Posted on April 11, 2011

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Come Shout for Free Speech 21:37:41
Ron Paul Bashes Paul Ryan's Budget, Calls Big Government 'King' 20:32:21
Reason Magazine Interviews Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes 12:54:32
Tom Woods TV: Establishment Warns Beware Ron Paul! 13:27:59
FCC Rules that AT&T, Verizon Must Let Rivals Use Networks For Data 09:14:51
"Adam vs. The Man" Debut Tonight 10:27:39
The Budget Pie Illustrated. 00:19:37
John Dennis: Urge Boehner to Impeach Obama 12:35:03
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An Olive Branch Extended from South Carolina 23:43:22
"End Of The World" Inflation: 47% In Six Months 23:21:53
Great article 22:24:19
Third reactor exploded in Japan. 21:48:21
Mark Faber on the Peter Schiff Radio Show 4/11/11 20:24:10
2012 Campaign Slogan 19:36:05
LibertyFest NYC Tickets! 19:35:37
Will Dr. No Say Yes To A Run For The White House? 19:25:16
Texas acquits Cuban terrorist 19:24:08
Double Feature Tonight on Coast to Coast 19:16:25
GMO's and Pesticides 19:10:13
LA Times: Ron Paul says being anti-abortion is a Libertarian stance based in faith 18:54:02
Updated link Reminder: "Adam vs The Man" Debuts @ 7:00 pm est 4:00 pm pst (see it live.) 18:46:16
US/NATO Throw Weight Around and Make Demands to Syria 18:34:54
Ron Paul interviewed by Kitco 18:34:17
Senator Harkin confirms why we need to abolish the IRS 18:21:02
New Prime Time Libertarian show premiers tonight! 18:15:28
Romney 2012 17:42:35
NH Primary- New TV station/debate format? 17:17:01
Zerohedge v. Rickards' QE Lite V2.0 16:49:19
David Rovics - Song for Bradley Manning 16:47:13
If Senator Obama met President Obama, would he recognize him? 16:36:01
Bill Kristol: Paul Ryan-Marco Rubio Ticket Not So Far Out 16:32:08
Rand Paul coming up on Cavuto :) 16:21:23
Barack Obama - hypocrite extreme 16:05:00
Mitt Romney 2012 Announcement | Spread the Word 4/11/11 16:03:40
Chicago school bans homemade lunches 16:02:33
Laser gun fired from US navy ship 15:54:17
deleted 15:41:48
The Next Housing Bubble may be in China 15:19:41
Reuters: Ron Paul criticizes Obama and Ryan budget plans 15:05:49
WSJ: Ron and Rand's Oval Office Dreams 14:35:08
Sen. Rand Paul will be on Fox News' Glenn Beck show w/ Judge Nap at 5 PM Eastern Monday 04/11. 14:32:19
Virginia Attorney General rules Virginians can carry concealed weapons into places of worship 14:28:00
Heroes in Iceland vote "No" to bailout the bankers. 14:06:50
US Military Spending $698 billion for 2010...up 2.8% 13:45:13
9th Cir. upholds Obama's Justice Dept. challenge on Ariz. Immigration law 13:26:54
My favorite Ron Paul Video 13:08:17
Doug Wead: Ron Paul Supports US Interest With Israel 12:06:09
Online charter schools credited with a 31% drop in Louisiana's high school dropout rate 11:57:58
A Revolution by any other Name? 11:30:55
75% of Americans Get Some Sizaeble Government Benefit 10:49:53
Manning, Obama and U.S. moral leadership 10:49:15
What about Dennis Kucinich HR 6550 end the fed legislation 10:35:44
How Inflation Violates Retiree Civil Rights 10:34:16
Enriching a Few at the Expense of Many 10:24:45
Video: Ron Paul at Dordt College 4/11/11 11:27:52
Breaking News: Laurent Gbagbo taken into custody - Qui Bono? 10:05:48
U.S. Treasuries 'Ponzi scheme': ex-PBOC official 09:58:01
Art Robinson: April 10, 2011 status report 09:40:40
Eisenhower filed his, why not Obama? 09:32:45
The Case for Ron Paul in 2012 (Video) 09:32:15
Florida's Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program provides up to $12,000 to pay monthly mortgage/escrow payments 09:06:18
143,609 different ways to get to DailyPaul! 08:37:25
France Bans Islamic Veils 07:16:58
Video: US troops fire on Iraqi detainees 07:12:25
The Obama Regime Gives Itself Permission To Wage Unlimited War 07:07:53
Unholy Alliance: Neocons and "progressives" -- united at last over Libya, war powers, and the Constitution 07:05:13
VIDEO - Marc Faber: The Dow Has Lost 80% of It's Value 06:51:26
A man trying to pay a fee using $2 bills was arrested 06:45:41
The bailouts in Europe 06:16:06
When Fort Sumter was fired on in 1861, modern America was born 03:25:45
With Deep Sadness and Sorrow...Derry Brownfield :( 02:41:21
Strange weather "anomalies"... 01:23:29
Notary Acceptor NEEDED in OK 01:03:51