Posted on April 24, 2011

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Photos: Ron Paul at Mississippi State University 21:50:51
SA@TAC - John McCain Supports Al-Qaeda 21:38:38
Ron Paul: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming 17:57:33
US Congressman to File Marijuana Legalization Bill This Year 10:15:37
Ron Paul: The Founding Father [Esquire Mag Profile] 19:27:32
LIBERTY DEFINED Book Bomb Rolls On - #20 on Amazon, #1 in Politics! 11:00:23
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How Gary Johnson Differs From Ron Paul 23:26:42
Photoneutron process synthesizes gold from mercury 23:26:33
ron paul 2008 22:51:36
Setting My DVR For The Royal Wedding! Can't Wait. 22:36:43
Nigel Farage: The TRUTH about the disastrous EURO currency - Greece, Spain & Portugal 21:57:45
Is the world too big to fail? by Noam Chomsky 21:27:44
Ron Paul On Reuters Insider Apr 18th 2011 20:37:21
Ron Paul in Greenville, SC – Presidential Debate and Rally!! 19:38:39
Bankers love socialism 18:53:45
Its over when the Banana is added to the Republic. 18:43:29
Western Leaders: Target Gaddafi 18:28:09
Silver Making New Huge Moves, As China Makes Fresh Noises About Dumping The Buck 18:26:13
The Gun Control Witness 18:08:35
silver gold gap up 18:05:40
Community AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Act 17:55:04
Cop beats a guy on his driveway for innocently filming (VIDEO) 17:35:37
Rainwater Radioactive Iodine levels at 1000% in Albany, New York 15:01:13
Classic Ron Paul - Special Order Speech on the financial crisis 14:17:56
Dennis Ross Joins Ron Paul in Calling for Social Security Tax Repeal 13:32:59
Ron Paul to Announce 2012 Bid 13:24:34
BoA Wins Dismissal From Countrywide Suit over Mortgage-Backed Securities 13:23:53
Happy Resurrection Day 12:55:59
The April Gallop versus Cheney Rumsfeld Myers 9/11 Court Case 12:53:05
The Ben Bernanke Flying Circus on Things That Make You Go Hmmm 12:52:13
Lindsey Graham: U.S. Should Bomb Libya into Submission 12:49:51
"The President Who Became an Actor": And This Year’s Oscar Goes To…Barack Obama 12:46:41
China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings 12:32:49
"Honor the King" 12:23:25
“It’s silly. It’s stupid. It’s asinine.” 11:53:11
paths through utopia 11:33:52
Make A Wish Foundation......the ultimate hypocrisy........ 11:22:36
Americans are so Stupid 11:20:02
Monsanto wants to start testing GM wheat 10:09:19
VIDEO:Who Do We Owe? - Taxes & The Depression 09:38:10
VIDEO: Why UT Went From Paper Gold to Physical Gold 09:16:57
The fruit nazi showdown 09:10:22
Louisiana legislature considers 'birther' bill. Governor Jindal pledges to sign. 07:54:57
Whether you care for Koran-burning Pastor Jones or not, he Gets the First Amendment 07:53:15
Video - Chris Hedges: "Throw out the moneychangers" with written remarks. 07:48:45
I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again,,,And Again..And Again 07:44:53
NewsMax reporting Robert Paul unlikely to run for Texas Senate seat. 07:40:21
GOP establishment declares war on the Tea Party 07:32:20
Robert Paul Unlikely to Run for Senate 07:29:33
Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy 06:37:46
Kate Smith - 1930's - For a Boost !!! 05:31:41
Open source blueprints, new thread 03:51:48
Got Video Editing Skills? Ron Paul Wants You! 01:57:21
Any Day Traders or Short-Term Traders Here? 01:16:08
Ron Paul’s Son Unlikely to Run for Senate 00:29:05
FOX Guest Compares Ron Paul 2008 To Trump 2012, Then Gets Corrected 00:18:30
For Anybody Who Rejects Dr. Paul and His Belief in Gold and Silver, The Door is That Way... 00:16:59