Posted on March 29, 2011

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Schizophrenic Righthaven Goes Over the Edge - Sues Reporter; Drops Suit Same Week 17:12:52
Southern Avenger: Mark Levin's War Constitution 3/28 16:41:28
Sen. Paul's Hometown Tea Party Endorses Phil Moffett 09:32:04
The Nation: Obama Fails To Explain An Unjust War 08:46:35
Libya War Cost: $600 Million in 6 Days 08:39:46
Raleigh, NC Packs nearly 1500 in Standing Room only Dr. Paul visit! 21:18:52
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Credit Card Payment Boycott, July 2011 23:22:06
St. George Tucker On War Powers 21:42:59
Robert Welch: Mind blowing speech predicting Insiders plans to destroy America in 1958 21:21:26
Dylan Ratigan: "We Spent 4 Times More On Clinton's B__ Than We Did Investigating The Financial Crisis" 20:55:36
Reason Magazine for your Android. 20:53:43
Video - The US dollar has Terminal Cancer - Mike Maloney 20:51:25
Louisville Tea Party endorses Phil Moffett 20:51:11
Syrian Government Resigns 20:25:13
Gold and Silver Money now Legal Tender in Utah...Now what? 20:12:21
Proof Libyan Invasion was Planned 10 Years in Advance - Occult Connection to March 19 Invasion 19:46:56
Liberty PAC and Ron Paul need additional funding! Donate Today! 19:33:53
Anne Tompkins: Tyranny's Whore ("Liberty Dollar" Prosecutor) 19:21:17
Basketball poles stolen off private property by police 19:16:37
Pres Obama's Full Speech on Libya [Vid] 19:02:40
Silver Price Suppression: How, Why and Effect 18:29:31
Comment scrollbar is great Jon. 17:45:32
watch Ron and Rand Paul HERE Fox Business Tonight 6pm eastern 17:24:41
rEVOLution: Help Homeless Americans 17:18:31
Video: Police State 17:14:45
Will Oathkeepers take part in the UN hatched invasion of Libya if Obama orders them there? 17:04:07
Mealer Economic Plan 16:42:32
Facebook cuts 'uprising' page after Israel protest 16:09:20
U.S. Treasury says Libyan rebels may sell oil 15:55:34
The Tom Woods Smackdown of Mark Levin 15:42:33
G. Edward Griffin on Glenn Beck 14:51:37
Arguments AGAINST State Nullification -- Feedback Please 14:46:27
AFRICOM and the Libya War 14:41:01
Failed Stimulus Map 14:38:23
The New Global Elite: Southern Californians, mark this on your calendar 14:23:14
Audio of Levin calling Ron Paul supporters A-Holes 14:23:06
Hey, Obama, What's going on? 14:13:08
Mark Levin compares Ron Paul followers to Marxists 14:02:12
Sen. Grassley and Rep. Smith Say REAL ID Delay Endangers American Lives 13:57:05
Vegan parents charged in death of baby raised on mother's milk; facing 30 years in prison 13:26:59
Much of this will disgust you but 13:02:12
Surprise: There's a New Central Bank of Libya 12:51:47
Against Anarchism 12:38:53
LibertyFest 2 NYC - 9/10/11 - Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page 11:58:50
Ron Paul Links the U.S. Libyan Campaign to a Deeply Flawed Foreign Policy 11:51:32
Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags 11:40:58
Phil Moffett - Why Nullification Matters 11:23:39
Keiser Armed: Pirates of Digital Age 11:14:12
Fake silver in the market place today. 11:11:55
Lindsey Williams: All the Elite Want is CONTROL 11:03:02
Check your Nickels 35% silver 10:48:09
Paul does the body politic good 10:19:09
Olga Kotelko: The 91-year-old Canadian track star 10:16:18
Melanie Safka - libertarian 09:43:18
AP - Bowling Green Southern Kentucky Tea Party Endorses Phil Moffett 09:06:03
Full Video Speech of Ron Paul at the N C State McKimmon Center March 28. 08:55:59
Canada-U.S. Deep Integration Agenda Continues Unabated 08:38:09
Dying Banks Kept Alive Among Secrets Fed Data Will Reveal 08:34:30
Ron Paul criticizes Obama during Raleigh speech (with video) 08:16:42
Libertarian Economic Policies Would Have Prevented the Housing Bubble & Bust 07:45:19
Silver Is Way Undervalued Compared With Gold 07:37:58
30% of Loans in Foreclosure have not made a Payment in Over 2 Years 07:00:05
Bankruptcy Filings Rise, even as Average Household Consumer Debt Dips 06:56:21
New Rule: Banks Exempt from New Mortgage Rules 06:25:40
Ron Paul seeks return to 'Golden Age' 06:01:27
Career Army officer takes Bush Administration characters to court 05:12:23
Ron Paul Left Out of NewsMax Poll 04:58:32
Congress Approving Funding Of A 9/11 Reinvestigation 04:16:24
Jesse Ventura: “Ron Paul, The Only Federal Elected Official Who Will Stand Up For Americans On The Congressional Floor” 03:33:25
Video: About Fallout - 1963 03:06:22
Video: United Kingdom Law Enforcement 01:12:11