is Racist? 16:41:42
Ron Paul should say something like this 16:37:31
Kelly Clarkson Loses Some Fans Over Her Endorsement of Ron Paul, But May Have Gained Alot More New Ones" 16:34:03
NRO Contact Information 16:32:18
Rigged 16:32:11
Stefan Molyneux: Ron Paul Is Not a Racist 16:32:02
Michael Savage Attack, Dec 29 (Audio) 16:24:41
Breaking: Blake Shelton defends Kelly Clarkson 16:10:20
Did Kelly Clarkson's Ron Paul Endorsement Lead to Higher Album Sales? 16:10:05
Gingrich Cries, CNN reporter says clip will "air all weekend before the caucuses" 16:09:16
RON PAUL HAS already WON! article by the Daily Bell 16:08:21
Santorum is not an evangelical - with bribes too 15:56:36
Ron Paul Plans Whistle-Stop Iowa Tour With Son And Tea-Party Senator Rand Paul 15:53:57
CNN fraudulent manipulation OF latest poll! Adjusted results: Ron Paul 26%, Romney 22%! 15:50:46
Paul Excluded from NRO Poll 15:46:28
Republicans Get Taste of the Medicine They Prescribe to 3rd Parties 15:46:15
KC Loses Some Fans With Ron Paul Endorsement, But May Have Gained Even More 15:46:15
Johnson Staff in NH officially move support to Paul 15:40:04
How to become a Delegate so Ron Paul Wins! 15:39:39
A Ron Paul site worth bookmarking 15:37:04
The Atlantic: Will Ron Paul's Supporters Vote GOP in 2012? 15:32:45
The Bible and Ron Paul Video Series (13 parts) 15:32:02
Washington Post Publishes "Racist" News Article 15:30:47
BitCoin Cheques Featuring our beloved Dr. Paul and his END THE FED message 15:29:19
CIA Head Of Bin Laden Unit, Michael Scheuer Strongly Endorses Ron Paul 15:24:53
Will They Block the Internet? 15:23:15
TSA Worker Caught Downloading Child Pornography 15:22:43
Kwiatkowski SOPA & End of Qtr Push: She Only Needs a Few Hundred Thousand (No big deal.) 15:19:54
Photos We're NOT supposed to see: Christmas in Iran! Yes, You read That Correctly! 15:16:39
Gary Null - Prominent Health Expert Endorses Ron Paul 15:16:31
intrade 12/30/11 iowa: Romney: 52%; Paul: 37% 15:15:01
Some idiot on Facebook is trying to hurt Ron Paul by spreading a lie 15:13:05
"Ron Paul Has Already Won" 15:06:54
CNN Poll That Puts Romney In The Lead ONLY Poll Republicans NO Independents! NO Libertarians! 15:02:51
RP picks up another big endorsement 14:56:44
get ron paul on 60min sign petition 14:56:05
MSNBC - Andrea Mitchell 14:54:59
Mitt v Mitt (Romney) - The Sad Story Of Two Men Trapped In One Flip-Flop Body 14:53:58
Let's make our presence KNOWN this weekend! 14:53:57
DailyPaul Newsletter is Super IMPORTANT 14:53:00
Funds from Small Contributors: Romney 10% Paul 48% 14:47:20
Rick Santorum: I would vote for Ron Paul 14:41:04
Virginia Prints Ballot With TWO names - Ron Paul and Mitt Romney - LOL 14:38:33
FOX News Boycott 14:26:07
Phone-From-Home Upgrade (12/30/11) 13:30 ET 14:24:08
"Waking Up" Evangelicals 14:22:39
Poll: Least Trusted News Agencies from Public Policy Polling 14:22:28
Time for the Big Push in Iowa: Everybody contact a friend in Iowa & encourage them to caucus for Ron Paul: Let's win it BIG TIME 14:18:44
For once, Ron Paul surpasses GOP contenders in online news content 14:13:48
Ron Paul: Newsletters Haven't Hurt Me Politically 14:12:59
PROOF Rigged Election & Polls - Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus 14:11:58
ABC News Foreign Policy Experts Agree With Ron Paul! 14:11:07
Mainstream Media tells us the Importance of Iowa - 2008 vs 2012 14:10:37
Virginia GOP Attacking Ron Paul Supporters *ALERT* 14:09:11
