Posted on February 8, 2011

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I'm a Ron Paul Girl Video 20:47:56
The story you have been waiting for. WOW. Our Dr. Paul. The contender!! CNN Politics Front Page!! 20:45:56
Ron Paul's new Liberty PAC: now accepting donations for presidential run? 19:42:29
Classic Ron Paul: "Osama bin Laden was our good friend because he was a freedom fighter" 5/6/1999 16:55:11
USA Patriot Act Provisions Extension H.R.514 -Motion to Suspend Rules and Pass - Fails 21:45:56
Beck's radio co-host triangulates Ron Paul on the air. 12:10:14
Congratulations Tom Woods! Rollback #1 on Amazon in... 11:05:17
Tell Your Representative to Reject the PATRIOT Act Sneak Attack! 10:25:53
Salon: Ron Paul will ruin the dreams of the 2012 fringe candidates 09:50:20
Ron Paul is the ONLY prospective 2012 presidential candidate to have served in the U.S. military 00:52:52
Citizens Criminals For Reading Wikileaks? 03:32:57
The Atlantic: When Ronald Reagan Endorsed Ron Paul 00:32:57
Ron Paul on Cavuto: "Next Week Or Month There Will Be A New Dictator In There & We'll Just Keep Sending Money" 13:30:25
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Cop faces no consequences for forever crippling innocent man: A societal lesson 23:07:00
Thomas Jefferson's a-Rolling in His Grave 22:59:44
BleuCream013???? 22:54:08
EB-5 Visas: Deconstructing the Sovereign United States 22:12:59
Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver - Max Keiser vs. Jamie Dimon 22:07:02
Arizona Probation Officer Fired For Supporting Marijuana Legalization 22:04:01
Video: Sen. Rand Paul on Morning Joe (02/08/11) 21:38:57
Video: Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Report 02/08/11 21:28:33
Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing 21:06:39
Rand Paul Forges His Own Path 20:57:20
Effects of war on food production :P 20:32:39
American Soldier Loses Both Legs in Front of the Camera 20:09:27
Foreign Policy: Bush & Obama vs. Ronald Reagan 20:05:50
Obamacare Defense Initiative Secretly Funded 19:52:26
Impeach Clarence Thomas 19:49:13
EL Rothschild acquires 70% interest in Weather Central 19:46:52
Live Q&A Chat With Jordan Page Feb 9th at 9pm EST 19:30:10 Ron Paul On Verge Of Announcing 2012 Presidential Bid 19:21:03
Action Alert: Austin American Statesman Calls RP a liar 19:15:32
More on Silver position Limits. 19:10:00
Steve Forbes: If printing money was the way to wealth then we should legalize counterfeiting 19:01:58
U.S. military purchases Gulf of Mexico seafood 18:26:28
Officer entered my garage while no one was home without permission 18:15:10
Poll: Ron Paul Has Greater Chance Of Beating Obama Than Palin Does In 2012 18:14:46
Rand participates in the first ever Tea Party Town Hall 17:58:25
Rumsfeld Lies About Iraq and the War on Terror...Again 17:50:29
James Altucher's 8 Alternatives to College 17:44:00
Oh Hell Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalpost Of Life..An Iphone Confession APP??? 17:37:51
Underwater homeowner Meetups! 17:17:03
President Obama handles O'Rielly in pre-game interview. 16:39:13
Disturbing: Foreign Bids for Treasury Debt Plunged Today 16:05:42
LIVE Q&A w/ Jordan Page Wed @ 9pm 16:03:04
FCC out of Control once again-> What is a Presidential Alert ? 16:02:17
Will 2012's Ron Paul be...Ron Paul? It might not be Gary Johnson . . . 15:30:39
Gainesville Coins out of 100oz Silver Bars 15:19:25
NPR: Ron Paul Considering 2012 Presidential Run 15:02:09
John Dennis Are You There? 15:00:18
They Still Don't Get It 14:58:05
Media Control 14:52:27
We should not be afraid of deflation. We should love it as much as our liberties. 14:39:12
Is Rand Paul a U.S. Senate action hero? 14:37:31
Max Keiser #119 14:29:06
Great Video - The Ron Paul Story 14:25:39
Eric Sprott: Silver could easily get to $50 per ounce by the end of 2011 14:25:10
Great News From Egypt 13:59:23
Peres “warns” of dangers of Egyptian democracy 13:31:49
02/08/11: Sen. Rand Paul on America's Newsroom 13:26:54
In Egypt, President Obama sides with efforts to limit democratic change 13:23:30
Famous Brazilian supermodel condemns conventional sunscreen calls it 'poison' 13:09:21
Supplement help 12:57:04
Egyptian Spontaneous Order 12:41:44
CNN: Paul 'strongly considering' another presidential bid 12:40:06
The U.S. Dept. of Education has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’ Makes it Mandatory in some Texas schools 12:15:01
California Passes Global Warming Solutions Act 11:29:39
Delaware Libertarian Lawyer & Marijuana Rerformer Suspended from Practice after Drug Charges 11:21:43
Thomas Woods is on Schiff Radio Today 10:52:59
First McCain / Lieberman, now Lindsay Graham / Chuck Schumer 10:40:08
DHS Hijacks Domain Names of Sites That Allegedly Linked to Copyrighted Materials 10:37:28
Remonetization is almost here - whether or not the politicians want it 10:35:54
IMPORTANT: What our movements has been waiting for! 10:35:19
PLASTIC Rice being manufactured in China 10:19:37
Ron Paul iPhone app now FREE! 10:17:55
Peter Schiff on Freedom Watch 2/7/11 10:11:38
NLRB: Employee Who Criticized Boss on Facebook was Protected by First Amendment 10:11:24
All signs indicate Ron Paul to run for President in 2012 10:08:41
Latest Poll -Please Vote & Leave Comment 09:37:43
Confederalism: A Forgotten Political Tradition 09:33:22
Rand Paul Interview on Morning Joe 2-8-11 (Hits all the major issues) 09:20:08
Southern Sudan Peacefully Secedes 09:05:38
Schiff Radio Exclusive: Peter Wallison of FCIC (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commision) says Investigation was COOKED! 09:02:49
CPAC: Some social conservatives attempt to link Ron Paul’s libertarianism to GOProud’s social liberalism 09:00:57
Kleptocrats at Work by Paul Craig Roberts 08:43:22
Gallup: Nearly 7 Out of 10 Americans Are Dissatisfied With the Size and Power of Government 08:39:35
The Hill: Ditching unwritten rules for freshmen, Paul does it his way 08:38:01
How much Longer will Bernanke Continue to Lie to us about Inflation? 08:32:59
Pat Buchanan: Why Keep Borrowing Billions from China to Persue a Policy in the Arab World that makes them Hate Us? 08:26:02
What the Feds Can Learn From Egyptian Internet Control 08:22:53
PATRIOT Act: Do Tea Party People Oppose the Police State? 08:18:59
LibertyPAC = 2012 Campaign; DONATE -- Ron Paul is Running NOW!!! 08:06:38
Senator Rand Paul Introduces REINS Act 08:04:27
Magnetic polar shifts causing massive global superstorms 07:08:07
Antony Sutton - Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution 04:17:53
Reagan was a Big Government Liberal Democrat 02:15:54
Ron Paul fans behind the scenes 01:55:55
Is $32 Billion in cuts what you really want? 01:17:37
Mitt Romney's Tea Party - 00:57:08
Pamela Anderson Says Immigrants Need to Respect the Legal Citizenship Process 00:56:14
Speaker Boehner back's Peter King's Witch Hunt against Muslims. 00:54:41