Posted on March 31, 2011

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Ron Paul on The Agenda with Steve Paikin 3/31/11 17:56:11
Politico: Ron Paul's $3M pot of gold 14:56:05
This Pole Is Coming Down 23:30:26
Video Update: Ron Paul on CSPAN's Washington Journal - Thursday Morning 10:44:31
Farmers and Seed Producers Launch Preemptive Strike against Monsanto 10:36:26
Jeremy Scahill OWNS Ed Schultz! 04:08:25
Rand Paul on Senate Floor Denouncing Obama's Un-Constitutional Invasion of Libya 23:17:17
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More Fed BS 23:59:52
WTF: Michael Scheuer OWNS some CNN chicks 23:31:54
2012 Marching Band 23:25:41
Paper Silver - AGQ - Double LONG on Silver 23:19:38
Goldman Sachs Caught Lying About Use Of Discount Window 23:00:50
Beware of Homeland Security Training for Local Law Enforcement, by An Insider 22:53:43
The New Baloney Song. 22:32:26
Letter to President Obama Regarding Libya 22:18:36
Need a little help 22:15:18
"It Doesn't Matter Whether You Voted For John McCain Or Barack Obama You Got 4 More Years Of Bush!" 22:09:05
Levin takes on Ron Paul supporters: ‘I promise you his followers are the biggest a-holes of them all’ 22:00:49
Deadline TONIGHT-Why Liberty Pac Needs Your Donation TODAY!! 21:46:42
Libya-Owned Bank Drew at Least $5 Billion From Fed 21:22:41
Fashion police come to Arkansas. 21:04:16
Michael Scheuer OWNS some CNN chicks 20:24:42
Jim Rogers ~ "Don't sell your silver." 19:59:37
Gerald Celente: The current state of affairs 19:55:52
Rick Santelli goes "NUTS" on air. He is right on the money again! (Vid) 19:43:13
Amazing ancient religious texts found in Jordan! 19:39:41
Ron Paul on Tavis Smiley 19:33:21
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 3-31-11 19:29:14
OMG!!! GOP budget would kill 70,000 children 18:02:39
Ouch! Rand Paul Slams Newt Gingrich and Fox News 17:48:28
Who is America arming in Libya? 17:46:17
Capt. Dan Hanley of Whistleblowing Airline Pilots Gone Missing 17:20:48
Poems of Rumi Can Change This World 17:17:27
Ron Paul 's 'Pot of Gold' 17:15:54
Bid Laden ! 17:07:11
The Quigley Formula by G Edward Griffin 17:06:33
Anti-war campaigners and pro-Palestinian activists under FBI fire in US 16:57:04
South Carolina – Not in Ron Paul’s Plans? 16:13:42
RP Vid - First Modern Tea Party - It's Principles for Solutions to Core Issues 15:52:45
Last Day to Donate to Ron Paul this Quarter- Let's push his total over the top! 15:48:03
The Conquest of Africa: NATO Wages War On Third Continent 15:32:29
America's Planned Nuclear Attack on Libya 15:28:52
Hellooo. . 15:06:54
Mike Huckabee Wants ALL Americans to be Indoctrinated at Gunpoint 14:55:46
Fukushima: defeat admitted, attempt to cool abandoned + contaminated milk WA 13:58:23
Police in GA have used forfeiture funds to purchase a Dodge Viper, football tickets, and countless other things 13:49:48
Keiser Report: Food Stamp Army 13:35:05
Japan Rebuilds While The Fed Tears Down by Bob Chapman 13:20:58
SPLC: "After ‘Liberty Dollars’ Creator Convicted, Feds Seek Millions" 13:17:10
WTO rules US government illegally subsidizes aircraft maker Boeing 12:49:40
Video of Chemtrails getting laid hard and heavy today over California BREATH IT! 12:45:07
Good News: FOX News Has Lost 21% Of Its Audience This Year 12:30:20
Am i obliged to answer your question, officer? 12:17:32
Vatican demands investigation into NATO killing 40 innocent civilians in Libya. Apartment building bombed. 12:10:33
I support Ron Paul and HATE the Constitution 12:00:55
It's One Big Club And You Ain't In It! The Love Police Synchros with David Icke 11:40:37
The Revolution Continues As People Take To The Streets Of London 11:27:47
Ron Paul digs the slow start 11:26:19
Robert Scott Bell Show Live today 12 noon Eastern with Phil Moffett for Kentucky Governor, to discuss Farm Freedom, FDA Nullific 11:23:26
Why the Japanese Gov't Can Rebuild: it Owns the Largest Depository Bank in the World 11:16:25
Republican Leadership Conference June 16-19 Ron Paul Confirmed Speaker 11:10:59
Google to have Independent Reviews of Privacy procedures every 2 years 11:05:15
WalMart CEO Expects "Serious Inflation" Ahead - USA Today Video & Article 11:02:42
Will the national Liberty Movement support Phil Moffett! 10:04:00
Media has begun attack Ron Paul mode, now labeling him a "racist" 09:12:58
Low levels of radiation found in WA state milk 09:04:59
3/31/11 Fed Releases Discount Window Loans from 2008. 08:57:19
TODAY, Fed set to disclose Discount Window Loans from 2008. 08:57:09
Fed releases confidential discount window documents at 10 AM today March 31 08:42:50
Treasury Will Publish Servicer Scorecard Based on HAMP Performance 08:38:56
Nazi Texas [Government] Supports Checkpoints 08:19:31
House Republicans seek IRS probe of AARP 07:57:10
The Fed Explains Why It Is Great 07:39:30
South Florida law firm's demise puts 9,000 foreclosures in limbo 07:22:50
Ron Paul with TVOntario’s Steve Paikin 07:07:09
Yahoo! Messenger now censors the links you share 07:06:48
Bill Kristol says Obama is a "Born-Again Neo-con" 06:55:51
Who's Afraid of America's Constitution? 06:53:21
Obama’s DHS Stonewalling FOIA Requests 06:32:47
Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level by Paul Craig Roberts 06:27:21
Jim Cramer: Buy Physical Silver; It's Dirt Cheap 06:16:08
Russia Today: The United States of Israel 06:13:58
The Ron Paul You Tube Poll 05:50:55
The Liberty Minute 04:37:45
Obama Approves CIA Covert Actions In Libya - CNN Video. 04:12:55
Mike Church covers Levin, War, Constitution w/Jack Hunter on the Post-Show Show 03:20:40
New Plan to Cut Oil Imports 02:18:56
CIA officers working with Libya rebels 02:03:48
Anyone who Tweets have a few minutes to counter some lies about Rand on Libya? MSNBC smear and lie. 01:00:49
Radiation Traces Found in U.S. Milk 00:59:01