Ron and Rand Paul to Hold Daylong Whistle-Stop Tour 14:08:36
Message to GOP One of two things are going to happen: 14:03:16
SHOCKING: CNN reports on Ron Paul's 1987 book 14:02:10
Two men trapped in one body... Whahahahaha! 13:54:08
Tom Rose on SXM 13:49:03
Don't Fear The Occupiers 13:45:07
Defend Kelly Clarkson, quick! 13:44:12
Ron Paul: Iowa Vote Fraud will steal the votes! Video 13:42:11
Talk about "switching sides"! Look at Michele Bachman on Ron Paul 1/2 year ago 13:38:54
*VITAL* and easy, local activism for Liberty! 13:37:08
Cross tabs for new NBC News/Marist Poll 13:33:47
More Rival Staffers Join Ron Paul Campaign 13:29:21
Walter Williams hosting Rush Limbaugh today 13:29:10
Ron Paul to spend New Year’s in Texas 13:28:59
Ron Paul gets a shout out from Louis Farrakhan for Exposing FED RESERVE 13:25:45
Ron Paul’s constitutionalist record (Fact Checker biography) 13:25:06
damage control from the campaign 13:21:05
Drudge: Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' rises up chart after Paul praise 13:15:27
Ron Paul Online Activism: How To Be Most Effective and Dominate Search Results 13:12:49
Fox News's Campaign Carl Cameron : "Ron Paul Support Beginning To Erode In Iowa" 13:12:16
Gingrich Behind Racist Attacks? 13:07:28
I was just on Boortz trying to defend an all out attack on Paul 13:03:39
FLASH! More Rival Staffers Join Ron Paul Campaign 12:59:13
UPDATE - Video- ABC Good Morning America: "James Carville on Ron Paul doesn’t need to win to raise money’ 12:58:41
Who supports "Freeing Banana's"? 12:57:11
Speaking for Paul, What Would YOU say? 12:48:23
Coming Up on 'This Week' Sunday, January 1st: Ron Paul! 12:47:20
Ron Paul Video : "Its Not Just That I Want To Win and Get Elected, I Want To Change The Course Of History" 12:45:26
Warning for you tube viewers 12:44:47
Ron Paul's McCain-Like Path to the Nomination 12:43:20
Nice article on msnbc Re Ron Paul and Reaction to SuperPac Video 12:39:07
We no longer read the Huffo PO, Bump this if you agree 12:38:32
What a Joke! Iowa Bank President Prepares to Settle for Romney 12:37:18
Ron Paul will be on Fox News Sunday, ABC's "This Week" and CNN's State of The Union 12:36:22
Incredible ! "Ron Paul" and Ron Paul Google Hits Today 12:35:25
TIME: Six Reasons Ron Paul Has Appeal Beyond The GOP 12:34:54
[video] Mitt Romney's Sons Claim GOP Hopeful Doesn't Know When, If He'll Release Tax Returns 12:30:57
Johnson Campaign in New Hampshire Switch Support To Ron Paul 12:28:08
Establishment Media Crucifies Ron Paul on Every Front (Video) 12:26:46
Six Reasons Ron Paul Has Appeal Beyond the GOP 12:25:20
[video] Flip Romney - Lew Rockwell 12:25:19
Hardball's Chris Matthews Attempts To Destroy Ron Paul's Campaign (Video) 12:22:32
Is Ron Paul participating in CPAC 2012? 12:14:44
HuffPo: Irresponsible on Foreign Policy: The Republican Establishment, Not Ron Paul 12:03:49
Iowa Polls Say Ron Paul Appeals to Evangelicals - TalkingPointsMemo 12:02:53
florida poll: Too Close to Call? 11:59:23
Excellent OpEd by Robert Scheer on Huffington Post: Marginalizing Ron Paul 11:58:01
Excellent Video On "When Does Iowa Matter"? 11:47:02
100 Hours Left: Romney 23, Paul 21, Newt in 5th 11:45:44
Michael Savage 11:43:41
What are you hearing from local talk radio hosts? 11:43:04
Newt's the racist, not Ron Paul. 11:39:18
Little kid dressed up as a Ron Paul Super Hero - Check out the hat 11:35:22
Iowa 2008 vs Iowa 2012 11:31:22
Former Gary Johnson NH Staffers Back Ron Paul 11:24:57
Thomas Sowell = Pimp for CFR 11:18:44
