Posted on December 8, 2011

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Gingrich Failed To Get On The Ballot In TWO Key States! 17:43:56
Daily Paul Radio: What the Founding Fathers Really Said, with Mike Church 17:06:44
Two More New Hampshire Reps Endorse Ron Paul 15:16:29
Newest Viral Video: Urgent Message From Our Troops 21:38:04
Perry puts moistened finger to the wind / turns down Trump debate 14:34:00
The True Cost of Military Equipment Spending (And what the money could have bought instead) 14:02:32
The True Gentleman: Ron Paul 2012 11:59:06
Ron Paul Discusses Being Excluded at Jewish Forum with Jack Hunter 08:26:05
Amazing New Ron Paul Video: The American War-Machine, A Lesson in Blowback, and The Greatest Speech Ever Written 13:22:15
Remember guys, from ignored to attention - comes a tornado of hate 05:53:39
Jon Stewart EXCELLENT Piece on the New American Detainee Bill in Congress 01:35:27
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 12/7/11 06:26:05
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For all my Friends who voted for Obama, this is for you 23:52:55
Only seven senators vote against the Defense Authorization Act 23:49:02
Even though Dr. Paul is my hero... 23:47:39
Need some help! 23:39:36
Remains of 274 US troops dumped in landfill 23:32:23
Urgent! Say no to S.1867 23:31:17
Very Dark Forces At Work - Don't Give Them Your Negative Energy Thoughts or Feelings 23:29:04
What If They Gave A Debate And Nobody Came? 23:26:16
Photos: Ron Paul Signs 23:19:22
Who is behind the Republican Jewish Coalition? 23:13:16
The Despicable Behavior of "our" Government (it's certainly not mine.) 23:09:19
CNN: Paul: 'I have to expose' Gingrich 23:02:52
Drones Over Houston, pt II 22:55:59
Michele Bachmann turns down Trump Debate 22:44:02
Romney conference call takes questions from ‘Mother Jones’ and ‘TPM’; no conservative outlets 22:19:37
A Letter to Dr. Ron Paul: Nice Guys Finish Last! It's time to send these Globalist to the Dentist! 21:58:23
National Guard Soldier Arrested For Not Wanting to Fire On American Citizens - Video 21:57:26
President Paul Would Walk Softly And Carry A Big Stick 21:51:36
Anne Manning Opens Newt Gingrich's Closet Full of Infidelity...More To Come? 21:40:06
Santorum: We Don’t Need Food Stamps Because Obesity Rates Are So High 21:39:41
Ayn Rand and the Tea Party: A Recipe for Cultural Change 21:39:08
For how many of you, is this your "last" election important election. 21:35:26
The Texas Tribune posts a very favorable review of Ron Paul, the "Underdog". -Video- 21:32:17
*Fox News Poll* Paul Surges Up 4 Points in latest National Poll - Gingrich 36%, Romney 23%, Paul 12%, Perry 8% 21:26:23
urgent message From the Troops 21:14:14
Gary Johnson: I'll 'absolutely' support Ron Paul as GOP nominee; considering Libertarians otherwise 21:09:22
Ron Paul - Alan Keyes 21:09:06
"A Corporation Is Not A Person!" Senator Sanders Offers A Constitutional Amendment! 21:06:54
Indefinite military detention for U.S. citizens now in the hands of a secretive conference committee 20:46:10
Brilliant Debt Quote of the Year 20:41:28
"Iowa City for Ron Paul" needs $900 immediately to open an office! Chip-in Included! 20:32:28
Ron Paul on why youth like him: ‘I ask myself that a lot’ 20:28:06
Money Branch 20:27:10
Subtle Ways The Media Tries To Diminish Ron Paul 20:25:05
Dick Morris Urges Romney to Join Trump Debate 20:21:43
Tea Party Express Loves Trump Debate, Says GOP Candidates Must Attend 20:21:06
Trump Debate: Hannity Says, 'I'll Be There' 20:20:23
An Open Message to Police and Military 20:19:50
Ron Paul Iowa Team Salutes Newest ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’ 20:12:35
Washington State Rep. Cary Condotta Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency 20:10:02
Why isn't there a poll that has gop and independent votes combined in Iowa? 20:08:59
Wells Fargo Launders 378 Dollars 20:08:42
LOL Breaking: Bachmann FINALLY Declines Trump Debate 20:07:47
Tariq Aziz to be executed next year. 20:07:19
Larry Kudlow on CNBC about to praise RP 20:02:58
Chemtrails got some good airtime on national radio last night... 19:49:52
Just Curious? Does anyone realise how incredible this really is? 19:48:55
[NEW SITE] - A timeline of Gingrich's crimes against conservatism 19:35:13
Neal Boortz VERY positive with caller that supports Ron Paul today. 19:20:10
Paul: 'I have to expose' Gingrich 19:10:09
