Posted on April 21, 2011

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Ron Paul on CNN Newsroom 04/21/11 22:07:02
Stop worrying about G. Johnson 17:01:45
Adam vs The Man- Prohibition is silly, Public awareness of drug war, Marijuana usage, Never get busted 10:19:19
Update: Daily Paul #4 on Top 50 Libertarian Sites; RP Forums #6, C4L #11, RP #13 09:52:57
Introduction to Campaigning for Ron Paul 2012 00:12:57
Libya: All About Oil, or All About Banking? 08:13:31
Ron Paul Wins Worcester, MA Tea Party Straw Poll 08:51:55
Ron Paul on Hardball 4/19 00:59:21
Oath Keepers: Operation Sleeping Giant - Awaken Veterans to Defend the Constitution 23:04:38
Ron Paul Speaks at Florida State Univ. in Tallahassee on Thur. April 21 @ 7 PM. 16:07:34
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Ron Paul About To Announce- 22:48:15
ZeroHedge: BlackRock Issues Refutation Of SLV Fraud Allegations; Is It Time To Panic For SLV Holders? 22:45:06
Spamming "Ron Paul 2012" in unconventional places 21:57:12
Rove vs. Trump 21:25:27
9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI's Terrorism Watch List (EXCLUSIVE) 21:22:03
Ron Paul support groups and Libertarian party in NC 21:15:41
Adam Vs The Man: Big picture econ issues, End the Federal Reserve, Running for office, Phone privacy, Police state 20:42:04
Free Bradley Manning Song 19:39:18
UPDATE: Free Bradley Manning Rally at Leavenworth, KS 19:23:45
Silver Supplies Are Tightest In History 19:14:35
Obama Breakfast Disrupted by Bradley Manning Supporters 19:00:55
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama Approves Drone Strikes in Libya 18:58:48
Libertarians and the Tea Party 18:57:58
Penn and Teller: Death Penalty 18:44:42
Feds Move Closer to Internet Control 18:24:38
C-Span Video - Motion Debated - "Do Whistleblowers Make the World Safer?" 18:15:53
Running Republican get's the message out but no presidency 17:46:05
Supporters of Bradley Manning Heckle Obama 17:27:55
Geithner Downgrades His Credibility to Junk: 16:28:02
Stephen Harper seeks majority to dissolve Canada in favor of North American Union 16:17:42
Bring The Gold!!!! 16:10:58
Imagine a World Without the Power of the Federal Reserve. 15:53:33
Gary Johnson running in 2012: Will this split the libertarian vote? 15:18:14
"We just want to get to know you a bit" 14:47:53
Gary Johnson: Let the Games Begin! 14:40:17
The Next Oil, Gold and Silver Crash?! 14:37:51
A proposal the liberty movement might find enticing 14:35:19
What Will President Paul's Cabinet Look Like? 14:09:37
Ron Paul speaking in Starkville calls for end to overseas wars 13:45:50
Crap! Gary Johnson is running for president. Why doesn't he wait until he knows RP is not going to run? 13:21:39
You think you like Trump, think again! ... 13:08:22
Rothschild after Gaddafi 13:08:18
The Donald for President? 13:04:48
The US military is the number one threat to US security. 13:03:42
Keiser Report: As Gold As Gold (E140) 13:02:35
China – how its low-tax economy will doom globalism 12:46:30
$6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker (Obama Blames "Speculators") 12:17:08
Fair Tax Proposal Receives More Research Attention, $22M Worth, Than Any US Fed Tax Reform 12:01:11
High Levels Radiation Caesium 137 hitting West Coast -- Find Good data here 11:55:51
Big Sis Defends 6-Year Old's Pat Down, Says Collecting Biometric Data Will Lessen Need For Screening 11:43:54
The Latest Newsmax Poll has Ron Paul as a Choice 11:39:02
Looking to sell some physical silver... 10:58:00
It’s GAME OVER For the U.S. 10:54:37
Wikileaks: Exposed the US' heavy-handed efforts to help Israel at the U.N 10:35:10
Charlie Sheen In DC: 'Disband The Fed,' 'Send The I.R.S. to Prison' 09:58:16
Lew Rockwell: The EU Crack-Up 09:53:09
U.S. Military State Department and White House Trapped in Bradley Manning Quagmire 09:43:51
HYPER report- Updated Daily. 09:39:07
Campaign Idea... 09:26:54
Opening a factory in a right-to-work state is illegal, says NLRB 09:23:19
Did not receive Silver Keiser from Bid Buillion....anyone else with this problem? 09:20:42
Gary Johnson has Officially Announced the he is Running for President 09:09:50
Top 100 Most Popular Alternate News Sites April 2011 09:04:59
Beware of Del Valley Silver 08:44:57
Camp Constitution Family Camp 08:44:33
Camp Constitution Family Camp 08:44:30
Army, Navy speed up US citizenship for recruits 07:44:25
Like Him or Not, Ron Paul is Relevant 07:15:46
An Ounce of Silver is Worth More than a Share of JP Morgan Chase Stock 07:06:03
Scarlet and Gray? I'm seeing RED! My college is trying to brainwash me! 04:38:35
How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs 02:19:08
Libertarian Punk Rap 02:02:44
The One-Person Funded Super PAC: How Wealthy Donors Can Skirt Campaign Finance Restrictions 01:56:07
Are you in Europe, Asia, Africa? What are you thinking? 01:41:17
Awesome picture of my friend Bob Dwyer 00:33:14