Bits of truth coming out of Iowa-Vote in this poll ! 11:17:47
MSNBC Anchors Begin Disclosing NBC's Relationship to Bain Capitol (Romney) 11:12:20
Romney Push For Rockefeller: Ron Paul Republicans (Reagan, Goldwater) Vs Rockefeller (Romney, Bush, McCain, Dole, Ford, Nixon) 11:11:30
Marist Poll asks which candidate is the True Conservative - Paul wins with 21% 11:09:32
Feel Discourged After the Weeks of Attacks? (Watch This Video) 11:07:55
Politco foreign policy poll...need your help 11:04:32
The Many Contradictions of the Paulophobe 11:03:26
The Fundamental Principles of Liberty 10:58:40
Former Gary Johnson NH Staffers Back Ron Paul 10:55:00
Proof of voter fraud in the USA - from the horse's mouth 10:53:47
Do you think Ron Paul is an honest man? 10:51:44
Council Bluffs Iowa Ron Paul speech to a standing room only crowd of 1000 10:45:57
New Marist Poll Shows Paul and Mittens in a dead heat UPDATE: Entire link to poll - looks like a landline campaign 10:36:50
If the GOP forces Romney as the nominee Obama wins and the GOP can only blame themselves 10:29:24
Steve Benson Relative Of Robert Taft Smear Cartoon 10:28:55
TRAILER: Mitt Romney's 'FED: A Love Story' - Now On DVD 10:24:33
The Excommunication of Ron Paul 10:22:16
Council Bluffs Iowa Ron Paul speach... i have a few good pics, how can i share them with the DP? 10:18:28
Lord Monckton: "...He’s The One You Should Vote For." VIDEO 10:13:49
Polls Show Ron Paul Winning Iowa's Religious Right 10:12:37
Ron Paul To Take Weekend Off From Iowa Campaigning 10:09:39
Mitt Romney Accuses Everyone Else Of Being Mitt Romney... Everyone Else Says Whomever Smelt It Dealt It 10:07:10
GOP Establishment wrong to ‘disenfranchise’ Ron Paul supporters 10:02:19
Ron Paul garners applause in Iowa, but does it come from caucusgoers? 09:55:28
Politico: Mitt Romney is wild like a stallion 09:49:58
Ron Paul: the Only Candidate Running who Opposed these Racist Programs 09:45:55
Fox and the Navy - not. 09:37:08
Reuters Breaking: Old film shows Paul warning of UN plot 09:28:25
Krugman insanely defends Keynes 09:21:29
Slogan: You Can't Fool Dr. Paul 09:18:58
POLL - Will Ron Paul's foreign policy stances hurt his chances in the early states? 09:06:20
Sign bomb to celebrate!? 09:02:35
Jack Hunter Schools Fox News Reporter on Milli Vanilli Politics 08:45:15
Call Into the William Bennett Show Right now.. Defend Ron Paul.. 08:44:19
Bachmann campaign loses second key staffer 08:40:16
TRAILER: Mitt Romney's 'FED: A Love Story' - Now On DVD 08:39:46
MSM Has Declared War on Us 08:38:35
Video: Mainstream Media Crucifies Ron Paul In Final Days 08:34:09
Lou Dobbs Poll: Is Ron Paul to dangerous a candidate to be President? 08:26:05
Ron Paul is a racist? HAHAHAHA your kidding right? 08:22:38
Steve Deace in The Hill: Attacks on Ron Paul are helping him. 08:09:41
The Early show just disgusted me 08:09:21
Revpac to release 2 more web-ads 07:59:31
How Ron Paul Got a Free Pass By Howard Kurtz 07:33:08
Campaigning and Celebrity 07:09:03
GALLUP: Americans see the "UnElectable" Dr. Paul's Views, to be the Closest to Their Own! 05:56:34
Spread Ron Pauls message from your smart phone. 05:43:53
Google trends 04:52:57
Clinton Curtis 2004 Ohio election fraud testimony 04:48:21
Ron Paul slams Barack Obama on drone strikes 04:33:28
(fun video) Star Trek: The Search for Ron Paul 04:12:55
"Ron Paul Wants The State Of Texas To Make It Illegal To Be Gay!" Mike Rogers Raw Story 04:09:47
