Posted on February 7, 2011

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SA@TAC - Dreading Democracy 23:18:08
The Egyptian Mirror - Glenn Greenwald 12:57:52
President Paul in 2012? Rep. Ron Paul heads to Iowa 11:01:02
ROLLBACK -Tom Woods' New Book Released TODAY-2/7/11 13:57:52
The Student Loan Swindle by Mike Whitney 09:04:52
Rand Paul Op-ed in Wall Street Journal: A Modest $500 Billion Proposal 04:49:07
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NATO Brussels headquarters to cost $1.3 billion 23:47:10
Put Ben Bernake's Face on the Coming New Nickel 23:24:07
Thermodynamics and economic disparity pop quiz. 22:45:53
lost video 22:29:26
Clinton says "Too much money in.." legalizing drugs 22:21:06
Aljazeera, Palestine and Israeli Deception 22:18:53
The power went out tonight preparing for the worst 22:06:49
Afghan Red Cross Worker to be Hanged for Converting to Christianity 21:58:42
Patriots Prepare For Ron Paul 2012 -- Great Battles Ahead 20:16:16
Buzz Kill: LA County Wants You To Take Ecstasy Safely 20:15:49
J.P. Morgan Accepts Gold as Repo Collateral 19:34:22
How To Stop Domain Name Seizures 19:09:16
New poll: 62% of likely voters oppose raising the $14.3T debt ceiling 18:07:51
Looking for 6 taste testing guinea pigs across the country. Update! six went so fast that I will do six more but that is it. 17:27:01
Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers" 17:01:01
I love you guys even though you take down my comments. 16:28:42
Toronto group fails to convince judge pot smoking a religious right 16:27:33
Marco Rubio Dismisses Rand Paul’s Tea Party Caucus As A ‘Little Club’ Run By Washington Politicians 16:26:54
Fred Reed's take on the revolution in Egypt 16:23:52
Virginia Gov.: States Must Take Back Power Founding Fathers Intended 16:14:58
Industrial Farming: Immorality, Subsidized 16:09:00
Recognizing the Language of Tyranny - Chris Hedges 15:41:43
Are Counties Engaged In Property Tax Fraud? Atlanta lawsuit says "yes." 15:41:04
TSA's Homosexual Motivation 15:32:11
Insider Selling To Buying Ratio: 434x 15:21:40
Honey Bee Collapse Threatens Global Food Security 15:14:43
swiss swear out torture complaint,bush changes travel plans 15:14:37
The Hill: Egypt: Our 30-year mistake --by Rep. Ron Paul 15:04:35
Israeli Economists Agree with Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid 14:46:36
The Great Global Debt Prison 14:39:31
Wall Street Journal: A Presidential Run for Rep. Ron Paul? 14:36:16
Back to The Future: Progressives, Repression and the Echoes of History 14:33:51
Dogs can sniff out cancer in people but doctors are waiting for a machine to do it 14:18:29
Investors Have $102 Billion Bet on Gold, Silver Gains 14:13:02
FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested on TV 14:11:38
Truth Out for the Gulf Forum 14:06:38
Free Yourself!!! 13:59:12
This Video Needs About 20 million Views! 13:48:06
IMPORTANT NEWS about the Ron Paul Monetary Hearing on Wed. 13:44:35
Chrysler releases $9m Super Bowl ad while Requesting more Taxpayer Dollars 13:40:07
JP Morgan accepts gold bullion as collateral 13:38:04
Rep;. Jane Harman (D-Cali) Resigning From Congress 13:34:37
Solar Death Ray You Can Build at Home 13:29:49
Fla. Gov. Rick Scott has picked a fight with more than 500,000 State Employees over Pension Funding 13:07:33
Liberty Movement's Complete Guide to CPAC 2011 - Print this out! 13:05:11
Senator Rand Paul Defends Israel 13:05:03
Banks Covering Silver Shorts fast; GLD said targeted for draining 13:03:39
Remember when Gas cost a Quarter??? 13:01:33
The story of the Star Spangled Banner 12:56:21
The Empire’s Bagman - Frank Wisner 12:44:06
Paul Krugman Blames Egypt Crisis On Global Warming 12:40:13
A 9mm won't save you 12:27:56
Florida Attorneys Attack Rights of Citizen Journalists 12:25:21
Spring has sprung! 12:12:32
Immigration Fails To Explain Why Seized Domains Are Different From Google 12:06:07
A North American Security Perimeter Threatens National Sovereignty 12:01:46
Update: Homemade Soap (Pictures) 11:52:07
Repeal Selective Service - Help Needed on Facebook 11:43:17
The Huffington Post Being Bought for $315 Million by AOL 11:09:50
APMEX??? 10:46:02
The Division of Egypt: Threats of US Israeli and NATO Military Intervention? 10:37:56
Paul Craig Roberts: Kleptocrats at Work 10:32:39
Rand Paul cosponsors term limits amendment 10:19:59
Here Are 17 Facts Which Prove America Is A Debt Pig That Is Deeply Addicted To Debt-Fueled Prosperity 10:16:08
Silver Breaks Its Golden Shackles 09:49:26
SEC officials who missed Madoff now in Top Spots at Major Law Firms 09:15:00
The Rise & Fall of a Foreclosure King David Stern, Esq. 09:12:41
Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy by Murray N. Rothbard 08:34:10
FCC Commissioners: FCC Lacks Authority to Regulate the Internet 08:10:11
Rhode Island State Senator says he is a "libertarian in the mold of Cong. Ron Paul" 08:03:48
West Builds Islam to Create a New War? 07:51:44
Hitler aide Bormann ‘escaped to Latin America’ 07:50:44
Interview with Libertarian author of “Power Divided is Power Checked: The Argument for States’ Rights.“ 07:43:37
The Constitution Is on Life-Support by Gary North 07:35:22
Rolling Stone: General Petraeus and the Debacle in Afghanistan 07:33:32
AOL Acquires Huffington Post for $315 Million 07:10:41
no more paying federal income tax 06:56:32
How to legally donate $70,000 vs $2,500 to Ron Paul's 2012 Presidential campaign w/gold & silver Eagle coins (Updated) 05:54:40
Surviving Off Off-Grid: New book coming soon on true freedom 04:23:33
Police State 2011 (2 minute cartoon vid between citizen and policeman) 03:21:22
Remember when Bush ran against Kerry - the "Flip-Flopper" meme??? What about the "Can-Kicker" meme? 02:58:59
Jim Rogers On The Fed! 02:18:40
Austrian vs. Keynesian Economists on 2008 Economic Crisis! 02:01:48
Economics 101 - Four Reasons Why Big Government Is Bad Government! 01:34:02
AOL purchases Huffington Post for $315 million 01:20:31
Obama vs O'Reilley Was this posted? Video! Interview 01:13:26
Rand Paul 2012 ... Here is why! 00:56:01
I celebrate 3 years and 2 days on dailypaul, funny thing is, I realize my DP birthday is the same as my real BDay 00:47:35
silver in complete backwardation. 00:32:50
Super Flu Vaccine Breakthrough: One Vaccine Kills All Strains 00:22:29
IRS Delays Processing, Refunds to 50M Taxpayers 00:07:34
Mexican Government successfully sheds the US Dollar from its economy 00:02:30