Posted on February 18, 2011

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DPers, you were given a nice compliment today!!! 21:56:27
Run Ron Run - This Video Has To Go Viral 14:14:11
Groups supporting ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal or gay marriage will no longer be allowed to participate at CPAC 10:47:42
Sen DeMint Introduces Bill to Repeal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban 09:13:17
The Southern Avenger - The Battle for Young Americans 01:23:09
Reps. Ron Paul, Barbara Lee & Walter Jones Introduce Bill to End Afghan War 11:06:42 Launches Nullification Activist Centers in All 50 States 11:14:29
Wily Fox News Forced To Apologize On Air Over Ron Paul CPAC Video Deception; Claims "Honest Mistake!" 11:05:33
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Sign Wave in Seattle for GW's BD 02/21/11 23:25:14
The New and Needed Pledge of Allegiance 23:07:43
U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution Declaring Israeli Settlements Illegal 22:53:36
Watching Donald Trump on Piers Morgan 2-18-2001 22:37:18
Smearing Ron and Rand Paul 22:27:41
Making Fortune on Poverty: JP Morgan's Big Food Stamp Business 22:08:30
Ron Paul & Supporters At CPAC: Libertarians Or Libertines? 21:44:54
A Liberty message from "Sliders" circa 1996. 21:21:53
Paul the 'kook' 21:20:28
Police mistakenly raid law professor 20:57:30
White House Fanning Protest Flames in Wisconsin? 20:46:00
House Defunds Planned Parenthood 240-185 20:37:31
New RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, needs to hear from RP supporters. 20:14:21
Drinking diet soda linked to causing heart attack stroke 19:56:26
New Mexico Senate Seat 2012: Jeff Bingaman, Gary Johnson, and the Liberty Movement 19:52:08
Obama’s 2012 Budget: Tool Of Class War by Paul Craig Roberts 19:24:42
Unclaimed Body Stacking Revisited 19:22:42
Charity Auction (exposing police state) 18:41:58
Why are Cops, fire and state inspectors exempt from Walker's Budget Bill? 17:38:41
Wily Fox News vs. Road Runner Ron Paul 17:32:50
US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements 17:31:31
Ron Paul says abortion laws will NOT work. Education is a better way in a free society. 17:23:53
No primaries is exactly what the powers that be want : It seems the delegates will decide the candidates have you become one yet 17:10:07
PPP Poll: Gary Johnson leads Democrats in an open seat race for New Mexico Senator 16:56:55
Dear Dr. Paul: 16:50:50
Ralph Nader on apathy 16:45:07
Don't Not Do that! 16:36:58
Creating a Free State: Filmmaker Christina Heller on Building a Libertopia in New Hampshire 16:36:55
House passes amendment blocking funding for "net neutrality". 16:18:32
Cash-strapped states consider abolishing presidential primaries. 16:01:23
House Votes to Overthrow 'Czars' 15:52:57
Fed fell on own "Sword!" Pleas it warn't nothing. "Fight Back!" 15:49:00
How the Fed prints money without any ink 15:39:43
guy forecloses on the bank 15:31:46
Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit - Watch Live Feed Now! 14:59:10
Scathing & hateful blog by David Horowitz about Ron Paul's stance on Israel 14:55:11
(New) The Daily Paul's Daily Bond Report - Bonds Start Day Off Strong - 10yr yield = -.05 - 3.54% 14:55:09
FWIW, Judge Tells Government to Resume Permits for Drilling 14:48:59
Duty, Honor, Country: Betrayal - A short preview video 14:47:14
Good-Bye California... 14:46:04
Ron Paul number 7 right now Yahoo Trending Results 14:30:44
White House or U.S. Senate? ‘Both options are on the table’ for Ron Paul 14:30:43
a perfect 2012 slogan for Ron Paul! 14:06:27
Why true freedom must come from an independent people... 14:01:43
Grassroots Action Needed in Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District 14:01:34
Continue exposing Fox News campaign 13:36:18
What YAF’s expulsion of Ron Paul says about the conservative movement 13:23:23
Justin Raimondo: The Battle of Bahrain 13:22:04
Liberty Oriented TV or Ron Paul Appearances Needed 13:17:03
First Invoice To US Taxpayers From Post-Revolutionary Egypt Received: Bottom Line - $150 Million 13:03:20
FBI urges Congress to expand Internet wiretapping 12:52:16
Catholic priest sueing LifeSiteNews for 500,000 12:47:31
What YAF’s expulsion of Ron Paul says about the conservative movement 12:34:56
Allstate Sues J.P. Morgan Chase Over Sale Of Toxic Mortgage-backed Securities 12:28:14
LISTEN Ron Paul is on NOON 12 PM Today Fri. 02/18 on Antiwar Radio 12:24:15
FBI Translator Submitted Report Entitled "Kamikaze Pilots" 5 Months Before 9/11 12:02:17
Breaking: Bahrain...protestors being sprayed with live ammo. 11:44:30
Supreme Court Stunning Move, Might actually hear Soetoro (Obama) Eligibility 11:23:37
OMG: Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport 11:20:43
Inflation Fools and Central-Bank Clowns 11:14:54
Why, Mr. Trump, can Ron Paul not win? 11:08:33
Bernanke: Don't blame easy money for capital swings 11:03:58
Teacher Protests In Wisconsin A Prelude To The Economic Riots That Are Coming To America? 11:00:39
Returning National Guard Troops Set To Smash Wisconsin Protest? 10:57:07
DHS & the NBA Team Up and Bring "If You See Something, See Something" to Basketball Arenas 10:40:41
DHS & the NBA Team Up and Bring "If You See Something, Say Something 10:40:40
Righthaven appeals loss of "fair-use" ruling, settles with Drudge 10:10:07
U.S. Education Graph - Inflation Adjusted Per-Pupil Spending vs. Achievement Since the 1970's 09:57:55
Buy Palladium the other currency!!! 09:49:05
U.N. Flag Stands Taller than the American Flag in Local Village Court. Outrage! 09:47:23
The Philosophy of Liberty: Property 09:45:28
House Republicans Move To Block FCC Internet Regulations 09:44:55
Take Ron Paul Seriously 09:38:22
Conflicting Rulings Abound in MERS Judgments 09:22:11
A Middle East Without America? by Patrick J. Buchanan 09:17:38
Why is Ron Paul called "The Thomas Jefferson of our Time?" 08:41:08
Washington Needs A War Now To Solve Coming Debt Crisis 08:01:10
David Horowitz calls Dr. Ron Paul a Vicious AntiAmerican, Anti-Semite! 05:11:30
Question on a political strategy for the movement 03:43:34
WMD Lies - Collin Powell 'Manipulated' Into Making Case For Iraq War 03:27:07
Really Good Doc on NAU/SPP Just Released 03:00:32
Film where the Federal Reserve gets defined---"The Other Guys" 02:01:00
Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith's views on money and the constitution 01:34:27
Neocon David Horowitz Labels Ron Paul and His Supporters Vicious Anti-Semites 01:32:38
God, Money and Lies 00:33:14
Dr. Paul Will Get The Nomination! 00:26:49
MIA Wisconsin Cockroaches found by Rockford Tea Party 00:18:24
Senator Mike Lee schools Eliot Spitzer: "I will filibuster any effort to raise the debt ceiling." 00:03:19
San Jose Mercury News: Barbara Lee, Ron Paul Float Bill to End Afghanistan War 00:00:17