Posted on February 21, 2011

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Sen. Scott Brown (RINO-Mass) says he is not a Tea Partier 16:39:06
USA Today: Ron Paul to weigh presidential bid after 'money bomb' 16:30:06
LEGO Ron Paul 2012 13:34:46
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/21/11: Read Mises! 11:44:40
Why Wisconsin's Economic Protests Will Only Spread as Health Care Costs Bankrupt the States 11:39:38
Ron Paul's Liberty PAC Money Bomb TODAY! 10:00:02
Akamai Backyard & Farmageddon Trailer 17:30:06
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iRack 23:52:14
Wisconsin's Protests a half-blind Battle between the best of Left and Right 23:51:28
Message from Jack Hunter on Rand Paul's Book Bomb 23:48:02
Amash voted against limiting funds in Afghanistan 23:33:05
Presidents Day with the Judge 23:12:28
What their latest puppet, President Obama, is doing..... 22:51:25
What A Day! President's Day... huge success. - Dr Ron Paul 22:45:36
Detroit's Education Nightmare: Half of Schools Closed & 60/class 21:59:29
Great discussion on Horowitz attack on Ron Paul 20:41:03
Google CEO proud of overthrowing government 20:27:48
Oil industry’s US-Libya business group sees website go dark amid violent uprising 20:22:11
The Battle of Los Angeles 20:06:50
Revolution Handbook for Americans 19:56:16
Bank Runs Close Six S. Korean Banks 19:46:10
Egyptians Order Pizza for Wisconsin Protesters 19:42:52
Sherrod’s Suit vs. Breitbart Tests Libel Law 19:26:32
DRAFT RON PAUL 2012 - All NEW group 19:19:40
RINO Scott Brown: GOP won't shut down the government 19:17:57
FOX 40 News Journalists John Lobertini & Rebecca Little Attacked by Angry Mourners 19:15:48
Lara Logan was beaten with flag poles during attack in Egypt 19:13:48
1 bill could kill Obamacare, NEA, PBS, NPR, abortion $ Freezing debt limit would require 40% cut: 'All bad programs would have t 19:09:59
Minnesota set to ban smoking ANYWHERE on county grounds (even inside cars in the parking lot) 19:08:23
The RNC's perfect storm: Walker, Priebus and the Wisco Budget Bill 18:57:01
Here it comes; American politicians take heed. 18:56:37
Q&A Chat With John Dennis Today 7pm EST 18:54:07
It Certainly Sounds Like Ron Paul IS Running, Read His Latest Letter. 18:46:34
It's Time: Call Emergency UN Meeting, Shoot Gaddafi's Jets Out of Sky 18:31:11
Egypt: One Down, Two to Go by John Spritzler 18:22:37
Dr. Ron Paul Hope for America! 18:18:48
Considering a Strategic Default 18:09:24
Link request, how to deal with a traffic stop or cop 17:57:48
Mike Krieger lays it all out 17:48:16
Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto 17:44:36
Update: Who financed Wisconsin’'s anti-union governor? 17:43:14
Get Polish-Americans To Support Ron Paul With This Video 16:22:24
How many volts do you have pulsing out of your fence charger? 16:14:37
China Beginning to Crack: China stamps out attempt at Mideast-style protests 16:02:17
The Obama Administration's War on Civil Liberties and Free Speech 15:47:54
Open Letter to Sarah Palin on the Wars 15:37:25
John Hathaway - Silver Breaks Out, Paper Market is Nonsense 15:24:50
Turk - Silver Backwardation Now “Unprecedented 73 Cents” 15:10:57
Matt Taibbi: Mailbag: Ron Paul in 2012, Middle East Upheavals, Student Loans 15:03:52
Trump donates $50,000 to RAHM EMANUEL 15:03:40
Ron Paul on George Washington 14:50:12
Gold! Eureka! Yucca Mountain, Nevada 14:42:29
New law says Canadians can create fake news stories without impunity. Just like the US. 14:38:31
American Held in Pakistan Shootings Worked With the C.I.A. 14:17:23
Solution for Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion 14:12:22
The Drug War Is Expanding 14:07:49
Palestinians plan "Day of Rage" against US! 14:02:01
Canada U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies 13:59:12
Growing Support to Not Raise the Debt Limit 13:47:27
Presidents Worth Remembering 13:26:51
China Blocks Coverage of Protests to Squelch Egypt-Style Revolt 13:21:44
18 Sobering Facts Which Prove That The Middle Class Is Not Being Included In This “Economic Recovery” 13:18:49
How To Use Social Media For Political Change 12:58:26
Mom Lashes Out At "Scumbag" Judge That Was Found Guilty Of Sending Kids To Jail For Payola 12:40:04
Gerald Celente Interview on Wisconsin Protests 12:33:17
Freedom Watch??? 12:10:31
The collapse is still looming 11:55:53
Nullification Prerequisite for Collapse of the U.S. -- But Is That So Bad? 11:49:47
House approves dramatic cuts in federal spending in 235-189 vote 11:46:28
Excellent Article: Frank Rich, Meet Ron Paul -NJ Star Ledger 11:43:45
Kentucky TEA Party Opposes Call for Article V Con-Con! 11:23:48
Another Botched Drug Raid 10:34:46
Canadian Troops to Patrol US cities as Food Riots Feared 10:34:19
Quantitative Easing / Inflation - Catalytic Converter Crooks Sweeping Through The Houston Area (Thank You Ben Bernanke!) 10:28:22
Youthful Inspiration for the Republican Party 10:00:23
Would Love To See A Parade 07:37:57
Couldn't Resist...Had to Answer This Yahoo on Yahoo! 04:55:26
Teleport Yourself Into DailyPaul Future Edition...Pony Express! 04:17:09
"Government" is a religion. (Larken Rose) 03:40:38
Here we go: Dutch block pension gold 03:10:34
SA@Takimag - Being Honest About Abe 03:06:33
CNN: Can Obama be beaten in 2012? 02:48:38
Live Streaming TV 02:41:26
Writing on MONEY...Good advertising idea?? 02:22:13
Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead 02:18:14
Max Kaiser, "Food Wars!" JP Morgan Buys World w/ Paper Cash 02:13:47
Could solar flares shut down the Internet? 02:04:48
Google Provides "Speak to Tweet" Services to Libyan Protestors 01:18:28
CASH FOR CASH my attempt at satire 01:18:12
Bankers Parasiting Off the Backs of The Working Man 00:56:41
Lease rates in silver on the rise , NO SILVER anywhere. 00:25:17
Breaking-Iranian Green Movement Proclaims It's Time for Freedom from the Rule of Clerics 00:11:26