Posted on April 2, 2011

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Video: Rand Paul - Iowa Republican Fundraiser Segment: 04/03/11 13:10:11
Ron Paul Billboard Contest 13:35:06
Drudge Report: Ron Paul Outraises BOTH... 12:56:11
Ron Paul returns over $140,000 to the U.S. Treasury 09:03:32
Six Sitting US Senators Launch Vicious Anti-Semitic Smear Against Junior Senator Rand Paul 01:20:40
Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich on Freedom Watch 4/1/11 13:06:11
Ron Paul discusses the 29,000 pages released by the Fed on Bloomberg TV 13:00:11
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DUI, guy yells "RON PAUL 2012!" while getting arrested on National Geographic 23:48:50
Transgenics: Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk 22:59:03
Liberty's 10 Most-Honorable list 22:26:52
Coincidental timing of Libya invasion and Lockerbie investigation. 21:55:09
Sarah Palin Wins Townhall March Straw Poll; Ron Paul in extremely close 2nd place. 21:46:34
Saturday Listening and Comment Ron Paul Names...the Neo-Cons 21:25:56
"Invisible Snakes" Everyone is being bitten by invisible snakes that will kill you!! (Radiation) 20:32:41
Buying silver 19:01:15
By Obama's new standard, Shouldn't we launch Missles into the irvory coast? 18:15:59
Bernard von NotHaus on Peter Schiff radio 17:59:25
Tax Day Protests 17:52:32
Don't think this has been posted before but it's an awesome video. The Wayseer Manifesto 17:09:11
The Collapse of Globalization 17:03:40
Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth 16:35:04
Don't Fight City Hall when You Can Be City Hall 15:56:54
Ron and Rand Paul 2012 bid on CNN trending political website 15:18:05
Reform for the Libertarian Party -- worth reading 15:17:14
Rand Paul out-libertarians Ron Paul? On one issue, Downsize DC says this is so. 15:10:41
After 40% silver price rise. Silver still in backwardation. James Turk 14:51:28
How do we combat Voter Fraud 14:42:59
I like the NWO depopulation plan!! 14:29:27
Two outsiders, Ron and Rand Paul, intend to make mark in Iowa 14:06:43
The Jodie Emery Show - March 31, 2011 14:04:11
Cheerful moment!!! 13:39:00
North Dakota booming,,,,,,,,Politicians Failing 13:36:09
AZ Governor Butt of April Fools Joke 13:15:47
Libya: '15 dead' in coalition air strike near Ajdabiya 12:35:18
MSNBC (MSM) loves war 11:58:47
Des Moines Register: Two Outsiders, Ron And Rand Paul, Intend To Make Mark In Iowa 11:45:18
Hillary Clinton Using Government to Disinform World That Democracy is Equivalent to Liberty @ 11:18:12
Push Ron Paul to the Top! 10:02:30
Local NJ Band Song 08:52:34
Goldman Sachs Almost Doubles Blankfein Pay Package to $19 Million for 2010 07:37:37
The Fed's Hoenig On QE2 End, Fed Document Dump 07:31:43
The Fed Accepted $118 Billion In Defaulted Debt, Junk Bonds, Stocks In Exchange For Cash 07:30:34
The Essence of American Power 07:18:35
The Real Victims of Fed Monetary Policy by Bill Bonner 06:58:54
Our Enemies Specifically Named & Defined! Individual Liberty vs Collectivism - The Quigley Formula & World Government Conspiracy 05:34:50
Italy: The Kings Of Europe Caught Lying To Their Subjects Today, Labelling Supporters of Ron Paul As "Militanti" (Militants) 03:26:27
Video: U.S. Senator Rand Paul Speaks At Tea Party Patriots Rally 01:35:43
Paul wins #2 spot in March straw poll 01:27:43
Iowa City: Rand Paul Flirts With 2012 Presidential Run 01:08:54
Wanted....Now Hiring: Anybody need a job? 00:40:28
Donald Trump interview.....I agree with him.... Trump/Paul?? 00:28:50
DP Republican Registration Bomb! 00:22:32
Explained: What is Unanimous Consent in the Senate and the Rand attack piece? 00:21:00
They are saying Bachmann is the top fund raiser in the GOP 00:15:56
U.S. Treasury Finds 14 Trillion Dollar National Debt Is Owed To Americans Not By Americans 00:00:14