Posted on March 6, 2011

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95% of Voters Say Debt Reduction Important 20:55:32
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/7/11: Costs to Run the World are Unsustainable 21:05:32
Homegrown Revolution - Radical Change Taking Root 19:32:42
2012 Open Primary States: The key to Ron Paul's Republican Nomination 18:24:17
Hillary Clinton: America is in an "information war and we are losing the war," 17:36:52
US air attack kills 9 boys ages 12 and under; Karzai Rejects Apology 19:55:32
"Glenn Beck's Shtick? Alex Jones Got There First." Rolling Stone's New Follow Up 19:41:32
Ron Paul to Hold Three City Presidential Lecture Series with Iowa Family Leader (The Full Schedule) 17:31:46
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Tea Party - Feminists? 23:52:33
Would You Opt Out? A Question for the DP Community 23:44:07
$5.00 Gallon Gas Comes to Los Angeles 23:40:03
What Are You Waiting For? An Invitation 23:32:16
London Telegraph:Oil could hit $220 a barrel on Libya and Algeria fears, warns Nomura 23:19:52
Obama Support on Left Withering Over War, No More "Hopium" 22:44:26
Silver is on a roll right now $36.35 an ounce 22:38:37
Monthly Review: Al Jazeera Promotes Libya's "Crown Prince" Who Calls for Military Intervention in Libya 22:27:55
Wrap Your Car For Ron Paul? 21:51:49
Eight SAS men in undercover mission are seized in Libya - by the rebel forces they went to help 21:03:16
Using new metals in U.S. coins could impact counterfeiting, public safety and a lot more 21:00:39
More "Two Suns" video 21:00:16
TSA & Reverse Incrementalism 20:49:59
TSA DHS massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability 18:42:10
TEDxCairo - Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution 18:28:10
Ron Paul--The Only Potential 2012 Candidate with a presence at Iditarod 17:24:22
Cool song to use for an inspirational Ron Paul video 16:51:52
FHA Powers What's Left of the Home Market 16:47:27
Rand Paul book signing draws diverse crowd 16:46:17
Video: Cambridge and Oxford Universities Sold Fake Degrees to Gadafi 15:43:25
LibyanTNC: Twitter updates on Libya Transitional National Council 15:42:45
Police are twice as likely to sexually assault you and five times as likely to murder you 15:28:22
Alford v. Greene: A Case with Far-Reaching Implications for Parents' Rights 14:46:02
Joel Skousen - Ron Paul vs. Corporate Media 14:31:33
Pundits talk about the need for someone who will tell the truth and inspire- I know someone who will. 14:15:47
Why Did Ga. Elect This IDIOT 14:08:57
Iowa Schedule Tomorrow - from Ron Paul via Facebook 13:44:03
Public Support for Gay Marriage on Verge of Surpassing Opposition 13:13:29
Frustrated homeowner says: Modify this! How Mortgage Mods Kill Credit Scores 13:06:40
Motorists illegally detained at tolls for using $20 bills! 11:15:00
This is pretty ugly... We are fighting a mountain of $$$ and corruption 10:44:10
The Mystic Realm of Death 10:41:14
MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your Loan 09:06:46
The Love Police 09:03:11
Make official 2012 announcement on internet, not MSM 07:36:11
Aaron Russo´s Last Message To Humanity! 05:06:11
What if marijuana cured cancer? Guess what... 04:46:56
Why Ron Paul Has Zero Interest in Regulating Donations to the "Evil" Kochs or Anyone Else 01:07:29
Plain Truth on Parasitic Government [video] 00:43:03
Federal Expenditures Topped $1T for February Alone, Says U.S. Treasury 00:42:17
Florida Turnpike authority illegally detains millions of drivers 00:29:33
Greenback Done as Reserve Currency? 00:24:29