Posted on March 15, 2011

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POLITICO: Paul raises over $1 million 17:52:47
Phil Moffett has a message for Washington DC: Stop Trespassing in Kentucky. 22:53:15
TSA Arrests Man who Wrote the 4th Amendment on His Chest 09:18:54
Raid on Medical Marijuana in MT 08:42:05
Live Stream from Japan 08:28:49
Breaking Alert: Patriot Walter Reddy Raided by SWAT Under Patriot Act 11:59:01
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Draft Jimmy Wales for U.S. Senate 23:56:42
Allen West calls for censoring US media 23:55:44
Radiation from Japan will reach the U.S. Next Week; Preparation tips 23:24:03
Nuclear plant evacuated. WHAT?!? 23:20:39
Rand Paul & Mike Lee on CNBC 23:19:34
Glenn Greenwald talks about Wikileaks 22:50:59
LibertyPAC/ Daily Paul Challenge 22:45:10
Neocons forming Government Bank with new bill..... 22:27:38
Rand at his best! 22:24:25
I bumped into a friend of Ron Paul this week.. 22:22:19
Times Square video screens hacked! 22:05:40
The Star Spangled Banner, By; Five little Girls A Must See... 21:42:12
FOX business:wall street conspirators driving spike in silver prices 21:36:54
*Stealth Threat* to Your Right to Parent: the UN 20:58:25
Israeli navy intercepts Egypt-bound ship with arms 20:15:59
The Hill: Rand Paul ratchets his proposed spending cuts down to $200B 19:59:52
New Interview: Prodigy (Mobb Deep) Speaks on Ron Paul AGAIN....Fresh from Prison 19:35:01
Dennis Kucinich: Act Now to End the War in Afghanistan 19:18:34
Twin Tsunamis: Earthquatke + Debt! Massive! Bloomberg News 19:12:39
Obama Looking For Ways Around Congress On Gun Control 19:07:51
Pull the Plug on HBGary Robo-Trolls: Subpoena Air Force General Schwartz. Free Bradley Manning. 19:02:37
Banks Probed in LIBOR Manipulation Case 18:58:58
House passes CR 271-158, 54 Republicans voted against it 18:58:36
Goldman Sachs Puts Mortgage-Servicing Unit Up for Sale 18:51:22
X-Fed.. Admits Gold Manipulation in Fed Minutes. Gold Std. Report 18:50:12
This Is Cool: Times Square video screens hacked! 18:09:43
Are "Red Staters" coming around to non-intervention? 17:54:14
The TSA and body scanners... 17:38:08
Japan radiation leaking "directly" into air: IAEA 17:17:29
From Sean the Talk Show Guy 17:13:18
Barack Obama, Top Democrats Lavish Praise on Mitt Romney - Fox News 16:52:06
Prisoner Isolation From Jefferson Davis to Bradley Manning 15:35:22
Nation Wide PLANNED PROTESTS @ ALL Federal Reserve Buildings March 24, 2011 15:25:30
The "Patroit Act" 15:16:12
Top Republican On Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Agency: 'I Don't Like Them' 14:33:53
Libyan rebels beg West to assassinate Gaddafi 14:29:27
Phil Moffett: No Surprise Forbes ranks Kentucky worse run state in US, When Decisions are made Behind Closed Doors 14:04:38
Peaceful, revolutionary ideas. 14:02:52
We Are All Bradley Manning 13:42:33
Justified TSA Pat Down at SF Airport ? - A Personal Experience 13:39:02
Rep. Corrine Brown’s (D-FL) Campaign is "Shockingly Low" on Cash 13:20:09
Robin Hood Tax on Banks (funny) 12:56:19
Ron Paul excluded from National Public Radio report. 12:55:10
Keiser Report: Supermassive $30 Billion Black Hole 12:46:01
H2N2 12:34:06
Our Time of Universal Deceit Needs An Orwell by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 12:33:43
Ron Paul in NH 3/24 12:21:57
Phil Moffett: Nullify the FDA, DEA and Dept. of Agriculture 12:02:52
Must read (LONG) article.... "The Gathering Storm" 11:23:31
Expanding U.S.-Mexico Economic and Security Cooperation 10:21:17
Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Sues Over Airport Arrest 10:09:52
Wisconsin's Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker? 10:04:53
POLITICO: GOP 2012 theme: American 'decline' 09:51:04
Still growing the NEW Draft Ron Paul 2012 group 09:18:25
Democrats Look to Twitter to Reverse Fortunes for 2012 09:09:21
Will Japan Make The US Fund Re-Construction? 08:56:54
Global Market Rout: Japan Falls 11%; Europe Plunges; Gold Down Hard 09:30:26
Mortgage Servicers, Some AGs Speaking Out Against Principal Write-Downs 08:23:46
Warning: Japan faces SECOND monster quake and tsunami 07:41:51
Phil Moffett: Nullification Now 07:34:25
Hacker Group Will Engage In Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down 07:19:57
Republicans Mount First Dodd-Frank Challenge 07:10:50
Walter E. Williams Interview: Up from the Projects 07:05:49
Joe LIEberman sounding just like a Bush-era NEO-CON... 05:21:39
Does RP have some powerful hacker allies against the Fed? 04:09:56
Libertarian ideals growing in America? Check out these polling trends. 02:02:22
#BlackMonday Ex-Bank of America Employee Can Prove Mortgage Fraud Part 1 01:33:52
Nuclear Leak BS should be a lesson to you 00:04:07