Posted on April 22, 2011

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Jesse Ventura to the Daily Paul - Thanks Yo G Mama! 13:23:56
Patriot Act Extension Round 5 08:58:26
The One is Heckled: Dems Sing: "We Paid Our Dues, Where's our Change?" 10:27:00
Remembering Waco. 00:42:34
The Railroading of Walter Reddy: Patriot's Legally Owned Guns Seized 13:30:56
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Ron Paul of Duty 22:14:05
Ron Paul App for Android should be working now 21:55:40
Common Sense Revisited - America at a New Crossroads 21:42:40
Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness became Managing Illness for Profit 21:32:29
Liberty Defined - very helpful 21:28:32
Petition to redistribute GPAs 20:45:43
Met a DP'er in Tennessee......People are waking up! 19:39:39
Slogans & Quick bites that describe Ron Paul & his ideas 19:34:15
MIT's Billion Prices Project (Inflation) -- Update 19:31:25
Spark a Revolution: Ron Paul at MSU 19:13:59
Ron Paul: Donald Trump not serious, just "selling condominiums" 18:35:08
Ron Paul for Speaker of the House? 17:54:34
Obama Delcares Bradley Manning Guilty, Vets Unite! 17:39:40
Democratic Puppet Shakes Off The Strings 17:16:09
My experience with a car salesman supporting Obama this week. 16:48:56
Help me buy 535 copies of "Liberty Defined" to send to ALL members of congress 16:36:56
Law vs. law 16:10:05
Sometimes the hurdles seem impossible; here's some inspiration. 15:56:40
Ron Paul on The View! 15:55:44
US drones: weapons of choice in overseas wars 15:28:17
Justice Department to Eye Energy Industry 15:19:35
Rand Paul NH Trip 15:10:57
Obama: Bradley Manning Broke The Law 14:59:33
Rand Paul And Paul Ryan Clash Behind Closed Doors Over Budget 14:42:31
Oregon's HB2233 - Nicotine to be Scheduled III controlled substance??? 14:34:10
TSA conducts operation at West Palm Beach Tri-Rail station 14:05:55
The City That Outsourced Everything 13:23:15
Guns - One Kind or Many? 12:46:56
Cap the Gene Spill 11:49:59
Uncle Sam: Busted 11:34:55
Unusual Audio Files 11:28:23
Fed on the Ropes? Bernanke to Hold Press Conferences 11:06:05
studies reveal children are dumbed down by pesticide exposure in womb 10:56:16
Would the Gold Standard Work? 10:39:59
Its all because of those EVIL speculators! 10:37:49
Truth Justice and the American Way 10:37:35
Pics from Ron Paul at Florida State Univ. April 21, 2011 10:28:35
Comments needed to this Saint Pete Times Article about Ron Paul 10:22:37
Obama's Facebook Townhall Crashes, conservative group claims credit........... ha, ha, ha!!! 09:00:32
Liberty Defined at Mississippi State University with the Ron Paul Revolution 06:22:49
Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor 02:45:32
Cops arrest guy on his own property for not giving them his cell phone 02:33:44
Deposition reveals Trump's misstatements 02:27:15
Justin Raimondo - Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor 02:05:43
Keiser Report: As Gold As Gold 02:05:00
Does Sheriff Arpaio Enjoy Humiliating Prisoners? 01:58:10
To Diminish Gov't 01:43:28
Gary Johnson "The BIG Difference Between Marijuana & Alcohol Is Marijuana Is A LOT SAFER!" 08:35:36
Revenge-Free Society + Prison-Free Society = Free-Society 01:28:10
SA@TAC - Bush Trumped Conservatism 01:21:13