A detailed explanation of the Iran situation [need to make this viral]. 04:02:25
Showing Videos During Caucus using Mobile Devices - Wise? 03:56:14
latest on vote count - Iowa GOP explains moving vote tabulation away from HQ 03:32:56
For crying out loud stop calling them "the racist newsletters"! 03:31:03
Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney starring in the Unelectables. 03:24:44
Oregon DP Members, be sure to use your political donation $50 tax credit before the end of the year 03:24:37
Another War By Morning? 03:11:50
Bachmann's latest lie: "Hundreds of thousands of Paul supporters now supporting me." 09:11:09
How we raise more money for the campaign while strengthening Ron's ground presence in our local areas. 03:09:35
Aimee Allen phones from home 02:49:37
NPR: Will Ron Paul's Past Cost Him In Iowa? Um, No! LOL 02:46:21
"Rand Paul Kicks Newt While He's Down" Nice Article 02:44:47
Robert Scheer: Marginalizing Ron Paul 02:44:02
Justin Raimondo: Ron Paul and the Future of American Foreign Policy 02:33:16
Please enlighten me...Need help with my walking list of registered voters! 02:29:06
Cato study: Only Ron Paul has specific plans to cut spending, other candidates don't 02:25:48
Who won the day? Ron Paul 02:17:53
Anybody know US military spending 02:16:02
Video - My Defense Of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy! 02:00:12
Newsletter issue exposes sad state of modern journalism. 01:59:05
The Candidates on Executive Power 01:56:33
Some lyrics I thought up. 01:55:58
I Met Dr. Paul Tonight UPDATE 08:54:09
The candidate visit race: Visit Tracker on WaPo 01:53:06
Gary Johnson *sorta* endorses Ron Paul 01:48:29
Ron Paul reacts to new ad! must SEE revpac video! 01:48:14
politico poll needs votes! 01:47:03
Oh Oh, we've got a few "Defectors" amongst our Midst! 01:38:34
E Online article points out Michelle Branch is a Ron Paul fan too... 01:31:59
Head Figure Head 01:30:16
Welcome Michele Bachmann defectors 01:27:58
Romney’s business venture made millions as it cut South Carolina, New Hampshire jobs 01:25:39
The GOP Candidates Houses - Compare Ron Paul To Everyone Else - From The Daily Mail 01:21:03
Jesse Ventura Endoreses Ron Paul Interview With Alex Jones Audio/Video 01:13:19
Bachmann & Santorum : Pastors request SHOTGUN wedding 01:11:34
The Dept of Education is run by Miss Spellings 01:00:49
2008 Iowa Caucus Exit Interviews suggest that Obama won because the other candidates where insiders and could not create change 00:58:04
Whose endorsements would matter most for winning over undecided voters? 00:42:04
Video: The true scamology behind Stop Online Piracy Act (Spread the word...) 00:42:00
Ron Paul’s Support Is Much More Widespread Than Reported 00:39:14
The Censored Paul: Chemtrail Talk No Longer Allowed 00:36:55
The Pointlessness of Romney- Great Article 00:32:08
The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 00:28:26
Register to attend Florida GOP debate in Jacksonville, FL on January 26, 2012 00:28:19
Flashback VIDEO Iowa Caucus Jan 3 2008 - This High School kid Gets to Vote For Ron Paul this time 00:24:08
Adherence to the Oath- New Ad. 00:20:18
Reducing Ron to Racism 00:17:55
Drawing a contrast with Romney 00:09:31
Smear campaign fails as Ron Paul keeps lead in Iowa 08:04:44
Israeli view of Ron Paul: @inspiring! 00:03:38
Race Baiting and Ron Paul: Actions Speak Louder Than Words; Truth is Indeed Powerful 00:03:07
Even Bachmann's campaign chair wants Ron Paul to win 00:01:15