Posted on April 1, 2011

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Ron Paul: People Need Currency Choices - Kitco News 23:29:30
Rand Paul Shuts Down the Senate! (NOT an April Fools Joke!) 13:12:14
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TV personality on-air meltdowns 23:43:55
Tax Cut Rally - St. Paul, MN 23:39:25
Are you a monkey 23:13:25
Second place on this immigration 22:24:47
Communist Influence in the Mideast Uprisings 22:10:53
Obama's approval rating hits a new low 22:02:01
Lawrence O'Donnell attacks Rand for 3rd time this week saying he voted for military action in Libya 22:01:23
Weekend Listening - Harman Taylor Explaining Why Liberty Dollar Verdict Was Correct 21:36:23
Text of Balanced Budget Amendment released, predicably disappointing 21:32:51
'The Tyrannies Are Doomed' 21:26:39
Daylight Savings 21:08:44
Free Speech About Natural Health Science—It’s Time to Fight Back! 21:01:17
Michele Bachmann tops Mitt Romney in fundraising 20:25:30
Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down? 20:15:53
Straw poll 19:52:03
Government shuts down: No one notices. 19:25:57
Breaking news: U.N. workers killed when angry mob unable to find Americans. 19:06:46
Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee vow to block small business bill until vote on constitutionality of Libya action! 19:00:27
"" Cyberattack: Anyone Having Problems Communicating? 18:04:56
Government agent working with police officer in Tampa Fl. during Joe Biden event to conduct surveillance on American activists 18:01:06
Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah Mclachlan 17:59:01
Time To Get SERIOUS! 17:56:20
Former CIA Counterterroism Analyst Agrees With Ron Paul On Libya 17:44:04
A Community Organizer Goes to War 17:35:05
Are Unintended Consequences the Intention? 17:00:50
Video: Fact Checking Obama's Libya Speech - Hot Garbage Style 16:52:47
Video: Ron Paul on currency, fed audit and possible 2012 run 16:47:05
Ron Paul to Probe U.S. Mint Coin Shortage 16:25:52
President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012 16:11:08
Fukushima Reactors ‘Critical’ Japanese Bombardment; Concrete Pyramid Entombment . 15:58:02
Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak 15:21:04
Representative Glen Bradley April Fools Day Money Bomb 15:17:00
Libya and the Obama Cult 15:01:04
Dr. Michio Kaku: 3 raging meltdowns under way at Fukushima 14:53:32
A Failed Attempt to Smear the Pauls 14:08:54
Crying For America - Kory Shore 13:57:05
Is this typical of your Congressperson? 13:50:47
Interview: Professor Kevin Gutzman -Do we Need a Standing Army? 13:46:17
‘Criticality’ Bursts From Fukushima; Concrete Entombment Now Planned 13:25:23
Operation Libya: Insurrection and Military Intervention 12:52:15
Letter to Post Dispatch 12:50:55
Mob kills 8 U.N. workers in Afghanistan 12:50:44
WSJ - We've Become a Nation of Takers 12:48:14
Organic Seeds: Where to buy? 12:37:35
Collapse: Great Movie! 12:19:41
Latest deficit-incluse Tax Freedom Day since World War II. 12:04:37
Found this gem of a song for the R3VOLUTION.. 11:39:20
Migration Of The Black Swans 11:32:05
Bill Krystol - Obama is a born again neo-con 11:21:59
Fed. Res. Give Away Program: $274B Lent to Foreign Banks, Banks Allowed to Turn Junk into Cash 10:50:30
The Fed Lent Libya-Owned Arab Banking Corp. $5 Billion 10:22:16
The New Colonialism By Paul Craig Roberts 10:18:30
Foreign Banks Tapped Fed's Lifeline Most as Bernanke Kept Borrowers Secret 10:17:30
Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review 10:15:11
Foreign Banks Tapped Fed’s Secret Lifeline Most at Crisis Peak 09:59:33
Organic groups farmers file preemptive lawsuit against Monsanto 09:42:27
The New Colonialism by Paul Craig Roberts 08:45:42
Don’t forget your hijab, soldier! American servicewomen encouraged to wear headscarves in Afghanistan 08:42:55
TARP Watchdog Blasts Treasury for Giving Billions to Banks With No Strings Attached 08:33:19
A Community Organizer Goes to War by Pat Buchanan 08:30:02
Record Silver Backwardation Spells Danger for US Dollar --Jame Turk 08:22:54
Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China 08:22:32
Ron Paul has $1.7 million available to transfer to a presidential campaign account, should he decide to run. 08:07:15
There is an old saying in Tennessee 08:05:37
Osama Bin Laden surrenders, denies responsibiity for 911 07:58:27
DP sited is hacked - banner reads daily beck - oh, its April Fools 07:40:08
Reason #10 to Elect Phil Moffett as Governor of Kentucky 06:41:53
Peter Schiff on CNBC 03/31/11 03:00:03
DAILY BECK 09:24:26
How do Lybians view of the invasion of their country? One image. 02:06:09
Was Bernanke under oath when he lied? 01:34:27
12 Year Old going to prove Einstein wrong? Look! 01:17:02
VIDEO: March 31, 2011, Canadian Precious Metals Company Kitco Does An Interview With Ron Paul. 01:08:38
Look whats happening in Delaware 00:06:27
Notice: Daily Paul To Go Under New Ownership (EDIT: April Fools Joke) 09:49:08
Paul Supporters Miss Huge Straw Poll - Paul Takes Last Place With Less Than 1%; Says NO on 2012!!! (EDIT: April Fools Joke) 10:58:55