In case you needed ANY more motivation - Gingrich 48% in Florida ? 19:09:12
Rand Paul's sneak attack on Hannity today 18:54:34
Bill O'Reilly Attends Newt Gingrich Fundraiser? 18:54:23
NO TO NEWT 18:50:41
Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records 18:48:55
Reason: How Conan O'Brien Sees Ron Paul, and How Ron Paul Rises in Iowa 18:47:56
Got A Republican Sheeple Friend Who Doesn't Know Who To Vote For? Play This For Them 18:47:21
VIDEO: Press TV: RJC excludes Ron Paul from debate 18:41:06
Yippie ! I'm Covening My Area Caucus 18:36:27
Ron Paul Winning on Twitter 18:29:00
Rand Paul on Hannity Radio Show 18:15:54
HA..Beckel Withdraws Offer To Trump To Co-Host 18:13:19
Urgent Message From the Troops 18:11:57
Is Ron Paul absolutely right, or absolutely wrong about terrorism? 18:11:29
A Ron Paul Gun Rights Ad 18:06:43
Newt Gingrich Broke A Federal Statute Yesterday! 18:04:18
STUDY: Voters Fleeing Both Major Parties; Especially Bad For Democrats 18:03:01
ABC VIDEO: The Forgotten Candidate: Ron Paul Gathers Momentum, Has Sights Set on Newt Gingrich 17:23:14
Investing legend Jim Rogers interview: "End the Fed" ! 17:19:55
The psychological effects of federal reserve notes II 17:09:32
Virginia Tech shooting: `We are looking absolutely everywhere' 16:57:28
No Military Service Obama Plays Tough Guy War Hero 16:55:58
Idea: When Asked for Favors from Friends and Family... 16:52:48
12/8 Iowa - Carroll County Tea Party Straw Poll 16:51:36
Dr. Paul and Kim Kardashian Discuss the Origins of Life 16:42:43
The Brokered Convention - A Short Story 16:35:07
Are Neocons that afraid of terrorists...or do they think WE are? Is RP's framing of foreign policy ALL WRONG!? 16:27:26
STUDY: Voters Fleeing Both Major Parties; Especially Bad For Democrats 16:23:33
Iran shows film of captured US drone 16:23:07
POLL! 16:19:05
You're The Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich (Video) 16:17:29
October Surprise... Elite waiting until Oct 2012 to invade Iran in order to keep Obama in office. 16:15:36
You Tube | Politics has Ron scored way above the rest of the pack. 16:03:36
Be sure to comment on each other's Ron Paul Facebook posts. 16:00:08
Looking for the pie chart of the breakdown 15:56:42
Show This Short Documentary to any Christian voters that you know. 15:51:51
Call - Canvass Challenge 15:50:46
What Happened to the "Long Shot" Tag in front of Ron's Name? 15:48:56
Did you See the Newsmax Presidential Poll they are running? 15:28:37
Fast and Furious Gun Control Scandal 15:26:48
Ron Paul Revolution Enters Crucial Countdown To Iowa 15:23:35
Poor Sanatorium... how sad to be him 15:09:13
The Real Reason Newt is polling High? 15:07:48
Iowa Trip to help campaign 15:07:28
EMAIL Bomb How did we do? 15:06:18
National Guard Virginia Stands Behind Oath Keeper. A must read 15:03:00 14:48:55
♫ You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich ♫ 14:37:32
The only way we're going to finish off the Iowa Independent list... 14:35:45
Ron Paul wants Israel to ‘take care of itself’ 14:34:33
Possible Campaign Talking Point Linking Operation Fast and Furious and Lost Drone Debacles 14:28:15
Theres A Poll out today? but i cant find all the numbers; just what they want you to know. 14:25:47
His views on Israel might be eccentric, but the Republican establishment can't ignore Ron Paul 14:25:33
Ron Paul returns to Rochester 14:25:11
A Positive Attempt for a Fighting Chance 14:19:43
Ron Paul Revolution Enters Crucial Countdown To Iowa 14:18:04
Reuters: Rebel conservative Paul lurks in close Iowa race 14:14:31
President Paul, Please, Just Bring Them Home.. 14:13:49
Freedom Riders in Chicago Today 14:03:03
Sarah Palin: Ron Paul ‘Is The One Americans Need To Listen To’ On Domestic Spending 14:00:47
Ron Paul wins Twitter election 13:56:28
Ron Paul leads Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney in Google searches 13:53:09
CBS News 60 Minutes: Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes" 13:51:58
Gingrich $200,000 Bribe to Iowans for Christian Leaders, Vander Plaats 13:47:45
VIDEO: Conan O'Brien makes fun of Ron Paul's "Big Dog" ad! 13:45:01
Ron Paul Interview on ABC 12/8/11 13:44:54
The Stalinist Air-Brushing Out Of Ron Paul 13:44:19
The Grinch wants to fire Bernanke 13:44:12
Ron Paul Leads Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney in Google Searches 13:40:40
