Posted on March 3, 2011

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Tea Partier Countersues Righthaven over 'Open Letter to Tea Party' 19:03:07
Hey my NEW STAMP just arrived....Look! 10:47:20
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Massive Information War against Libya for US/West Military Intervention? 23:45:43
Intervention in Libya Would Poison the Arab Revolution 23:42:27
Manning money bomb, you start it, and I will donate to it. 23:38:20
Why the Banksters hate Islam 23:38:07
From the Sen. Committee on Finance: Ron Paul (R-KY)? Yep, that's right! 23:27:06
Federal Reserve Bank of New York - April 15th - W2, 1099, 1040, etc, etc Burning Party? 23:22:52
DP on the Blackberry no more? 22:48:35
Help Dr. Paul by Pre-Defining Who Will Fill Out His Administration 22:15:51
Sign of The Times: $50's and $100's No Longer Accepted 22:05:59
Wis. GOP leaders sign order to have missing Sen Dems arrested 21:09:40
The Bernanke's Infinite Feedback Loop 21:08:43
Cayenne Pepper, Miracle Drug 20:34:54
"The truth? You can't handle the truth!" 20:28:58
Utah the Jazz is back! Gold and Silver currency. 20:26:42
Live Q&A Chat With Stefan Molyneux Tonight 9pm EST 19:40:40
Documents Reveal TSA Proposal To Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers 19:40:32
Freedom Wallpapers 19:30:26
6 SF Cops Accused of Illegal Searches, Perjury (Video) 19:19:14
I have an idea about how Ron Paul should start responding to being asked if he's going to run 19:08:48
Republicans and Democrats Agree Cut Aid to the Poor, Not Israel 19:01:16
Bill Johnson for Kentucky Secretary of State LIVE Tonight 18:38:13
The Hill: Rand Paul Might Run For President If Ron Paul Opts Out 18:28:05
I have never watched even one Tom Woods video... 18:26:33
Has The Liberty Dollar Trial Begun Yet? 18:11:58
Trump : Dont fear a real estate collapse. 18:09:58
Liberty Film Seeking Summer Marketing Intern - Boston 17:55:36
No Con-Con 17:55:21
'Tractor beam' is possible with lasers, say scientists 17:32:07
ACTION ALERT: Precinct Reorganization 17:26:49
ALL NEW Draft Ron Paul 2012 group - JOIN US 17:18:04
Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group 16:43:42
Muammar Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song 16:35:30
Israeli arms distribution company CST Global supplied 50,000 mercenaries to Gaddafi 16:01:35
On Charles Ponzi Day We Celebrate Another All Time Record In Food Stamp Usage 15:54:39
Not one Rep voted to repeal Oil Subsidies? 15:45:00
Ron Paul v Hillary Clinton 15:41:26
Second Sun on China Mainstream Media Television 15:32:21
Good writeup on collective bargaining by Mish 15:14:48
Tea Party Nation head calls for primary challenge to Boehner, says Charlie Sheen is "making more sense" 14:53:48
Updated! Texas Protecting Dignity in Travel Bills 14:49:50
Amendment to put property rights into Canadian constitution 14:48:56
Zakaria: America is Doomed Because It Fails to Embrace Globalism 14:29:01
Deep penetrating X-ray body scanners to be installed at airports 14:22:08
Florida Judge Issues Stay in Health Care Ruling 14:10:00
New MSNBC POLL: 51% want Bigger Gov't, 46% want less 13:45:41
Video - Ron Paul: Fall of the Federal Empire - with The Judge 12:59:37
The tide is against Wisconsin Unionists in support of taxpayers and avoiding state collapse 12:57:45
Looking for Speakers for Agora I/O, a Free, Online Liberty Conference Mar 25-27 12:51:46
Keiser Report: Taste of Freedom (E126) 12:42:23
When you really want to know what's going on.... 12:29:49
Rand Paul on Dennis Miller Now 9:38 am Central 11:38:32
UN: Food prices hit record high in February 11:34:10
Democracy Promotion: America’s New Regime-Change Formula 11:14:08
Nato and US forces just created 100's of new terrorist. 10:38:12
Civil Rights Violation! FBI use "robust immunities" to profile Americans 10:03:25
Privatizing the Military - "One Nation Under Contract" 10:01:33
Sen. Akaka to retire at the end of 2012 10:00:08
2012 and the Fight for Second Place 09:56:54
The Final Freedom-- Freedom of Religion is Indispensible key to all the others 09:43:34
The Levitical Priesthood of Tennessee 09:40:00
James Turk - The Dollar Collapse Will Shock the World 09:37:07
SunTrust Discloses Affidavit Problems in 1000s of Foreclosure Cases 09:25:01
Skyrocketing water bills mystify, anger Atlanta residents 09:24:06
Fed. Gov't Touts HAMP Positives, with Nearly 540K in Permanent Mods 09:21:59
Austrian Economics Is Scientific (Keynesianism Is Not) 08:59:52
Peter Schiff: Silver Outweighs Gold 08:48:28
'Qaddafi is Jewish and I'm His Cousin' 08:27:54
Top Republicans shy away from presidency bids 08:23:50
1st call for impeachment by member of Congress 08:19:01
Fed Treasury Purchases `Monetizing Debt,' May Spur Inflation, Hoenig Says 07:54:08
NC Register of Deeds Takes on MERS, Questions if County is Owed Millions, Titles Compromised 07:45:55
Obama: Jewish Leaders Must 'Search Souls' on Mideast Peace 07:40:18
Obama Says Race a Key Component in Tea Party Protests 07:34:22
Ron Paul's chances are increasing 06:29:39
Question- Tea Party?? 02:51:02
Big Bank Foreclosure Probe, Bloomberg 01:50:28
What if China moved to a gold-backed currency? 01:10:53
New York Times covers silver manipulation! 01:04:34
China moves making renminbi reserve currency 00:59:40
The looming bond bubble and how state (Wisconsin) and US national debt is inflating it 00:47:24
The TSA's Prison Planet 00:14:55
Rick Scott (Florida Governor) pollster finds marijuana highly popular in Florida 00:12:57