Posted on February 5, 2011

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Super Bowl Sunday! Everyone Entering Stadium Gets a Patdown. 19:33:54
Open Letter To The People Of Egypt 18:03:54
Fleckenstein: The Fed is Printing Money to Cover Bank Theft Leading to Food Inflation 08:51:38
Cong. Ron Paul: Classified Cable Proves US Ok’d Saddam’s Kuwait Invasion 08:03:19
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Is our horse going to enter the race? 23:26:40
Gardening, and How I got from there to here! 23:10:36
Egypt - Why a revolution Now?? 22:53:16
RoboEarth 22:53:09
Egypts Outrage and a Facebook Page That Gave It a Voice 'We Are All Khaled Said' 22:16:57
John Stuart Mill critiques government, Zeitgeist Movement 22:16:31
Bush’s Swiss visit off after complaints on torture 22:03:32
Fortress North America- Consolidation In Effect! 21:47:03
CPAC List of Speakers: Bachmann Will Be First; Ron Paul on Friday 3:30 pm ET 19:51:34
Patriot Act. 19:36:22
"Ghost Rider" at Egyptian Riots? 19:31:17
Arrested sex offender served Clinton, fished with Bush & boasts of 'shadow government" 19:13:48
U.S. warships moored off the coast of Egypt 18:49:57
Rumsfeld: Bush ordered Iraq 15 days after 9/11 18:31:35
June 2010: Prince warns S. Arabia of apocalypse 18:27:31
Protesters Being Tortured While Obama Blabs About "Transition" 18:17:12
Noam Chomsky: It's not radical Islam that worries the US – it's independence 17:53:02
A new voting system for the U.S. - My Idea... 17:41:45
Doctor Our Eyes 17:26:53
For the US in Egypt, Blowback is a Bitch 16:47:52
Sec. of State Clinton: A "perfect storm" of economic woes, repression and popular discontent could destabilize the Middle East 16:44:03
Protesters in Tahrir Square Break Into Song 16:43:49
Money Bomb: FEC increases campaign contribution limits to $2,500 16:37:00
state banking = no more federal income tax 16:36:26
Former Fannie Mae director: "A lot of HAMP is focused on weeding out bad apples" 16:18:50
UK Prime Minister Admits that State-enforced Multiculturalism has Failed 16:02:05
Survivalist Jim Rawles on Peter Schiff Radio 2/3/11 16:00:41
Term Limits 15:29:11
Michael Scheuer Attacked Again 14:50:01
Huff. Post: Rand Paul In 2012? Senator Would Run For President 'If Nominated' (Video) 14:46:43
R3VOLution heading to Egypt 13:57:30
The skin gun 13:56:08
State Sovereignty 13:48:33
Campaign for Liberty Gold Coin 13:17:37
superbowl and security 13:06:21
Are Cops Constitutional? by Roger Roots 13:01:41
As The Arab World Fights America Sleeps 12:19:19
Massive explosion hits natural gas terminal in Egypt Supplies to Jordan and Israel affected after the blast; conflicting reports 12:12:58
Rage Against The Machines GOP joins campaign against TSA scanners 'Graphic scans, intimate searches are a violation of our right 12:06:40
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Freedom Watch: Dan Gillerman and Michael Scheuer 11:47:01
Weekend Watching: Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control 11:42:55
Campaign for Liberty Collectors' Gold Coin for sale by DP advertiser Midas Resources 11:18:59
Egypt, the US and the Israel Lobby 11:06:51
film festival in Colorado 10:49:47
Obama: Gov't, business responsible for US future 10:45:28
Border Patrol Officer Loses His Job After Making Pro-Pot Comments 10:39:33
Rothbard on the Real Ronnie Reagan 10:34:22
Wyoming & Maine Introduce Food Freedom Legislation To Combat S. 510 10:31:40
California desert city proposes broadcasting fake bird sounds to cheer up residents 10:25:40
Rand Paul co-sponsors term limit bill 10:02:31
Obama Grants O'Reilly Super Bowl Interview 09:50:38
Obama's Treasury Dept. Declines to Name China Currency Manipulator 09:06:02
NUGENT: Social Security: Anti-social and insecure 08:48:20
Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq Computers 08:40:12
Rand Paul In 2012? Senator Would Run For President 'If Nominated' (VIDEO) 08:28:50
Geithner: GOP Debt-Repayment Plan is 'Unworkable, Quite Harmful' 08:20:18
Rep. Dennis Kucinich requests to meet with Bradley Manning 08:16:15
‘World premiere’ of Atlas Shrugged movie trailer planned for CPAC 08:15:16
Senators Diverge Over How to Extend Patriot Act Surveillance 08:13:25
Ron Paul's Subcommittee Hearing next Wednesday Feb. 9th: “Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?” 08:08:09
Iranium - Corrupt State Gearing Up to Push for War With Iran 05:54:32
Please vote for Ron Paul - online poll 03:59:25
Rand Paul - Cut Foreign Aid (Is He Right?) 03:15:58
USDA/Monsanto Overrule Federal Judge Ban: Planting GMO Sugar Beets Now O.K. 02:18:37
Americans will flock to $5,000 per ounce gold and $500 per ounce silver 02:01:32
Mean Streets: El Paso's Attack on Mobile Vendors 01:43:41
The Rulers Of The World: a new Project Avalon video interview 01:32:16
Krauthammer!!!??? 00:07:31