Posted on March 5, 2011

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The Ron Paul Dragster Makes its Race Debut! 13:11:47
Saudi Arabia Now Under Pressure: 10k troops sent to stop planned protests 00:17:39
Ron Paul Asks Ben Bernanke: How Do You Define a Dollar? 13:13:13
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Walker notifies unions of layoffs, but gives Democrats 15 days to reverse move 23:07:19
Calling North Carolina--get all over this 23:03:46
Nationwide Protest...and you don't have to do anything! 23:02:14
Ex-Rep, 'Gopher' Leaves Radio Show After Alleged Pressure Over Islam Comments 22:54:47
For Discussion- "Breaking Free" 22:10:07
Video: Interview on Libya Situation and U.S. Oil Interests 21:59:35
'Saving to Suitors' Club 21:37:21
Florida toll road booth, color of law 20:26:59
Wisconsin, the fight is for everyone. 20:00:12
Reminder of why Mitt Romney can not be the Republican nominee 19:43:07
Hugh Hewitt gets owned by Ron Paul supporter 18:49:17
We Are All Bradley Manning! 18:13:12
Attempted Ron Paul Slam Piece by Fed. Reserve Front Man Backfires 17:56:17
Googletube (was youtube) 17:41:20
Public School/Government Indoctrination System 17:40:26
Liberty poets & composers: we need Ballad of naked PFC Manning! 17:33:04
Fact-checking Politifact. Exclusive! 17:14:44
Ignored By The West - Libya's Huge WATER Pipeline 17:04:07
It's A Whole New Romney For 2012 -- And It's Not Working 16:29:38
So my son gets pulled over last night 16:15:35
Daley's Nephew - Coverup? - A question of private prosecution and grand juries 16:14:35
Real ID Delayed til 2013 16:00:45
A good short Rumsfeld lying video 15:53:43
The Fed's "Promise" of Inflation Means More Unemployment 15:10:27
Well, we're getting sprayed like insects again today.. Can't believe no revolution yet. 15:03:12
Don’t Worry Be Happy... 14:59:56
Ron Paul movie 14:13:50
JPMorgan is trapped and cannot escape the silver squeeze 13:44:22
This is mainly about the Ron Paul 2008 campaign, 12:56:54
One of the most destructive "do-gooders" on the planet: Bill Gates? 12:43:28
Gold to $57,000, Silver Even More? 11:56:00
Anyone here with any experience of joining a Sheriff's Association? 11:33:21
Chinese TV: Two Suns 11:24:46
Gut bacteria can control organ functions 11:03:42
►WHO is recruiting / funding the 50,000 Pro-Gaddafi mercenaries to spill Marine blood. (You'll never guess!) 11:00:56
Low carbohydrate diet very quickly effective for getting fat out of the liver 10:56:50
Doug Casey Warnings, Predictions, and Advice 10:55:53
Epic Fail 10:20:04
Raw Milk & Kefir (Video Library) 10:08:25
Here's your official warning. I'm hitting the panic button. 10:00:22
Senior Fed Economist Calls Ron Paul a Pinhead 08:48:29
Should Christians be involved in politics or not? 08:28:33
Weekend viewing - just for fun 05:01:36
U.S. adds 192,000 new jobs in February; unemployment rate dips to 8.9 percent 04:52:22
Even Bill Maher Knows Ron Paul Isn't Like All the Others... 02:36:48
Jeffrey Miron: What it means to be a Libertarian (video link) 01:44:24
Steve Lonegan Supports Ron Paul 2012 01:40:19