Posted on April 18, 2011

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Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq 20:01:25
Happy Paul Revere Day 16:20:24
Righthaven Story of Extreme Interest: Evidence of FRAUD 11:26:58
S&P Issues Negative Outlook on U.S. Debt! So it begins... 09:35:06
Fed on Friday, Tea on Saturday... 09:33:14
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/18/11: Paltry Spending Cuts are Next to Useless 04:25:04
Tom Woods Hosted Monday's Peter Schiff Show 09:56:09
Video Update: Ron Paul's NH Speech: "The drug war has killed more people than the drugs!" 01:12:57
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US Debt Clock Banner on DailyPaul [Debt on Parade] 23:51:03
Goldman Sux 23:43:12
Wikileaks: US Secretly Backed Syrian Opposition 23:26:29
Help Create "Edgar the Exploiter" - followup to George Ought to Help 22:32:03
Western Republican paper propounds the true republican doctrine(1879) 22:24:37
Michigan State Police Will Download Your Cell Info With Extraction Device 22:08:20
QE2 Rising! 22:07:37
Tell Congress: Put a Label on Genetically Engineered Salmon 21:44:41
My email to Hannity the NEO-CON. 20:46:58
We need to drive voter registration (to the GOP) as soon as RP announces. 20:03:19
Bloomberg - Investment Funds Allege Banks Conspired to Manipulate Libor 19:22:25
Justin Amash Money Bomb Today!! 19:16:12
How the Hunt Brothers Capped Gold…Yes, Gold 19:10:09
Attention Oklahoma! 18:43:02
Ron Paul Visiting Reno! 4/28/11 17:53:10
New Grand Jury Investigation On Torture, Or DOJ Smokescreen? 17:27:01
Collateral Murder -- Anti-War Protest Song -- America MUST Listen! 16:49:04
Ron Paul asking for support for Justin Amash 16:38:57
The Earned Income Tax Credit - Government THEFT. 16:28:20
American: The Bill Hicks Story 20:25:14
SA@TAC - Atlas Shrugged vs. Avatar 16:17:21
Any "sock puppetry" here on Daily Paul? 16:03:35
Where did my tax dollars go? 15:49:39
Awesome Educational video on the federal reserve 15:48:33
Oath Keepers Sleeping Giant Operation New Call For All 15:44:05
Meet-up Idea- Protest locally for local cause gain media coverage 15:37:35
History of the Antiwar Right 15:30:56
History of the Antiwar Right 15:29:20
Flash Crash To The Upside In Gold 15:21:09
Testimony Taken in Ron Paul Hearing on U.S. Bullion 15:05:59
Anyone else FED UP with the Campaign for Liberty? 10:03:28
Today's facebook puzzler Let's suppose there are 500 million people on facebook that each person has one account. Now suppose 14:52:09
Jesse Ventura Talks About 9/11 Events -- 04/18/2011 14:47:45
Newspaper Ads? 14:45:13
Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan 14:36:08
Next IRA/401K Confiscation Meeting-Obama Needs 401Ks To Continue Justifying New Money Creation 13:19:55
Gary Johnson: Fed Policy Like a Madoff Ponzi Scheme 13:17:32
Markets: Is the turn at hand? 13:14:34
Hypocrites, Left and Right on US foreign policy 13:12:34
Serious call to war by a serious warrior : Jesse Ventura 13:09:39
Can you convert your car into an electrical generator? 13:01:06
How Much Did You Pay For War This Year? 12:59:26
Gold Standard Argument 12:53:18
S&P "negative" on USA debt rating 12:34:06
Video: Media Covers Florida Protests 12:28:20
IRS & CPA Bureaucracy Cost Tax Payers $431 Billion Each Year 12:25:46
VIDEO: Portland man could lose $65K as feds targets online poker says "This is an issue of individual rights" 12:25:12
Free Bradley Manning Protest -- Nashville TN 12:23:07
Banks Get Failing Grade in Foreclosure Handling 12:00:25
John Stossel and David Boaz & Progressives get a well deserved scolding... 11:55:52
Which Paul in 2012? 11:50:17
Which Paul in 2012? 11:50:11
Michigan Governor Starts "Financial Marshal Law" 11:20:38
Consumer Prices in U.S. Climb on Food, Fuel Costs as Other Expenses Cool 11:18:47
Broke U.S. States’ $48 Billion Debt Drives Reductions in Unemployment Aid 11:18:09
Sesame Street, PNC Bank team up to teach kids about money 10:47:11
Is Will Ferrell trying to Help End the Fed? 10:43:54
Understanding "Trump" Not President Material? 10:17:42
Joke of the Day....Obama's Report Card 10:08:58
Marc Emery From Prison: Support Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign 09:33:23
Is GE Paying Its Fair Share in Income Taxes? 09:31:42
University of Texas takes delivery of $1 Billion in gold bars 09:31:18
Obama Pushes Chinese-Style Internet ID System 09:15:41
Why Cybercriminals Want your Email Address 09:12:52
Bank of America CEO: Owners Should Not look at Home as an Asset 09:09:44
Goldman Sachs Chief Blankfein Could Face Criminal Prosecution For Role In Financial Crisis 09:07:23
JPMorgan,, the truth behind opening their own Comex vault (FYI) 08:48:42
The Present, Potential Futures, and my belief in America and Americans 07:31:35
Guess Whos Paying For Abortions In Kenya 07:15:26
Very Serious Warning: Obama finds legal way around 2nd Amend., and uses it. 06:49:53
Upside Down: Jews Were Persecuted by Germans, So Now Germans are Persecuted 06:43:34
Ever had a "Bad Day". Classic. 05:46:37
Please update this video for the current money bomb!!! 03:50:12
Help Ron Paul take the lead in this 2012 presidential poll. 00:40:48
Sunday night "Smile Video". We have all wanted to do this! 00:21:30
We are being lied to about radiation levels 00:05:18