Posted on March 2, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul on Elliot Spitzer's In the Arena 3/2/2011 22:24:04
Video: Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report 3/02/11 19:54:05
Manning faces new charges, possible death penalty 19:13:35
Ron Paul on MSNBC with Cenk 3/2/11 19:33:26
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 3/2/11 18:21:44
"Talk Radio's Alex Jones, the Most Paranoid Man in America," Rolling Stone Article 12:32:52
U.S. Gov't Software Creates 'Fake People' to Spread Message via Social Networking 08:38:01
House Financial Services Committee: Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy w/ Bernanke 15:26:05
Ron Paul: House Committee on Foreign Affairs 3/1/11 10:52:22
Supreme Court Rules Against Corporate Privacy Rights 08:36:56
Jack Hunter Interviews Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky 10:42:22
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Don't ya love it when you see a plan coming together.. SILVER. 23:59:20
Protests against "New World Order" Globalists on Saturday, July 16th 23:50:38
Herman the Reversing Cain thanks Ron Paul for pressuring the Fed 23:48:08
Diplomat: I can no longer represent Israel 23:37:30
The Minimum Wage Scam 23:17:33
Are You Ready? 22:00:13
Peter Schiff on Russia Today 3/2 21:58:38
$1,000 for dessert - or bread crumbs? 21:39:58
Canadian Hospital Sends Emergency Room Overflow To Doughnut Shop For Treatment 21:36:58
Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty 21:06:50
Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Putting American Media To Shame 20:57:21
Ron Paul coming up on Eliot Spitzer's CNN show at 8 pm ET 20:46:51
Breaking: Simpson files bill to outlaw TSA groping in Texas! 20:13:02
Silver Outweighs Gold Peter Schiff 20:11:23
REAGAN on Socialized Medicine 20:10:36
Peter Schiff Calls CNBC Fast Money Hosts "Fools"! 20:07:31
ACLU Challenges Florida's Courthouse Ban on Protected Speech 20:06:01
Bernanke Doesn't Rule Out More Bond Buying to Aid Economy 19:57:01
97% of All U.S. Mortgages are Backed by the Government 19:51:09
They Will Execute Bradley Manning Over My Dead Body 19:43:58
Updated the Android Ron Paul app today 19:43:49
Gaddafi claims: 'West only wants our oil' 19:43:41
FORBES: Docs Reveal TSA Plan To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers 19:27:42
Obama Has No Case for Obamacare 19:25:35 = a nsa gov site 19:13:19
Investigating G20: The Untold Stories 19:11:57
40 million Americans suffer from a work-related anxiety disorder 18:37:52
Democrats caving on budget cuts? 17:47:20
Those Ay-rabs are behind the financial collapse... by Justin Raimondo 17:29:42
Commie Michael Moore On Wealthy People's Money: "That's Not Theirs, That's A National Resource, It's Ours" 17:27:37
Senate Passes 2-week Stopgap Spending 91-9: Rand Paul "Nay" 16:19:44
Nine Afghan Boys 15:58:32
The Bernanke in "A Few Good Bankers" 15:45:57
Teck Ticker Revelation: Stock Market Rigged! 15:44:55
Ten States Pushing for Balanced Budget Amendment 15:38:27
A Deep Walkthru For Silver Manipulation - Redux 15:11:13
US Mint Must Pay More For Silver 15:02:05
Angry protestors confront Wisconsin State Senator. 15:00:30
Gresham’s Law Squared - Bad Coin Be Gone! Twain't Nice. 14:34:03
"Dead Nation Walking" - 321gold 14:29:10
Should Fox news be sued for confusion of the public laws? 14:16:44
Koch Brothers Behind Herman Cain 14:16:33
2012 Revolution World Awakening 14:12:55
Online Q&A w/Stefan Molyneux March 3rd 9pm ** 14:07:21
Alex Jones Culture Jams The View 13:43:27
Ron Paul Subpoenaed for Money Trial 13:42:42
Exploitation of capitalists 13:33:57
Free Libyan Forces to US: LEAVE US ALONE! 13:09:58
Need help with clipping chicken wings 12:33:14
Paul, other Republicans rip into Bernanke 12:16:55
Ron Paul T.V. Alert Wednesday March 2 Evening. Check out his Schedule 12:12:16
Boise County, Idaho Files For Bankruptcy 11:49:46
Westboro Baptist Church Wins Supreme Court Appeal Over Funeral Protests 11:42:26
"Freedom Fest 2011 - The National Tea Party Nominating Convention" - Kansas City, KS - October 5th - 9th, 2011 11:42:17
Farrakhan: Jews are pushing the US into war 11:25:15
The tide is turning against "union busting" Scott Walker 11:19:38
Ending Corporatism...MUST reform campaign contributions laws 11:19:10
Fox News shows violent protests in Wisconsin, only problem, palm trees visible. 11:13:48
Rick Rule - Upside Blowout in Gold, Destabilization in Silver 11:08:35
Chris Christie: I Could Win the White House 11:00:41
Good baby food ? 10:37:46
A Poll to Vote in. 10:30:28
Rand Paul: The time is now for term limits 10:19:37
Interview: The Passionate Attachment - George Ball 1993 09:59:21
Geithner Concedes Government Incentives Distorted Housing Market 09:37:48
Vote in the Politicons Online Straw Poll 09:26:02
Assassin's Lawyer Says Sirhan Sirhan Was Brainwashed 09:24:48
Woman Crushed, Killed By Her Own Car During Repo 09:23:25
Ron Paul 15.49% 2nd in February Closed TownHall Internet Poll 09:02:24
Rand Paul's right to work 08:40:56
WorldNetDaily Hack attacks Ron Paul AGAIN. 08:30:08
Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan Chase Impacted by Obama's Freeze of $30 Billion in Lybian Assets 07:24:57
WikiLeaks Founder Reportedly Claims 'Jewish' Conspiracy Against Him 07:20:14
Sen. Rand Paul on Neil Cavuto's Show on Fox Biz @ 4 PM EST Wed. March 2 07:15:22
Law prof calls on House to investigate eligibility 07:09:39
The Koch Bros. Love Herman Cain & Hate Ron Paul 07:07:28
Any Videos of Ron Paul & Obama Talking To Each Other? 06:30:23
Colorado Bill to Repeal Permit to Carry a Concealed Firearm Passes House... 05:49:12
Wow Adrian Salbuchi On RT 03:43:29
UN War Crimes Tribunal Backed by US for First Time: Focus is Libya 03:05:42
Facebook loves DailyPaul 02:59:16
PATRIOT Act extension: An assault on liberty 01:57:28
WSJ: The Federal Reserve Is Causing Turmoil Abroad 01:49:10
Reads like Spy Novel: Reverse Raid on the Crimex - Silver Targets $37 OZ 01:46:55
Have you ever seen Ron Paul ring the Liberty Bell? 01:44:24
Incredible Video Exposing Major Tax Exempt Foundations True Purpose! 01:19:41
Jeopardy Computer Dumbed Down So Congressmen Don’t Look Stupid 00:47:36
Mayor Steve Lonegan Supports Ron Paul 2012 00:33:24
NYS Senate is My Hero (Collectively)! 00:31:19
I found out that Brian of USWGO assumed that the photo came from Dead Serious News 00:15:51
City of South Tucson election is being investigated for voter fraud 00:10:58