Posted on March 20, 2011

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Jack Hunter - Obama's Libyan War 22:53:32
UPDATE: Bold Strike Against the TSA (HB1937-Texas House) 23:14:40
War in Libya: Barack Obama Gets in Touch With His Inner Neocon 16:27:35
Kentucky to Nullify EPA & FDA and Eliminate Income Taxes? 13:37:38
Nearly 20% of Florida Homes are Vacant 08:44:37
Utah House Passes Bill Recognizing Gold, Silver as Legal Tender 13:35:38
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Unscientific Iowa Opinion Poll 23:45:36
My son is on the way, right now! Update He has arrived. Update 2 picture. 23:39:03
Ron Paul to Highlight Pet Themes with Bullion Hearing 23:34:36
Cruise Missile Therapy 22:17:14
Missile Strike Hits Building in Gadhafi's Compound 20:24:57
Tea Party Activists Irked Over Fiscal Representation In House 20:23:16
Unusual number of harp seals land on U.S. shores, 100 in New England; scientists seek explanation 20:18:50
Dem: Nuclear power is going to "meet its maker" 20:15:10
"Every year we delay fixing the debt problem, we go about $10 trillion deeper in the hole..." 20:08:33
Admiral Mullen says Libya stalemate possible 20:02:06
Top Dem Strategist: Soaring Prices Will Sink Obama in 2012 19:57:49
What if Arabs had recognized the State of Israel in 1948? 19:56:22
Japan faces food safety crisis; Radioactivity up to seven times limit found. 19:47:32
Stolen Armenian Gold ! This Article May Explain Why The Fed Refuses To Be Audited! 19:42:26
Now Saudis take to the streets to demand the release of prisoners held without trial 19:41:54
Kucinich talking Obama impeachment over Libya operations 19:33:18
Scott Walker - How do you feel about the job he is trying to do as Governor? 19:08:29
AT&T is Buying T-Mobile for $39B 18:43:26
I predict that recent actions in the middle east together with national discontent... 18:23:27
Neocon Facebook Townhall Straw poll 18:05:59
Unofficial "Support LibertyPAC!" 17:52:41
Liberty Dollar Creator Convicted in a case of "Domestic Terrorism" 17:42:28
One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known. 15:50:11
Graphic/Video/Music Artists, Can you advise on using Creative Commons licensing? 15:48:10
Gingrich Says He Doesn't Regret Supporting Medicare Drug Plan Which Is Now a $7.2 Trillion Unfunded Liability 15:34:19
The New Face of Terror 15:28:21
Announcing Republican for a Day Project: New Website to reach out to Anti-War crowd 15:18:17
Ron Paul campaign slogan 14:50:10
Operation: "Odyssey Dawn" 14:29:59
Libya: The Great Anglo-American Gaddafi Deception 14:13:18
A Call To Action! - Help Your State Save Money And Help Ron Paul To Victory! 14:10:24
Daily Paul Community to Award Obama With a War Prize? 12:34:08
Palin People Prefer Paul? 12:24:21
Obama creating Libyan terrorists. 11:32:22
Sec. of State Clinton says U.S. “did not lead” in launching a U.N.-sanctioned attack 11:30:54
NIA Addresses Latest B.S. CPI Inflation Data 11:12:22
Example of how NYT shoves real history down the memory hole 10:48:24
U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya 10:38:55
Libya and the Left's Sickening Hypocrisy on the Use of Military Force 10:19:02
Ron Paul for President Not Gary Johnson - Robert Wenzel 10:00:28
Example of how NYT shoves real history down the memory hole 09:49:12
John Birch Society claims legislation in NH. 09:43:03
Letter to my nieces and nephews about joining the military... 08:58:26
Obama's weak Spot: Nobel Peace Prize 08:52:21
Everybody Knows Bernanke Is a Joke 08:46:02
Bill Bonner on the Failing US Bond Market, the Coming Hyperinflation and the End of the Dollar Reserve System 08:42:17
FBI finds Gold and Silver coins to be "illegal tender"; compares creating coins to terrorism 08:41:59
Radiation map - what we are not being told 08:20:22
Libya-bombing protest in Phoenix 05:51:00
New Oil Spill in Gulf ?? Oil Slick 100 miles By 10 Miles?? 05:35:02
Solution. 04:50:51
WAPO overlooks one potential candidate 03:31:38
Ron Paul should not be vilified 02:20:41
Dr. Paul on the UN (1990's) 01:58:21
OH goody were training Saudis IN the US to FLY! 00:41:50
Interesting;Libya has the lowest public debt ratio in the world according to the CIA 00:16:33