Posted on February 2, 2011

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The video that started a revolution 21:25:34 Rep. Ron Paul to tackle Fed at Feb. 9 hearing (updated with NYT) 16:35:28
Henry Clay Biographer, Prof. David Heidler, Gives his Thoughts on Rand Paul's first Seante Speech 16:00:09
Ron Paul: We Need More WikiLeaks on the Federal Reserve 07:47:53
Food Costs Driving Revolutions, says Ambrose-Evans Pritchard 07:42:22
Audio: Ron Paul on The Lew Rockwell Show 01:57:41
My Debate Against a War Mongering Neo-Con 09:57:36
Congressman Ron Paul: Varney & Company 02/02/11 20:36:25
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NY Times: Ron Paul Schedules First Hearing on Fed 23:57:48
Subject Similarity Search 23:57:04
Chinese Gold Demand Stuns London & Hong Kong Traders 23:43:07
A little seed to share! 22:12:03
Sen. Rand Paul Discussing Healthcare on Senate Floor 02/02/11 22:09:53
Jim Rogers: Obama is Ruining America 21:57:02
Marc Faber on CNBC: Bernanke is a Liar 21:54:52
Something is really "Ironic" with the title of this story..... 21:50:56
A real democratic revolution vs. a fake democratic revolution 21:30:29
Who is Omer Rosen? He is a former Citi investment banker and he has a story to tell 20:56:12
"Stormageddon" latest pain for city and state budgets 20:36:01
Ward Bird's sentence commuted to time served 20:18:16
rp vs israel/egypt aid video missing 20:09:41
Wikileaks Bombshell Points To 9/11 Stand Down 20:06:12
Revolutionary Fervor to Spread Beyond Arab States Europe Next 19:57:53
If only Americans can replicate what the Egyptians are doing 19:45:00
Gary Bauer on Rand Paul 19:40:09
Video: War by Deception 19:31:09
New John Dennis blog 19:20:51
The New Ultimate Mainstream Tea Party Anthem! "Words I Never Said" 18:58:33
Global Settlement 18:02:09
U.S. Negotiating Mubarak's Severance Package 17:40:09
Only a few benefit from unrest in Egypt 17:22:27
Debt Ceiling (Estimate) needs to be raised to $15,900,000,000,000 (almost 16 trillion)...and 100 year bonds?? Wow. 17:19:35
Rep. Ron Paul to Hold Hearing on Fed's Impact on Unemployment 17:01:38
College Student-Help! 16:57:27
Egyptian Protesters: "Camp David made us a slave." 16:56:39
Was Gandhi Libertarian? 16:39:30
Lawfully Reconstituting State Militias -- from the Grassroots 16:31:42
Largest bullion bank in Canada...Out of Silver Bars 16:26:07
Citizen Militias are Terrorists? Not on your life! 16:25:11
Rep. Ron Paul to tackle Fed at Feb. 9 hearing. 16:20:03
Marc Faber on CNBC and Bloomberg 02/02/11 15:54:17
Year of Ones 15:47:12
What Corruption and Force Have Wrought in Egypt - Chris Hedges 15:31:30
Politicians who support(ed) unconstitutional bills... 14:55:18
WikiLeaks Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 14:53:37
Kristoff: "Pro-Mubarak" Attackers are Government-Sponsored Thugs, Your Tax Dollars at Work 14:43:33
Watching Glenn Beck Regarding Egypt.. 14:21:43
Voices of the Egyptian Revolution! 14:20:06
Cost of winning Florida Governor’s mansion: $85 million 14:05:39
Kurt Haskell on Alex Jones Now!!!! (1:35 pm Central) 13:47:38
New TSA Scanners 13:46:33
Sen. Lindsey Graham says Cut All Foreign Aid to Israel "Over my Dead Body!" 13:43:39
South Dakota Introduces Bill Requiring Adults to Buy a Gun 13:39:05
Rand Paul compares Tea Party to abolitionist movement 13:37:38
Apple & Murdoch Launch First iPad "Newspaper" - 'The Daily' 13:32:59
Al Jeezera Live stream What is happening now 13:20:50
"Whoever teaches the rabbit what to eat, is the teacher I want." 13:07:10
PAC's Deprogramming Sequence, The MATRIX 12:59:46
Anderson Cooper of CNN attacked by protesters in Egypt. 12:57:30
Help save some of these horses - Free 12:38:45
U.S. Chickens Come Home to Roost in Egypt 12:31:41
Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring 12:30:34
WikiLeaks suspect Manning needs U.K. aid: Amnesty 12:20:52
US military intervention in Egypt ? 11:51:59
Bypassing the Obama Kill Switch 11:48:17
Refreshing news to start your day 11:39:57
Fed Passes China in Treasury Holdings (Soon Fed will hold more than China and Japan Combined) 11:39:49
What Corruption and Force Have Wrought in Egypt 11:39:15
Here Comes QE3: Hoenig Says "More Quantitatve Easing May Be Discussed" 11:36:23
Overthrowing the Despots: Tunisia, Egypt, the Fed 11:18:28
My new theme song: Tom Petty - Don't Pull Me Over 10:53:34
Floridians like Rick Scott's new austerity plan more than they like Rick Scott (Daily Caller headline) 10:51:05
You gotta hear this. 10:41:51
How Servicer Junk Fees Push Borrowers into Foreclosure 10:26:28
The Future of Food is a documentary we should all see. Link here. 10:11:05
3 Reform Options for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that can get through Congress 10:08:17
The 5th Anniversary of Fed Chairman Bernanke: Ben's Biggest Blunders 09:42:53
Yemen next ? Huge rally planned Thursday 09:29:47
AL-Qaida on Brink of Using Nuclear ... WikiLeaks 09:25:09
HAMP Mods Slowing, Outnumbered by Rejections and Cancelations 09:23:11
Nearly 11% of US Houses Empty: Ownership Society Is Over 08:42:27
John Stossel: I can balance the budget 08:40:26
Virginia eyes switching off dollar Cites 'inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve System's currency' 08:37:27
Bernanke's Poverty Effect: Foodstamp Recipients hit record of 43 Million 08:36:11
Poll 08:36:02
R.I. Senator Wants Bankruptcy Court to be the Place to Force Lenders to Mediate with Homeowners 08:20:28
NFL Players Who have Filed for Bankruptcy 08:10:15
Romney has Large Lead in GOP Presidential Fund-raising for 2012 07:38:22
Rep. Peter King: Hearings on US radicalization must focus only on Muslims 07:19:49
Why I support Ron and Rand...They are both Pro Life! Must see video 07:14:09
Georgia Republican’s bill would Eliminate Driver’s Licenses 07:13:23
Top shot 06:39:51
Now Yemen...? 04:27:46
Ron Paul 2012 Grassroots Petition Attracts 15,000 Signatures! 04:24:45
China Blocks Chinese Word for 'Egypt' 02:32:19
A Serious Lesson for the Whole World and the Masses. MY REPUBLIC. 00:45:44