How many times do you visit DP a day? 13:26:38
Ron Paul The Millennial Candidate? 13:24:19
Watch Corzine's MF Global Testimony Live 13:22:13
Is our government trying to enrich the drug cartel? 13:14:40
Letter to the GOP Establishment 13:14:21
Question for the 2008 supporters here 13:12:24
CEOs for Ron Paul 13:07:03
somewhat positive article in (left-wing Sacramento paper) 13:05:40
Let's not forget this attack on Ron Paul! 13:05:37
Does Ron Paul's honesty scare people? 12:53:54
The neocons have finally snapped 12:29:10
Conan Spoofs "Big Dog" Ad 12:26:50
The Personal Liberty Poll 12:15:30
[NEW VIDEO] Gingrich loves FDR 12:09:51
Jim Willie: JP Morgan Crashed MF Global to Avert COMEX Failure, European Derivatives Implosion 12:07:39
RP comic books back in stock! 12:03:11
We Must Drive a Wedge Between the Neocons and the Average Conservative 11:53:09
Jim Willie: JP Morgan Crashed MF Global to Avert Comex Failure; QE Never Stopped! 11:34:20
Rebel conservative Paul lurks in close Iowa race-article updateed with link 11:21:55
Slash and Burn the Bureaucracy-RON PAUL 101 11:15:24
RP Ad is Extreme - Conan 11:13:11
Conon Releases Awesome NEW Ron Paul Ad 11:05:25
Does America know what America is doing for Ron Paul? 11:02:27
Beware of the Chaos - It's a Cover 10:48:38
NEWt World Order - Christians are gonna love this - SHARE 10:26:55
Update on MF Global 10:12:46
Is Ron Paul Absolutely Right, or Is He Absolutely Wrong About Terrorism? A story on the Huffington Post 09:53:00
A Glimpse Into the Young, Undecided Likely Caucusgoer 09:50:20
Hilarious! Perry's Ad goes viral on YouTube 09:45:23
Ben Swann Reality Check Patriot Act 09:44:18
eOne stolen Alex Jone's documentary then blocked it worldwide on YouTube 09:40:09
Corzine: I have no idea where the money went 09:10:04
Remains of 274 US troops dumped in landfill: report 09:05:49
Study: Ron Paul is winning on Twitter 08:57:25
Would you like to help Ron Paul win Iowa? - Operation Stump for Paul in Iowa 08:52:04
Any Web Developers at the DP? 08:29:07
Newt Gingrich: "The Things I Do For money" Ron Paul Song 2011 / 2012 08:19:31
Be very aware of FRAUD 08:17:47
Newt Getting Cained 07:50:29
Endorsement 07:39:18
Johnny Cash Knew Ron Paul? 07:11:06
His views on Israel might be eccentric, but the Republican establishment can't ignore Ron Paul 06:53:39
Ron Paul Campaign Announces 'Attorneys for Ron Paul' Nationwide Coalition 06:15:58
National Review: Ron Paul Hits the Air Waves 05:17:01
Sarah Palin Interested in Who Ron Paul Will Endorse 04:32:25
Remembering Harry Morgan 04:30:35
Ron Paul, once on GOP fringe, now 'taken more seriously' 04:06:41
2012 Iowa Caucus Locations 03:53:26
Ron Paul Tops Twitter, New Pew Study Shows 03:50:56
Big Dog Ad, Who is the guy? 03:38:44
My thoughts on the loss of the 10th amendment 03:33:30
The United "Bases" of America 700+ Bases Awsome Map 03:07:00
Ron Paul Tops Twitter, New Pew Study Shows 02:57:35
Canada Has No Gold Reserve 02:46:56
Google Trends: Ron Paul Rising 02:40:20
Newt Gingrich sign making party 02:31:05
Iowa 02:16:05
Ron Paul writing contest! 02:09:49
Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Attorneys for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition 01:50:56
African American Gentleman says "Obama is suckin"!-Get active for Ron Paul 01:48:01
More than you ever wanted to know about Newt 01:46:44
Erick Erickson of Red State says it would be awesome if Ron Paul won Iowa 01:45:24
Ron Paul supporters: Lets walk the talk together! 01:44:03
Congressional Bill to Monetize the 'Libertad' Silver Ounce in Mexico 01:34:21
Ron Paul Wins GOP Twitter Primary, Pew Study Shows 01:23:53
HuffPo: Two Ron Paul Winning Scenarios 01:20:17
The Young Turks part of establishment MSM? 01:14:51
Reality check on Patriot Act, Ron Paul on One Side, All the other Candidates On The Other 01:12:12
Maximum Contribution 01:06:21
Forbes: Why Ron Paul Will Win Iowa 01:01:36
New JJ Jones song for Xmas: "You're the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich" 00:36:15
NIMROD - Newt's Individual Mandate Results in Obamacare Depression 00:34:07
Oh, and this bit on Newt should go viral too 00:33:43
Did anyone catch the Ron Paul skit on Conan? Link included... 00:31:37
Woman says she performed oral sex on married Newt Gingrich 00:13:29
Check out my counter-military enlistment military posters 00:12:33
Whoa, Ron Paul is Ripped!... Newt.. not so much. 00:02:15