Posted on February 4, 2011

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The cost of ONE, victimless medical marijuana prosecution: $65,000 in Maine! The case of James P. Fowler 13:16:52
SA@TAC - Defending the Constitution 06:23:23
Rand Paul in 15 minute interview on a subway....military, budget cuts, someday running for president.... 01:20:02
Me vs. Sean Hannity on the Radio Today 07:23:23
Patriot Act Update from Ron Paul: REPEAL IT! 10:24:01
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Accidents increase 480% due to Red light Cameras 22:54:41
Where did Faith go? 22:44:17
Jackson Browne - Lives In The Balance 22:41:32
"World Premiere" Atlas Shrugged movie trailer planned for CPAC 22:24:57
Omar Suleiman, CIA's Man In Cairo and Egypts Torturer in Chief 20:57:18
Greenhouse and new growth pics 20:55:08
Israeli, U.S. generals taking control in Egypt 20:49:55
WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets 20:48:04
Next Round of Egyptian Military Aid on March 4th, Obama Can Block Present Funds Now 20:14:40
Graphic Footage - CopS beating & kicking surrendered teen 20:05:06
February 04, 2011 2/4/2011 6:29:00 PM The Fed and job creation By RON PAUL U.S. House of Repr 19:58:38
WikiLeaks Bombshell Points To 9/11 Stand Down 19:58:14
Popular infant juices loaded with toxic fluoride 19:54:01
EPA to regulate rocket fuel chemical in drinking water... 19:51:10
I love Jim Rogers 19:19:03
Janet & DHS Infest the Super Bowl 19:18:00
NC Pushback Against Feds! 19:05:18
Friday Video Day, Just released from NIA: $5,000 Gold, $500 Silver 19:00:00
Sunlight Foundation's Lobbying Tracker 17:51:35
Does anyone live in idaho. Does nullification have a real shot there? 17:40:15
The Palestine you don't get to see 17:31:43
Mubarak's Plan to Exploit Coming Chaos, 5,000 Injured, Why Days Matter 16:51:32
Far too funny!! 16:19:23
American Cities Go Bust! 16:14:13
Rand Paul: 'I'm Not Singling Out Israel' 15:49:35
Buckle up we are in for the ride of our lives.. SILVER! 15:45:04
"...our Economy is Cyclical." 15:26:24
Health Ranger interview with Dr. Wakefield 15:23:12
Senate Votes Down Rand Paul Free-Market Amendment: 42-55 15:20:24
Jon Stewart on a Tear Over Keith Olbermann 15:18:07
The Golden Rule 15:11:03
Bill Gates: Vaccine-autism link 'an absolute lie' 15:04:42
Rand Paul: In Minority on Laser Pointing at Planes Bill: 96-1 15:01:02
From the Desk of Rep. Walter B Jones.....He wants YOUR questions to ask Bernanke. 14:57:53
Ronald Reagan at 100 14:42:19
Sketch 1102: Light our Darkest Hour 14:30:25
Vandal Cops Won’t Be Prosecuted Return To Patrol 14:18:15
Tennessee Lt. Governor wants to take your DNA 14:13:20
Report shows how FBI chronically compromised civil liberties 13:45:57
Response to Muslim Brotherhood email. 13:44:54
Does "Jon" ever sleep???? New DP category fantastic! 13:29:04
WSJ: Copper, Gold May Jump 30 Percent on Inflation Fear 13:25:38
How Not To Put Your Boat In The Water 13:16:08
Mubarak Net Worth--$40 to $70 Billion. 13:03:53
Paul / Baldwin 2012 12:42:11
Chuck Baldwin Interview. Worth watching 12:30:22
Egyptian Secret Police Playbook Captured and Exposed. 12:29:11
Americans are Oppressed, Too - Paul Craig Roberts 11:54:33
The Great Civil Debate 11:50:54
Just a laugh 11:25:04
Van runs over 30 people mercilessly in Egypt 11:13:20
Bob Chapman's take on the Egyptian situation 11:12:19
Gov. Shutdown State of Emergency in NM: No Natual Gas 11:02:26
Are the American people this stupid??? Yep. 10:53:49
Dems: Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners 10:44:44
Big Brother: Smoking In The Park Banned... 10:27:12
US plan: Replace Mubarak with torture-linked ‘CIA point man’ 10:23:38
Egypt: Preview of America in 2015 10:20:57
Warren Buffett: "Get Down On Your Knees And Thank The LORD For Bernanke" (VIDEO) 10:17:24
Rising Food Prices and the Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World 10:11:55
Florida Ends Obamacare implementation! 09:50:30
Bernanke: The Sky is Falling 09:46:43
ABC News Exclusive: Rand Paul Says Republicans 'Aren't Maybe Brave Enough' to Tackle Deficit 08:37:50
The End of the Nation State: Gary North on the ultimate subversion. 08:36:04
Even Reverse Mortgages to Homeowners May End Up on Foreclosure Docket 08:27:44
Zandi supports foreclosure claims fund financed by mortgage business 08:25:28
Judge rules that The Fed can Keep Most Gold Secrets but Must Yield One 08:18:48
Pat Buchanan: What must Mubarak think of America? 08:14:36
Bernanke: 'Low' Inflation Proves Economy Still Needs Fed's Help 07:49:56
Politicio: Israel Parts Ways With Neocons Over Mubarak 07:47:02
Israel Prepares for Islamic Terror State Rising from Egypt's Ashes 07:44:44
New Ariz. Bill Gives State Right to Overthrow Federal Laws? 07:35:33
Judge Napolitano: Patriot Act Was Signed Into Law With NO Debate In The House Of Representatives! NONE! (Video) 07:19:17
Anonymous Stands Up For Liberty As Hacktivists Arrested 02:08:09
Natural Law: A Logical Analysis 01:17:44
Steve Wozniak's $2 Bill Sheets 00:59:52