Posted on April 12, 2011

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Atlas Shrugged: 'We are on strike, we, the men of the mind.' 23:37:27
Ron Paul on AC360 4/12/11 21:01:41
Ron Paul Speech Dordt College in Sioux Center IA 4/11/2011 16:48:39
Are you going to see Atlas Shrugged when it opens on April 15th? 10:01:05
25 Shocking Facts That Prove That The Entire U.S. Health Care Industry One Giant Money Making Scam 09:33:55
Adam Vs The Man: Episode 1 08:53:25
Rand and Ron Paul on Cavuto, Talk Presidential Run 23:25:35
Texas Straight Talk 4/11/11: The Nanny State Is Coming To An End 02:23:40
6 Year Old Girl Groped by New Orleans TSA 10:26:41
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Ron Paul -- FRONT PAGE OF DRUDGE 22:06:49
Adam vs the man episode #2 : Video link here! 22:01:47
Glen Beck : I would love to see Ron Paul as secretary of the treasury. He would clean that rats nest out! 22:00:18
Bankers Are Like Candy-Makers. How Everything Changed In 1695 21:57:34
Currency Devaluations and First Hand Experience - Video - Robert Kiyosaki, Maloney, Marco Antonio Regil 20:42:24
The Hunt Bros. & The $50 Silver Truth - Article Link 20:39:53
Oh Canada - Where Canada gets its money 20:31:32
The Real Housewives of Wall Street - Matt Taibbi 20:25:30
Phil Moffett takes stand on taxes, privacy 19:58:35
Wal-Mart CEO Warns of Serious Inflation in Months Ahead 19:18:32
If you ain't angry, you ain't paying attention. 18:28:47
NH Dems thank Mitt Romney on anniversary of "RomneyCare" 18:26:12
Debunking the Myths of a Runaway Convention 18:19:15
UN to Authorize Genocide of Earth or anything on it!!! 17:54:06
Chemtrail secret revealed by drunken pilot 17:44:42
Maintaining Control: 1980's Drug War Propaganda Film 17:15:48
Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City that Outsourced Everything 16:54:17
Welfare and military spending leading the US on course to bankruptcy 16:12:07
U.S. Rep. Ron Paul to 'define liberty' next week at MSU 16:04:07
Women in Politics about the gold standard - Must watch 15:55:18
Rand Paul Rips Collective at Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing 15:51:24
Judicial Watch FOIA comes through, obtains Obamacare Propaganda Campaign files 15:30:13
Keiser Report: Banking XXX 15:20:55
Peter Thiel on Education Bubble, Better Way 14:53:46
Obama 'Torturer in Chief' 14:47:41
Rand Paul invokes Ayn Rand on efficiency 14:35:28
Inspirational Quote 14:29:35
New Obama=Bush Website/Facebook App 14:19:08
65 Ways That Everything That You Think That You Own Is Being Systematically Taken Away From You 13:02:58
North Dakota the First State to Pass New Tactic Against Federal Debt 12:37:01
I Saw ATLAS SHRUGGED and AMERICAN DREAM Double Feature 12:26:54
Rand, your father would like a word with you... 12:12:50
So this is who's spraying the stratospheric aerosols 12:12:15
Interesting Info from Rutgers on Stratospheric Aerosols 11:58:02
216,000 New Jobs ...... well, kind'a sort'a 11:46:37
The Hidden Meanings in the Coming New $100 Bill! - The Gold Standard is coming. 11:26:42
Welcome to Tom Mullen's New Website! 11:16:58
Trump Will ‘Probably’ Run as Independent If He Doesn’t Win GOP Nomination 11:11:11
Broward County, Florida's intent to purchase 2.5 MILLION pounds of Fluoride 11:02:25
The Blowback World of Chalmers Johnson 10:50:38
Very negative Ron Paul profile on Des Moines Register 10:45:54
Video: Disabled Vet Told To "Sit Down or Leave" by His Representative! 09:57:50
Bush cousin presides over 9/11 suit against Cheney Rumsfeld Myers 09:50:25
What a Caffienated 24 hours-- what happens when Ron Paul links to your site (With Presidential Straw Poll) 09:48:13
Awesome video against the drug war! 09:02:44
Potent drug protects against and repairs genetic damage 08:59:28
US Homeland Security Requirements Imposed on Canada: U.S. Dictating North American Air Travel Security 08:51:34
Fannie Mae Announces 3.5% Buyer Assistance on REO Properties 08:18:19
Lynne Tilton: "I Believe There Will Very Well Be Violence In The Streets In America" 07:16:33
Poll: Americans [Other then B.S. Bernanke] Very Worried About Inflation 07:01:15
Forced Website Redirects for Unauthorized Content 06:23:50
Could Paul Shake Up the 2012 Race? (If So, Which One?) 06:06:49
Ron Paul to announce presidential campaign decision soon 05:27:29
Trying to Explain The Problem With Militarism 04:07:34
Wake Up America! Indian Shores, Florida blatant public sector and political class hubris 02:43:18
Steve McQueen, George Patton, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Muhammed Ali, and... Jesse Ventura? 01:15:37
Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones on George Noory tonight ... 01:09:47
Southern Avenger: Democrats war on women 00:35:56
Lets Destroy America 00:23:47
Glenn Beck wants Ron Paul to be Secretary of Treasury 00:16:11
Just got a letter from SONY....prices going up due to value of dollar!! Now KENWOOD and Toyota! Update2 00:08:18