Posted on February 3, 2011

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Rand Paul Follows Dad in Solo Dissent 20:56:15
Freedom Watch Live Chat Coming up! 20:28:27
Video: Rand giving speech on the Senate floor about Obamacare! 14:07:44
Good News- the Onerous 1099 Rule of Obamacare has been Repealed 17:22:19
DOJ / ICE / Homeland Security Seizes 10 Websites Prior to Superbowl 10:13:21
RISING FOR 2012: Ron Paul, Mitch Daniels, Jim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum 09:02:39
Short Documentary on the Comex Trading Floor 1981 07:46:10
The Nation: Ron Paul on Egypt and Foreign Aid in General 04:19:51
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 2/2/2011 (video) 03:23:10
Video: Sen. Rand Paul gives first speech from Senate floor 06:13:21
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Call Egyptian Consulates Right Now! 23:40:47
Straw Poll 22:22:08
CFR in Egypt, Rumsfeld Award, 9/11 Leak - New World Next Week 21:36:22
Alaska Govenor - implenting health care violation of oath of office 20:50:02
Good News For Canadians 20:49:50
Alberta premier warns of reliance on U.S. 20:04:10
Rumor has it that Homeland Security is warning that they have the right to seize gold and silver 19:37:08
Rand Paul supports your right to keep and bear laser pointers 19:30:05
Ben Bernanke: Audit the Fed at The National Press Club 02/03/11 19:08:05
The Georgia Guidestones - Brad Meltzer's Decoded 02-03-11 18:52:31
Updated Chipins for CPAC 18:19:01
Jake Towne will be interviewing Tom Woods tonight at 6 pm EST 18:06:29
Live Chat With Tom Woods Tonight 9:30 pm EST 21:45:41
David House, Bradley Manning's only visitor 16:08:01
Breaking: Lawsuit claims that J.P. Morgan Chase was at "very center" of Madoff fraud 15:43:34
Sen. Rand Paul on ObamaCare Repeal 15:35:37
So How Did Major Law Firms Lose Deal Documents on the Way to the Mass. S.J. Court? 15:33:27
Bernanke: Economic Recovery Still Needs Fed's Help' Gold Shoots Up 15:30:55
Welcome to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 15:18:16
Egyptian VP Blames "Foreigners" for Chaos. Now Who Could That Be? 15:12:16
Mexico supplies electricity to wintry Texas 15:04:51
Bernanke: Economy is on the mend 14:55:08
President Obama has been declared in contempt by the courts 14:28:22
Powerful Speech on Family 14:17:02
Ridiculous Speed Sign 13:55:08
Sarah Palin Turns Down Keynote Speaking Slot At CPAC 13:49:44
Senate Repeals "$600 Tax Provision" of Obamacare: 81-17 13:14:49
There's No Abe Lincoln in the Muslim Hood 13:06:24
Is There a John Boehner Sex Scandal Brewing? 12:58:51
Snow Circles? 12:50:53's Presidential Straw Poll Results; New Feb. poll 12:45:53
Keiser Report: Silver Stick for JP Vampire 12:33:46
Case involving alleged foreclosure fraud headed to Florida Supreme Court 12:23:27
Tracing the Fed’s Vital Role in the Decline of the US Dollar 11:45:49
The Second American Revolution 11:45:44
Copying US Despotism 11:39:55
$5 million lawsuit targets Jimmy Carter for ‘attacking Israel’ 11:26:58
Donald Trump: An Economic Collapse Is Coming 11:19:59
AOL POLL : Should wikileaks get the nobel peace prize! Vote now. 11:01:15
How About a Clean Break – with Israel? by Philip Giraldi 10:44:55
Barney Frank says he won't retire 10:35:26
How Obama silenced the anti-war movement and what can be done to reclaim it 08:52:14
Calif. Republican plans National-level Version of contentious Arizona immigration law 08:28:14
14 Points To Save America 08:22:41
Marc Faber Calls Bernanke A Liar, Thinks US Inflation Is Running Up To 8% 08:14:33
God Isn't a Conservative or a Liberal, but He might be a Libertarian 08:08:51
Rand Paul's Youtube Channel! 08:06:38
Peter Schiff: Why the Housing Market Crashed 07:59:36
Alan Dershowitz supports the worst of US and Israeli imperialism 07:57:39
2012: Top 10 most competitive Senate races 07:42:00
Ron Paul - One Chance 2012! 07:41:34
Federal Judge Raises Questions Whether a Key Component of the Voting Rights Act is Outdated 07:39:34
Conservative German State First to Ban Burqas 07:36:37
Jim Cramer: Buy Gold Before Price Spikes Amid Mining-Stock Rally 07:34:53
Senator Asks Bernanke: "What Would Happen To The Markets If California Defaulted?" - Video 07:28:51
The George Bush You Forgot! 07:23:52
Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on Corporatism and War By Sheldon Richman 07:23:39
Sen. Franken (D-MN) urges Reform on Foreclosure ‘Robo-signing’ 06:55:14
Senate Tea Party Caucus Meets - Washington Post Mocks 04:53:38
The State of Affairs (poem) 04:13:30
Who was the last president we had as a free people?... 04:03:03
Rise of the Chinese [Propaganda] • CNN • January 31st, 2011 03:40:47
Senate Repeals A Part of Obamacare: 81-17 03:11:43
rp vs. israel/egypt aid video missing 02:40:41
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