Posted on February 13, 2011

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The REAL Defender of the Constitution! Award Presented to ..... 16:11:48
Ron Paul on Fox & Friends!!! Sunday Morning 2-13-11 09:59:57
CPAC Poll from the Perspective of a rEVOLutionary 08:59:44
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Dear Glenn Beck, Egypt Destabilization-Op Hatched by Globalists, Not Communists 23:54:13
Ron Paul Zooms. Mr O, Mitty, Donny & Missy dip 23:12:18
Adam Wood Plans Resignation From YAF Over Ron Paul Purge 23:11:50
Huff. Post: Ron Paul and the Wealth Gap 23:09:40
Patriot Act: Start Your Primary Challenge Now 23:01:59
Who Just Saw MUSE perform at the Grammys? 22:55:13
Mentor of 7/7 bomber freed by US 22:53:14
Join this Facebook cause and make it happen Moneybomb $20.12 on President's Day 22:48:04
Government argues 'liberty' doesn't mean 'physical liberty' 22:07:37
Ron Paul Meets Barack Obama (GoogleTrends) and Proof of Media Manipulation 22:06:43
THE MAN takes down thru a DDoS attack... 22:05:42 -- A Rebel Fort for -- A Forum for Freemen who understand the Systems of Law and Money 21:59:22
Kansas Exposed to Service-Member Trauma 21:54:59
Ron Paul may upset Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney in 2012 presidential election 21:19:14
Putting the brakes on wall street 21:10:57
CPAC winners and losers 20:59:10
Washington Times Poll on Ron Paul...we're losing! 20:49:37
Egypt's Military Rulers Dissolve Parliament - Suspend Constitution 20:44:51
Just for fun, and for old times. 20:27:58
Diaspora (Alpha) is accepting invites 20:23:25
Death of 500,000 Iraqi children "worth it" - Fmr. US Secretary of State 20:13:10
Let's be RADICALS! Gentle Reader, I invite your feedback. 20:03:53
"Ron Paul" Zooms Past "Mark Twain" Google Trends, 2011 19:48:20
Media shuts out Gary Johnson's 3rd place CPAC finish. RP supporters appreciate his views. 19:39:34
Court Settlement: Cop Freaks at Sound of Gunshots and Kills Mother Holding 1 Yr. old,Shoots Child Too 18:54:13
The Coming Silver Accident 18:52:07
Cenk on MSNBC, "Way to go Rand Paul!" 18:38:31
Update: Wash. Post - Mubarak Mystery: Where is he? 18:17:19
What Can YOU Do To Support Operation Recovery? 17:59:21
Liberty victory: Swiss reject tightening gun law 17:16:26
Iranian government outlaws Valentines Day 16:59:06
Ron & Rand in 2012 Gonna Be SaWeet 16:26:33
Danny Panzella schools a YAF collectivist Ron Paul hater @ CPAC 2011 16:15:47
Palin: Foreign aid should not be considered 'Holy Grail' 16:02:01
Flashback: February 19 2007 Message from Ron Paul 15:55:46
Time To Put A Fork In MERS? 15:54:50
Swine flu vaccine linked to 900% increased risk of developing narcolepsy 15:28:27
Liberty = Prosperity! 15:20:54
What Do You Think of the Situation in Egypt? 15:13:33
DHS Head Napolitano Mulls Senate Bid in Arizona 15:00:03
Hilarious clips from a non-sense rant praising socialism 14:51:26
Signs of Geoengineering visible in the storm approaching West Coast 14:49:47
Washington Post Claims Ron Paul "Loser at CPAC" LOL 14:47:15
Wake Up Neo-Cons! - Ron Paul Wins 2011 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll - 'Wall Street Mitt' Distant Second (VIDEO) 14:38:09
Ron Paul Trending Higher 14:23:33
A $300,000 prize that will never be given. 14:17:54
YAF expels Ron Paul from board 13:40:19
Anyone catch the fox email address? 13:31:36
Any laywers in the house? 13:16:47
Obama to cut the record federal deficit by $1.1 trillion 13:09:25
Although Austin Is a "Top City", It Is Having To Cut Massive City Employment 13:08:27
Gary Johnson wins RLC straw poll places third in CPAC poll 12:42:20
CNN Political Ticker -- Graham: Republicans Can Beat Obama 12:29:54
Presidential Emergency Alerts Are Mandatory On My New Phone - UPDATED 12:29:53
The new media... and why it's so important to Ron Paul 12:11:04
Top Secret 'YAF' Video Leaked 12:05:53
He's no Sarah Palin: "Liberal" Rep. Ron Paul becomes conservatives' surprise top choice 11:54:47
Number of the Week: 92% — The share of new mortgage loans backed by the U.S. government 11:30:45
Government argues 'liberty' doesn't mean 'physical liberty' 11:26:11
Watch the Straw Poll Results Announced at CPAC 10:58:10
Where do Mexican guns come from? STRATFOR 10:53:09
Meet the Press Drinking Game 10:51:25
Egypt's Army Clashes With Protesters 10:16:26
Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight 10:11:04
Gary Johnson : Paul-Johnson ticket not a political reality at all! 10:05:46
YAF on Crack 10:05:21
TSA Agent yells "Hey, I thought she was mine! I was gonna do her!" 08:34:53
Missing for 15 Years, Remains of Former Owner Found in Recently Purchased Foreclosed Home 08:33:38
Rand Paul will be on CBS's Face the Nation this morning Sunday 02/13 08:30:10
Gerald Celente - 2011 global colapse and "The youth of the world will unite" 06:55:33
Doctor Paul's Liberty Pac is Worth Every Cent I Can Spare...Here's Why... 06:03:44
Video: YAF Chris Bedford confronted over Ron Paul purge CPAC 2011! 05:27:49
Ron Paul 2012 Who are you calling crazy? 03:58:22
Top Reuters: Story Ron Paul wins conservative poll (CPAC) 03:26:27
Fed accommodates politicians, DailyPaul #4 @ Bloomberg, Feb 13, 2011 02:46:50
Know Your Enemy And Follow His Every Move, Email & Text Alert At The Bogus 02:11:55
Did I just see senator Rand Paul spoofed on SNL?? 02:01:15
Taking on Huffington Post Comments Slandering Paul 00:53:44
theblaze: Many positive comments about Ron Paul 00:08:24