Posted on March 28, 2011

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Special LIVE Edition of Freedom Watch w/ Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee 22:15:34
US Military Photos You're "NOT" Supposed to See. Secret Photos Published by Rolling Stone 17:24:50
The History of the Libertarian Movement and Ron Paul 22:59:53
Breaking: Counterfeit Facebook ads run in Phil Moffett’s name to discredit him and Free State Project 09:01:40
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/28/11: Obama's War on Libya is Aiding Al-Queda 12:25:55
TX Congressman Ron Paul will be Speaking at the McKimmon Center Tonight 12:15:55
Walter Block’s Upcoming Speeches in Indiana | March 31 00:23:42
John Dennis' FAPPAC Creates End The Libya War Petition 11:49:10
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How To Get Radiation Out Of Clothing -- And PETS (Simple & Cheap) 23:55:44
Ron Paul's Facebook asks "How fast can RP take the lead in this online poll?" 23:54:43
3-D Barrel Gardening 23:51:05
Precious Metals Investing: Expect Fireworks in Silver 23:50:02
Innovators take Aquaponics to the next level -- beauty as well as functionality 23:44:07
Donald Trump -- What do you guys think? 23:24:58
How to fix Fukushima 22:55:00
Chinese National On Biden Security Detail? 22:09:18
How Lincoln's Army 'Liberated' the Indians 21:38:36
What is the true genius of the constitution? 21:02:09
Is the Silver price heading for a Fall? 20:43:14
Bruckheimer Renders Department of Homeland Security Redundant 20:42:37
Power Plant: One Small Leaf Could Electrify an Entire Home 20:39:51
Big Banks Save Billions As Homeowners Suffer 20:08:37
NWO Celebration on NBC Now 20:08:34
With The CFTC Position Limit Response Period Over, Here Are Select Opinions By PIMCO, World Gold Council And Goldman Sachs 19:51:46
: 19:51:03
Obama's adress to the people already stuffed with inflated bullsh*t. 19:42:45
I Want American People to Know the Truth - Bradley Manning 19:29:07
Use Facebook Questions App to Promote Ron Paul 18:23:13
Trump sez: Obama spending millions to hide his past 18:20:25
Nigel Farage - "Who the hell do you think you people are?!" 17:42:49
Joe Lieberman Wants Another War 17:25:36
Biden Staff Held Reporter in Closet 16:50:42
Video: The Impact of the Price of Diesel 16:28:11
Conscience on the Battlefield (Classic) 15:47:52
Peter Schiff: Abolish Corporate and Personal Income Taxes (Vid) 15:22:39
Robbing The Rich Does Not Help The Poor 15:18:01
Ron Paul brings message of smaller government to GOP dinner 15:10:12
On Way Out, Barofsky Has Harsh Words for Treasury and About TARP; says HAMP is Fixable 15:03:47
DelDOT Steals Families' Basketball Hoops 14:50:25
Green Tea Party 14:33:31
Is This Legal - Taxing Mileage 13:25:29
Nuclear Waste and "Spent Nuclear Fuel" : The Largest Concentration of Radioactivity on the Planet is in the USA 13:13:38
From Greenhouse to Garden and Flower bed. 12:56:20
Libya and the Rule of Law by Mario Rizzo 12:48:59
CIA's 'Facebook' Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs 12:43:05
Badnarik Contest: Prize = Liberty Dollars 12:24:48
Plutonium Found in Fukushima - Zerohedge 12:05:00
Is Fukushima About to Blow? 11:57:53
libertarian dating website? 11:31:27
Why TARP has been a Success Story 11:17:13 11:15:52
Fired Clayton Sheriff's Employee: 'I Wouldn't Participate in Sex' Video 11:03:05
Life is in God 10:25:40
Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens 09:49:22
Crash the Banking Corps. or Where Libertarians and Socialist agree! 09:09:57
Ron Paul On NPR: "There Is Nothing In Our Law That Says The UN Supersedes OUR Constitution" 08:35:56
Deficits Matter: US Finances Rank Near Worst in the World: Study 08:32:26
*Updated: Mark Levin Responds 08:23:55
Socialists And Far-Rightists Crush Sarkozy's Party In Regional Elections 08:11:55
Rand Paul: Odds Good the One of the Pauls Will Run for Prez 07:55:20
Impeach Obama Petition 07:01:09
John Wilkes Booth 06:04:15
Ron Paul Calls for End to Empire in N.H. Visit 04:56:26
Awesome Photo of (a Gullible) John McCain Getting Psy-Ops'd By Lt. Gen. William Caldwell And Staff During Visit To Afganistan 04:24:55
Peter Schiff: How the Fed indirectly monetizes the debt 03:27:30
Rand Paul: odds good 1 of Pauls will run for prez 03:02:05
How U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan murdered innocent civilians and mutilated their corpses 02:59:59
Humorous Ron Paul Facebook Poll 01:28:39
I was just looking for the Yeti LOL 01:11:36
Jack Hunter - Mark Levin's Constitution 00:09:41