Posted on April 19, 2011

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Another one to pass on to liberals and progressives 16:54:29
Breaking News: Bradley Manning being moved out of Quantico 16:35:43
Internet Freedom Threatened By New Restrictions 08:21:03
Ron Paul: The Other Politician Who Can Draw Crowds on Campus 07:12:39
MSNBC's excellent description of the Fed's actions during the financial crisis - relatively jargon free! 15:00:48
Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show: "There's No Place For People Making Billions Off Weapons For Wars We Shouldn't Be In!" 09:14:51
KWN 4/16: Jim Rickards on Reserve Currencies 15:01:08
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Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops 23:53:18
In Training for A Brave New World 23:16:41
Drinking With Bob Tares Apart Donald Trump For President! 22:03:47
Why This Mom Is Riding Shotgun With Paul Revere And Mary Washington 21:55:17
Trump campaign being exposed for many bankruptsies of many companies! 21:21:25
$50 Silver — The Price Point of Liberty 21:21:09
US Players can no longer deposit, transfer or withdraw funds from Pokers stars, Fulltilt or Absolute poker and every sister comp 20:55:10
Jim Rogers Calling for a Steep Silver Correction (Video) 20:53:57
Sheriff Mack & Michael Badnarik to give joint presentation on Constitution in KY on 4/23 20:16:35
Teaching Children Gardening Boosts Their Development and Health 18:53:20
Who Will Have the Courage and Honesty to Take on the Sacred Cow of Military Spending? 18:49:44
Infotainment: The Orion Conspiracy 17:53:02
Middle East Players Thinking 16:37:52
Ron on Hardball 5pm / very shortly! 16:22:45
Gordon Duff "Ron Paul exposed even the first Gulf War as a lie," 16:18:15
Food Freedom in Texas 16:11:21
Corporations and Labor Unions: Great Ideas Corrupted By Government 15:50:04
The Fall of the Republican Party 15:18:25
The Fed Aims at Mortgage Fraud, Shoots Housing Market in the Gut 14:33:57
Fox's Shep Smith: WikiLeaks Releases "The Only Straight Answers We Get Any More" Re: Syria 14:28:25
Time to get on the Gold Train... 14:27:58
Introducing 21:18:57
Surviving Planet Earth in the Next 90 Days 13:55:15
Ayn Rand Dating Site 13:54:52
Rand Paul's Speech at Commerce Lexington's Public Policy Luncheon 13:52:05
Robert Paul Son of Ron Weighs Run for Senate 13:40:09
Anyone Else Getting Calls? 13:35:26
The Bankruptcy of the GOP 13:33:30
Daily Paul Website Disclaimer 13:30:41
Computer Programmer Admits Electronic Voting System is Rigged Under Oath! 13:30:33
Obama to Texas Reporter 'Let Me Finish My Answers Next Time' 13:18:53
Bill would prevent TSA from molesting your children without your permission 13:15:11
Michelle Obama has a new project --- Military Recruits? 12:07:32
Collateral Damage in a $78 Trillion Derivatives Book, Courtesy JP Morgue 11:52:45
Count On It! 11:40:29
Celebrating 4,000,000 views on my Youtube Channel! 11:34:11
Geithner: No risk US will lose AAA rating 11:30:08
TSA Screener Arrested for RAPE 11:19:24
Brent "manoftruth" interview; Topics: Ron Paul, economy, default 11:14:35
Higher Education: The Next Asset Bubble? 11:04:19
Alex Jones On EU Ground Invasion Of Libya 10:20:47
NAACP Demands Apology From OC California GOP Official for picture of Obama as a Chimpanzee! 10:17:32
Ron Paul: Budget Cuts Are Meaningless Without Fed Transparency 10:12:26
New York health officials ignore own fluoride report continue to lie about fluoride dangers 09:21:32
The Fed Is Selling Put Options On Treasury Bonds To Drive Down Yields 09:03:32
Controversial former Alabama judge weighs White House run 08:41:32
Masters Of The World Meet To Play God With The Climate 08:32:01
Arizona Guns On Campus Bill Vetoed By Jan Brewer 08:30:54
The Arrogance of Authority (Humor) 08:09:27
The "Education Bubble"; Student Loan Debt Passes Credit Card Debt, Expected to Hit $1 Trillion 07:50:17
Politico: Ron Paul fans plan May 5 Money Bomb 07:22:28
Ron Paul Holds Congressional Hearing on U.S. Bullion 07:17:46
Ron Paul: Congress won't avert debt downgrade 07:15:48
Congressman Calls for Bank Financed Drug Cartels to be Designated as Terrorists 06:55:43
Finns Vote For Right-Wing Populists and Against the E.U. 06:50:51
Rand Paul files for re-election to the US Senate 06:28:12
What do you think? 04:45:31
UPDATE: National Detainee Handbooks: Order by GPO for delivery by April 29 02:39:07
Dear Austrians: Why not demand? 01:37:29
The Tax Man Cometh 01:18:11
Ron Paul Singles 01:12:37