Posted on February 28, 2011

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SA@TAC - David Letterman's Willful Ignorance 22:52:13
Video: Ron Paul WINS Tea Party Patriots Straw Poll 22:22:12
Listen to the last line in this clip. 16:45:57
Iceland shuts banks, surges ahead 13:24:42
Herman Cain-What I didn't know 13:21:11
Ron Paul: Reject the Welfare-Warfare State! 07:48:53
Bernie Madoff: The Federal Government a Ponzi Scheme 07:15:33
NEW VIDEO - "The War On Drugs: Ron Paul versus Barack Obama" 01:30:30
New Video: "The Change You Wanted - Ron Paul 2012" 00:45:48
Video: Ron Paul's Speech at Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit; Paul Wins Straw Poll Drawing Most Votes Overall 21:12:32
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America the Beautiful 23:54:24
Peter Schiff on CNBC 02/28/11 23:20:22
Fox news 23:09:08
Jim Rogers on Bloomberg 2/28/11 23:00:16
Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla on Tracking Down Wisconsin Democratic State Senators 22:15:18
Tory To Starve Homeless 22:11:02
David Cameron tells Libya tyrant Gaddafi: Go now 22:04:28
What Will Awaken? 20:59:28
Turning Off the Tap: Population Reduction Through Designed Economic Collapse 20:32:42
Men arrested over panhandling dispute 20:13:00
Support Your Local Armed Tax-Feeders Union 20:06:18
Teen Assaulted By NYPD Goons For Riding His Bike 20:02:42
Forfeiture Abuse: Even Your Drums Aren't Safe From the Police 19:48:49
Obama Recognizes Looming Health Care Defeat 18:30:56
Attn NYS Residents! 18:21:56
America: Your Freedom Starts With Your Hearts & Your Fingertips! 17:29:11
Inside Job - 17:27:47
Another Democrats For Paul Video 17:12:34
Obama Tells Governors Public Workers Must Not Be `Vilified' 17:10:58
Ron Paul mentioned on Morning Joe 16:46:57
Scientists under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money 16:44:06
Has YOUR county repealed Agenda-21? Mine has! 16:37:08
liquidating Traditional IRA to buy physical silver 16:35:49
Emanuel Administration Already Embroiled In Scandal 16:28:53
"Balanced-budget amendments are a waste of time." - Tom Woods 16:10:27
Disappearing Freedom Blues, original by Steve Clark 15:46:05
Video: Alex Jones takes over ‘The View’ 15:25:48
The ONE question on the minds of every Wisconsin public worker! 14:54:29
Obama to be tried by Muslims 'when they take over U.S.? 14:28:26
Video Update: Anybody just see Alex Jones kill it on "The View"??? 13:49:41
How to Start a Revolution 13:41:30
Walter Williams is filling in for Rush today! 13:12:10
Armies of organised trolls? 13:02:41
The National Debt Relief Amendment may be the first state-initiated constitutional amendement since ratification 12:58:10
Morning Joe Antiwar Video. Download it before MSNBC pulls it. 12:58:05
Arizona Teacher Fired Over Bumper Sticker 12:55:56
Why Is the US Protecting Mercenaries Killing? Some in UN Suspicious 12:52:24
WikiLeaks: Saudi Royal Welfare Program Revealed 12:52:23
"If the unions go, the Democratic Party goes, too." 12:39:47
Sincere, or Staged??? 12:35:49
Paul Craig Roberts: Don't Shut Down the Gov't s as it Would Give Even More Power to Obama 12:07:33
Divide and Conquer Strategies in America 11:30:26
Obama’s “Humanitarian” Conquest Of Libya 11:25:27
Chavez the Socialist 11:16:19
Are HHO Generators real? 11:16:14
Vietnam central bank wants to outlaw gold trading 11:09:53
Florida Primary Moved To January, So Goes Iowa 10:56:15
Anonymous Fights the Koch brothers and Protects Unions 10:41:23
The Fed’s Dudley: Unwise to Overreact to Commodity Inflation 10:20:05
Cheap homemade shampoo and deodorant 10:11:28
Update:Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped 08:41:29
Good Discussion on Anti War on Morning Joe R.P. mentioned Video 08:29:34
AG Tom Miller Negotiating in Secret with Banks Over Whether to Put Bankers in Jail 08:14:31
ATTENTION COMPUTER TECHIES...HELP!!!My computer Is Slowly Dying 08:12:04
Supreme Court confronts conflict between constitutional rights and protecting children 08:10:56
Michael Moore: We Face a Global War on the Middle Class 07:52:17
How long before these people are wiped out by the elite? 06:37:18
Just watched MSNBC's 05:35:20
If we treat progressives like children now. 04:47:21
US Gov shutdown non-essential service. Friday. TGIF! 04:42:47
Tree Planting Bomb? 04:13:17
Reuters: Last U.S. veteran of World War One dies at 110 03:38:04
Dems For Paul . . . Video 02:40:55
US neo-cons urge Libya intervention 02:14:12
Defiant Clarence Thomas 01:17:45
American public UNIONS protect individuals from Corporatism! 00:42:33
The Real Reason the Wisconsin DEM 14 are hiding in Illinois 00:35:05