Posted on March 9, 2011

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What Iowa sees in Ron Paul 18:28:44
Is Glenn Beck Getting Fired? 16:28:44
PIMCO Total Return dumps U.S. government-related debt 14:21:11
Ron Paul Republican Wins TN Senate Seat in 2-1 Landslide! 13:03:38
Rand Paul Floor Remarks on Funding Bills: "Both are inadequate, POTUS is tone deaf." 17:28:44
Ben Bernanke Gets Schooled About Andrew Jackson, Currencies and Federal Debt 08:01:50
Judge Napolitano on Obama Abuse of Power "...not Hitler, not even communist Russia..." 06:38:33
Dr. Ron Paul Visits Pella Iowa March 7, 2011 12:43:01
Video: Ron Paul on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show 03/08/11 16:35:44
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Wisconsin: GOP ends stalemate; collective bargaining stripped; Moore - "This is war" 23:50:31
A group tries to perform a rebellion in a British courtroom. "The chickens are revolting." 23:42:58
GDP of the US in 2009 was $14 trillion. 23:39:02
Blog Post- Why Ron Paul is the Best Choice in 2012 23:00:06
I randomly found this 22:49:04
Gary Johnson - What's your opinion? 22:46:05
Nullification: Turning the Tables 22:27:05
Must see Rand Paul senate speech 22:22:11
Interview with Tom Woods at CPAC 2011 22:16:36
great commecial 22:12:50
N.J. activist James O'Keefe's video shows NPR executive slamming tea party movement 21:58:39
Republicans bypass Democrats in Wisconsin 21:37:25
Lindsey Williams - Day of RAGE and The MI6/CIA Controlled 'Muslim Brotherhood' 21:31:22
GOD (The Government of Godly Men) vs Government (the God of Ungodly Men) 21:03:21
Emergency Financial managers in Michigan 20:57:22
Brookings Institute/ex-CIA Wonk Reveals Middle East Agenda 20:49:03
Obamacare/Romneycare Coming To Texas 20:36:23
State Of Iowa Has 2nd Poorest Internet Connectivity Nationwide - Iowan's Internet Only Just Slightly Better Than In Lybia 20:06:33
RT Cries for Poor Gadaffi 19:53:06
Video: Weapons of Mass Distraction (PsyOps) Used to Sway US opinion of Libya 19:35:29
America: 300 Million vs The FED 19:13:29
The Tinfoil Tuque Test: Do Tinfoil Hats Work? 19:12:52
Web Redemption - Phil Davison 19:12:33
Ron Paul: What Really Divides Us? 18:37:59
Host Firm Blindsides the Dept. of Homeland Security, Denies Access to Site 18:12:49
A little technical question about the site! 18:05:13
Anyone Else Here Ever Get Townhall Magazine? 17:55:00
Here is a fun video to brighten your day! OK Go!! 17:16:25
Harry Reid wants to steal your money for "Cowboy Poetry Festivals" 16:21:07
AARP Sues US Over Effects of Reverse Mortgages 16:11:48
Do any of you have a cure for throat ulcers?-OFF TOPIC 15:56:40
One Wisconsin Democrat says…if people don’t like paying union dues that are used to support Dem candidates, they can always get 15:50:00
Justin Raimondo: ‘Paulites’ vs. ‘Palinites’ 15:44:03
Michigan workers jam Capitol to protest union plan 15:27:44
Cutting Government Spending: An Interview with Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño 15:12:02
Higher cotton price makes dollars worth less than the paper they are printed on. 14:17:14
Greenback at the tipping point 14:11:19
Congress cuts back on services while fattening its own slush fund accounts 13:51:48
How To End the Federal Reserve System 13:47:10
Mises Ideologues Will Kill Ron Paul's Chances 13:44:16
Newt is a "Chameleon" (great analogy hopefully it sticks) 13:38:34
Newt is a "Chameleon" (great analogy hopefully it sticks) 13:38:34
Gulf Oil Spill "The Biggest Cover-up in the History of America" 13:27:44
Food riots in the UK? Senior economist predicts, "Yes". 13:25:29
Signs of Economic Collapse - being prepared! 12:57:05
Toll Booth Tyranny 12:54:20
March 12 - Mad As Hell Money Bomb Guest List 12:52:48
Politicians Push Gold Standard: Have Americans Totally Lost Trust in Our Institutions? 12:03:15
Ted Butler, silver position limits make Wall Street Journal, thanks to 'Charlie Sheen' 11:47:28
FBI spins 'sovereign movement' 11:43:12
Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM - march 08 2011 11:33:54
State Controlled Media Release Old 9/11 Video as "New" to Bolster Support for Invasion/War? 11:29:17
Bill Gross Dumps All Treasuries - What does this mean for Silver? 11:25:22
Ron Paul Video I Made! 11:02:26
Michele Bachmann exposes $105 billion in hidden Obamacare funding 10:43:35
Jubilee,,update 10:40:40
Video: Sensenbrenner gets his due at townhall meeting. 10:09:13
NPR Exec Ron Schiller: Tea-Partiers "Racist" & "Un-Educated," NPR Does Not Need Federal Funding 10:03:12
Bradley Manning Now "Catatonic"; Obama ENOUGH! 09:42:47
With Negative Equity Still Rising, Dodd-Frank Could Make Things Worse 09:40:42
VIDEO: UK Protestors arrest county court judge 09:27:59
Justin Raimondo: ‘Paulites’ vs. ‘Palinites’ 09:14:57
Libyan Central Bank Chief escapes to Turkey 08:24:42
Revolt! Most House Repubs buck leadership on debt limit 08:17:07
Is Your Senator A Member Of The Bankster Party? - List 08:12:27
March 12 - Mad As Hell Money Bomb Webathon 03:36:09
“Food Sovereignty” law passed in small Maine town 02:17:40
The Problems with Majority Rule 02:00:57
Entire St. of Maine gets Obamacare waiver, = 1,328,381 waivers 01:20:24
Please watch TBN right now 01:18:17
The youth of our Nation are waking up 01:03:03
Million dead fish swamp L.A.-area marina 00:40:39