Posted on March 4, 2011

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Video: Judge Napolitano grills Donald Rumsfeld on Freedom Watch 19:56:20
Drug Czar Calls The Seattle Times after Pro-pot editorial 11:17:57
Greenspan: Government ‘Activism’ Hampering U.S. Recovery 10:23:27
Wind of Change(ing People's Minds and Political Views) 12:38:13
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Don't Drink the Fluoride 23:46:49
What's Up at MacDill AFB? 22:59:06
Anonymous plans defense for Bradley Manning - promises a media war 22:49:23
Let the Cows Run Free! 22:44:26
What would you ask Senator Inhofe? 21:53:43
FOX: The Plain Truth on the March to Totalitarianism 21:29:29
Utah house says gold and silver are legal tender!!!! 21:07:26
PBS: Obama, Mexico's Calderon Vow to Step up Drug War Cooperation 21:05:18
NC House 49 Rep. Glen Bradley Interview 20:49:35
Great Wisconsin Robbery! WHOLESALE LOOTING of the Treasury! 20:49:32
Grain importers build silos as food prices soar 20:48:58
Ron Paul's Money Illusion 20:33:58
"Romney Or Pawlenty, That's The Dull Choice..." 20:20:48
NH bill would put TSA agents on sex offender registry 20:06:53
World's sixth mass extinction may be underway: study 19:05:30
"Mission Accomplished" 19:02:53
Rep. Rangel to Stossel: Bring Back the Draft 19:00:31
Like rats in a gilded cage. 18:49:18
Neo-Con ALERT: 18:31:11
Sen. Rand Paul on Social Security 18:24:44
03/04/11: Sen. Rand Paul's Address 18:23:21
Ron Paul Deserves Far More Respect ( 17:38:31
Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich agree! 17:34:20
ATF Let Hundreds of U.S. Weapons Fall into Hands of Suspected Mexican Gunrunners 16:49:15
Detroit Lives: documentary by johnny knoxville 16:31:29
Middle class THEFT! My Barber's Story... 16:29:00
WOW... Max Keiser on FIRE on Alex Jones! 16:12:36
How To Solve The Social Security 16:12:09
SS Opt Out Petition 15:56:33
Dennis Kucinich Renews Demand to Visit with Pfc. Bradley Manning 15:56:06
Action Alert: Texas Anti-TSA bill--UPDATE 15:38:47
OMG, I agree with Hillary!! 14:54:36
Do we have a right to education? 14:10:20
Poll: What Is Your Favorite Liberty Website 14:10:10
Candidate for weekend watching: Prophets of Doom 13:55:40
Modern Medicine 13:40:44
Trevor Lyman on Phil Moffett for Kentucky Governor 13:24:38
Robert Gates, Neo-Isolationist? by Patrick J. Buchanan 13:23:29
The Schizophrenia of Joseph Farah 13:05:08
Ron Paul and No Bank/"Kill the Bank" 12:52:41
Failure Analysis of 2008 Run 12:19:57
Obama finally does something I can endorse and respect 12:19:00
Proposed New Hampshire bill to categorize TSA naked body scans pat downs as sexual assault 12:18:09
Trouble for MERS Keeps Mounting, By Greg Hunter’s 11:57:26
Sen Rand Paul "We're Spending About 10 Billion Dollars A Day & Borrowing About 4 Billion Of That!" 11:46:32
Baghdad protesters converge on Liberation Square 11:42:08
Max Keiser...Revolution 101 11:17:09
Prosecute electors who vote for Obama? 10:56:57
Silver Backwardation: Will There Be a Silver Short Squeeze? 10:49:51
The United States Groperment... 10:49:41
Greenspan Says Government Stimulus Hurts Recovery 09:55:07
Student Sues FBI For Tracking Device 09:43:34
FHA Commissioner: Principal Write-downs on Mortgages Necessary for Recovery 09:33:30
Anyone else notice we must not be in Iraq/Afganistan anymore 09:29:09
Peace Corp Volunteer Against Foreign Aid Reporting From Africa 09:14:25
The Chileans Get It 08:34:30
Net neutrality! 08:23:30
And the Dead Beat Goes On 07:31:25
Last night, PFC Manning was inexplicably stripped of all clothing 07:22:57
Die for your Country? 03:31:39
Afghanistan and Pakistan Videos 02:56:17
Chip In for the Free State Project 01:20:34
Ron Paul's Possible Presidential Run Ignored by CBS News 00:52:09
Utah bill would exempt lawmakers' text messages from public records 00:02:38