Posted on March 16, 2011

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New Ron Paul Q&A website - (need feedback) 23:48:03
Freedom Watch All-Star Lineup: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Michael Scheuer, Lew Rockwell, Nick Gillespie, & Justin Raimondo! 22:43:13
Paularizing Politics: Ron Paul's possible plans for 2012 leave some cheering, others jeering 15:22:20
Uh-oh! The Judge is Knocking on Glenn Beck's Door... 14:27:09
Fukushima: Mark 1 Reactor Design Caused GE Scientist to Resign in Protest in 1975 10:32:35
Ron Paul: Dangers of Nuclear Energy Overblown 03/15/11 10:28:32
Wired: TSA Admits Bungling of Airport Scanner Radiation Tests 09:40:42
PPP POLL: Ron Paul in 3rd place with 12% 02:51:19
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The Scariest Quake is Yet to Come 23:34:46
Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia Being Drafted to Run For Senate in Florida 23:31:43
We need a Government that works with the people not against them. 23:20:25
Need help with new RP 2012 video - got points? 23:10:34
Utah Senator For Sale on eBay 22:50:56
Students testify on guns-on-campus legislation 22:38:11
ATMs Stop Working In Japan 22:35:25
Poll Stunner: Palin and Paul a Close One, Two, with New Faces Close Behind 21:37:14
You Can Stop Worrying About A Radiation Disaster In Japan -- Here's Why 21:11:59
The Eye of the Storm 21:03:45
How to Make A Homemade Fallout Meter, the KFM 20:58:17
The Judge asked Ron tonight.. 20:15:32
Atomic Agency's Assessment Lags 19:45:48
Libyan Envoy Says Council Must Act in Next 10 Hours to Avoid Genocide, Remember Lafayette 19:42:25
U.S. breaks from Japan, expands evacuation zone near stricken reactors 19:35:41
Nigel Farage shows us why Ron Paul was right. 19:26:23
Zero Hedge: USDJPY Flash Crashes - Record Collapse 19:18:23
The war on the Tea Party by the party establishment has begun. 19:12:04
Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest, most efficient source of energy we have... 19:05:30
How to Solve state debt with HR 1098 18:53:30
Millions of dead fish, thousands of dead birds, numerous earthquakes, any connection? 18:35:20
Standing Armies - The book reading thread 18:34:02
Food prices post highest monthly gain in 30 years 18:09:05
What Will Tomorrow Bring? {Poem} 17:37:33
Things that make you go hmmm 17:23:59
Military Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Press Conference March 17, 12pm EST 16:55:49
9/11 and "Ground Zero"; do you feel manipulated? 16:21:35
Ditch Your Federal Reserve Notes and Trade With Silver Coins! 16:19:35
Rand Paul on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of Both Major Parties 15:20:37
Anyone seen this photo essay of foreign troops in Mexico? 15:19:23
Hearing on the 17th: CPI Lies and Fed Inflation Creation 15:14:46
FBI Visits Elderly Woman Over Threat to Castrate Politician 15:07:59
Former lead investigator gives insight into nuclear industry crimes 14:51:35
Support Ron Paul on debate day! 14:26:10
Clarion family sues state police for Taser death 14:20:38
Must See New Documentary "Lifting The Veil" 14:11:14
Young Leaders of Egypt's Revolt Snub Clinton in Cairo 14:06:28
The SIEGE of the FEDERAL RESERVE 14:05:03
Federal Reserve wild financial beast of Maiden Lane: How the Fed Screwed the Middle Class Again 13:55:26
Author of "Prison Madness" protests Brad Manning's inhuman treatment 13:51:33
Lobbyist questions being videotaped (Tie-ins: Real ID, RFID, spychips) 13:39:02
Sen. Sanders Wants Liberal Challenger to Obama--Don't We All? 13:38:02
Check out front page of Daily Caller 13:25:29
Japanese Dog Shows Ultimate Loyalty 13:07:41
WikiLeaks cables:Japan warned over nuclear plants 13:02:25
Presidential poll at WorldNet Daily 12:50:04
Japan: This is a slow-moving nightmare! 12:44:00
ABC News: "Point of no return, suicide mission;" Up to 600,000 cores at Fukushima 12:39:01
Raymond Davis free after 'blood money' payment 12:36:23
WH wants to make copywrite errors of streaming media a federal criminal off 12:17:35
Was Japan Victim Of Haarp? 12:03:27
Long Term Gun Storage 12:02:32
Egypt youth refuse to meet Hillary Clinton 11:56:18
Ron Paul in 2nd Behind Sarah Palin in Poll 11:47:25
'You can hear Bradley Manning coming because of the chains' 11:40:43
*Video* Rino beat up in AZ 11:32:24
South Carolina 11:31:56
Federal Reserve Cancels Treasury Auctions for Today March 16 11:27:50
10 ways Ron Paul libertarians can better communicate with progressives 11:06:28
Jack Hunter Goes to Washington 11:00:05
Bank of America Unit Tried to Hide Foreclosure Information, Hackers Say 10:57:08
Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty 10:45:35
GOP Set to Begin Chipping Away at Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 10:44:58
Ron Paul proposes 'currency competition' in bid to end federal monopoly on money 10:40:21
Ron Paul in 2nd Behind Sarah Palin in Poll 10:39:49
Recession Rolls On: New Home Construction Plunges 23% in February 10:35:54
OK, OK! Rand Paul will settle for a measly $200 billion in budget cuts 10:14:36
New Jersey Bill Allows "Sexting" Teens to Avoid Charges 10:12:47
He's back: Trey Grayson Criticizes Sen. Rand Paul and Phil Moffett while calling for civility in politics 10:07:39
Ron Paul: Fed up with the Fed 09:54:46
Housing Starts Plummet To Second Lowest Ever At 479K Finished Consumer Food PPI Jumps By Highest Since 1974 09:50:29
PROTESTS @ ALL Federal Reserve Buildings 3/28/11 until Bernanke steps down! 09:27:42
Major Ring of Fire Events Yet To Come 08:55:30
Thomas Sowell: Blacks and Republicans 08:47:38
Angry voters oust Miami-Dade mayor in special vote 08:10:21
How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination 05:39:40
Will Rand Paul run for President in 2012? 05:13:38
MSNBC Censors Righthaven stories and Brian Hill 04:32:53
"Dial-a-Prayer!" London-InterBank-Order-Rate... LIBOR 02:33:11
Revelations (Dichotomy is what is wrong with the world to day) 01:53:15
Occupy Washington to End the Wars 00:56:36
Wore an RP shirt to Knott's Berry Farm Today 00:55:48
Updated Date: Nationwide PLANNED PROTESTS @ ALL Federal Reserve Buildings March 28, 2011 00:23:31