Posted on March 10, 2011

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SA@TAC - The Tea Party vs. Washington 12:45:03
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck with the Judge 3/10/11 18:39:56
Ron Paul floor speech on Libya: "A no-fly zone is an act of war!" 12:55:03
Video: Rand Paul EPIC rant at Energy Committee Hearing: "You restrict my choices!" 12:44:03
Mother Jones Interview with Ron Paul - Hemp Hemp Hooray! 11:27:10
New DP participants may need some time..... 15:33:59
Video: Ron Paul on America's Newsroom 3/10/11 06:13:30
What was your Political Party before Ron Paul? 13:44:44
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Ideas Can Overthrow Regimes! :D 22:50:23
Gold/Silver: Legal tender in Utah! 22:22:17
March on the FED Now! 22:09:09
Corrupt Banking Elite Join Kremlin Advisory Board 21:58:13
US Gov. To Sell Weed To Pharma? 21:08:55
Caught on Video: Central Banker Attempts to Murder Innocent Civilians in Public 20:59:48
Version 2.0 20:48:50
Google now allows users to block search results -- BLACKLIST RIGHTHAVEN CUSTOMER SITES 19:44:47
Still in doubt about NH's success in electing Liberty-oriented reps? 19:38:47
Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes (Hilarious) 19:29:46
My Dad, JFK, and Ron Paul 19:16:26
George Ought to Help Cartoon of Non-Aggression Principles 19:05:36
U.S. to send aid teams to rebel-held eastern Libya 18:49:06
Spend Spring Break with the Father of the Constitution 18:23:01
Now Labor is on the march in Indiana. 18:21:58
... <<< Maybe my favorite thread! EVER! 18:19:46
Have you noticed how controlled USA Media is compared to the coverage of AlJazeera? 17:36:12
Wake up all the people - first draft 17:32:24
Dade County, Florida cops want drone that can see into homes. 17:30:14
Yemen protesters hit with nerve gas? 17:25:50
Saudi police open fire at protest 17:23:03
Should Ron Paul Run for the US Senate? 17:12:10
Now is a good time to "recruit" liberals. Hit the forums! 16:36:31
The Fed's Investigation Can't Find Single Homeowner Wrongfully Foreclosed Upon 16:08:46
Ron Paul just agreed to go back to Sioux Center, Iowa on April 11th! 15:58:19
Inhumanity at Quantico 15:19:44
The Greatest Rip-Off - Paul Craig Roberts 15:09:23
Safety Equipment Removed From Airplanes for "security reasons" 14:48:01
What Would George Carlin Talk About Today? 14:45:54
Ron Paul 2012 Print Outs 14:36:37
The Fed Under Fire: The Federal Reserve Is The Black Hole In American Democracy (Phenomenal 8-Minute Short Film) 14:35:06
Michael Moore: A bloviating sack of poo 14:27:31
Keiser Report: Messy Democracies 13:56:30
Found audio of Alex Jones singing over Kid Rock military propaganda piece 13:51:39
The Global Economic Crisis: Central Banking at the Centre of Power 13:50:54
Ron Paul warns against Libya intervention 13:35:34
Egyptian Revolution? Globalists Own Both Horses In Two Horse Race 13:31:01
Yniversity of Hartford researchers may have found the city of Atlantis 12:31:54
France recognizes Libyan Rebel Government 12:24:26
Judge Napolitano: Gitmo, Kings and the hint of revolution 12:16:59
Daily Caller: Rand Paul's Party of One 10:45:12
How to create an Insurgent 09:55:17
Florida Judge: Debt Agency Can't Contact Woman On Facebook 09:53:18
I have a great idea, let's send Stinger missiles to Libya! 09:38:39
Judge William Young, US District Court 08:14:18
Amtrak police chief Bars TSA from some Security operations 07:58:46
Rand Paul and others introduce National "Right-to-Work" Bill 07:47:55
Who is Michael Chertoff? 07:30:25
Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat in Libya? 07:24:43
Flight Data Expert Confirmation: No Evidence Linking FDR Data to American 77 FDR Data Exceeds Capabilities Of A 757, Does Not Su 07:21:18
Call for New 9/11 Investigation by 9/11 Commissioners, D. Ellsberg, & others 07:17:04
Lugar Warns No-Fly Zone in Libya An Act of War 07:10:52
Chiropractic adjustment is the ONLY effective treatment for a hiatal hernia. 06:11:06
Gold (and Silver) and Freedom 05:35:57
The Weekly Telegram: Dick Morris exposed and the College Scam 05:22:12
Ron Paul TV Ad: The Only One (w/Ronald Reagan Endorsement!!) 03:00:40
Awesome federal reserve note art!!!! 02:17:06
I apologize and need to clarify something 00:52:43
"Muslim phobia" 00:36:25