Posted on April 13, 2011

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One year ago ALL Republicans voted AGAINST raising the debt limit 14:14:28
Half million people join effort to stop the torture of Bradley Manning 12:22:22
Bradley Manning's Treatment Worsens as Constitutional Scholars Condemn FedGov 14:08:13
Mitt Romney on The Kudlow Report 4/12/11: "I'm Not Going To Focus On The Fed" 03:52:59
HOT: Federal Reserve Gave, as Part of Bailout, Hundreds of Millions to the Wives of Wall Street Bigwigs 00:19:12
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Mox: Predator Drones on Canadian Border for 2 Years, 0 arrests; Vid 23:28:03
Gold certificates aren't gold, but allocated gold is a lot closer 23:25:26
VIDEO - Ron Paul and Obama Debate! 23:08:02
Africa, Obama, and American Imperialism 21:57:05
Ron Paul to speak on Barbour's home turf 21:14:18
UK's Guardian: Bradley Manning needs consular visit mother tells William Hague 19:47:07
Important Video: How Intellectual Lies Built The Matrix We Fight 19:43:43
NY Post: Runaway Inflation Could be the Main Issue in 2012 Elections 19:12:51
RJ Harris on the Issues; A Constitutional Libertarian's Perspective 18:12:08
Where's LegalizeLiberty? 18:01:23
Judge Napolitano: "When it comes to war, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats; Both parties are power hungry 17:40:43
Ground is Swaying in Japan - Liquification - About to Go Under! April 12, 2011 17:33:09
Fort Collins clinic warns that some kids got flu shots with shared needles 17:13:30
Watch Out, Obama! Arizona passes "Birther" bill. 17:02:49
Ontario court strikes down Canada’s pot laws 16:42:33
Do Governments Lie?: U.S. Still Bombing Libya on 4/13 16:40:48
Calculator: "How Much Did You Pay for War This Year?" 16:30:40
Romney is a Joke. 16:17:18
A Policy Chasing Its Tail 16:12:39
AE 9/11Truth 2011 Midwest Tour 15:54:26
JP Morgan Chase's first-quarter profits rise 67% 15:24:21
"Housewives of Wall Street" Rolling Stone entertainment press doing what the real press won't. 15:18:14
Saw a Ron Paul Supporter Driving Today in Omaha.... 15:13:02
Am. Government: Flawed from the Start (Mike Gravel) 14:16:30
FBI: Domestic terrorism a concern in Montana 13:46:03
CNN Censors Ron Paul From Republican Pol 13:40:06
Wow! Now This Is Seismic Ron Paul 13:35:18
South Carolina and Ron Paul 2012 13:09:44
Loretta Sanchez obviously thinks the Constitution is just a %$#@ piece of paper 12:40:00
Some Good News...... 12:39:03
China to see more interest rate hikes in Q2 12:35:56
Architects Question 9/11 Richard Gage 12:12:17
Report from Bretton Woods II 11:59:29
FBI Whistleblower Speaks in Duluth 11:49:45
Committee passes pot bill in Connecticut 11:47:40
The DC Budget Battle 11:47:36
No Justice - No Peace. 11:46:17
1 in 6 Americans receive help from the Government​, Record High! 11:37:43
Reality Report : A New Breed of Terrorist Threatens America 11:37:34
. 11:25:40
Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs? 11:22:48
Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray arrested for protesting 'taxation without representation' 11:21:31
Well, the lamestream media is at it again. Two articles on 2012, no Ron Paul 11:21:26
GREAT new Ron Paul 2012 - Debate Day moneybomb video by Gage! 11:19:53
Rand Paul on FOX News 04/13/11 11:14:52
Thomas Jefferson's birthday is today 04/13 11:13:48
Man shoots dog gets arrested, what should he have done different? 11:04:02
Rise of New World Power (with US) 10:48:00
Bob Chapman: Soaring Gold and Silver Prices Amidst Inflationary Pressures 10:25:18
CNBC-Inflation actually at 10%... 10:23:36
US Federal Debt As Percent Of GDP from 1792 to 2010... 09:59:38
Amid global meltdowns what is the half life of the U.S. government's fiscal solvency? 09:41:06
Children to be tested for HIV after flu vaccines reused 08:34:10
College Students: You Are Exploited Debt-Serfs 07:42:34
Liberty or Safety? 05:42:52
I called into a talk radio show and read my favorite passage from Atlas Shrugged... 09:04:14
Why can't I find the correct Geiger Counter or Radiation Dosimeter? 01:55:14
I believe Ron Has Turned Cavuto 01:44:43
Jesse Ventura on Fox Business 4/12/11 01:34:10
Fed loans to Real Housewives of Wall Street 00:22:07
Something Groovy for the R3VO_|UTION | Grooveshark 00:19:51
We DO have a simple, unifying message! 00:09:55
Jesse Ventura book signing -- Just got back! 00:07:52