Posted on March 1, 2011

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Great RP Photos from the Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit 20:23:01
Daily Paul Named 4th Most Popular Libertarian Website 20:48:40
Atlas Shrugged - First Review 18:05:36
MoRtiS NoCTu - "Think 1776" and "The American Daydream" (InfoWars Video Contest Entry) 16:26:58
Bernanke Now Expects 'Modest & Temporary' Rise in Inflation 11:22:02
Thank you NH! Proposed Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault! 11:19:10
Police and Fireman: Why Did TSA Pat Down Kids, Adults Getting Off Train? Now we are being searched getting off of trains WTF? 09:04:56
“Nobody’s Gonna Touch Israel”: David Horowitz's NRB Interviews Ron Paul 07:53:42 final push for matching funds... deadline TODAY (Wednesday) 09:28:37
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"Paul", The Movie! In Theaters Now! 23:57:09
Alright, so there is a little adult language but Penn and Teller on the 1st Amendment is worth it 23:53:24
Deficit Hawks to the Rescue! 23:23:32
Obama Attempts to Give the UN Power Over the Internet 23:08:11
Glenn Beck on Inflating the Dollar, Federal Reserve, & Food Riots in the U.S. - March 1 22:36:51
POLL: Should Tennessee Adopt its own currency? 22:11:51
Here's a Thought: If There is a Widespread Silver Shortage, Will the Numismatic Value of 2011 Silver Eagles Skyrocket? 22:10:54
Populist Interpretations of the Wizard of Oz 22:10:07
WSJ: Why the Dollar's Reign Is Near an End 21:20:19
Was George Bernard Shaw the Glenn Beck of his day? 20:29:22
House passes two-week stopgap spending bill w/RP voting "Nay." 19:17:12
Tunisia revokes ban on Islamist political party 19:06:31
TSA screener denied right to hold second job 18:31:36
Sanctions in Place, US Mulls Further Intervention in Libya Sens. Lieberman, McCain Call for Arming Protesters 18:11:41
Five Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License 18:05:54
US Palestiinians want to dump traitorous Palestinian Authority 18:04:29
Financial errorism suspected in 2008 economic crash 18:02:05
☠ Drones Set to Invade National State Parks ☠ 17:57:24
Why we should support Rand Paul and Kentucky's call for a Con./ Con. or Article V Convention. 17:47:44
Vaccinations: Miracles or Magik: Czar Bill Gates vs. Child Killers 17:41:20
Game over for American imperialism and Middle East oppression 17:30:57
Who wants to update the copyright laws? 17:19:50
Real ID Act to to start on May 11, 2011 17:18:00
Attn Texas High School Students 17:07:57
Steve Wozniak prints $2 Bill "Legal Tender." Fed Fails $100. 17:00:37
George Carlin Said: "They Own You They Have You By The Balls" 16:48:09
Ron Paul Questions Secretary of Statism Hillary Clinton on Supporting Dictators 16:23:11
Glenn Greenwald : The Nationalism Bias of Journalists 16:09:52
Better LATE than Never...I will buy 1 Troy Ounce of Silver each Week... 16:00:56
Ron Paul Takes 2nd Place in Townhall Straw Poll! 15:44:18
Former Goldman Sachs Board Member Accused Of Insider Trading By SEC 14:43:20
Al Qaida is at it again. Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash 14:04:46
Keiser Report: Middle Class Misery 13:44:53
You Have More Money In Your Wallet Than Bank Of America Pays In Federal Taxes 13:39:40
Bernanke: GOP Budge Cuts Won't Kill Recovery 13:28:39
Once Again, lies about Ron Paul 13:19:30
Rollin’ Loanin’ Rollin’ - RAWHIDE! 13:16:19
**From Ron Paul on Facebook ...Bernanke Live Hearings NOW! 12:57:33
Important Dispatch from Chavez to Gadaffi 12:52:54
The Alternative Market Project Has Been Launched! 12:50:42
No Gun? Live in Vermont? Pay $500.00 Penalty 12:04:30
Commercially Ready "cold fusion" or "LENR" (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) 11:50:08
FEMA on 'New Madrid Earthquake & UFO Preparedness' 2011 11:44:42
NH House bill would make some security procedures a crime! 11:37:01
Noble Energy (Swiss company) issued first permit to resume drilling in GoM 11:11:18
Honor Killing by American Muslim in US 11:10:13
They're playing games, literally, in the Justice Department 11:09:58
Saudi Arabia sends tanks to riot-hit Bahrain 11:01:32
Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash 10:51:20
Is the Pentagon too big to audit? (Nah, just too deadly) 10:05:12
The Flood Of Money Drowns Out The Value--Bob Chapman 09:36:26
Ben Bernanke's Plan Worked; What Happens After That? 09:33:21
Is Paul Against Gay Marriage? 09:23:34
Perimeter Security and the Future of North American Integration 08:31:04
Rand Paul on the Peter Schiff Show 3/1/11 08:27:40
Why Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker Must Win by Pat Buchanan 08:02:42
Top of Drudge: Video: Alex Jones Takes "The View" . . . 07:20:55
Alex Jones On CNN's HLN: The Joy Behar Show 07:20:46
Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector Unions 07:10:41
"Making the world safe for gasoline" 06:53:00
Who Owns the U.S.? China? Oil exporters? 06:51:05
"Anti-Semitism" (Anti-Zionism) aflame in Europe 06:50:40
Dollar struggles ahead of Bernanke testimony 06:24:41
Car Banners (Message for what ever group controls the funds of Liberty PAC) 05:18:23
Campaigning ideas 05:05:07
Video: Ron Paul 2012 Kick a little 04:57:49
Paul Craig Roberts essay....It will blow your mind 03:15:14
American Public Unions - It's all explained here 02:50:04
Ron Paul wins the 420 Times poll w/ 47% of the vote 01:56:01
It seems the "peace candidate" is gearing up for another war... 01:09:54