Posted on February 10, 2011

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House Passes Patriot Act Rule, Clears Way for Passage 22:09:17
Video: Ron Paul "Let Egyptians Settle Their Own Problems" - Dylan Ratigan 22:49:25
Diet Soda and Aspartame: "Rumsfeld's Plague" 18:22:35
Trump Receives Cheers, Boos After Declaring Ron Paul Can Not Get Elected (Video) 18:08:41
IMF Again Calls for End of Dollar 17:53:43
Breaking - Mubarak blames others, digs in 16:52:35
Ron Paul on tech-ticker: QE2 Is a "Total Failure" (Video) 11:59:43
Patriot Act Extension to Be Brought for Second VOTE - Thursday 12:39:59
Ron Paul On CNBC Street Signs 02/09/11 10:40:55
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 02/09/11 10:35:42
Freshmen like Rand Paul to GOP leadership: We were Serious about "Read the Bill" 08:01:41
Rand Paul Issues Statement Opposing the Patriot Act 13:59:43
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Problems in Egypt Intensifies/gold and silver raid fail/ Feb silver standing for delivery rises big time 23:39:38
A Snake in the Grassroots of the Tea Party 23:37:39
EU Supports Uzbek Dictator, Atrocities 23:18:20
Warning: Don't buy front loader washing machines.[updated 5-20-11 w/lab results and pictures] 23:08:03
Ron Paul Supporters Respond to Donald Trump 23:00:15
Mitch Daniels? 22:38:42
Rebellyious Artist Will Raise Funds to Stop Troop Deployments 21:25:40
CBS News: Ron Paul Supporters Heckle Cheney, Rumsfeld at CPAC (Reminds me of what happened at the Straw Poll in Texas 2007) 20:34:41
Ron Paul: QE2 & Bernake: Total Failure 20:18:20
Senator Rand Paul is On Tonight's Stossel Show-Thursday Feb 10th Fox Biz News 20:15:35
Videos: A 2010 $700M N. Dakota Budget SURPLUS! The Bank of North Dakota 20:13:12
Arizona to Sue U.S. Over Illegal Immigration Failure 20:12:48
Proposed Mississippi License Plate Would Honor Early KKK Leader 20:11:32
CNN: Rand Paul on Donald Trump: "his chances are less than my father's" 19:26:59
Great Ron Paul patriots boo Rumsfeld and Cheney at CPAC!!! 19:12:44
Audience Member AT CPAC Yells To Cheney 'You're A War Criminal' 19:00:16
Obama showing Mubarak how it's done 18:57:56
Hitler Goes Bonkers: Finds Out DHS has Out-Tyrannized Him 18:37:02
Rumsfeld claims world is better off without Saddam... 18:22:55
Analysis: Republicans Turn on the Patriot Act 18:11:49
Revolution about to start in Egypt 18:02:44
Help. friend wants to join military. I can't find the video that explains why its bad 17:56:41
'Radical Changes' In Tunisia 17:48:15
Ron Paul: I ask that you please remain respectful of all speakers at CPAC 16:37:25
Urgent, vote for Ron in this 'CPAC' based poll - Romney is winning! 16:34:51
Gary Johnson: ‘Ron Paul and Myself’ Can ‘Grow the Base’ 16:28:32
Two Democrats on an Escalator 16:22:10
NY...Is this Politics? 16:01:05
what are the vaccination's exemptions in ny/ 15:36:34
Bill Would Study If SC Should Create Its Own Currency 15:35:03
Egypt army to shoot commanders? 15:24:02
Huffington Post: Early Primary/Straw Polls Don't Matter 15:22:59
Vote for Ron Paul in this NYDailyNews poll (Romney is winning) 15:21:00
ALERT! Dutch Central Bank Orders Pension Fund To Sell Its Gold 15:10:15
US Rep Mick Mulvaney on supporting extending the Patriot Act and how Ron Paul is wrong! 15:06:07
Mubarak Has Already Left Country -- Speech Prerecorded 14:56:51
Brazil sells reverse swaps worth $855 million, Swaps have same effect as buying dollar on futures mkt. 14:49:48
Vote for Ron Paul in this poll 14:00:39
Our Version Of The Muslim Brotherhood = NEO CONS 13:56:05
Canadian sues claiming abuse at U.S. border 13:50:18
America, poised for a hyperinflationary event? 13:26:45
Fed basher Ron Paul should focus on outcome, not process 13:15:03
Ron Paul Doesn't Want to Violently Overthrow the Fed, He Just Wants to See it Go Away (Video) 13:14:27
Obama: Mercantilist 13:09:23
Southwest Missouri 13:05:04
Majority of Florida Representatives Continue the Shredding of the Constitution 12:39:12
Ron Paul Supporters: Join Your RTCs Now, or Forfeit the Conventions! 12:37:52
Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Ariz. is Retiring 12:03:40
Steve Palazzo(R)MS- Newly elected Vet supports Patriot Act 12:02:31
Wanna put the nail in the coffin of your friendships with war lovers? 12:01:19
CPAC Straw Poll & Questionnaire 11:53:52
Via Drudge/NBC- Egyptian President Mubarak to step down tonight! 11:53:36
Dr. Ron Paul On CNBC 02-09-11 11:51:11
Israel Bombs Medical Supply Building 11:41:19
Biggest Scam in World History Exposed 11:30:23
Chaos is now! 11:05:51
Schiff Radio, Live at CPAC 10:57:45
Peter Schiff on FOX Business News 02/09/11 10:52:02
Experts Reject Stopping Foreign Aid to Egypt 10:40:24
True Conservatives Are Anti-War 10:26:01
14 Disturbing Facts That Make You Wonder If The Coming Global Food Shortage Has Already Begun 10:20:43
Great New Song by Aaron Lewis 09:55:43
Affordable Health Care Sources 09:53:09
Obama Administration Expected to Propose Controlled End to Fannie, Freddie 09:38:37
Trump at CPAC points to White House run in 2012 09:16:11
WikieLeaks' Assange suggests Bank Documents are a Snore 09:07:00
Sarah Palin for President Website owner closing site and endorsing Ron Paul in 2012 09:03:53
Steve Forbes to Peter Schiff: “If printing money was the way to wealth then we should legalize counterfeiting,” 08:26:29
How Much More Demand Can Silver Handle? 07:41:21
Florida Foreclosure case could have Big Impact 07:34:43
Top House Republicans Caught Off Guard As Tea Party Flexes Muscle 07:09:21
Senator Rand Paul Is the Real Deal 06:58:14
Rand Paul: 'The Tea Party is having an influence' 06:57:31
Email from Ron Paul: The Revolution goes to the next level in 2012 06:51:37
Unconfirmed rumor that Saudi King Abdullah has passed away 05:30:45
Constitutionalism Vs. Libertarianism 04:12:26
Patriot Act On The Precipice Of Death, Napolitano Says Terror Attack Imminent 04:09:57
Several articles on ANONYMOUS 03:19:58
Montana 03:13:42
Video - Thomas Sowell and Joe Biden 1987 02:17:29
Dennis Kucinich "White House Would Find Even More Support If It Aligned Itself With The Constitution" 01:55:21
The Rarest Earth 00:02:58